Charlotte Iserbyt's Video with PDF Transcript is Here!

Earlier this year Alex Jones sent a camera crew to Maine to meet with Charlotte Iserbyt, Senior Policy Advisor at the Dept of Education in the first Reagan administration.   When she saw what was going on in the belly of the beast, she blew the whistle.   
Transcript of Video: Charlotte Iserbyt- America’s Road to Ruin 
She has two websites with the pdf files of many of the documents mentioned in the video:
 This transcript is invaluable because it’s in searchable PDF format.  So much information is presented.   Pretty juicy!
Also from Charlotte regarding Agenda 21:
We are starting a project in Maine, a bumper sticker project, which will tell it like it is:  regionalism is communism, and we will have a small hammer and sickle after regionalism.  We hope other states will follow.  They can use other words if they wish, but always the word communism and the hammer and sickle.  I.E.,  Land use regulations are communism; sustainable development is communism; regionalism is communism;  reinventing government is communism; restructuring is communism; perestroika is communism. 

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I only just discovered Mrs. Iserbyt about six months ago. I have read/watched everything about her I can get my hands on; thank you so much for posting this! She, along with John Taylor Gatto and a few others, have really inspired me in very unexpected ways.


Unfortunately I don’t know how to stop the goal of the public education system. It’s too massive and embraced by proggies and unions. They almost seem untouchable.
I’ve had friends that just give up trying to fight the system. When they do say something, the teacher just punishes the children through bad grades, etc.