Chaos in Venezuela: Death toll rises and protests rage on amid blackout

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Ain’t socialism grand? And today’s demorats want this model for our great country. INSANITY.

From NY Post: Demonstrations roiled Venezuela’s capital Caracas on Saturday as a near total blackout continued in the country.

Supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaidó vented their anger over a major electricity outage and lack of other basics as Venezuelans backing President Nicolás Maduro held a rival demonstration.

“This is chaos,” said Jorge Jaimes, a physician who joined opposition protesters on Avenida Victoria. “We are at the end of this road.”

Since the outage started Thursday, at least 13 people have died in hospitals without electricity, according to reports.

Tensions remain high as Maduro keeps struggling to assert his authority in the face of calls by Guaidó and many foreign leaders for new balloting.

Addressing protesters, Guaidó, who declared himself interim president in January, promised to embark on a tour of the country before leading a nationwide march on the capital. “All the options are on the table,” he said, using a phrase employed by President Trump, who has refused to rule out a military intervention in Venezuela.

Guaidó was speaking from the back of a pick-up truck after security services prevented the opposition from setting up a stage at their original protest site. Three people were arrested.

Communication with the interior of the country was largely shut off by the outage. Sporadic power failures are common in Venezuela, but the latest one has been far more widespread than usual.

Maduro claimed the outage was caused by US sabotage of the national electrical system and accused Guaidó of collaborating. Local news outlets said regional authorities attributed the failures to problems at the country’s main power plants.

Maduro stepped up verbal attacks on Guaidó, calling him “a clown and puppet” in a speech to supporters outside Miraflores, the presidential palace.

The US and about 50 other countries have voiced support for Guaidó’s campaign to oust Maduro and hold new elections. But the ruler has retained the support of the military and allies including Russia and China.

Guaidó—who has the support of around 60 percent of Venezuelans, according to a recent poll—and the United States have tried a variety of approaches to lure the military away from Maduro. They range from private talks to a proposed Venezuelan amnesty law that would shield officers from future prosecution.


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12 responses to “Chaos in Venezuela: Death toll rises and protests rage on amid blackout

  1. As long as the Cuban military control Venezuela , freedom will never come to be. Black outs, hunger, no water, is a form of repressing the people and controlling the riots. Forget about the OAS, the UN and the many countries backing Guaidó, self-declared interim president. Life under a communist tyranny has no value, Cubans have no ties w the Venezuelan people, they could care less what happens to them, as for the Venezuelan military fleeing to Colombia, one wrong move within and they will be eliminated, and staying the throngs will eliminate them, no way out so they cross over to Colombia and denounce the regime. COMMUNISM AND TYRANTS once rooted cannot be toppled. I pray for Venezuelans and freedom, but it is not going to happen for a very long time.

    • The fact is we are thousands of miles away and have no direct way to confirm what is going on, good bad or indifferent as it may be.

      Here is the URL to connect to a Canadian reporter based in Venezuela: he sent an independent analysis in the last 24 hours which I found extremely interesting:

      I think we’re looking at the same NWO Cabal that’s always gone in after oil interests, same as destroying Iraq, Libya, and yes, even Syria, which has important large holdings in the Golan Heights.

      No one should be surprised by this, it’s gone on for more than a hundred years.

  2. Democrat voters who don’t realize this are willfully ignorant. How do we lead willfully blind people to see the light?

  3. Thanks to such sites as FOTM, Dr. Henry Makow and Infowars and a number of others, I now know that this is NO ACCIDENT: This is PRECISELY how socialism was intended to work. It springs from British eugenics and Talmudic and Kabbalah sociology and magic, and it was INTENDED, by its designers, to be eugenic and to deliver GENOCIDE.

    Let us also remember that the green agenda—regardless of how it is packaged—is also meant to deliver the same results.

    Let it be clear: It’s all COMMUNISM, and COMMUNISM IS OF THE DEVIL.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes does not fool me!

    • Mr. Broiles,

      AOC even LOOKS demonic. I’m serious! Look at her now vs. her dance video from BU. In her dance video, she looks like she’s full of life; she looks like a normal girl. Now…well, need I say more?

  4. Richard C Youghn

    They made their beds, now lay in them. Back when the free stuff was flowing openly and the whole enchanted fairy land was green and lush they were quite happy, even bragging of their paradise. (Here, try it you’ll love it like we do!) Now they’ve run out of pavement.

  5. “Socialism kills” only in the sense it’s a mask of men killing their adversaries, in our case white middle-class men. Democracy is now more lethal than any Ebola ever will be. It’s late, but there’s still time to shuck off the bought-and-paid-for Republicans. I plan of going back over Keegan’s ‘Face of Battle’ and ‘Mask of Command’ for the big picture of what’s coming. We fight or literally will be exterminated. Truckers, bikers, construction workers, and overall our vets.

  6. This is what happens when Socialist politicians come into power.

  7. “Papa ooh Mao, Mao……., papa, ooh, Mao, Mao……”. Chairman Cortez:

    When will they start killing the teachers? Who would have thought that Trump would get to run against Chairman Mao?

  8. Israeli Defense Officers (IDO) and their vacationing IDF soldiers have pretty much taken over Venezuela, after being there for years. Many reports of them robbing & plundering, cutting down farmers plantings to take over farms. GW Bush bought over 100,000 acres of farmland in Argentina.
    Ice Age is coming.
    The truth is out there, if anyone wants to research that.

    • “Many reports of them robbing & plundering, cutting down farmers plantings to take over farms.”

      Source(s), please.


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