Charles Barkley to Trump voters: "Look in the mirror and say, 'My life sucks because of me' "

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charles barkley
Sorry Charlie. I don’t take life advice from someone who said republicans have “lost their minds.”
From Seattle Times: Charles Barkley is weary. He was never a fan of Donald Trump’s, even before the election, but now he’s tired of “this turmoil every single day – the tweeting, the hiring and firing.”
In an interview with David Axelrod on CNN’s “Axe Files,” Barkley was angry with those voted for Trump, saying that the president’s message had resonated with voters “who just won’t look in a mirror and say, ‘My life sucks because of me.’ “
I’ve never been more angry and disgusted at this situation than I am now. This turmoil every single day – the tweeting, the hiring and firing.
“Dude, I’m blessed, and you are, too,” he told Axelrod. “Like, it really ain’t gonna have a big effect on our life. But I actually have humanity. I want everybody to have a good life. I want everybody to have a good job. I want their kids to go to school, I want their kids to be safe. I want everybody to have economic opportunity.
And I want to make sure we don’t forget about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which Trump tweeted about ending Sunday), our public schools. I don’t want to forget about those poor people in Puerto Rico. I was watching the news last night, and still, six months out, they don’t have power. And we don’t even mention them anymore. We’re wasting all our time on Russia and Stormy Daniels. It’s ridiculous.”
Barkley also felt that the president “has done an awful job of trying to be inclusive,” partly because of his emphasis on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
“Do we have some bad Hispanics? Of course, we do. Do we have some bad Muslims? Of course, we do. But I believe the majority of the Muslim people in this country are amazing, hard-working people,” he said. “The president has done an awful job of trying to be inclusive.”
Barkley believes that “there’s only economic opportunity if you’re rich” and that voters were looking to blame others for economic disparity.
“I think he reached a demographic who just won’t look in a mirror and say my life sucks because of me,” Barkley said. “So every person who can’t get a job says yes, he’s right, that some Mexican has taken my job. I’m like, well, wait, ‘Did you want that job, No. 1? Or did you put yourself – did you work hard enough, educate yourself enough to get – deserve that job?’ So it’s easy to blame somebody.”
Barkley, who has toyed with the idea of running for political office, campaigned against Roy Moore in the Senate race in his native Alabama last year. Campaigning for Doug Jones, he told Alabamians bluntly, “We’ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation. I love Alabama, but we’ve got to draw a line in the sand. We’re not a bunch of damn idiots.” Jones won the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
“We have spent the last year talking about Russia every single day,” Barkley told Axelrod. “Now we got Stormy, now we got another girl (Karen McDougal), and I’m sitting here saying, ‘When are we actually going to help the people?’”

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0 responses to “Charles Barkley to Trump voters: "Look in the mirror and say, 'My life sucks because of me' "

  1. Charles is having a hard time thinking outside his itty bitty box. Most of the things he claims to hate isn’t coming from the right. The left harps on them daily.
    If he can’t figure out what those women are after, then, he does indeed have a problem.
    A lot of the things that upset him also happened under the Obabma admin also, but Jarrett had such a tight hold on the media. We saw little.
    He he can’t see the destruction that happened to our country under those horrible 8 years, he must be a racist. Isn’t that they way of the left, claim race.
    Of course he isn’t truly concerned about the invaders, he has his big house behind a big fence and has his big arms guards. Give it all up Charlie and live like us working folks and feel our concerns. You live in a different world without the fears we have. Count up the deaths caused by invaders and truly study it.
    Fence, heck yes, it is what the men that put their lives on the line every day say they need to help with their job. Division no, not if you come in the correct way. So stop with that crap.
    Charlie, we don’t even know where these people are really coming from. The agents in the border has a told us they have stopped hundreds that are actually terrorist.
    Charlie go down and spend a month on the border actually working and get back with us.
    You speak of income equality, are you really in a position to condemn others?
    And Charlie, my life is just fine. I have a family I adore, a bigger paycheck, a good medical insurance….NOW, all we ask for is a safe place to enjoy our lives and our little ones. So that mirror is just fine, thank you very much.
    And thank God, you know that guy up there that gave us so many rights, is looking over us,

    • Glenn47 . . . . Simply superb! How easy it is for these folks who have a microphone to blather on about the ills in society.
      I have not even a shred of doubt but what Our Heavenly Father is watching over our country. President Trump was a blessing to us, one which will allow our country to get back on track.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. Every day they whine and chant; “Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, Stormy……., Trump….! Who’s causing that?
      I avoid them like the plague but, if you watch them, you’ll see them constantly bad mouthing “the right” and claiming they are the victim of it. It’s a psychologists dream.

  2. A Boule apron-wearing mason graces us with his “universal wisdom” from his pyramid capstone and satan’s one eye worship. Antichrist employee.

  3. Who is Charles Barkley? And why would anyone care what he thinks and says? His comment “Look in the mirror and say, ‘My life sucks because of me’ sounds like that of an uneducated and ignorant person.

    • Diane Wilson . . . . That comment truly is 100% correct . . . Barkley does sound like “an uneducated and ignorant person.”

