Chicago Values?

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Where’s the public outcry over Chicago boy’s raunchy rap video?

Sun Times: When a 13-year-old boy shows up in a rap video cursing like a grown man, flashing money and posing with a gun, his parents and other adults involved are morally bankrupt.
Unfortunately, there has been no public outcry over a raunchy video titled “Lil Mouse Get Smoked” that debuted on YouTube on July 4, and has since Blown up the Internet. Nearly 300,000 people have viewed it, making the 13-year-old the latest rap sensation to come out of Chicago.
Known as “Lil Mouse,” the baby-faced rapper repeatedly drops “F” and “N” bombs in a music video that glorifies sex, drugs and violence. At one point, an adult male gets behind the teen and makes it look like the teen is holding the gun. On popular music video sites, the teen, who allegedly lives in Roseland, is being promoted as the “13-year-old rapper from the Wild, Wild Hundreds.”
The gangster-style music video is even more profane when you consider that Chicago is desperately trying to reduce gang- and drug-related violence that helped push the homicide rate up nearly 40 percent and claimed the lives of so many of the city’s children.
Here’s just a sample of what “Lil Mouse” has to say:
“I’m rollin’, all my n—-s rollin’… .30 clip and them hollow tips have his a– sitting in Roseland” “Floating off a pill, p**** bad’ll kill, My n—- in the field; you might get killed….”
“Melly got the .30 on his hip, he gone need some help….”I’m a gangster, n—-, and I could do this s— my f—— self.”
P. Noble, the videographer who shot the video in Roseland, claims “Lil Mouse” wasn’t holding the gun. “I made sure of it. When I got to the set, I made sure that Mouse did not have any guns or drugs on him,” he told me.
Noble claimed not to know the names of any of the adults involved in making the video but said the boy’s mother and adult uncles were on the set. “I was hired to do video direction. Somebody called me and I showed up. I didn’t realize a gun was in the video. So much was going on and there were a lot of people behind him. I wasn’t trying to glorify anything,” he said. 
The gun is clearly visible in several scenes. “But a lot of young people in Chicago live and survive in that subculture. It is a sad reality. It’s an epidemic,” Noble concluded.
In July Mayor Emanuel proposed a gun control ordinance in the Chicago City Council, as gun violence on the streets of Chicago has escalated 40% this year.  Maybe Emanuel should look into the protection of children from exploitive parents and music producers that allow young children to create such violent and crude garbage.

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  1. did this so called mayor attend school while growing up?

  2. …if Obama had a son….

  3. Just change a few words here and there………………………….
    We all got smoked already, so what’s with the uproar.
    Lil Mouse is just the tip of the iceberg.
    None of us lives in a vaccuum.
    This is OUR REALITY……………………….. we need to repent, turn from our wicked ways, earnestly seek God’s face and ask him to heal our land. We need more of that Godly wisdom we are told we just have to ask for and we will be given more of it. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray for your mercy to be new every morning and for your spirit to be poured out onto all flesh, and for the Lo I will do a new thing to manifest in accordance with your word in Isaiah 43.19 and onwards. Thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost the Comforter and our Leader into All Truth. To you belongs all the honor, all the glory and all the praise. Amen and amen.

  4. Have you forgotten how Rahm Emanuel proudly proclaimed that Chick-Fil-A ‘did not represent their values’? Well, this young rapper DOES!

  5. This will continue as long as there is cash rolling in. Parents see $$$ and nothing else. Its just a joke and they will laugh all the way to the bank. As long as there are people willing to watch and support this garbage, there will be people to provide it! Look at the crap on TV!! Don’t you dare interrupt “The Bachelor” or “Jersey Shore” for real life events!! Just keep feeding us our trash and we will be obedient.

  6. i have to say this i dated lil mouse ya dont no him he aint all about sex drug and anthing like that and dont be sayin bad stuff about me i mean out of all the guys i dated he is the only one that has never talked to me about sex and hes the nices teen ive ever no. also u dont no wat goes on in a teens mine we think about sex drugs all that why do u think we do this cuz u the “older people” do this stuff and we are supposed to look up to u wtf is wrong with people just saying


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