Chicago Alderman Holds Toilet Paper Drive For Cash-Strapped Schools

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HuffPo: In some cash-strapped Chicago schools, no resource can be taken for granted — not even toilet paper.

Nicholas Sposato, alderman of Chicago’s 36th ward, recently held a toilet paper drive for the schools in his community. Amid recent Chicago Public School budget cuts, paying for basic resources has become a burden on some schools, especially since these resources come out of the same budget as teachers’ salaries.

“I’m trying to help out the schools financially, every little bit helps. They might be able to save a teacher’s position if they have everything they need,” Sposato told The Huffington Post over the phone.

Sposato started by asking for donations from local convenience stories like CVS and Walgreens. Then he reached out to the community. By Friday afternoon he had collected approximately 6,000 rolls of toilet paper.

“Its unbelievable. I never expected this much,” said Sposato.

Nearly 50 of Chicago’s public schools closed recently due to underutilization. However, according to Sposato, his schools have the exact opposite problem: They are overcrowded. That is what made the recent round of budget cuts especially devastating for his community.

“We need help over here. [The Chicago public school system has] to do a better job in the area,” said Sposato. “We got areas that schools are 200 percent overpopulated.”

Back in June other Chicago residents held toilet paper drives for their schools, as well.

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“In many schools, including mine, there are no funds left for janitorial supplies –- and this includes toilet paper,” Chicago teacher Michelle Gunderson told the Daily Kos before a toilet paper drive. “What might seem juvenile to some is in fact a perfect metaphor for the disregard of human dignity — the Chicago Public Schools care so little about children that their basic needs are being neglected.”


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Well, as I was born and raised in the Windy City, all I can add is to ask “Did he want it new or used?” Don’t laugh [as if you won’t], because there’s more to this than meets the eye, so to speak…. In its virgin form [who can resist?], it has one utility, but in its used mode it is compostable!! And in compost lies the power and glory of the restoration of our crumbling environments. I say if it’s good enough for China to feed its struggling gazillions, it’s surely good enough for us “useless eaters,” as per… Read more »


LOL – Why don’t they just fire a few of those grossly overpaid school administrators?

Then they could buy all the TP they would ever need.

Of course, with all of the sh*t flying around up there, that would probably be quite a lot.

-And they could always issue corn cobs, as our ancestors outhouses were full of them 😉



Right you are, Dave! Get them cobs out and use ’em or lose ’em!!

When I was hired by the BC Institute of Technology, BC’s most prestigious higher school for specific training and learning, the admin had just let 1/3rd of the entire instructor staff go –permanently! Did they reduce their overly highly-paid own staff, as they had 1/3 less responsibility? Hell no, not ONE departed!! It’s a curse, really.

The Reverend Al Sharpdumb
The Reverend Al Sharpdumb

Ronald Reagen said “the fish rots from the head”. Who’s the mayor up there? President Lucifer’s former right hand man.


President Lucifer’s former right hand hand man is sending Chicago to the dogs is what he’s doing. The Illinois State Lottery was supposed to fund the public School system. What happened to the money? Can you say; “Doing the devils work”?