Chicago task force recommends UBI of $1,000/month for struggling families

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As if this idea hasn’t been tried and failed, many times.

From MyFoxChicago: Would a universal basic income help to alleviate poverty in Chicago?

Some residents may be about to find out. A new proposal unveiled by a mayoral task force late last week would provide 1,000 struggling Chicagoans with $1,000 per month — no strings attached.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the pilot program, which would cost up to $12 million per year and be funded by the city taxpayers and philanthropic contributions, was recommended as a way to help individuals and families, along with senior citizens, who have a hard time making ends meet.

“Guaranteed income can have powerful effects: significant reductions in poverty; ability to cover an unexpected emergency; improve school attendance; an increase in savings and improvements to health and well-being,” the report states, according to the Sun-Times. “These are goals that every Chicagoan can get behind.”

Universal basic income has been touted by tech executives like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a way to deal with the potentially massive job losses resulting from automation and AI in the coming decades. A number of Democrats, including New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and several 2020 candidates, have also voiced support for a universal basic income of some type.

Retiring Alderman Ameya Pawar, who chairs the task force, told the Sun-Times that a lot of public policies aimed at poor people are rooted in discrimination and shame.

“There is this belief in the United States that, if you help poor people, they’ll get addicted to help, when what we know is, if you help poor people and give them cash, they make the same decisions people with money make,” Pawar told the Chicago newspaper.

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8 responses to “Chicago task force recommends UBI of $1,000/month for struggling families

  1. I’m in favor of doing this as a stop-gap, because our system of crony capitalism is skewed too far in favor of the uber-rich. Since they are greedy bastards and think they deserve billions (clearly insane), they cannot be reasoned with, so a social mandate is required.

    No one (Not even YOU or ME) need billions (nor deserve the wealth of despots), and until we get a fairer system of compensation, we need to take a semi-Socialism step. Because of emotional attachments and propaganda programming, most upper Class whites will fight against this – even though it is for the common good.

    Until we change our attitudes about greed and wealth, our corrupt and immoral economic system will have to be reigned in, or the rich are eventually going to be murdered. So save a rich elite, and take their fucking money they stole anyway.

    If you invent something socially worthwhile, or do some amazing work of art or discover a cure for stupidity, then you deserve to have more wealth than others. But Wall. Streeters are pariahs and piranhas, as are corporate executives who rob companies into bankruptcy, corrupt politicians, and those who profit from suffering (Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Banksters..). I have no sympathy for their excesses. If the government doesn’t do this, the people will, and THAT will be a civil class war, and it will be UGLY.

    • Maybe some folk need to change their attitude about envy. Or how they approach defining the terms wealthy and fair…

      • One problem with schemes like this is that prices simply go up to capture the funding. It’s like “universal health care” (as provided through insurance companies). Without controls and/or competition the prices simply rise through the roof and you’re worse off than you were when you started.

        Government CAN help with inequality but the goal is to provide OPPORTUNITY, not guarantees. The “mediocre” are the mediocre. Why punish the talented? If it functions properly the talented drag the others to the limits of their ability.

    • All the crap you’re railing against is CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT regulation and you want more. No thanks. the only greedy people are the ones that want to take money by force and give it to others. I’m glad you trolled this website. I can see what you idiot socialists are up to/believe.

  2. Pawar will be elected City Treasurer of Chicago in a few weeks, he’s not retiring, and he hasn’t been an alderman for too long.

    The libtards are so misguided in their belief that giving free $$$$$ will result in feewings not being hurt.

  3. Drug Dealer Full Employment Act

  4. When you just hand someone something like that they regress. I am all for helping people to help themselves by job training and education. If you are genuinely disabled I have no problem with you getting help permanently.

    On a personal note I have assisted many to learn a trade and set them up with the basic tools of their chosen profession. I have done this for everything from auto technicians to cosmetologists to HVAC/R techs to machinists and welders… My only requirement is that when they are able to they help someone in the same manner. I have only had a couple fail at what they started. They gave me back the tools to help another so they will recieve assistance again if they attempt to learn something else…

    • Yes, exactly. It’s the old “give a man a fish and tomorrow he’s hungry. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for the rest of his life”. One is a hand out. The other brings dignity.

      That’s what they’ve done, you know? They’ve stripped people of their self-respect. People with self-respect don’t want to be cared for, they want to take care of themselves.


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