Chicago’s Black Citizens Lay It On the Line

Given the iron grip of Democratic control that made Chicago famous, it takes real courage for these people to speak out about their community and the Democratic Party.  Regarding the Democratic Party machine, the final speaker so eloquently expressed,

“It is more important, in this community, that they promote the liberal agenda than the black agenda.  What about the black family?  What about the American family?  I tell you that the liberal agenda is not the black agenda!  It is not the family agenda!  It is not the American agenda!”

Stinky old WordPress is not properly embedding videos lately.  Here is the link to the 4-1/2 minute video.

I’ll see if I can embed the video in a comment.

H/T  Breitbart and Hillbuzz

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The light of truth is shining on those few, hopefully more, that they are becoming self-unchained from the political machinery in Chicago.


Once again a perfect example of the Democrats keeping the black community in financial slavery. Where are the SBA loans for small black companies? I really don’t think they care whether the people in Chicago have success in their lives, have solid homes and families, have safe neighborhoods, as long as they vote Democrat.


It’s about time.

And I hope this spreads far beyond Chicago.

I have always said that one day black Americans are going to wake up to what the liberals have really done to them, and when that day comes, I am going to be soooooooooooooo glad I am not a lily-white lib plantation owner.



A long time in coming for black america!


The time to wake up is here and now black people. How long will Black America enslaved by the Democratic party? We may only have one last chance to really be free before we are enslaved once again. This very topic and much more is disccussed in the new book Dirty Laundry Coloreds and Whites by Lavelle. A step by step booklet for us to get our game on track. LETS DO IT BLACK AMERICA, TIME IS RUNNING OUT


Black people, you have been and are still being conned by the Democratic Party, in particular, your black public officials, black entertainers, black family members and friends wittingly and unwittingly are the gatekeepers who make sure that despite the economic conditions, high crime, lagging behind every other race in almost all areas socially in this country, we rush to vote Democratic, like a good slave.