  4. idk who he is ,so i dont care much about him

  5. What incredible arrogance!!!
    Let’s get this hashtag go viral: #CharlesBarkleySucks

    • You’ve got to love who the “media” touts as “experts”. The only other place you’ll find a line up like that is at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

  6. Another retired sports figure figures out what’s wrong with the world.
    Can’t wait to hear what America is doing wrong from the football kneelers with ten baby-mamas.
    Almost as good as the Pope and Vincente Fox being for open borders and decrying the wall.
    Did you know the Catholic Church gets billions in taxpayer funds to resettle immigrants?
    Did you know the economy of Mexico gets more added to their economy from wired funds from workers in the US than all their other sources, including oil?
    Course, maybe drug dollars are hitting the big wigs big time under the table.
    Also want to post this:
    Today 4/3/18 is the first time President Trump has labeled Obama.
    “Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration.”
    Trump, Sessions, Rogers and Wray must have sufficient prosecutable goods on the little dictator now (as well as Crooked Hillary) according to a Grand Jury (or Military equivalent)!
    You Go President Trump!
    Go AG Sessions, Admiral Rogers and Director Wray!
    Lock them all up!

  7. He played basketball! What a contribution to mankind! Jerk probably feels guilty because if anyone has had zero impact upon humanity it’s himself!

  8. I looked in the mirror and you are right. My life does suck because of you. And people like you. Shut the hell up with your racist rants and look at what’s happening. Stock market up. Unemployment down. Wages up. Black unemployment lower than ever. Other minoroity unemployment lower than ever. Taxes lowest in a long time. Manufacturing up. And all of this despite every stumbling block you have put in President Trump’s way. Imagine that if you went along with just some of his ideas where we could be. Secure in our nation, secure in our homes, more time for leasure, our material needs more than met, with so much excess that we indeed, of our own volition, without government compelling us in all we do, be able to releive those that truely need it. If you truly want to do something for race relations don’t invite your enemy to a fight. Invite them to the Dinner table. Don’t talk politics or religon. Talk family and values. Emphasize what you have in common. And downplay the importance of you differences. So stop your hate filled, race baiting, bloviations and roll up your sleeves, be a little more generous than you think you are capable of. Try watching someting besides CNN and Reading Big city newspapers and insted look at the FACTS. Use your head (if you can) and not your emotions and don’t let past hurts, totally and destructively, guide you.
    And until you can discuss things in a civil and constructive tone. you’ll have to practice your free speech without my presence.

  9. Hey, Charlie–how many have you opened your house to?? Of the 1500 in Mexico right now headed your way, how many are you taking??

  10. “The Round Mound of Rebound” has a preachy, overbearing smugness which irritates the hell out of me. Tolstoy once observed that when we can’t stand someone it’s because they remind us of some aspect of ourselves. Only trouble is that Trump makes sense while Charles doesn’t.

  11. Patrick Cornell

    Barklee is a great name for a dog. If Charlie wasn’t 6 foot 8 he wouldn’t have had a job so I’m not taking his comments to heart. He is just another primadonna jock spoiled, pampered and way overpaid. If more Mexicans were 7 feet tall they’d have had his “job” too.

  12. Patrick Cornell

    Athletes are the only people given college degrees sans academic achievement. If you’re a 19 year old who’s 7 foot tall you need not even be literate so long as you can slam dunk a basketball you’ll be given a college degree.

    • No college academic achievement? According to bro’ wannabe and b-ball announcer Dick Vitale, NCAA b-ball players have their own sort of learning, including some Classical Greek, as in “Bingo Bongo, it’s showtime, baby. Hellooo, slammerooo. Welcome to Phi Slamma Jamma.” So doan be racis’.

  13. In his heyday Charles would to get so wasted at nightclubs the owners would cringe upon his entrance. Charles once ended up throwing a couple of basketball fans through a plate glass window in a fit of rage. Charles has always had serious emotional/anger issues.
    Charles was known to spit on his female fans should they not given him the respect he thought he deserved.
    If he wasn’t a rich black athlete. he’d be behind prison walls. Instead, Charles resides behind the walls of his residential compound, surrounded by security guards ensuring the riff-Raff stay out. Gaze into your own mirror, Chuckie.

  14. Barkley stated: “We’re wasting all our time on Russia and Stormy Daniels. It’s ridiculous.”
    Well, Chuck, you need to define who “we” are. Also, I’m surprised at you, Chuck. You didn’t praise “Stormy” and the other trollops, strumpets, and whores for “working hard” to achieve their American dream. They’ve obviously put in the time and effort “to learn the business” and didn’t let anyone take their “job(s)” away from them.

  15. Ayo holup Chuck so u b sayin i b mizable? No no sireee I aint but I’ll be much happier when the USA has fully recovered from this 60 year old insanity brought on by leftist ideologues Yes I’ll be truly happy when English is the only language offered anywhere for any reason and when no one has to worry about the keeeds attacking them for the color of their skin. Yes I’ll be happy when this country is not a lie anymore preaching equality then giving people jobs and contracts BECAUSE of the color of their skin when they were never qualified to begin with (I have a bridge in FL I wanna sell ya Chuck) and while were on the subject chuck why doesnt sportsball have affirmative action? Ya know to be fair and all, after all its nothing but a childs game, its not like a bridge or anything that will crumble down and kill people.

  16. Stovepipe . . . . The point you have made is most significant. The Progressives are peeing their pants over the fact that many of the average American worker is seeing actual increases in wages and benefits. This pretty well PROVES that their ideology is flawed, and does not work! How can you maintain all the slaves on the reservation if the ideology they have been lead to believe is proven to be false?

  17. Barkley proves he’s just the latest moron to prove he’s still on the mental plantation! Lots of fruits and nuts there, right, Charles?

  18. Shut up, Chuck.

  19. I’m not sure about what this will accomplish, but here goes:
    “My life sucks because of Charles Barkley.”
    Actually, that does feel better!

  20. Comrade Obama

    If Chucky looked into the mirror he’d see Mooochelle.

  21. Another syndrome in celebrityville…..anyone who wants to seem relevant has to find a way to slam Trump..or his supporters. Releventitus???


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