Chicago voters keep electing mentally ill judge

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The Chicago way...

The Chicago way…

Judge who shoved deputy found not guilty by reason of insanity

Chicago Tribune: A Democratic Party-backed judge who won re-election in November while facing battery charges was found not guilty Monday — by reason of insanity. The insanity verdict could aid the judge’s effort to return to the bench.
Not long after Judge Cynthia Brim was charged in March with misdemeanor battery for shoving a deputy outside the Daley Center, a panel of supervising judges effectively suspended her, banning Brim from the county’s courthouses without a police escort.
Bar associations have recommended since 2000 that Brim be tossed from her $182,000-a-year job, but voters have kept returning her to the bench. Experts have said Brim’s case highlights the difficulty of unseating a judge up for retention in Cook County.
On Monday, less than a year after the judge embarked on what attorneys described as a delusional journey across the city that ended with her in handcuffs, Brim sat at a wooden table marked “Defendant” on the 13th floor of the Daley Center for a highly unusual bench trial.
Testimony revealed that Brim has been hospitalized five times after suffering mental breakdowns in the 18 years since she was first elected. In 2004, Brim was carried off the bench at a suburban courthouse after she froze while addressing her courtroom before starting the day, standing mute until someone called paramedics, her attorney said.
Brim, 54, was diagnosed years ago with a bipolar type of schizoaffective disorder, which means she experiences delusions and hallucinations, psychiatrist Mathew Markos testified. The symptoms can be kept in check with medication, he testified.
Prosecutors argued that Brim was “criminally responsible” for her actions last spring as she had chosen once again to stop taking her medications. Her attorney said a psychiatrist had advised her to only take the drugs when she needed to. “She made the choice, despite numerous hospitalizations, to go off her medications,” Assistant State’s Attorney Maria Burnett said.
DuPage County Judge Liam Brennan — who was brought in to hear the case — said his verdict is separate from the larger question of Brim’s fitness to be a judge. The state’s Judicial Inquiry Board is investigating Brim for multiple alleged violations of the code of professional responsibility, an inquiry that could ultimately end with her removal from the bench, her attorney James Montgomery said. “This is not about the wisdom of allowing this defendant to serve as a judge,” Brennan said.
Legal expert Warren Wolfson, who spent 15 years as a trial judge, said the board will want to be sure that Brim is capable of performing her duties on the bench. The board would consider other incidents as well, including the disruption in her own courtroom. “The issue is whether she has the ability to perform her duties,” Wolfson said.
Brim’s November re-election campaign was backed by the Cook County Democratic Party as well as the Committee for Retention of Judges in Cook County, a campaign committee funded by judges. Judges need 60 percent of the vote to be retained; failing to meet that mark is rare.
On March 8, Brim was asked to leave the Markham courthouse after going on a tirade while presiding over traffic court, sources told the Tribune last year. The next day, she read a newspaper story about a Cook County judge who was using lots of sick leave and decided to complain to the judicial board, which disciplines judges, about what she viewed as an unfair story.
But she took the wrong bus and ended up on 47th Street, so she decided to make a “march for justice” up to the board’s Loop offices, Markos said. After walking more than 5 miles, she at some point went to her attorney’s building, but got off at the wrong floor and refused to leave a different attorney’s offices, Montgomery said. That attorney later filed a complaint with the Judicial Inquiry Board, he said.
Brim also went to the Daley Center. After standing in the lobby for about 15 minutes, she asked deputies if any keys had been left at the security station that day, officers testified. She then left with a set of keys and returned a few minutes later, throwing her own keys on the floor as a protest against the unjust judicial system, Montgomery said. Deputy Nicholas Leone testified that he noticed Brim’s set included special security keys for opening courtrooms and judge’s chambers in the building. “I wanted to know why a civilian had those keys,” Leone said.
Any wonder we’ve got Obama as our CIC? When you’ve got voters that continuously re-elect an unstable person, what can you expect? It’s the Chicago Way after all.

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0 responses to “Chicago voters keep electing mentally ill judge

  1. Chicago voters also kept reelecting mentally ill (severe depression; bipolar) Jesse Jackson Jr. to the House of Rep. in D.C.
    Of course, Chicago is also where the POS (Narcissistic Personality Disorder is just one disorder to start) began his political career.

  2. Cook County, America’s looney bin. I’ve been to Chicago twice, once in the late 80’s, once in the early 90’s. Oak Park, Oak Brook, Forrest Park. Those two trips were more than enough for me. The place is rife with crime, corruption, stupid politicians, and obviously insanity. Oh, did I forget to mention community organisers? A little OT, but somebody from Illinois commented somewhere, I don’t remember if it was here on FOTM, or another venue, but they suggested a new state slogan for Illinois that goes as follows – “Illinois, where even our Governors make license plates.” Needless to say I spewed copious amounts of tea on both screen and keyboard.

  3. If I were a defense attorney in Chicago, I’d be filing appeals for every case I had to defend in front of her.
    Even though I’m an advocate for the mentally ill, she has no business on the bench at this time or at any previous time if she’s unable to be in charge of her faculties.
    By the way, she can’t own a gun either.

