Central American ‘caravan’ invaders are in Mexico, now number more than 9,000

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Words have meaning.

Evil people had always known that words can be manipulated to propandize and mold public opinion.

Who is it in the hate-America media (HAM) who decided to call the THOUSANDS of invaders making their way toward the U.S. border from Honduras and Guatemala the Orwellian new-speak term, “migrant caravan”?

The word “caravan” evokes romantic images of traveling gypsies. The Cambridge Dictionary defines “caravan” as “a wheeled vehicle for living or travelling in, especially for holidays, that contains beds and cooking equipment and can be pulled by a car.”

Do these swarming young, military-age men look like they’re traveling on holiday to you?

The migrant caravan invaders originated in Honduras when about 1,300 people began an organized march to Mexico toward the U.S. border. Despite the Mexican government’s announcement it would enforce immigration laws and turn back those who do not have a visa, the horde grew in size to more than 4,000. (Breitbart)

Last Friday, Oct. 19, the migrants invaders broke through a flimsy border fence in the town of Tecun Uman at the Mexico-Guatemala border, and swarmed onto a bridge leading to Mexico (see above GIF).

We were told that the horde was halted by dozens of Mexican police in riot gear, and that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto vowed that “Mexico does not and will not allow (people) to enter its territory illegally, let alone violently.” We were also told that the presidents of Honduras and Guatemala declared their respective governments were mobilizing to assist the return of their natives to their homelands. (See “Thousands of ‘migrant caravan’ invaders break through Mexico border fence – Video“)

All empty words.

Kristinn Taylor of Gateway Pundit reports that Mexican authorities gave “little resistance” to the “migrants” invaders who crossed the border from Guatemala into Tapachula, Mexico last (Sunday) night.

Reuters reports that in southern Mexico, police in riot gear shadowed the caravan’s arrival along a southern highway, but did not impede their journey.

“We’re going to make it, we’re going to keep moving so long as they don’t stop us,” said Honduran Jaffe Borjas, 17, marching at the head of the column that stretched far down a Mexican highway to the horizon. Some marchers broke into song. A large crowd shouted in unison: “If you send us back, we will return!

Not only was there “little resistance from Mexican authorities,” the horde actually increased in size to number over 7,000.

Worse still, a second “caravan” has formed, numbering more than 2,000 people, who left Honduras and were reported to be approaching Chiquimula, Guatemala on Sunday. Photos and videos posted to social media show a long line of migrants invaders marching on the side of a road.

Al Jazeera reports that the “migrants” say “all of Honduras wants to come here” — the U.S.

Meanwhile, on Friday, October 19, protesters in support of the “caravan” invaders burned the U.S. flag at the American embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Put simply, the United States is facing an invasion on our southern border.

President Trump has warned the caravan invasion must be stopped before it reaches the United States, and that all financial aid to Central American countries will be rescinded if the migration is not halted.

This morning, Trump tweeted that:

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the U.S. We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.

Followed by this tweet:

Sadly, it looks like Mexico’s Police and Military are unable to stop the Caravan heading to the Southern Border of the United States. Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in. I have alerted Border Patrol and Military that this is a National Emergy. Must change laws!

Last Thursday, Trump had threatened to send U.S. troops to close and protect America’s southern border if Mexico did not stop the invasion.

Mr. President (@realDonaldTrump), the time for threatening words is over. It is time for action. Declare martial law along the U.S.-Mexico border. Send the United States military to the border to show Mexico-Guatemala-Honduras and the American people you mean what you say. If you don’t, you’ll lose the support of the millions of Deplorables who voted for and believed in you.

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63 responses to “Central American ‘caravan’ invaders are in Mexico, now number more than 9,000

  1. I believe if Trump fails to stop this invasion….he’s done.

  2. We must stop this invasion of defiant marauders at whatever cost there is. It is against our laws our principles our freedom, our sovereignty we must protect our country – do not cross in or you will pay the consequences. President Trump I urge you to take action immediately, whether congress opposes you must exercise your executive powers and get it over with, NOW. You are the chief executive officer, show the world you are the one man that can do it. I humbly ask you, our future is in your hands, thank You from my heart.

