China’s tentacles over America via espionage & funding of D.C. think tanks, university institutes, and retired US military

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While the Democrats and MSM continue to obsess and rant about the alleged Trump-Russian collusion, for which not a shred of credible evidence has been unearthed after more than a year of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, America is oblivious to the real foreign threat — China.

For all its market reforms since 1979, the People’s Republic of China remains a single-party state where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a monopoly on political power and government. For that matter, the market reforms have only made China wealthy, especially CCP members and government officials, as well as modernized a retrograde military into one that is flexing its muscles as China exerts irredentist claims over the East and South China Seas.

Did you know that China has more millionaires than Japan and the United Kingdom, combined?

Being a single-party dictatorship, when we say the Chinese government is doing this or that, what we really should say is that the Chinese Communist Party is doing so and so.

Not only is the CCP engaged in unprecedented espionage in the United States — recruiting the personal driver of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and using fake LinkedIn accounts to recruit countless other Americans with access to sensitive government and business secrets — the CCP is also exercising its “soft power” malefic influence over America by creating Confucius Institutes and centers of Chinese language and culture education and research, and funding conferences and symposia in U.S. colleges and universities (see Inside Higher Ed).

Now comes news that the Chinese Communist government is funding left-leaning think tanks in Washington, DC.

Bill Gertz reports for the Washington Free Beacon, August 24, 2018, that according to a congressional commission report on China, the Chinese Communist Party is intensifying covert influence operations in the United States through its Central Committee organ, the United Front Work Department that employs tens of thousands of overt and covert operatives. One means of China’s “influence operation” is funding Washington think tanks.

Note: The report, China’s Overseas United Front Work: Background and Implications for the Unites States, is published by Congress’ US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, August 24, 2018, authored by Alexander Bowe, a policy analyst specializing in security and foreign affairs.

China’s goal in funding think tanks is to change American debates on China and U.S. China policy without Beijing having to use its own voice by having the think tanks adopt positions that support Beijing’s policies. The report says:

The [Chinese Communist Party] has sought to influence academic discourse on China and in certain instances has infringed upon—and potentially criminally violated—rights to freedoms of speech and association that are guaranteed to Americans and those protected by U.S. laws. Despite the CCP’s candid discussion of its United Front strategy, the breadth and depth of this issue remain relatively unknown to U.S. policymakers.

According to the congressional China report, Chinese President Xi Jingpin has elevated the role of the communist influence organs to promote Chinese communism worldwide via “united front” organizations. Xi regards United Front work as a “magic weapon” for use in what he calls the rejuvenation of China. Since becoming Party general secretary in 2012, Xi has added new departments and 40,000 more people to the ranks of the CCP’s United Front Work Department. The report says:

The goal of ‘overseas Chinese work’ [by the CCP’s United Front organizations] is to use ethnic, cultural, economic, or political ties to mobilize sympathetic overseas Chinese communities—ideally of their own accord—to advocate for the interests of the CCP and marginalize its opponents. Chinese intelligence services have been known to coerce overseas Chinese to function as operatives targeting other overseas Chinese in both the United States and other countries, indicating that these agencies actively participate in overseas Chinese work that seeks to hide official connections.

Washington think tanks that have received funding from China and are influential in American policy circles include:

  1. The Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies, a major foreign policy education and analysis institute, has received funding from Tung Chee-hwa, a vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) — the party group that directs the United Front Work Department and includes a member of the CCP’s highest organ, the Standing Committee of the Politburo Standing Committee. The funding for Johns Hopkins came from Tung’s non-profit group in Hong Kong, the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), which is a registered Chinese agent, uses the same public relations firm as the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying for China-U.S. relations.
  2. Atlantic Council
  3. Brookings Institution
  4. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  5. Carter Center
  6. Center for American Progress (CAP): The Center denies receiving money from China. However, it cooperated with, though without financial contribution from, the China-US Exchange Foundation — a registered foreign agent — in producing a joint report in 2014.
  7. EastWest Institute