  4. I’m ashamed to admit I lived in Chicago my first 28 yrs. of my life . All the news that comes out of that cesspool is no surprise to me . To a previous poster, we call it CROOK CO. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, obviously . The best cops money can buy . And I’ve seen bribes done with my own eyes .
    As far as the judge goes , no surprise . Anybody that has anything bad to say about her will ultimately be called a racist .
    We had a guy in Clayton Co. Ga. run for Co. Sheriff with 37 criminal indictments around his neck and he still managed to win . Imagine that . And he reflected the same amount of sunlight the lovely judge up in Illinois does .

    • We had a guy in Jeff Co WV, who was already the sheriff, who had pending litigation for beating up a suspect ( and he got re-elected, don’t know by how much of a landslide, but “pert near enough”! 🙂 He’s been convicted and removed since, but boy did he beat the snot outta that kid that ran thru 2 counties (he deserved a snack or two for that, for endangering everyone, a little bit anyway…but not getting kicked and whacked about like he did.) Someone’s dash cam caught it all. The intermittent sound is the video, not your computer. (Being dash can footage and all.) Just the first few minutes is all that’s pertinent, the rest, after they dogpile him and cuff him, it’s just a bunch of them standing around shooting the breeze. (Actually, it kinda starts over again, chase and all, why?? Got me swingin’…) You’ll hear “the medics are here”, so he, or any other cop, isn’t going to get “unpleasant” w/ them around. The sheriff is the guy w/ the *really* white hair, who jumps up into the back of the truck first I think, and he’s does seem to be the first one who kicks him good in sight of the dash cam. (Watch him bring his right leg back and in 3x’s.) You can see a mess of them whaling on him w/ their nightsticks, etc. (Elbows flying everywhere by the P/U’s driver’s window.) And then he “falls” as they pull him out from between the vehicles. They yank a knot in him but GOOD.
      Someone posted under another, less clear video: “This POS Sheriff has resigned his position and entered a plea of guilty to one count of a federal indictment charging him with deprivation of rights under the color of law for using excessive force during the arrest. Shirley faces up to 10 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000 and three years of supervised release. The second count charged Shirley with destruction, alteration or falsification of a record in a federal investigation. That was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.” So I guess that’s what’s happened to him since I quit paying attention. Only 3 weeks ago posted, so I guess he hasn’t gone to jail yet. Poor fellow, really – he beat the HELL outta the last sheriff “Boober” (swear on the name, too bad not “beaten” in truth), who never met a bribe he didn’t like. Amongst other faults… Huh.

  5. Democrat, of course…

  6. It’s no secret that the Democratic Machine in Chicago is the most corrupt in the Nation. It’s also a who’s who, who you know and who your family members are. As a lifelong resident, I have witnessed this. I even dedicated the second Chapter of my book to “Chicago style politics”. It is such a depressing scene; hearing and watching up and coming politicians, who can’t wait to join such an entity. It doesn’t seem to matter to the people, because we are trained to believe that that is the way that it is.

  7. Here in enlightened Massachusetts, our judges are appointed, not elected. They are sometimes not even attorneys. And most often they are big contributors to the politician who appointed them.

  8. She is NO DIFFERENT than any red blooded judge in America, you know the ones that let cops get away with murder and bruitality, or letting convicted criminals bring lawsuits aganist the victims after they have been sent to prison, letting lawyers bring STUPIDITY lawsuits against a hard working AMERICAN Company, because an IDIOT used the product wrong and was injured from their STUPIDITY, or let politicans break any law they want, and then make a law abiding citizen feel guilty for bringing a suite against a politician! THEN, they want you to believe that the Judical System works, WRONG! Semper Fi.

  9. gee and not only is this woman a democrat but also black. i think the skin color goes a lot farther in promoting unqualified useless demented individuals then whether they are democrat or republican

  10. Thank you so much Dr. Eowyn!! I like your style… I can at times be a bit too modest. I am working on that.

  11. Igor, I am not sure what your comment means, but I can tell you that in Chicago today their aren’t many Republicans who hold power. In fact, most would say that the city is Democratic in it’s entirety, from black, white to latino voters. Secondly, I believe that party affiliation and the Judge being a part of the machine had more to do with her being elected, not race. Had she not been a Democrat and with the in crowd politically, she may not have never been elected in the first place. Being a Democratic Judge in Chicago is why her insanity plea was accepted. Had she been just a regular or normal black woman, her ass would have been found guilty.

    • I agree! A black who’s not a Democrat is not a “real” black, according to the Left. Look at how blacks and Democrats treat Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Bush administration’s Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

      • We have been trained since we were young that the Democratic Party is for blacks and that Republicans only care about the rich… even the drug dealers and street punks speak this rhetoric. I have to tell dumbasses all the time that party affiliation has no bearing on your success or failure, it’s all about you. But the mental slavery that the majority have planted on themselves, along with the other inhibitors like poverty, crime, dependency, greed and fear that keep blacks at the bottom of the social ladder is almost a part of our DNA. Sad but true.


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