Chicago Doctor Sums Up Obamacare in One Sentence

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Dr. Barbara Bellar (military veteran who is a medical doctor with a law degree) is a  candidate running against the Chicago Machine for State Senate in the Illinois 18th District. 

  This hilarious clip is from a longer 12 minute speech she gave at a Women for Romney Rally in August.

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0 responses to “Chicago Doctor Sums Up Obamacare in One Sentence

  1. Homeschool Mama

    That would be a good quote for Romney to use in the next debate ;o)

  2. Thank you LTG! Dr. Bellar is hilarious! I sure pray that she wins!

  3. excellent! come on Illinois this gal’s got it going on!!!

  4. As to ‘what could go wrong?’ can I suggest ‘everything about it’? What, exactly, is right about it?


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