Chicago gun tax a "piece of the puzzle"


Cook County’s $25 Gun Tax Goes Into Effect

CBS Chicago: Gun sellers and owners haven’t been able to stop it, so a new $25-per-gun tax in Cook County went into effect on Monday.
WBBM Newsradio’s Nancy Harty reports the new gun tax is estimated to generate $600,000 a year for Cook County. The gun tax ordinance includes an exemption for law enforcement officers who purchase guns in the county.
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle pushed the gun tax last fall, as part of her $3 billion budget plan. Surrounded by gun violence victims and religious leaders at a church in the Pilsen neighborhood, Preckwinkle touted the new gun tax on Monday, but acknowledged it’s not a silver bullet in the fight against gun violence. “I know this tax will not unilaterally solve the violence issue that we face in Chicago and Cook County, but it’s a piece of the puzzle,” she said.
Yolan Henry – whose daughter, Nova, and granddaughter, Ava, were shot and killed in 2009 – voiced her support for the new tax. “I am here today to speak for my daughter, Nova Henry; her daughter, Ava Safiyah Henry-Curry; and a multitude of other victims that have been killed previously, and afterwards,” she said.
Nova Henry, the ex-girlfriend of former Bulls player Eddy Curry, was killed in her South Loop townhouse in January 2009. Fredrick Goings, an attorney Nova Henry hired in a child support case against Curry, has been convicted of killing Nova and Ava when he learned Nova had hired another attorney, and was planning to contest $24,000 in legal fees charged by Goings.
Preckwinkle has said revenue from the firearm tax would help pay for the costs of treating gunshot victims at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, as well as for the costs for gun-related law enforcement and prosecutions.
Gun sellers and owners have sued Cook County over the tax plan, saying it violates residents’ Second Amendment rights. They noted in their lawsuit that supporters of the gun tax have said it should reduce the number of guns in circulation, a sign it would infringe on the right to bear arms.
Commissioner Edwin Reyes (D-8th) told the Sun-Times the county should consider repealing the tax if the cost of defending the lawsuit would be greater than the revenue the tax would bring in.
Preckwinkle was expected to tout the new tax at an event at a South Side church, alongside a number of victims of gun violence.
The county also has targeted straw purchasers – people who buy guns legally, then sell them to others who can’t – by imposing fines of up to $2,000 for failing to report the transfer, loss, or theft of a gun.
A tax for law-abiding gun owners to solve a “piece of the puzzle”? When will these people learn that criminals will never obey gun control laws.
While they tout this tax as helping to prevent gun violence, maybe they should take a look at the perps of gun violence. Gun control Chicago had more gun violence this weekend (as usual):
Two men were fatally shot and 21 others were wounded in gun violence across the city over the Easter weekend, including a father and his 12-year-old son who were shot as they got out of a vehicle.
And on top of the gun violence, hundreds of (black) teens attacked pedestrians in downtown Chicago. Cook County and Chicago officials needs to get a grip on the violence in their city, and a $25 tax on guns isn’t going to solve that problem.

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago

The Democrats’ favorite (non)solution to every problem: More taxes!

Robert R Compton
7 years ago

OMG! The stupidity is overwhelming! At the VERY least it does NOTHING about the guns already in the hands of customers! So, what they gonna’ do? build a wall around Cook County and man it with X-ray machines to make sure nobody goes to Villa Park to buy a gun? And what about those folks who buy their guns out of the trunk of a car in some dark back-alley? Will they have Cook County Tax Assessors roaming those alleys to make sure that their Tax is paid on THOSE sales? Look at the numbers! He says that Cook Countians… Read more »

7 years ago

That stupid tax is a piece of something, all right.
And their revenues from it will be exactly crap because people will go outside of the county to purchase their guns.

7 years ago
Reply to  Dave

I thought Chicago had banned guns? and if you did have them, who is going to be stupid enough to admit it?

Paul Smith
Paul Smith
7 years ago

The big problem in Chicago is drugs, the drug mafia is pretty heavily involved in Chicago. Nobody in city hall is mentioning this which means there are considerable bribes taking place.

7 years ago

A simple way to get around the tax is to barter goods / services . I’ll do for you if you do for me . The Feds can’t tax what isn’t bought or sold . If you do not accept the Feds money , how can you be taxed ?….Something to ponder !

7 years ago

And this will stop the gangs how?