Chicago Councilman Charged with Murder is Re-elected

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There’s a lot of low information voters out there.
ABC Chicago: An East Chicago (Indiana) councilman charged with murder has been re-elected.
The (Munster) Times reports that 42-year-old Robert Battle ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election. He is accused of shooting Reimundo Camarillo Jr. to death on Oct. 12 in East Chicago. He also faces a federal drug charge after police say they found more than 73 pounds of marijuana and more than $100,000 cash during a Porter County traffic stop.
Lake County Sheriff John Buncich said Battle did not request an absentee ballot to vote from the jail.
Battle is seeking bail and a Nov. 17 hearing is planned. On Tuesday a Lake County judge granted prosecutors’ request for a DNA mouth swab from Battle.

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0 responses to “Chicago Councilman Charged with Murder is Re-elected

  1. Seriously, are Chicago inhabitants demented? Or is it the low average IQ?

  2. Next year this animal will gain a Mac Arthur Foundation ‘Genius’ Award.

  3. This is Chicago politics , don’t you love it ? And you wonder why they elected Barry’s boy toy not once , but twice ! Along with the slogan masters son , Bobby Rush , Ed Vrdolyak ( I know the name , don’t remember how to spell it ) Ed Burke , and the list goes on .
    Mike Royko ( r.i.p.) used to have his column in the Sun-Times , page two . Had a field day ripping ” Fast Eddie ” , and ” Not so Fast Eddie ” . You had to read the column to appreciate his humor . And who is who !

    • The irony of Bo’s meteoric rise to power is that it could all have been prevented by Mike Ditka. If you’re a football fan, you know who he is. Ditka played for the Chicago Bears and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is
      a no-nonsense tough guy, much loved by the Chicago faithful, and considered running for the same Senate seat that Barack Obama eventually won. Had Ditka not elected to remain in football as a consultant and TV commentator, he would have easily won that Illinois Senate seat and Bo would still be a low-level community organizer fetching coffee for his betters at Democratic fundraisers.

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  5. The wannabe NWO is herding us into position. In Chicago, the shepherd is at work.

  6. Well, that clears up the question as to whether there is something in the water there. It has now been confirmed.

  7. Southside Johnny

    Please correct this error. “EAST CHICAGO” is a town in INDIANA, on the border with Illinois. It is not the eastside of Chicago.

    • Thank you for pointing out the error in my citing Chiraq. Still incredible that a majority would vote for a man with these charges. LIVs are everywhere…

      • Southside Johnny

        De nada, DCG. I love this site. Just want to keep it accurate, like the motto under the FOM heading, ” telling the truth … “

  8. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Innocent until proven guilty, right? Anyway, it is Chicago, the place that gave birth to Al Capone.


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