  3. Presiden TRUMP, if you allow them in all the years I had to wait to become a citizen of this my country will have been in vain.

  4. There are an armored cavalry division and an armored (tanks) division stationed at Fort Hood and Fort Bliss in Texas. Time for them to be deployed.
    Initially, repel with water cannon and rubber bullets. If not put mines along the border, in anticipation of the wall being completed.
    Periodic ‘mad minutes’ would also help as a deterent.

  5. __”Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country…”

    Not Able or Not Willing!?

    __”We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

    They may not care if ultra-rich Commies, Soros, et al, are bribing those countries handsomely for their willing participation. If that is the case, “financial leverage” by POTUS is worthless.

    Makow tweeted an InfoWars link this morning that POTUS was considering cutting off UN funds as well, for its part in agreeing to invasions.

    When I saw that headline & brief article, I had the same reaction as your tweet to Potus: ENOUGH ALREADY! Threatening “financial squeezes” obviously means NOTHING to those countries.

    Some Trump supporters say the “optics” would be bad if the military were called to the border & that may be exactly the “trap” the Dems want. Tough Stuff. We’re tired of the Tail Wagging The Dog!

    Potus should have had the Military there already, per his prior “threat.” No More “Boy Cried Wolf” seven times.

    • Not willing– they lose deadbeats and get a bunch of U.S. $$$ sent home, why would they stop that?

    • I suspect that you’re correct on your suspicions, TPR. It comes down to this.


      It’s already pre-arranged by those on the jew side. While Trump makes an “impassioned” pretense of trying, an excuse will be made for him to not be successful. The jews are using what is supposed to be our legal system’s checks and balances system against us.

      Writing stealth legislation on the legislative front in anticipation of planned events, while making pretenses for inaction by the executive arm of government. Covering all of it from behind the scenes with their handpicked for life jewdiciary.

      “Congress has appropriated tens of millions of dollars in American aid for each of those countries, and in draft spending bills has even raised the amount for 2019, compared to what Mr. Trump had requested.”


      • Well, they aren’t going to “do it themselves”. They will get shot and/or arrested for doing that. I’m not saying that’s the right thing, it is just reality. I expect him to wimp out. I hope I’m wrong and I’ll be the first to admit my mistake if he deploys the troops, but I’ll be he doesn’t.

        Me, you probably couldn’t keep me alive in his position because they’d already be there laying wire. There would be no talk until I was finished and decided to tell them something. Otherwise I’d say “its a national security issue and any of you that breaths a word will go to jail”.

        He needs to stop talking and start doing. If all of those traitors in Washington had been weeded out this would be a lot easier.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    There can be no argument that if these clear parasitically ambitioned invaders can actually amass in such numbers as to over whelm and over run borders of nations where they have no legitimate claims, then they can certainly amass in greater numbers with in their own national borders to foment the needed and proper changes in their own political and economic social order.

    • That is precisely right. If they devoted this effort to cleaning their own houses we wouldn’t have this problem. It’s too easy to send them North and let the gringos foot the bill.

      • These migrants are on the warpath because they were organized, funded, and sent on this mission by factions of the NWO globalists – NGO’s, Soros, the commie Socialist Democratic party and many other organizations vying for a place in, and a piece of, their one world government agenda. They are hoping to create enough chaos to start a civil war, which would take the focus off them. They want to replace our President with one of their own in order to finish the job obama started, and the job hillary was supposed to finish. They believe this invasion may tip the scales in their favor, especially for the midterms. The timing of this is no coincidence.

        • Marlene, that was wonderfully stated and precisely correct. That is exactly what this is about. There agent, Soros, is sitting there in New York state like a king. He should be scrubbing toilets in GITMO.

  7. Time to put up or shut up if we do not stop this now we are doomed to complete ruin of this nation. It’s already draining the bank account now with what we pay for taking care of all the illegals we have here now this would crash all the social programs that are out there now.

    We are a sovereign country or not? time for back bone and tough love. bite the bullet and just DO IT.

    • Brian . . .Bravo! You are right on the money. It is high time to put on our “big girl panties,” or “put on our big boy panties” and lay into this onerous assault which looms before us.

      I think that or far to long we have spread our wealth on these other countries, never demanding that they get their own house in order–and this is what we get.

