Chicago Blacks respond to Obama's 2015 State of the Union

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Some takeaway quotes:
“In my world, on the southside of Chicago, on the westside of Chicago, everything you spoke of in your speech, it doesn’t affect us. The stock market is at a record high at 17,000, I can’t invest in that.”
“This country is more racially divided. You haven’t corrected that.”
“He never once speaks of the working poor. We don’t even exist in your administration.”
“What kind of person are you?”
Everybody needs to be on your case. But you get on national TV, talk about the middle class . . . . They’re losing their houses. What middle class economy you’re talking about?”

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0 responses to “Chicago Blacks respond to Obama's 2015 State of the Union

  1. He does care about Islam. ‘Integrate vs. Assimilate’; his language hides nothing yet still the faceless masses follow.

  2. It is time for all Americans citizens to stand up against the lying politicians that we mistakenly elected to lead us.

  3. Thank you for finding this video, Dr. Eowyn.
    These people need to be heard.

  4. It’s sort of like the whole football team waking up at the END of the Super Bowl. Wow, reality really bites doesn’t it? Your people voted for him in droves, at times two or more times per person so I’m sorry if your awakening isn’t stirring me to emotion. The TRUTH was always out there if any of your black community chose to seek it instead of voting in a racist way. Yes, I said it, your community is racist BECAUSE you voted by color and by doing so you voted in Satan’s spawn.

  5. It gives me hope that these individuals are can see the hypocrisy of POTUS, and really understand that he does not care about anyone other than himself! The more people that can come to that conclusion, the better off this nation will be.

  6. These people are speaking from a local point of view,but they speak for the vast majority of Americans. This leading behind,I mean leader FROM behind,+says he cares about America’s well-being,and at the same time has done NOTHING to improve that well-being,indeed he’s worked to destroy our Nation. I had little interest in hearing his SOTU address,since he’s a known pathological liar;why listen to even MORE lies? What he SAYS matters not at all-it’s what he DOES that tells the story we need to know.

  7. Well, you coulda done your homework when Chicago voted for him, twice…

  8. I may have mentioned this in another post here but one quirk I find about negroes (of many) was an experiment I ran when I volunteered at a community center which used to me mixed but now almost all black Hispanic
    The crowd at lunch was all ooking and eeking that Obama’s gonna deliver the US from da white crakka to da bruddas. Of course some of their patron saints Okra Windbag, Jesse Jackoff, Al Sharpcoon, Loser Farrakan, etc
    Were all in lockstep “our messiah has come, obama is our lord and savior.
    Anyway I asked a few of the porch primates if they know who satan is? Most ansered , dass simpul, he be da debbil, he bad man
    I replied ok, if the devil was running for president and you knew, knowing he is king of all evil, would you still vote for him.”
    With a few exceptions they replied “a course Ahh would vote for him cause he black
    THeir entire identity is wrapped up in their skin color and simian features. Most primitives cannot identify with anything larger than their skin color or some primitive tribal trivia.
    Rev David Manning put it simply they will never proceed beyond the hell they have made for themselves and everyone else that they are trying to drag down to their level, until they cast of the demonic ancestral spirits from afrika
    They’re bitching about their lord and savior now but if he gets a third term, they’ll still vote for him
    I had one black friend that I had known for 30 years who passed away a few years ago. It must have been 20 years ago or so but one time he told me to pray a negro never gets elected president, because he or she will totally destroy this country. This sounded strange to me coming from a black man at the time


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