China & Russia's F-you to Obama

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Obama knock-knock joke
Sangwon Yoon reports for Bloomberg, Sept. 25, 2015, that after Chinese President Xi Jinping left the White House’s state dinner (the one where “Michael” Obama displayed “his” massive trapezius muscles), he headed to New York to check in at the Chinese-owned Waldorf Astoria, just a few blocks from the UN campus.
On Sunday, Xi was joined by Russia President Vladimir Putin, who also picked the Waldorf for his first stay in Manhattan in a decade.
In 2014, the Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. sold the Waldorf Astoria to Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group Ltd. for $1.95 billion.
The symbolism of two such high-profile figures, whose countries routinely vote in tandem at the UN Security Council, choosing a Chinese-owned hotel cannot be lost on the White House.
But then Obama is no better.
As the Bloomberg report puts it, “after a decades-long tradition of staying at the storied hotel built on a former cemetery,” Barack Obama and his entourage relocated to South Korean-owned Lotte New York Palace Hotel for UNGA week.
Obama gives America the finger
For now, the 42nd floor of Waldorf Towers still serves as the official residence for the U.S. ambassador to the UN. While the Hilton will manage the property for the next century under the terms of its sale, Anbang’s ownership and call for a major renovation raised concerns about whether the Waldorf would remain a secure location for sensitive and classified government conversations, according to two U.S. officials, who asked not to be named citing sensitivity of the matter.

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0 responses to “China & Russia's F-you to Obama

  1. Gee-what better chance to wire the place with ALL the newest surveillance technology? Including some that goes directly to Chinese Intel.

  2. BHO is no JFK.

  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    How did we get here so soon after 1963?

  4. I love that political cartoon!

  5. “Hope and change”..

  6. Anyone with an ounce of class would be very careful with the protruding finger usage, showing the bottom of his shoes while putting said shoes on the people’s White House furniture. Sadly, we do not have such a person.
    Every joke, saying, picture and accusation of BO was duly earned.

    • Very ASTUTE observation! Thanks Glenn! The “flyin’ finger” doesn’t happen by “accident” or in “innocence” when you are on the world stage. It’s a carefully chosen and displayed statement. (!!!!)

  7. I’m sure he does it on purpose. He’s been sticking it to us since day one. I do take great pleasure in knowing what a joke he is in many parts of the world, and that they are all snickering behind their hands at this ass. Almost makes up for the U.S. being such a laughing stock. Never before has such an evil, pathetic POS crossed the threshold of the Oval Office.

    • You can be sure it is on purpose. In many cultures around the world showing people the bottoms of your feet/soles is the same as a FU.
      No one with class would ever use their finger that way.

  8. Obama is a first class peckerwood, that’s for sure but don’t forget, the sob didn’t elect himself. He only represents his loving supporters and they are the real problem we have.

    • Actually,he did. If America could have VALID Elections,without all the corruption and Voter Fraud,O-boy wouldn’t have been elected,or been ALLOWED to run for an office he’s never been able to prove he was Constitutionally eligible for. We can “thank” Nancy Pelosi for vetting him without a shred of validation required by the US Constitution.

  9. So, all this being witnessed, and said…we can only hope that the next election can show “the finger” to Barack Hussein Obama and send his legacy packing along with his Indonesian passport…..and that his legacy will be: The first Black Amerian President. PERIOD. That’s about ALL he’s earned…SORT OF—–b/c when his biographers abound in print….I hope they don’t forget to include that this FIRST BLACK American president was abandoned by his Black, Kenyan father nearly at birth—a man who was NOT an American citizen, but who came to the USA solely to TAKE from it back to Kenya..and then WASTED WHAT HE”D BEEN GIVEN in an alcoholic death……, and he, Barack—named for this same waste of a father, had a White American mother, and was essentially raised through later years by his white American grandparents while his White mother sought other minorities with which to engage (namely…Barak’s Muslim step-father who registered him into the Muslim school as “Muslim” in Indonesia). Don’t forget that he finished growing up in Hawaii…in a private school, and was college-aged before he first set foot on the continental USA in California…where…he did not do well, and did not fit in…..until some Saudi oil shieks started funding him….so he completed school at Columbia and Harvard…with no records that we know of….under their auspices……
    As for me…I need that giant “Wisconsin Cheese” figurehead…only in the shape of the middle finger…to wear on my head during the next election…..only it will say on the finger—-“Here’s to Hope and Change.”

  10. The Waldorf-Astoria (now a brand, as there are several around the world) was chosen for FDR as it has a railroad underneath, and it used to have an elevator from the tracks up to FDR’s suite. This was done for his convenience and secrecy. (FDR had polio and needed privacy from the public).
    I have driven a number of people in the cab over the years, and they have told me that the Waldorf is in major need of major refurbishing and repairs. (Hopefully the new owners have already taken note). I have also been told that it is an “established” redoubt for U.S. Presidents out of tradition and location (near the U.N. and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel and the Queensboro Bridge as well as the FDR Drive for escape routes).
    I have also been told that YOU CAN BET YOUR LAST DOLLAR that the Presidential suite is WIRED.
    So much for security and protocol!

  11. I just read a post here on FOTM about the alleged president changing the choice of accommodations to a nearby Hotel owned by China,and that it’s (the Chinese place) being fully renovated-by CHINESE workers. I don’t know how much of this I have right-my memory’s like a sieve,but it’s here somewhere. THIS is the Hotel I’d expect to be wired directly to China and Russia.

  12. Will Paris Hilton take any part in property management? Will she recognize the place?

    • And, furthermore, Marble…..will all of this become “reality TV show?” Can’t you just see a remote cam on the presidential suite?????

      • You are inspired! Perhaps the California environment deserves some credit. At your next Hollywood cocktail party with clothing optional hot tub, you can suggest to your producer friends that they include the Kardashians!


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