Chicago Police finally have the solution to solve their crimes: Diversity and relationships based on color

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Mayor Rahm Emanual: Diversity…yeah, that’s the distracting ticket!

Call me skeptical…maybe because I’m a “privileged” white girl. And I don’t live in Chiraq.

I’m guessing you can’t reduce crime if you can’t properly identify the cause of  crime (unless by skin color)?

According to the Chiraq Police and the good mayor Rahm Emanual, you can reduce gang and gun violence by hiring people who have the same skin pigmentation as the criminals.

When I moved to my community in Oklahoma, I joined a neighborhood group where we watch out for each other. We make sure everyone is safe. Our group has a relationship and it’s not based on color. It’s based on safety and we’ve seen a reduction in crime.

And I’m glad we all have a relationship that changed our neighborhood for the better, without seeing any color. None of us had to take a “test” to see change…because we see our neighbors as just neighbors. Not colors…

From MyFoxChicago: Chicago just got another infusion of new police officers to help communities ailing from crime.

The city’s top brass says their hiring surge and new policing strategies are working to reduce crime in Chicago.

And as FOX 32’s Sally Schulze reports, these new officers look more like the people they serve and protect. “They’ll be in every neighborhood in every part of the city, strengthening the backbone of the police department which is the beat officer,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

With the announcement, the city steps more than halfway toward the goal of hiring 1000 new officers.

CPD is also working to increase their diversity with 61-percent of officers hired since last year identifying as minorities.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says they’re seeing recruits from minority neighborhoods who want to help.

“You want to help change your community? Trust me, you fill out that application, you take that test, I will put you back in that neighborhood that you said you want to see changing,” Johnson said.

Eight of the 107 new officers will work at the 11th District on the city’s West Side and community members say they’re glad to hear more minorities will be in the ranks.

“The police department actually listened to what we are saying, you can’t police someone if you don’t have a relationship with that person and our relationship is our color,” said West Side resident Jimmy Simmons.

CPD is also getting help to solve carjackings and thefts, adding 200 squad cars equipped with automatic license plate readers.

Plus, seven more districts will get strategic policing centers as Chicago uses new tech and new faces to fight crime.


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17 responses to “Chicago Police finally have the solution to solve their crimes: Diversity and relationships based on color

  1. I entered a contest one time. The first prize was a week in chicago. Second prize was two weeks.

  2. How many do they have to screen out with drug and literacy tests to get viable candidates? That is in addition to finding someone without an arrest record…. Like finding a needle in a haystack…

  3. Three Miami police officers are facing federal drug trafficking charges after they were snared in an FBI undercover operation. Authorities say the three received thousands of dollars in payments to protect purported shipments of illegal drugs and drug proceeds. The FBI says the officers at times transported purported cocaine and other drugs themselves. The FBI says the people the officers thought were drug dealers were actually undercover agents or cooperating witnesses.
    In one instance, investigators say the police officer (a woman-20 years in the force) received $1,500 for providing an undercover FBI agent a Miami police uniform and badge that would be used by a hit man. To quote the “Poisoned Ram” diversity and relationships, the three are black, one woman two men. Though two have the name Harris are not related. Sorry Rahm, IT DOESN’T WORK in Chiraq and IT DOESN’T WORK ANYWHERE.

    • Some years ago in Bridgeport, CT the FBI ran a drug sting operation and captured the mayor and chief of police who subsequently claimed that THEY had been running a sting operation and were trying to arrest the FBI agents. They were tried and convicted and served their time in prison. The ex-mayor wants to run for office again.

      • Sounds like NOLA several years ago (probably continuing). The only thing that changes is that the thieves wear uniforms.

  4. What a wonderful idea. Give them a year and what squad cars aren’t wrecked will be stolen. Meanwhile, they’ll be supplying their “friends” from the evidence room and black-owned liquor stores will be paying them protection money.

    If this is a “skin color” issue, why are the blacks shooting each other?

  5. This diversity crap is sickening. It divides us. Soon every police, fire and other job out there will be majority minority.
    Its just like who we are letting into this country.
    The focus to hire everyone that is not white bc we need “diversity” or “affirmative action” is going to result in white people who are the majority into being the minority.
    It is happening every where.
    Hello-what about hiring folks based on merit? That whole concept has been thrown out the window by these idiots. Those who base everything on skin color-thank you obummer is the norm now.
    People being hired on the color of their skin or to fill stupid unreasonable quotas set by the leftists is detrimental to this country.

    • Hear, hear, what a concept….”merit”. If it were based on merit we’d need a whole new government. Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad idea.

      The cure for alleged “racism” is to stop identifying with it. This is just more divisiveness disguised as “progress”. More Marxist B.S..