US-China Economic and Security Review Commission member Larry Wortzel, a former military intelligence officer once posted to China, said the report is important for exposing the activities of the United Front Work Department and the China People’s Political Consultative Conference:

“Most Americans and many members of Congress have no idea of the range of activities undertaken by this Chinese Communist Party web. It is a form of activity by Communist parties that dates back to the days of Lenin. Congress should consider legislation requiring anyone associated with the China People’s Political Consultative Conference, CUSEF, or the United Front Work Department to register as a foreign agent.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said the collusion between groups like the Washington think tanks and the CCP’s United Front Work Department operatives is the Chinese Communist Party using Americans to “unwittingly promote CCP ideology” in a “countering voice” in debates over China. “Beijing seeks to outsource its messaging in part because it believes foreigners are more likely to accept propaganda if it appears to come from non-Chinese sources.”

According to the China report, in addition to funding Washington think tanks:

  1. Chinese intelligence officers in diplomatic posts recruit Chinese students and scholars in the U.S. to curtail universities’ discussion of China. The students are targeted through 142 Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSA) that “routinely coordinate with the Chinese government and … have been involved in the suppression of free speech and the harassment, intimidation, and surveillance of Chinese student activists.” Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin, who defected to Australia in 2005, said China uses both coercion and incentives to recruit Chinese students as informants.
  2. Confucius Institutes—Chinese government-funded centers that are used for influence and intelligence activities — located on hundreds of American campuses are used to “advance Beijing’s preferred narrative and subvert important academic principles such as institutional autonomy and academic freedom.” The congressional report notes that “Significantly, Confucius Institutes are funded by the CCP Propaganda Department—formally affiliated with the [United Front Work Department] —and are also overseen by personnel based in Chinese embassies and consulates.”
  3. Even more alarming are the Chinese military’s covert influence operations via a front organization called the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC). One of the works of CAIFC is the Sanya Initiative, a series of “track two” dialogues between retired senior flag officers of the U.S. and Chinese armed forces. The Sanya Initiative is led by retired Adm. William Owens, 78, a former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (appointed by Bill Clinton), who has used the Sanya group to lobby Congress and the Pentagon against annual publication of the China Military Power report.

Note: Track II diplomacy or “backchannel diplomacy” is the practice of “non-governmental, informal and unofficial contacts and activities between private citizens or groups of individuals, sometimes called ‘non-state actors'”.

The report concludes that the threat to the United States from China’s United Front operations is “significant” but “the extent of its organization and influence is still relatively unknown among policymakers.” Meanwhile, Congress is considering legislation to require:

  • All organizations that promote the political agendas of foreign governments to register as foreign agents.
  • Universities to disclose certain donations and gifts from foreign sources.

See also Breitbart‘s article on the corrupt connections Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), have with China: “New York Magazine: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Gets Her Own Ethics Scandal“.


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18 responses to “China’s tentacles over America via espionage & funding of D.C. think tanks, university institutes, and retired US military

  1. Remember when Slick Willie referred to China as “our strategic partner”?

  2. You Americans are pretty much all the same: i.e. the USA can do no wrong, which of course allows you to criticize any other nation state. I am not a fan of China however, when you examine and compare China’s conduct against America’s conduct on the international scene, well America’s behavior is abhorrent. War eternal, conquest of other nation’s resources, regime changes in countries that don’t bow to USA or have a Rothschild central bank, puppet governments installed and support of repressive regimes.

    <> (I thought this legislation was already in place for years.)

    Look in the mirror!!! See that the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee is by far, the BIGGEST lobby group in DC. and Israel is NOT registered – how the hell is that possible? AIPAC is the root cause of America’s corruption and stupidity. USA … you could be so much better …. you could be the idol of other nation states and held in such high esteem. I live in Canada, and honestly as a vassel of the US, Canada has no right to criticize anyone either; it’s smoke and mirrors here too!

    • Your entire rant of a comment is a non sequitur because it has nothing to do with the fact of China’s “front organization” activities in America.

