Chelsea Clinton wishes her grandmother had access to Planned Parenthood

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clintonsHillary and Chelsea Clinton

Whatever you may think of the Clintons — Bill, Hillary, and their spawn, Chelsea — we had never thought them to be stupid. But Chelsea sure is casting serious doubts about that.

Dr. Rebecca Oas writes for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (republished by LifeNews, June 20, 2013) that at a recent Women Deliver conference in New York, Chelsea lamented that her great grandmother didn’t have access to the abortion-mill, Planned Parenthood.

Chelsea revealed that her much-admired maternal grandmother was born of an unintended pregnancy — the child of unwed teenage parents who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

Her zeal for abortion must have clogged up Chelsea’s brain synapses. Either that, or Bill and Hillary have been wildly successful at concealing the secret that their spawn is an idiot.

Mars to Chelsea:

Knock, knock.

If your great grandmother had access to Planned Parenthood, your grandmother — being an unwanted pregnancy —  would have been aborted, which means your mom would never have existed, which means you would never have been born to utter stupidities.

Here’s a thought: The world would be better if Chelsea had her wish!

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.” – John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)

Planned Parenthood is not a healthcare organization. It is the nation’s largest abortion chain, championed by Obama, which receives $1.3 million taxpayer dollars EVERY DAY of the year to perpetuate its murderous agenda. It is also a seminal source of perverse and dangerous sex promotion, including sadomasochism as harmless fun and X-rated sex curriculum in schools. And it has access to the eyes, ears, minds, and hearts of our children on a daily basis, whether on their smart phones, computers, or in person in their schools.

Go here to read the rest of Dr. Oas’ article on how women who initially had labeled their pregnancies as unwanted, later changed their views.


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0 responses to “Chelsea Clinton wishes her grandmother had access to Planned Parenthood

  1. Her ideas are as outlandish as any libs’. It’s so easy for her to say crap like this, considering she is alive and living the good life.

  2. Bill and Hill certainly raised her up to be a good little liberal! But, as with all liberals, no brain!

  3. Chelsea has probably figured out the fact that her mother is nothing but a totalitarian lib wacko ( femi-nazi ) and as far as her father goes (?) , well , dollars to doughnuts my money is on Webster being the father . Look VERY closely at her face . Both hill and bill have rather thin lips and rather almond shaped eyes . Her eyes are a little more rounded and her lips are a lot fuller . Now look at a picture of Webster , if that’s not his child , I’ll eat these words .

    • From Wikipedia:

      In an interview by Dorothy Rabinowitz for the Wall Street Journal editorial page, [Juanita] Broaddrick claimed that Clinton had told her not to worry about pregnancy, because childhood mumps had rendered him sterile.[4] The alleged incident occurred two years before Clinton’s daughter with his wife Hillary Rodham was born.

      From Wiki:

      Webster Lee “Web” Hubbell (born 1948), is a former Democratic Arkansas lawyer and politician. He was a lawyer in Pulaski County before serving as Mayor of Little Rock from 1979 until he resigned in 1981. He was appointed by Bill Clinton as Chief justice of the Arkansas State Supreme Court in 1983. When Clinton became President, Hubbell was appointed as Associate Attorney General, which is the third most powerful person in the Justice Department. In December 1994, Hubbell pled guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion charges in connection with his handling of billing at the Rose Law Firm, a firm with partners that once included Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster. Hubbell admitted he had defrauded former clients and former partners out of $482,410.83. On June 28, 1995, Judge George Howard sentenced Hubbell to 21 months’ imprisonment.

      Here are side-by-side pics of Hubbell and Chelsea Clinton. Note that Chelsea had already “fixed” her chin by then, but the resemblance is still striking:


  4. Liberalism is, after all, a mental disorder.


  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. The idiotic and moronic comments Chelsea has made show that she certainly has thinking problems as well as lacking powers of simple reasoning. Wow, how revealing! Anything for abortion. . .

  6. D’oh! (Truly, the “Planned Parenthood Poster Child” if there ever was one.)

  7. apparently a retard. but what can you expect with the public education system retards administrating and teaching produce more retards hence somehow we elected the worst ever president twice

  8. For a liberal, nothing has to make sense as long as it supports the agenda.

  9. Can’t condone what she says, but considering her parents I can understand it.

  10. Wow, this is sad! I don’t have to go far back myself with my grandmother’s unwanted pregnancy. With out that pregnancy my mother would not be here and neither would I!


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