Children’s YouTube channel features radical pro-abort feminazi promoting abortion to kids

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This video comes from the HiHo channel. From the video description: “To learn more about Amelia and the new Shout Your Abortion book, check out the link here: (link purposely not provided).”

Amelia is the radical feminazi Amelia Bonow, cofounder of #shoutyourabortion.

In this video she describes the abortion procedure as such: “They suck the pregnancy out. It was like a crappy dentist appointment.

Amelia has the word “abortion” tattooed on HER INSIDE LIP (forward to 7:34 mark).



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14 responses to “Children’s YouTube channel features radical pro-abort feminazi promoting abortion to kids

  1. “Death and hatred to mankind…poisoning their brainwashed minds…Satan laughing spreads his wings”

  2. I remember the year 1965. I was in the 4th grade and was nine years old. Michael Caine was in a movie called “Alfie,” about a man who procures an abortion. (Cher sang the title song to the movie).

    Adults were not allowed to MENTION the mere word “abortion.” It was a topic that adults made a point to discuss OUTSIDE THE HEARING RANGE of children. Many of the adults expressed their fear that abortion might become legal under New York’s Governor Rockefeller (they were right).

    This was the milieu back then. (And as it turned out, Vatican II did nothing to stop the coming madness, but tomorrow is another day). Now we have 11-year olds giving dances at gay clubs, with gay men throwing money at them, we have drag queens hosting reading hours to small children, NAMBLA has made a comeback, and now this.

    Burlesque has practically disappeared, and as a boy, I understood it was meant for adults. But it was a sort of art form that could be very witty; “Risque,” we called it. We got it. We were nine-year olds who actually understood things like wit and sarcasm. We FEARED the idea of abortion. Now we have vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity and depravity for the sake of depravity. Now we have this: Hawking child murder to children.

    I will remain calm. I ask this Question: Will God have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah? Or will the World have to endure His Wrath and Justice in another World War or the Three Days of Darkness? We have gone beyond the “vulgarity circus” phase of the madness and are at the precipice of cannibalism and overt Satanism! How much lower will society go?

  3. Do you really think you know where true evil is, what it looks like? It’s easy enough to ignore.

  4. Amelia convinced me she should have been aborted. Perhaps, one day, she shall be indeed retroactively aborted. Any of those young ones she was corrupting in these should be made aware that under the decisions of creatures like Amelia that they could have been aborted themselves.

    • You can bet she sees promoting her sexually degenerate cult among children as the acid that’s dissolving moral opposition to her kind’s exploitation of the host society, with the added grinning mockery of programming the Other’s children to self-terminate their own kind.

      Because she’s an obvious cipher from nowhere, her being given a platform on YouTube is strong evidence of her being YouTube’s proxy, as well as suggesting the depth of the collusion that goes unnoticed among her kind from one end of this country to the other. This seeming spokeswoman from nowhere does indeed point directly to conspiracy, in fact and not theory, demonstrating a parallel institutional structure that can be likened to fungal hyphae with which her kind parasitizes social media and every agency of the federal and most state governments.

      The fact the Republicans are not organizing tens of millions of marchers to oppose this subversion of vulnerable children, who’re also those most in need and deserving of the Republicans’ protection, should be the most important takeaway. Moreover, for these Dem flunkies to have the gall to fall back on legal bullsh*t promulgated by faux conservatives claiming the courts have what amounts to the de facto power to legislate gross immorality, makes it pretty obvious the Republican Party is the controlled opposition paleoconservatives have been calling it out as for over 25 years now. Amelia is a pathetic woman, a cipher. Focusing on her or YouTube is the big distraction meant to conceal Republican assent.

  5. What has happened to women’s souls on this earth?
    Does she not consider – “what if her Mother felt the same way about her heartless daughter.”

    For the life of me, when did abortion become a form of birth control? Such evil!

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    I would suspect it to be scripted, and kids chosen for their willingness to cooperate.

    Children should be terrified at the thought of “abortion”.

  7. Amelia Bonow is a good candidate for the devil Left’s newest idea: After-birth abortion.

    • How is “after-birth abortion” different from infanticide? No respect for the sanctity of life at all. What are these demons doing in our schools?

  8. Every time I see or hear these devils teach in school, I ask myself the same thing. I just don’t understand it. Evil and sickening.

  9. Jesus Save Us, I pray. There’s not much more to be said after this. Evidently, we are incapable of “saving” ourselves and even our own children from this spectre of killing our own babies. Only a higher power is capable of this in these, our dark days of weakness and inability.

  10. I left a few comments on the video (a couple were already deleted).

  11. They’ve now deleted all previous comments (mostly negative) and blocked further commenting on this video.

    Website of those responsible for the video (presumably also for comment policy/editing):

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