Chevy panders to homosexuals

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Last weekend was Motorcity Pride in Detroit.  From the Motorcity Pride website:
Motor City Pride is a volunteer-driven event celebrating the lives of Michigan’s Gay Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender citizens. A weekend packed with multiple events including a family picnic, golf outing, Commitment Ceremony, parade, and beer garden. Motor City Pride culminates as the largest LGHBT gathering in Michigan and is newly located this year at Hart Plaza downtown Motor City.
Chevrolet ran and ad to support sell cars to the homosexual community.

The ad says, “So, whatever revs your engine, we support you 100%.”
Question: Does that statement apply only to the HLBT population?  Or does it apply to NAMBLA, bestiality, and folks that support plural marriages? Are they discriminating if they pander to a particular minority segment of the population and yet ignore others that have desires that “rev their engines”?
And now I await your comments from the last tagline in the ad, “Chevy Runs Deep”!

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0 responses to “Chevy panders to homosexuals

  1. Promoting gay and lesbian life is the perverted version of population control. I hope I am not the only person noticing this government conspiracy.

  2. Did you guys know that Miller also panders to gays. I own a small restaurant, we let beer companys ” advertise ” with coasters. To my surprise a customer pointed out a rainbow LBGT Miller Lite coaster. I called my rep to come get them and pick up their beer. Tell everyone you know.

  3. Runs deep into your pockets, thanks for the bail out money!!

  4. Again. what is it with the generation of business leaders currently around 50 NOT appealing to 98% of their customers? Do the non-straight crowd have a heck of a lot more money and/or desire to buy pickups and muscles cars than everyone else?

    • IMO…they think there are far more straight ppl out there that do not keep up with it, will not protest it, or flat out just do not care about it. Homosexuals protest, yell, scream, and make a scene…I guess that’s what we will have to do. I promise if we all start protesting these companies by not shopping with them…they will notice.


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