Charlie Sheen admits he has HIV; women lining up to sue

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Charlie Sheen, 50, in early 2015

Charlie Sheen, 50, in early 2015

Bringing an end to public rumors and speculations as to the identity of the wantonly promiscuous HIV-infected”superstar” actor who is said to favor sex with prostitutes and porn stars, as well as transsexuals, Charlie Sheen admitted on NBC’s “Today” this morning that he has HIV.
Frazier Moore reports for the AP that Sheen said he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS about four years ago. But when asked by “Today” co-host Matt Lauer if he had transmitted the disease to others, he declared, “Impossible. Impossible.”

He said one reason for going public with his condition was to put a stop to shakedowns from prostitutes and others who threatened to out him. He said he had paid “enough to bring it into the millions” – perhaps as much as $10 million – to buy their silence and now was seeking to “put a stop to this barrage of attacks and sub-truths.”

He said one prostitute took a photo of the HIV-related drugs in his medicine cabinet and threatened to sell it to the tabloids.

Lauer asked Sheen if he’s still “paying these people.” Sheen replied, “Not after today I’m not.”

Sheen said that by going public, he hopes to reduce the stigma still felt by some diagnosed with HIV: “I have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people. And hopefully with what we’re doing today, others may come forward and say, ‘Thanks, Charlie, for kicking the door open.'”

The disclosure was only the latest chapter in Sheen’s headline-seizing behavior.

He once revealed that he had spent more than $50,000 as a client of “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss’ prostitution ring. In 2011, Sheen’s drug and alcohol use led to his being fired from CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” — which made him one of TV’s highest-paid actors and at its peak was TV’s most-watched sitcom — after an explosive meltdown that included calling the show’s producer “a contaminated little maggot.”

Sheen has been married and divorced three times — to model Donna Peele, actress Denise Richards with whom he has two daughters, and obscure actress and real estate investor Brooke Mueller, with whom he has two sons.

A FOTM reader remarked that HIV is “just a chronic medical condition” and should not have a “stigma” attached. This is my response:

“Just a chronic medical condition”?
You make HIV, the precursor to AIDS, sound like a seasonal allergy to pollen, also “a chronic medical condition”. The stigma attached to HIV/AIDS is well-deserved because HIV infection is:

  1. Serious business: It means the body’s entire immune system is now compromised, which means T-cells — the body’s natural immune-fighters — no longer work as they are designed by our Creator.
  2. A transmitted disease, usually via sexual intercourse. If the U.S. were a sane rational country, people with a transmissible disease would be monitored and knowingly transmitting such diseases would be a crime.

There are 3 stages of HIV infection. Here’s the CDC’s description of stage one, Acute HIV Infection Stage:

Within 2-4 weeks after HIV infection, many, but not all, people develop flu-like symptoms, often described as “the worst flu ever.” Symptoms can include fever, swollen glands, sore throat, rash, muscle and joint aches and pains, and headache. This is called “acute retroviral syndrome” (ARS) or “primary HIV infection,” and it’s the body’s natural response to the HIV infection. During this early period of infection, large amounts of virus are being produced in your body. The virus uses CD4 count to replicate and destroys them in the process. Because of this, your CD4 cells can fall rapidly. Eventually your immune response will begin to bring the level of virus in your body back down to a level called a viral set point, which is a relatively stable level of virus in your body. At this point, your CD4 count begins to increase, but it may not return to pre-infection levels. It may be particularly beneficial to your health to begin ART during this stage. During the acute HIV infection stage, you are at high risk of transmitting HIV to your sexual or drug using partners because the levels of HIV in your blood stream are very high. For this reason, it is very important to take steps to reduce your risk of transmission.

Note: CD4 refers to the glycoprotein found on the surface of our body’s immune cells such as T helper cells, monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells.
Here are the physical changes to the body of the HIV-infected:
1. Body Fat Changes: Some medications taken to control HIV cause changes in the way your body produces, uses, and stores fat. These changes are called lipodystrophy. This condition causes you to gain or lose fat in particular parts of your body.
You can get extra fat in the following places: abdomen, neck, breasts (both men and women), face. In addition, you can also develop small deposits of fat, called lipomas, elsewhere on your body. Other changes can occur when the fat under your skin (called subcutaneous fat) is lost. This can occur in your face, arms, legs, buttocks. It is important to note that these changes in the way your body handles fat can also coincide with changes in cholesterol, an increase in triglycerides, increases in blood sugar, and lowered sensitivity to insulin, which may lead to diabetes.
2. Wasting Syndrome: The involuntary loss of more than 10% of your body weight, in addition to more than 30 days of either diarrhea or weakness and fever. Wasting refers to a loss of muscle mass, although part of the weight loss may also be due to loss of fat. HIV-associated wasting syndrome is considered an AIDS-defining condition. While this is often a sign of late stage disease, wasting syndrome can be treated by proper diet, medications to stimulate appetite, medications to control diarrhea, hormonal therapy to build muscle.
The body changes of an HIV-infected person would explain why Charlie Sheen, only 50 years old and even with cosmetic help like makeup and hair dye, looks so dreadful — changes to his appearance that are noticeable beginning about 2-3 years ago.
See also “Public Health Ignored as HIV Spreads” for how LGBT activists are responsible for the continuing HIV epidemic.


