Chicago government gravy train…

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Chicago spent $18M on police disability The city of Chicago paid $18 million last year to police officers on disability, including some who moved out-of-state, pursued college degrees and started new careers, according to a report published Sunday.

Charles Siedlecki, 57, is one of 347 Chicago police officers on disability, according a story published in Sunday editions of the Chicago Sun-Times. In 1992, the officer fell and hurt his shoulder while chasing a group of teens. Since then, he hasn’t worked as police officer, but went to law school, opened a law practice and continued hobbies, such as big-game hunting. During that time, he has collected more than $715,000 in disability pay, the newspaper reported.
The newspaper found that some officers never return to their jobs because of devastating injuries, such as paralysis. But others with less severe injuries often move to the suburbs or out-of-state, and some avoid returning in order to side-step desk work.
The disability money comes out of an already-underfunded pension system that’s subsidized by taxpayers. Police officers are the only city employees allowed to work an outside job during disability leave, the newspaper reported, and they also maintain health benefits for themselves and their families and receive raises for their old jobs.
Two years ago, Siedlecki’s doctor signed a report stating he was not “capable of safely discharging a firearm.” But the police officer bagged a hippopotamus and a wildebeest during a hunting trip in Africa.
Traveling on safari with your son doesn’t equate to discharging a weapon on your hip as a police officer on the streets of Chicago,” Siedlecki told the newspaper, defending his hobby.
He said he plans to stay on disability until he reaches the age of 63, when he is eligible for a city pension. By then, Siedlecki will have collected nearly $1 million in tax-free disability pay, the Sun-Times reported.

Donald Barnes – working hard for da money…

Another man, Donald Barnes, went outside for his first physical training class on his 10th day in the Chicago Police training academy.  It was a hot summer morning exactly 15 years ago. The 30-year-old trainee made it just five blocks into the three-mile jog. He collapsed around 11 a.m. on July 16, 1997. An ambulance rushed Barnes to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with heat stroke and placed in intensive care due to kidney and liver failure.
He never finished his police training, never worked a day as a Chicago Police officer — but, now 45, he has collected nearly $500,000 in tax-free disability payments.
After Barnes used up his allotted year of sick leave, the city’s police pension board placed him on duty disability, citing lingering effects from heat stroke. He is also entitled to free health insurance for his wife and their two kids, who were born after he went on disability leave.
Barnes, who uses a brace on his left foot and walks with a “slight limp,” according to pension records, collects his monthly disability checks even while working a second job.
In light of the newspaper’s findings, aides for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said they would urge the police pension board to crack down on abuses. “It is shameful that any individual would be dishonest about their disability to take advantage of the system, and we will continue to be as vigilant on behalf of the taxpayer to prevent cases of abuse and fraud,” said Chief Financial Officer Lois Scott and Comptroller Amer Ahmad in a written statement.
I’m all for legitimate disability pay.  Yet if you are capable of working another job, how are you disabled from working?  Granted, may not be the same type of job but it’s a job nonetheless. 
Any wonder that Mayor Emanuel is trying to close the gap on a $635.7 million budget deficit in Chicago?
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  1. Chicago is not unique. There are similar stories about other cities. I had never understood why a person receives disability just because s/he supposedly cannot do the job s/he used to, but is sufficiently able-bodied to perform all kinds of other chores, including shopping, yard work, sports, vacationing, having sex, siring or giving birth to multiple children. What happened to retraiining for another more suitable job?
    The plain fact is too much of disability benefits — including Social Security Disability — are scams and fraud, which is one big reason why SSD will go broke in just 4 years by 2016. When that happens, by law disability checks will be cut by 21%.

  2. I think you should point out that in 2001 the officers on disability who could work at “other gainful employment” had their benifits cut by 15% and were told they could make whatever they could in the private sector. This was a cost cutting measure too. Now they want to penalize these officers for doing what they (City) told them to do. Shameless.


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