      Then there is also the component of the churches, various denominations who enrich themselves by “their compassionate handling of these invaders, in the guise of humanitarian efforts,” all the while gaining large amounts of monies from the US treasury. I find these churches who wish to circumvent the laws and the sovereignty of this nation to be most repugnant. In fact, I do not feel they are endeavoring to actually do Christ-centered ministry, their main purpose is to enrich their own coffers.

      Thank you Dr Eowyn for staying on top of this most egregious situation.

  8. Time to put the Marines on the border.

  9. Troops on the border YES! Putting Martial Law in place NO! The troops should be able to handle this, especially is their hands aren’t tied!

  10. FYI – 1,857 miles driving distance from Guatemala —> Texas
    Walking time = 2.5 miles per hour
    1857 miles / (2.5 miles / hour) = 742.8 hours
    742.8 hours = 30.95 Days
    Not Allowing For Any Down Time, When Should We Expect Our Invaders?

    • Harold L.Barlett

      Yes, but it seems many are now being loaded into and on vehicles such as buses and transport trucks. Your 30 day estimate is based on faulty assumptions. We can probably expect many of them in a few days or less.

      • I STAND 100 % BEHIND MY COMMENT!!!
        NICE TRY THOUGH!!!

      • It’s took about 30 days for the caravan to reach our southern boarder. Maybe my calculations were not so far fetched after all…….
        I heard that ‘Eating Crow’ is excellent this time of year! – Enjoy!

    • Trust me, they are getting transportation. They only stop long enough to put the women and kids up front for photo ops. Besides, what sort of “refugee” carries the flag of the country they’re “escaping” from, or burns the flag of the country they’re asking asylum of?

  11. In ‘The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians’ concerning the Germanic tribes professor J.B. Bury states: “They did not regard it(Rome) as a foe to be defeated, but as a great institution in which they had a natural right to have a place, seeing that men of their own race had already a large part in it.” Seeing Rome as a “great institution” these barbarians wanted to “belong” and become Romanized. This current crop of invaders doesn’t give a damn about our institutions or becoming Americanized, they just want to reap the benefits off the American taxpayers while the Dems count future votes.

  12. Where the hell is the DHS, DOJ, CIA, FBI and the rest of he Alphabet Agencies? The plot for this invasion was initiated months ago.

    These invaders have cell phones.

    Obama has had his finger in this since 2009, Trump was aware of it April this year…see his tweet when there were 1200 invaders from Honduras on the move.

    Why the hell didn’t Jeff Sessions get off his ass and freeze the assets of Open Society and all the NGO’s associated with them along with Catholic Charities and expose Pope Frankenstein?
    The corrupt criminal churches have been used for centuries to conjure up evil plots.
    Sorry, if this upsets anyone, but I find using ignorant people as weapons repulsive and coyotes paid around 4 grand a head.

    • One other thing, “asylum” is not intended for “economic issues”. It is for fear of injury or loss of life for political views. By this standard we’d have to open the doors for everyone in Latin America.

    • Media wants the “poor helpless migrants” taken in.

  13. This is from 2014 during Obummers Administration:
    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday that as many as 90,000 unaccompanied child migrants could cross the southwest border before the end of this fiscal year in September.

    That will place a huge strain on immigration agencies, which will badly need new money to get through the summer, Johnson says.

    The 90,000 number — the highest yet given by the administration — is spelled out in written Senate testimony by Johnson as well as Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who must also deal with the border crisis.

    “We are preparing for a scenario in which the number of unaccompanied children apprehended at the border could reach up to 90,000 by the end of fiscal 2014,” Johnson’s testimony reads, and he bluntly warns that without an infusion of new funds, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will run out of money in August. (read more)

    • As I mentioned in another thread, why isn’t anybody remembering this? Where did all those “minors” come from? Where did they go? Who paid for that? I remember seeing the photos of them on trains headed North. Somebody paid.

  14. Let’s see if Trump keeps his word about sending troops and stopping the caravan. Caravan will get bigger and infiltrated with terrorists incl. ISIS.

