Charlie Sheen settled $20M lawsuit for giving herpes to gay man

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Charlie Sheen, 50, in early 2015

Charlie Sheen, 50, in early 2015

A week ago, after being outed by National Enquirer, actor Charlie Sheen admitted on NBC’s Today show that he has HIV.
The latest news is that in addition to his wanton promiscuity with as many as 5,000 sexual partners, including hookers, strippers and porn “stars,” there is another way for Sheen to be infected with HIV:

Unprotected sex with men

We already know about his sex with pre-op transsexuals, i.e., men in drag. Now RadarOnline claims to have seen a bootleg video of Sheen smoking crack cocaine and performing fellatio on a man.
The videotape was the evidence introduced by the plaintiff in a $20 million lawsuit against Sheen which the actor later settled for millions of dollars.
The “J. Roe v. John Doe” lawsuit alleged that in Las Vegas on April 1, 2011, an “A-List celebrity,” identified only as someone of “substantial international fame,” orchestrated a “nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires”. Radar determined that Sheen was the “A-List celebrity”.
The lawsuit claimed that “John Doe” gave the STD herpes to “J. Roe”. Although Sheen had herpes, he  told “J. Roe” he had “no venereal diseases”. The two men watched porn and engaged in “mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse,” according to court documents.
As part of the hush money pay off, Sheen secured the original videos and ordered them destroyed, believing that the video “could destroy his life if it ever got out,” said a source. But a bootleg copy exists, which was shown to a Radar editor late last week.
See also “Charlie Sheen may face criminal prosecution, 8 years in prison”.

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0 responses to “Charlie Sheen settled $20M lawsuit for giving herpes to gay man

  1. Well,that story told me more than I need to know about Charlie Sheen. I think the only legitimate reason people should sue him is because didn’t tell ’em he’s Typhoid Charlie. Obviously they don’t have the brain-power of an average person or they’d NEVER have unprotected sex with someone with HIS reputation. Just because of his reputation,THAT makes any disease they got from him an “Assumed Risk”. Personally,I don’t think people should be able to sue someone else for their OWN STUPIDITY.

    • I pretty much agree with your statement. However, if he knew he had herpes and HIV, he was obligated to tell any partners so they could use some kind of protection. Obviously this guy sunk into debauchery at such a level that he now has plagues of illnesses he will eventually die from. How very sad that the morals of American citizens have gone down the toilet to where this man has probably infected thousands of women and men, and they in turn, thousands more. It’s disgusting. My mother would be shocked at this kind of filth, and my grandmother wouldn’t believe it because it’s so absolutely disgusting.
      And this folks is what the world comes to without God in their hearts and minds.

      • You’re absolutely right-he was obligated,morally AND by law,to tell ’em. But I’m just saying he’s not the only one at fault;his reputation for having sex with anyone willing was WIDELY known,ESPECIALLY so in the circles he ran in,so anyone who engaged in sex with him without any forms of protection available could arguably be considered a willing accomplice to his Criminal wrongdoings (unless THEY stayed celibate after the fact,and I seriously DOUBT that.

        • Well that’s true, but I didn’t know that everyone knew…probably some did not…but could have easily figured it out by his actions. I was young in the 60s, and very aware of the morally void…and their activities, but not all were. It’s really a mess isn’t it TJ.

          • People of his ilk would have America believe that Morality is merely an “alternate lifestyle” to be dabbled in when one gets bored with the same ol’ sicko perversions.

  2. Maybe smiley miley cyrus song was about charlie the “wrecking ball” sheen aweful how many lives this man wrecked including his own and his family …. he will only infect more in prison and the ill effects will compound immensely …. charlie sheen you are a weapon of mass destruction ….. chemically castrate any sexual desire out of him …. no desire no partners

  3. Lord knows what else he has contracted from unprotected sex with thousands of people. it’s like he is trying to commit suicide by sex. No one in their right mind does what he has done (probably still does) and thinks all is right with the world. Today’s society is pushing for people to behave like sheen…wanton, irresponsible, illogical, nefarious, hedonistic, demonic, morbid, perverted, atheistic…..sick.
    If you lay down with dogs expect to get up with fleas.

  4. Good grief…it just gets worse and worse. Yuck!

  5. What would you expect from this perverted moron, after all, his father attended pro Castro rallies at the Javits Center in NY.

    • True,in this case,but I try not to judge people by their Parents,as I could easily be induced to think badly of a genuinely GOOD person who has concentrated on being NOTHING like his or her Parents.

  6. Let’s pray for Sheen while there is still time. I am of a very weird feeling he might make a very hasty exit. (I hope he doesn’t). He’d better find Christ while there’s still time.

    • You are right, for without Christ, he will die in his sins…so many are so lost and this filthy Marxist Muslim govt. is deleting God from everything they possibly can. And the pulpits are complicit as they remain silent but for a few.

  7. Imagine being an actress on his show and having to kiss him. As he accelerated over the years, it is like he intentionally wanted to do damage and be damn the law pertaining of exposing the truth.

  8. He and Miley Cyrus give me the same feeling. Just so repulsive and dirty. Probably both have every disease known to mankind!

  9. And to think his dad changed his name to “Sheen” b/c he so liked Bishop Sheen. Very sad and disgusting story. Hope some of that original admiration and respect is uncovered and acted on by him and his family to help and pray for him.

  10. I still think it’s ridiculousness that he had to pay for a non-life threatening illness. I mean, yes, he does have a responsbility to be transparent about his sexual health, but not to the tune of $20 million dollars. That is simply exploitation. Great post though!


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