      Nothing in my post says America is 100% virtuous or blameless. In fact, many of our posts are severely critical of Americans. And the fact that Israel is the biggest lobby in DC, which I lament and don’t dispute, doesn’t mean China isn’t using Americans as covert lobbyists.

    • I really take exception to your arrogant and ignorant statement that all Americans are the same, and we feel that the USA can do no wrong. At this point there might still be a few morons that hold to that belief, but the fact is a good many Americans are totally disgusted with our foreign policy and its actions in foreign countries. Pray tell when was the last time YOUR Canadian government conducted itself according to the desires of the Canadian people? Do you really think it is any different here? Do you really think average Americans are delighted with the way things are run here? When the Iraq war started thousands marched against it and were totally ignored. We are constantly ignored by our government, and our press are nothing but mouth pieces for the same ruling elite who wish to create a one world government, i.e., tyranny. You alluded to it yourself in the mention of Rothschild so you can hardly be ignorant of the set up. If you think you have no power to change the conduct of your government, how is it that average Americans have the power to change their government?

  3. Peter Schweizer’s book, SECRET EMPIRES, is magnificent. Everyone should get a copy and read it…the expose on the McConnell/Chao relationship with China is very telling. As well, there’s a chapter on the Trump children and China…it’s probably why Schweizer is no longer on Fox.

  4. While I agree the PRC is an issue this shoyld be of no surprise, Mr Wong, the massive donations to Algore… they have been at it for yrs. I will say it agian and agian the real threat is Israel, not the PRC nor Russia. Dont believe me? Polard? Virmet? Narus? Ask the former Dep Dir of the CIA Adm Inman

    His quote:
    “Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined … They are the gravest threat to our national security”

  5. There are so many threats to the health of America now,including most of the Liberals,Dem-Socialists and more than a few “Conservatives”,that I’d be tempted to put the Military to work protecting the US from ’em all (The alleged Americans who want to destroy our Country)-give ’em the choice to either tow the line 100% or pack their stuff and leave the US forever,but that isn’t how a Constitutional America rolls. As for the foreigners,there should be no options-if they’re not Americans,I’d have to consider them a threat to our way of life. In MY book,an Immigrant proves his/her love for America by doing the necessary things to BECOME A LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN.

    • truck . . . Thank Heavens, you can always be depended on to espouse the most rational and reasonable thoughts on various ideas. I agree whole heartedly on those who deal on behalf of foreign entities as being a threat to the American way of life. I would just as well see them pack up and go somewhere else.

  6. I’ve been very troubled with this relationship ever since Nixon “opened the door” and Slick Willy ran through. You correctly mention the various “language” and “cultural” outreach programs designed to make the gullible forget that they’re dealing with communists.

    Personally, TPTB have never been concerned about economic systems or freedom. If they can turn a profit they’re perfectly happy to deal with repressive regimes. They certainly have no problem dealing with Israel.

    The entire “globalization” effort is “outcome based”. They will come at it from the “left” or the “right”, makes no difference to them. At the end of the day the goal is enslavement, pure and simple.

    • Lophatt . . . . Bravo! Well stated. I entirely agree, far too many people in important positions only care about the income they will be entitled to by doing what they are doing.

      Cleon Skousen wrote much about the problems and danger of Communists, no matter what country the Communists may be associated with. How very sad that American’s of today . . . seem to have forgotten his words of wisdom.

  7. If one does their history, they’ll learn that China is “communist” because of mao, and mao in turn was such because stalin empowered him, (subsequently stalin was empowered by the bolshevik takeover, and the bolsheviks were a militarized arm of satanism, thus the communist ideology espoused by china is a variant of satanism, though they people there probably don’t know that, since another two militant arms of satanism had already been operating in the country for some time, that being buddhism, which seems to be effectively kabala for all intents & purposes, compare the two, see what you find… and gnosticism, particularly the manichean type, [manichean gnosticism having a teaching saying that eve had sex with an evil being, which is the “serpent seed” doctrine which is still plaguing Christianity today.] which seems to have had quite a lot of influence during the ming/”bright”/”light” dynasty, before imperial supression, anyway.) while the secret society jerks utilized japan as a bludgeon to weaken the continental forces for china, and surrounding asian nations, when japan was no longer needed, they used the u.s. to smash it, (and yet the bolsheviks went uncontested in russia, what does that say about who was pulling britain and the u.s.’s strings?) and curtailed Christianity’s presence there on top of that, while snookering the citizens of multiple nations into another meaningless, vile, global war.

