Charlie Sheen and Dr. Oz: It's all about ratings and exposure

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Last November, Charlie Sheen admitted on NBC’s “Today” this morning that he has HIV. He said one reason for going public with his condition was to put a stop to shakedowns from prostitutes and others who threatened to out him. And like any good Hollyweird celebrity, one must always be in the spotlight, no matter how despicable your behavior.



Now Sheen will be a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show.  Page Six reports that this will occur , even as backlash mounts over some of his previous appearances on the program.
Apparently Sheen is doing his latest small-screen job for free, even though critics accuse him of cashing in. Insiders tell Page Six that Sheen is expected to appear on the show “a lot over the next few weeks.” Sheen hasn’t had a regular TV gig since “Anger Management” ended in 2014.
Sheen appeared on last Tuesday’s “Dr. Oz” and was its highest-rated show since April. “Thus far, they’ve shot at his home, in the studio and in a morgue, where they looked at the body parts of an addict who died,” said a source.
HIV activists aren’t pleased since Sheen revealed he went off his meds for experimental injections from Dr. Samir Chachoua in Mexico, who claims to know how to cure cancer. “I take back everything I said about Sheen and his disclosure,” activist Peter Staley wrote for POZ magazine online Wednesday. Staley wrote:

“Sheen’s first steps with responsibility? He launches a ‘chase the cure’ effort with ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ (presumably with a nice ongoing paycheck), goes off his meds without telling anyone, goes to Mexico to seek a miracle cure from a scam artist even Dr. Oz hasn’t heard of.” Staley told Sheen to “crawl back into your ‘babe cave,’ write a big check to amfAR, and call it a day. Real AIDS advocates are the reason you’re still alive, so stop s - - ting on our legacy and continued work.”

The third part of Oz’s interview will air Monday. When asked if he suffers from “mania,” Sheen says, “My only experience with manic behavior is usually in the throes of deep partying. Deep substance abuse and drinking.”
Another show I’ve never watched, nor will I start any time soon.

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0 responses to “Charlie Sheen and Dr. Oz: It's all about ratings and exposure

  1. I have not found Dr. Oz a show worth my time to watch. I sure will not be tuning in to see Sheen. But then I think that about a lot of what is put forth on television.

    • Jerry Springer or Maury Povich, only dressed-up better (no guests fighting or “You are NOT the father!”t) but that’s about it.

  2. To begin, I don’t have the time to watch. Since I don’t like Dr. Oz, whom Oprah spotlighted and mentored, and find Charlie Sheen utterly repellent, here’s one person who won’t be watching while zombie sheeple lap it up.

    • Amen to that! Why would any intelligent person waste their precious time watching Charlie Sheen–I found him repulsive even before he came forth with his great revelation!

  3. both of them make my stomach turn

  4. Dr. Oz is, so I hear, a Muslim (as is actor Liam Neeson), and I cannot comprehend why. If one becomes agnostic, he simply shrugs. I cannot believe that one can believe in the same God of our Fathers and Allah at the same time.
    The Catholic Church, in its wisdom and before Vatican II, has always shunned novelty. Now I know why: It’s a variety of nihilism.
    Sheen is a real jerk—with no self-respect left, so it seems.

    • Mehmet Oz, 55, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, of Turkish immigrant parents. Oz identifies himself as Muslim, esp. Sufi. Surprisingly, he’s a registered Republican who voted for McCain in 2008.
      Popular Science and The New Yorker have published critical articles on Oz for giving “non-scientific” advice. The James Randi Educational Foundation has awarded Oz with their Pigasus Award, for “parapsychological, paranormal or psychic frauds”. The award consists of a silver flying pig and refers to claiming something so doubtful that it will only happen “when pigs fly”. Oz has been given this award on three separate occasions, more than any other recipient:
      1. In 2009 for the promotion of energy therapies such as Reiki.
      2. In 2010 for support of faith healing and psychic communication with the dead, among other controversial practices.
      3. In 2012, for his continued promotion of “quack medical practices, paranormal belief, and pseudoscience”.
      A study published in the British Medical Journal on the effectiveness of Oz’s medical advice found that 51% of his recommendations had no scientific backing and rationale, or in some cases contradicted scientific evidence. In April 2015, a group of 10 physicians from across the United States, including Henry Miller, a fellow in scientific philosophy and public policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, sent a letter to Columbia University calling Oz’s faculty position unacceptable. They accused Oz of “an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain.”

    • Thanks for the info—I did not know this. Oh well, every man needs a meal ticket!

  5. I hope he’s successful in his quest for a cure…I have no desire to watch them on tv. I pray they find Jesus before it’s too late.

  6. Turd polishing anyone?? And with glitter.

  7. It is hard to open a magazine, or email or any kind of media and not see Dr. Oz. peddling magical weight loss supplements.

  8. It’s most revealing that Sheen’s focus is on finding a cure for his HIV/AIDS. Not one word of remorse or apology to the THOUSANDS of women and men he might have infected since he was diagnosed. It’s still all about him.


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