    • Indeed. They’ve already identified Middle Eastern men and even Indians. I’ll bet he caves. I hope not. What scares me is he’s off telling everyone what he’s going to do again. He needs to just do it. Tell us what you did later.

  15. I stated in at least two other comments in the past few years that if the Southern border wall wasn’t soon finished, we would be facing hordes of
    foreign invaders rushing the border……and, now it will happen if the military isn’t sent to stop them. Can our military stop 9,000 foreign invaders at different locations along the border? The current lame laws pertaining to asylum seekers cannot be honored when we are facing a national emergency and a “clear and present danger” to our national sovereignty. We know who is behind this and why. We know using foreign nationals, including gang members and Middle Eastern muslim terrorists as their “useful idiots”, is the globalists’ plan to get Trump impeached if he declares a national emergency, protects the border and refuses to recognize the fake asylum seekers.

    • I agree that we need a wall. We don’t need a wall to stop this, however. In the meantime all they need is razor wire, Claymore mines and machine gun emplacements. We already have the supplies.

      If they can’t stop this we have no business sending troops to all of these idiotic NATO involvements all over the world. The primary purpose of the military is alleged to be defense. If they can’t play with NATO and defend our borders, it is time to bring them home.

      The laws pertaining to refugees are not being violated. Only the Mexicans can present a “violation” as they must apply to the nearest state for asylum. Asylum is based on fear, not finance.

      Lastly, there is a distinction between ‘immigration” and ILLEGAL immigration. It doesn’t matter if the Demonrats claim to be “FOR” illegal immigration. It’s ILLEGAL. Funny how the pick and choose. They want us disarmed (and that’s legal) but they want us to ignore laws they don’t like.

      I agree with you, he had better get the Army down there and not allow himself to compromise. He has already declared an emergency. He should be telling that muttering gaggle of jackasses in the MSM to shut up.

  16. Troops on the border and the invaders retreat, but beware, they will claim abuses and somebody will end up dead -a child, and then we will be blamed and we will be the barbarians, watch and see, that’s the plan and it will be executed by the forces behind. BEWARE! the world is watching! This is an all out war.

  17. The Globalists fingerprints are all over this. According to International Law, if you’re seeking asylum, you must request it when you step foot in the FIRST country. The folks from Honduras must ask for asylum in Guatemala. The Guatemalans must request asylum in Mexico. This invasion SHOULD NOT be our problem.

    Between the FAKE media that never reports the facts and the lame ass Congress who keeps their mouths shut. Americans are victimized by their ignorance and the criminals in the Corporation in the District of Corruption who ignore laws and make them up as they go.

    The US is Mexico’s refiner for PEMEX crude into gasoline. If President Trump wants Mexico to step up to the plate pronto, slow down or halt the production of their gasoline. Mexico would get the message quickly; Trump would be a big hero plus have plausible deniability. Mexico’s state-run PEMEX @ 100,000 barrels a day speaks louder than our Military with tanks and guns.

    Move on, nothing more to see here. Now go prevent the Trustees of Obummer’s bankruptcy from robbing Americans again and get on with helping elect Republicans to Congress.

  18. We can fix this new caravan crisis without any drama and without the Democratic Party narrative being played over and over in a continuous loop. The solution is simple. All the President has to do is just “Man-up” and seal the border. “Batta boom,” it’s solved, done.

    By all means, please do go ahead and deploy the military. And coordinate, or at least announce coordination with the Mexican government, but just seal the border. Close it down, all the crossings. American citizens will be processed of course, but very slowly and carefully. Everyone and every thing else gets turned back. Shut it down closed, as tight as a frog’s hind quarters, a regular, military, check point Charlie, or Carlos, if you prefer.

    Then we can begin some deliberate, patient and informed diplomatic discussions with Mexico about how we can secure our mutual frontier. That will cost a lot of very big people a lot of big money and the Mexicans will immediately put their thinking sombreros on. And so will the American corporations who engineered this bit of NAFTA globalism in the first place. Personally, I have a great deal of sympathy for both of these special interests, but the solution is to make America’s border problem, their problem. And that’s the big insight boys and girls, if anyone truly cares to be serious. That’s why they pay me the big bucks.