    This means that China’s espionage is likely expected, if not welcomed & enabled by the satanist filth in the states, and is probably part of something much bigger… if a new “civil war” breaks out in the u.s. as I’ve mentioned in other comments, is china going to be the nation used to come in and “clean up” after the war rages for a bit? Or is that going to be the governments of canada, (already very compromised, as we know from the implementation of a pedophile “sex ed” curriculum, now repealed, but the repeal is actually being fought, and other “progressive” [read: regressive] policies, and potentially some relation to cuba’s castro by one of it’s leaders?) and mexico? (an age of consent to sex at 14, drug cartels running rampant, any guesses as to how compromised that country is?) Many questions, including “what to do about it?” and “what are they up to?”

    • Well, yeah. Nothing different. They are just at a stage in The Plan where all the countries go away and get absorbed by the Entity. They don’t care if you call yourself a democracy or a communist state. You can call yourself “Fred” for all they care.

      The idea is that you pay and obey.

    • Seumas . . . Excellent comments. The questions you ask — “what to do about it?” and “what are they up to?” just about tell the whole story. I just wish that more Americans would wake up and smell the toast burning.

  8. China is where they are because of our leadership helping them along the way, the rest was done by those selling their souls for a few bucks. They are on a near unstoppable roll.

    • Glenn47 . . . . Amen and amen! You are correct . . . “They are on a near unstoppable roll.” As far as I am concerned, and I realize that really important ways of blocking China’s interests are few and far between for me . . . . but when looking at items to purchase: If it says “made in China” I put the item down and find something else, or go without. If enough people would or could starve China of the dollars they so eagerly look forward to, it would help to thwart their plans. I am not saying this is an easy plan, since my local stores stock all this Chinese made junk.

  9. “All organizations that promote the political agendas of foreign governments to register as foreign agents.”

    Well that will never fly as it will not be applied to the holy people and their country.
    As for China, yes the Chines gov is diabolical in their conduct and their aims but look at who empowers them. This all fits with the Kalergi Plan and World gov; that is, it is stated in the Kalergi Plan that the Chinese are the equals of Jews in the East and will co- rule. My guess it that the Jews really don’t believe that the Chinese are their equals at all- more like they are of the mind that they cannot beat billions of the world largest population head on, so that it was better to co- opt them to their tyrannical plans. Jews set up Communist China in the first place with the intent that it would be used to dominate the rest of the world at some point. Looks like nothing is going to get in the way of their plans as witness there have been no shortage of traitors willing to give everything the West has created to help China gain dominance. Things seem to be going according to plan.

    • Lana . . . Amen to the idea that those who lobby for or on behalf of foreign entities, should be required to register as “foreign agents.” That picture of retired Admiral William Owens, who lobbies for Communist Red China is enough to make me “hurl my cookies.” Unless the almighty dollar is paramount in your life–why would anyone, especially an American military person turn against their own country and engage in this type of treason?

  10. Michael J. Garrison

    For those who know the Bible from the original manuscripts, they know that it IS Biblical that Esau will oppress his brother Jacob. Esau became Russia, and Jacob is the 12 Tribes. Esau took over America (with Freemasonry) at America’s conception, and Israel was taken-over by Russia in 1948.
    China has been Esau’s for centuries, and EVERYTIME China is “in the news” ….such as in this article, it is in the news because of what this country does for Russia….ie: China is Russia’s bitch, and does Russia’s dirtywork.

    America has been “Russianized” for hundreds of years, no matter what “they” say. And YES, Russia is oppressing American Christians, while “saluting” their religion of Islam.


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