China says its anti-ship ballistic missile can sink U.S. aircraft carriers

China is chest-thumping. Again. After crowing that their nuclear submarines can obliterate cities on America’s west and east coasts, the Communist Party government media are boasting that their ballistic missiles can sink our aircraft carriers. The question is: Why is China doing all this chest-thumping, and to what end? In the meantime, we have a limp-wristed POS in the White House who, at best, has no discernible foreign policy, and is a laughing stock of the world.
~Dr. Eowyn

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Our hackers need to be deadly so we can stop their damned missiles.

mike diamond

the dog and cat food they send us killed the family pets! not good!!!!!!

Mike howrightismike
Mike howrightismike

All while our military is purged of patriots, morale falls by the day, and officers are given a litmus test asking if they will fire on American citizens.
And, I might add, while US corporations continue to do business in and with Communist China.

The MAD Jewess
The MAD Jewess

‘The Chinese Communist Party is determined to provoke the United States.’
Yeah, they figure there can only be ONE Commie nation that is a super power.


Just remember under whose administration a permit was issued allowing Hughes Electronics and Loral Space & Communications Ltd. to transfer sensitive satellite technology to the Chinese.
Billy Jeff Clinton anyone?