To no one’s surprise, at least six women have lawyered up in the last 24 hours and plan to sue Charlie Sheen for intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery … and more are on the way. A prominent Los Angeles lawyer tells TMZ, the 6 women contacted him Monday, and he has appointments with 4 more today.
The women claim they had both protected and unprotected sex with Sheen, as recently as last month, and he did not disclose his HIV status.
A source directly connected with Sheen says in the last 2 years, Sheen has had at least 200 partners, so the number of women who either will sue or plan to sue will almost certainly grow exponentially.
Reportedly, Sheen was diagnosed with HIV 4 years ago. (TMZ)
H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV

UPDATE (Nov. 19, 2015):

Charlie Sheen may face criminal prosecution, 8 years in prison

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0 responses to “Charlie Sheen admits he has HIV; women lining up to sue

  1. I didn’t believe a word he said, other than he has HIV. I suspect Gloria Allred will be in the picture soon.

  2. He looks awful in that pic . I remember how he looked in ” Wall Street ” , ” Major League ” , and ” Navy Seals ” …Face was much fuller .
    Moral of the story , ” If you wanna play , you gotta pay ” . I’d wager Denise Richards is FUMING right about now . Along with the others .
    Actions have consequences .

  3. Medicine also knows that HIV also can be aggravated by cocaine use, because of what has been used to cut the cocaine. Well, Sheen enters the most important part of his life right now, and I hope he can stand up to his blackmailers—and HIMSELF.

  4. When you choose to bargain with the devil he exacts a price. When you have tasted all ‘The World’ has to offer and the thrill ride comes to a crashing halt, then what? He threw away a world of possibilities for death (on many levels).

  5. I hate this for Charlie and for his family but his wild behavior and promiscuity caused all of this and his soul is in great danger. I hope that he will use this disease as an opportunity to realize how much he needs Jesus’ in his life, to assuage his guilt and burdens and perhaps save him.

  6. he was blessed in multitudes and to show his gratitude for his blessings he turned to himself and multitudes of vices. I pity him and others like him, because all the money, sex, screaming fans, or drugs in the world can not cure a wounded soul.
    for charlie sheen to say he wants to reduce the stigma of HIV is ludicrous, unless he plans on paying for the expensive treatments (not cures) people will need after engaging in wanton acts of fornication and IV drug usage. He can afford the costly treatments (at least for now), most americans can not. The stigma rightfully exists, HIV/AIDS is a horrendous disease of the immune system that no one should feel “ok” being infected with or infecting others.
    Also, I think it “impossible” that after he found out he had HIV that he exposed no one to his disease. Anyone ever heard of a self-controlled and responsible addict? I haven’t…..only after they have confronted their addiction(s) with a lot of treatment and prayer and even after that they can still relapse. sheen didn’t come forward because he wanted to be responsible and had sought help for his addiction(s), he came forward because he was “outed” and he’s trying to minimize the damage he’s done. behind his sickly visage is an ocean of tears. I pray he gets right with Jesus, before it’s too late.

  7. Charlie Sheen 6 Sex Partners to Sue More On the Way

    • I just updated this post with the lawsuit information. Thank you, MomOfIV!
      Sheen is said to have had at least 200 sex partners in the last 2 years, although he had received his HIV diagnosis 4 years ago. Notwithstanding my lack of sympathy for his sex partners who know full well Sheen’s promiscuity, the man is a menace to public health.

      • 200! That’s crazy. He’s gonna be broke after all the lawsuits.

      • I am not a priest. But I think SOME Protestants would have a point here: This man has a DEMON. Again, I agree with Henry Makow (a Jew), who holds that promiscuity—beyond a certain point—is a sign of demonic possession.
        We have GOT to pray for Charlie Sheen. He’s a dope—but I would hate to see him lost.

      • those females and males (trannies) are equally to blame, no one forced them to have sex with the addict, especially unprotected sex. Just because he is a celebrity (pretty soon a broke celebrity) does not mean he is immune from disease. If that were the case, then most of hollyweird would be disease-free.

  8. “Winning!”

  9. All of his sex partners are just as guilty as he is. They all knew how many sex partners that he has had. They could have demanded a condom be used but they did not. They were all after drugs and money.

    • Truer words were never spoken. Who in the world has not heard of Sheen’s promiscuous lifestyle. Now it comes out that it is even beyond what most of us can even imagine. Those who choose to engage with someone like this, is 50% at fault if they develop HIV. Since he evidently cannot control himself sexually — it might be better if he were incarcerated, and put in isolation lest his infection spread among the prison population.


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