    The Democrats with all of their happy horse schit antics will suddenly become the concern of some very serious and substantial interests. Wanna bet it gets solved fast? Would anyone care to wager, but that the problem of a secure border suddenly becomes a defacto win/win? You see, my dad showed me the back of his hand once. The lesson was, dare I say jarring? The message conveyed, “Where’s there a will; there’s a way.”

    As President, the chief executive’s foremost duty is to protect the American heartland from invasion. That would be President Trump’s very under stated position and he can only be expected to be unmovable in his commitment to America’s security. Everything else can be expected to become the pressing problem of those interests who want the border reopened.

    It’s really isn’t very hard and should you find yourself hard put, truly wanting to solve a problem, give me a call. I solve problems. It’s what I do.

  19. Those people are here to take back the land Mexico once owned before USA took possession. I’ve known about this for some time.
    We’ll be watching a soon to be violent new history unfold, much like those bloody battles during those early land grab years.
    Meanwhile, with the mounting food crop losses worldwide, the SOROS guy is buying up farm land. Take a look at farmlandgrab website https://www.farmlandgrab.org/cat/show/352

    Winter is coming. I gave fair warning.
    “Is There Anybody Out There?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNLhxKpfCnA

    • Well let’s see. First the Mayans and Aztecs “stole” it from the Toltecs. Then the Spanish “stole” it from the “Indians”. Then the gringos “stole it from the Spanish”. Maybe they can start with Spain and work their way down from there.

  20. For those who don’t see this as an invasion:


    They are also reporting quite a few Salvadorans and even some “Bangladeshis”! Some are estimating the numbers at around 14,000 now. Federal marshals should already be picking up Soros. The Army should already be stringing razor wire.

    For my money they should be picking up leftists that support this. Just like they call infanticide “abortion” or “choice”, they call invasion, “immigration”.

  21. Kelleigh Nelson

    With all the comments, it shows how absolutely and totally disgusted we are with this invasion of young men pouring across our border and our Congress refusing to build the big huge wall across the Mexican border that we need. I’m so over this.

    • Yes, I’m totally disgusted. I’m even more so after hearing the MSM spin this as some sort of humanitarian thing that “conservatives” are too inhumane to stomach. Of course that is the intent.

      They are hoping to win election points with this. Those idiots that would believe that hordes of “migrants” simply get up, feel an urge, and set off for “the promised land”.

      All I can say is we’d better invest in crime scene tape and air shock kits for low riders or stop them at the border.

  22. People tend to forget some ugly history. School of the Americas, was also named School of Assassins. Guatamalan Genocide. And a few others.

    SOA Watch “Dismantle Border Imperialism: End White Supremacy”
    Our demands:
    1) An end to US economic, military and political intervention in Latin America, and the closure of SOA/WHINSEC
    2) An end to Plan Merida and the Alliance for Prosperity
    3) Demilitarization and divestment of borders
    4) An end to the racist systems of oppression that criminalize and kill migrants, refugees and communities of color
    5) Respect, dignity, justice and the right to self-determination of communities
    SOA’s Endorser page https://www.soaw.org/border-encuentro/2018-encuentro-endorsers/
    Quite a long list of USA & Latin supporters.

    • I haven’t forgotten it. They are pawns. I’ve said that before. It still doesn’t help the present situation to know that. We don’t “owe” them because “our” intelligence operatives have done them dirt. They do everybody dirt.

      They have the same problem “our” politicians do. They don’t work for us.

      • Heh, they have the same types of politicians we have.
        The KPP, or, Kleptocratic Ponerology Party.

        I think it is a worldwide problem. WTP needs civilian oversight committees to oversee the government spending oversight committees.

  23. Funny thing how the Zetas were trained at The School of the Americas before they “went rogue”. Right. How come everyone trained there always seems to “go rogue”?

    • Maybe they “caught” ISIS disease? It is characterized by unlimited supplies of new weapons and vehicles and even air support when needed.

    • The school always was rogue. They were mostly women, and they were always trained to infiltrate to promote general civil unrest and many were not too shy to torture and kill. There was a Catholic Priest, who worked hard to many years to get the SoA shut down. He finally succeeded, but then…Around 2000 the school morphed & is still in the same business known as WINSEC.
      Short documentary https://therealnews.com/stories/amartin1204ef13soa

      It just changed its name & political ideology. In the beginning, they were anti-communists. Today in USA, they should be here fighting communism which is alive and well.
      I’m in agreement with the people down there South of the Border. I would not want them in my country. Unfortunately, they are.