    • Ah, the “meritocracy paradox” that if we hire on ability it just gets us more straight white non-Leftist males so it’s “racist,” progressives would have us believe. (Hiring on the basis of preferred race, gender and/or sexual orientation get more ability, of course… )

  6. Rahm’s “Words to live by”: “Don’t let a good crime go to waste”.

  7. “The city’s top brass says their hiring surge and new policing strategies are working to reduce crime in Chicago.”

    The rank-and-file know better. That’s why a few of ’em have their own blogs, to put out the real truth of what’s happening. They don’t call Supt. Eddie Johnson, “Special Ed” for nothing…

    Until the self-appointed black “leadership” become race “realists”, and acknowledge the obvious, things will never change – Hispanics, too – don’t want them to feel left out, though they don’t commit as many killings.

  8. Maybe tiny dancer Rahmie the Commie could hire the migrant caravan AKA future democrat voter freeloaders to keep the peace in the steaming cesspool on Lake Michigan.
    He will say to them, that’s a nice little caravan you got there be a shame if anything happened to it.

  9. People must know the enemy. How else can they determine how they are being targeted, and know what tactics are being used against them to make them the enemies targets.

    “Communism was literally the convenient tool and ploy – a diversion that was easily understood by the masses since it was being drilled into our minds by every media available – Communism was our enemy. Human memory is very short lived in most cases; we tended, conveniently again, not to recall that just a few years before one of the greatest enemies and traitors of this country the Jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was figuratively in bed with the second worst mass murderer in the history of the world, “Uncle” Joe Stalin and placed the U.S. in the same status with the U.S.S.R.”

    This material below is from merely the footnotes:

    [277]The ADL boasts that it has thousands of ministers using its material. J. Edgar Hoover once estimated that many ministers were Communists or aiding Communism, principally in the National and World Council of Churches. ADL films are in almost every city school system in the country anesthetizing our children to the dangers of racial encroachment, shaming any who try to warn them that the Jews aim to destroy the White Race. Zionism makes its paramount undertaking the subjugation and elimination of the White Race, under various disguises and pretexts. For instance, in a statement to the Jewish people on page 8 of the June, 1950, issue of the “Jewish Life,” stated: “Our job as Jewish Communists is to take the lead in educating the Jewish masses on the meaning of White chauvinism and to enroll the Jewish community in an all-out fight against this chauvinism. This is paramount in our work in the struggle for Negro rights. This is vital to the struggle of the Jewish people for their own security and future.” the Anti-Defamation League has done precisely this over the years; stirring Negroes and Jews to hatred of Whites, while destroying restrictive covenants and imposing suppressive measures, on the White Race. The ADL’s propaganda for tolerance makes millions of Americans unwilling to see that the Communist revolution is Jewish.

    [278]Under the guise of advancing tolerance and world brotherhood, the Jews are actually setting up the most intolerant reign, aimed at destroying rights of the dominant White Race and gradually intimidating White leaders against daring to oppose the conquering Zionist machine. *****

    [280]It is with this invisible voting power, plus the huge propaganda power of the national media, plus its terrorist whip, its smear power, in its vest pocket that the Jews stand over the presidential convention halls, where it moves and makes and slays more or less at will, influencing both gentile political parties to nominate such “liberals” as Truman, Dewey, Warren, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and etc; all ardent servants of the Jews. Earl Warren as Governor of California, took the active lead in a battle in the Board of Regents of the State University in 1950 and succeeded in emasculating the loyalty oath requirement. To support him, he appointed Jesse Steinhart to the board. Steinhart was a noted revolutionary, a national commissioner of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. Warren was later appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, where he continued his subversion and treason.

    Know Your Enemy – JEWRY – Willie Martin – jew subversion – communism

  10. Ballerina Rahm is modern part of a long line of those who work to subvert America.

    There is a great deal more information than the below at the link. If you’ll notice, there are links at the top for other European countries. There are others at the bottom of the page.

    “The main author of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was Jewish assistant attorney general Norbert A. Schlei | II (1929-2003). (Schlei also wrote the Voting Rights Act of 1965).

    Jewish Arnold Aronson (1911-1998) was founder and leader of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR). The LCCR, a powerful coalition of political and religious groups, organized major, countrywide lobbying efforts to aid passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

  11. This is older information below and the photos which were once there are gone, and some of the names have changed including Abe Foxman who has now been replaced, but you’ll get some understanding about the immensity of the problem posed by those whom many of our own people seem inclined to not to want to know about at all.

    What kind of taboo is it which keeps too many of our people insulated from even wanting to have a knowledgeable awareness about those who prove by their actions that they act as our, and their own, enemies?

    “Who Controls the Anti-Defamation League?”

  12. New Democrat ad (a parody, but the way they’re getting lately… ):


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