‘Child Abuse’? Massachusetts Therapy Ban Means Parents Could Lose Their Kids if They Try to Help Them

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Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a therapy ban that would not only make it illegal to counsel children about unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion, but also punish parents who allow it by taking custody of their children.

Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, told CBN News that the bill “categorizes the treatment itself as child abuse.”

It appears that Massachusetts is the first state to consider defining such therapy as abusive and allow for the option of taking away parental custody.

“This is a bill that would allow the state to take, for example, your daughter, and make her someone else’s son,” Beckwith said.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, a powerful LGBTQ advocacy organization, 15 states and Washington, DC have already passed therapy bans for youth. Beckwith says Massachusetts could be the first to add the abuse definition. Lawmakers in Maine and Colorado are also considering therapy bans for youth right now. LGBTQ advocates have argued for years that therapy that allows youth to discuss their concerns about unwanted same-sex desires or gender identity issues is harmful.

Massachusetts lawmakers first introduced a youth therapy ban bill in 2013. Beckwith says proponents appear to have an “aggressive timeline” right now, because last year lawmakers couldn’t agree on the abuse provision and delayed a vote until the end of the session in June.

This year, according to Beckwith, they’re already taking action. Lawmakers held a hearing on March 5 to consider testimony from those the measure would impact.

Parental custody is already an issue in transgender cases involving children across the country. Recently, Ohio officials stripped parental rights from a couple that opposed medical treatment for their teenage daughter who wanted to become a boy. In Texas, a divorced father and mother are fighting over medical treatment for their 6-year-old son. The mother says he identifies as a girl and wants to pursue medical treatments to help him change. The father says the boy identifies as a boy and opposes the treatments.

The Massachusetts Senate’s bill S.70, titled “Relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity,” was reported favorably by committee Monday, March 11, and referred to the committee on Senate Rules.

Hearings on Massachusetts House Bill H.110, “An Act banning conversion therapy,” was extended for additional testimony. A new date for the extended hearings has not been set. The House version of the bill would “prohibit practices by health care providers that attempt to change sexual orientation or gender identity. Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities.”

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13 responses to “‘Child Abuse’? Massachusetts Therapy Ban Means Parents Could Lose Their Kids if They Try to Help Them

  1. And to think, we haven’t even BEGUN to pay the consequences of these actions…we’re only just reaping the “rewards” of actions of the past 25 years or so.

    The only civilization in history that successfully pulled back from the brink of collapse was Nineveah(sp?), and even that didn’t last forever. I wonder if we’ll be praying to Allah or be speaking Chinese?

    It was nice while we were still reasonably moral. No longer.

    • This is the old Stalinist enforcement of State religion. There is only one “approved’ position. All who refuse to accept that will be dealt with. Who are these people to decide something like this anyway? By what authority?

  2. Sadly nothing surprises me these days. I was having a discussion with some friends in the diner yesterday and we all agreed that we have lived the best of America.

    • I just turned 76 February 17th and I do agree with you: I’ve read a great deal of history so I don’t say this lightly, and I certainly don’t look back on the “Good Old Days” because everything’s relative.

      But I think if one takes at least a 10,000 year view of history I think it’s fair to say that we’ve seen humankind at its best and its worst in the last 150 years.

      As I’ve been alive for 76 of them, I’ve nothing to complain of, really. Of course, by some lights, I am a privileged white piece of shit, but I’ve also bust my butt as an entrepreneur since I was 19.6 yrs, self-employed for more than 56 years, employing hundreds of others along the way at better than average wages & benefits.

      That’s something a privileged white piece of shit can do for others, as I identify with them as a working stiff, and now at 76 I’m forced to continue working stiffly!!

      • Joseph as one privileged white piece of shit to another I know exactly what you mean. I have never drawn a day of unemployment and worked more thn 1 job at a time plenty to provide for my family. My white privilege had my ass in the firebox of a boiler turning me black for many years. I am retired with a pension but still work 2 jobs because I enjoy my chosen trade and the extra money is good. The $100 bill tree behind my garage died and the $20 bill tree has turned into the $.05 weed…. Hey!! Maybe I can get a legal weed license and sell it in Nickel Bags!!

      • Bob Sims (of Tulsa, OK)

        BC69, I am 77 years of age, and I agree with you 100%. Our lives have been very similar. I wouldn’t want to have lived at any other time. This has been a great trip…up til now. The entire world has gone mostly insane! I don’t see it ever getting better.

        Ben Franklin said it well when asked in Philadelphia in 1787, after signing our wonderful Constitution, to send back to the Colonies for ratification. “What have you given us?” asked the waiting crowd. “A Republic…if you can keep it!” Ben replied.

        May God help us…we, meaning each and every one of us, did so very little to keep it…that we have probably lost it. Too many people in America are too stupid to drive, let alone vote! I could go on and on, but I won’t.

        I am a child of the 50’s and damn proud of it!!!

  3. So if LBGTQXYZ folk are “born this way,” then any therapies imposed upon them should have zero effect on their true self.

    Sounds like lawyers are gonna get the be$t deal outta this…

  4. We all know “transgenderism” is a mental illness of body dysmorphia — the imaginery, obsessive idea that some aspect of one’s own body part or appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix.

    Jamie Shupe, a man who first became a “transgender” “woman”, then even had the government comply with him declaring himself neither male nor female, but a (nonexistent) “third sex”, now admits it was all “a sham” and that his problem was a “severe mental health crisis” — a “psychosis”.


  5. I have always lived in Massachusetts. I am beginning to think our RINO governor is a POS. They want to introduce a bill also for up to birth abortion. My family came here in the 1600’s. What the hell happened to my home?

    • I guess the term “Masshole” applies to a lot of people there unfortunately. Rural Massachusetts probably suffers in the same way rural New York does. The city people make the rules for the country folks. Seperate and unequal…

      • It’s that way all over. That’s why we have and Electoral College and why they want to do away with it. People with similar beliefs often congregate. On the other hand, not everyone in a city is the same.

        The way we divide the country into districts makes it necessary to do something to ensure that vast swaths are not completely overlooked. What gets to me about this is that we often turn this around incorrectly.

        THEY work for us (in theory), not the other way round. Judges do not “enumerate” powers. Again, at least in theory.

        Instead of us having to make excuses to THEM and convince THEM of what we want they should be scrambling to make us happy, not the elitist money-changers they are owned by.

        If you live in Buffalo, NYC will tell you how its gonna be. If you live in Paradise, CA, Orange County will supply “your” governor.

  6. Sounds like the LettuceGuacamoleBaconTomato crowd also has a hidden agenda of making it easier for child sex trafficking.

  7. Any, and I do mean ANY, attempt to stifle speech because someone doesn’t like it is offensive and dangerous. In this case these “experts” are setting themselves up as superior to parents and others.

    Those others do not NEED their permission to do anything. This is more of that globalist “Roman Law” vs “English Common Law” thinking. We have a God-given right to do anything. There may be consequences, but I don’t need anybody’s “permission”.

    Anyone who thinks that these creatures will stop on their own accord is delusional. They must be put in their place every time they push their agenda.


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