  24. What a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the military didn’t waste our money on microwave crowd dispersal equipment and prove they are not just for use on us!

  25. Central American ‘caravan’ invaders are in Mexico, now number more than 9,000
    You confront invaders, with superior fire power !

  26. Here is a 22 minute Documentary that is an eyeopener.

    “America Under Siege” to create chaos, promote chaos.
    Although I’ve not fully researched some on the claims, I know the early Russian history, and UN involvements, the Anti-Trump protests, 2017s Disrupt #J20 is accurate, as is CAIR & FBI reports which I’d read on FBI website. (dammit, maybe it’s all accurate)

  27. Like everybody else I would like to know who’s paying for it. I read that it costs as much as $7000.00 per person for food, housing, clothing, medical care etc. to come by land. If they are just poor migrants seeking asylum and work in the USA, why don’t they fly them in. A one way ticket wouldn’t cost more than $5o0.00

  28. At one time in American history, there was legitimate immigration to America’s shores of kindred peoples with similar ethics. That is not what is happening more recently – and especially it is not that today.

    Never believe that it is “immigration”. That is no longer the reason. Today, it is an intentional and weaponized ….




    Where do they s**t? The Hondurans in the caravan, the 7,000 people walking north to America, where do they go to the bathroom? And eat and sleep and store their clothes? And how is it that after a week on the road they are clean and their hair and clothes are well kept? How is any of this possible? And why do these people, supposedly fleeing intolerable conditions in their homeland, carry little flags from their homeland and break into its national anthem when the TV cameras show up? And speaking of which, for oppressed people, they all seem to be pretty well fed, well groomed and well dressed. Their hair is neat and newly cut, their clothes are clean and in good repair, and they are built like people who have had ample nutrition all their lives, being well developed and, many of them, overweight. And none of them look dirty or unkempt, like they had been sleeping on the ground for the last week. There’s just nothing in any of this that makes sense. Supposedly, these several thousand people spontaneously decided to leave Honduras, walking north in a group, hoping to trek the length of gang-plagued Mexico and present themselves as refugees and prospective Democrats at the American border. Which, again, makes no sense whatsoever. And leaves a lot of big questions unanswered, and ignored by the press. Such as, who organized this? Who is paying for it? How have they covered 500 miles in a week? Seriously. Any number of American “reporters” have walked beside a sympathetic walker and talked about how this particular woman and her children had trekked half a thousand miles over the last week or so. That’s 71 miles a day. The best soldiers through history have been able to march 25 miles a day. How have 7,000 people been fed and watered? And how have they gone to the bathroom? If the average person across the world produces about a pound of solid waste a day, that means that these folks are somehow disposing of more than three tons of feces each day. That’s a heck of a lot of crap, even for a Central American roadway. Provisioning such an army of people – the equivalent of 10 combat battalions in most of the world’s militaries – is a large task. Transporting and distributing the food and water necessary to keep those people moving is a massive chore which the press says nothing about. The entire enterprise, as a spontaneous ad hoc event, is implausible. As an orchestrated international attempt to influence an American election, it starts to make sense. And ought to alarm us. Unless it’s only Russians we don’t want screwing with our democracy. Unfortunately, none of this has made the evening news. It’s almost as if the press, in whatever scheme is afoot, gladly accepts its role as propagandists to the American people. Every story is sympathetic, as if an attempt to enlist viewers and readers in this caravan and the politics it symbolizes. And so the story is not about an orchestrated attempt to manipulate electoral opinion and violate the borders and laws of the United States, it is about compassion and Trump and xenophobia and racism. It is the October surprise, it is the Blue Wave. And it is all nonsense. Because all of these people, if legitimate, have the ability to apply for American asylum in their own country – as do the residents of most nations of the world. We have consulates and embassies for a reason, and this is one of those reasons. We also have laws and an oath of office for a reason. Laws, so that “we the people” through our elected representatives clearly and systematically govern our society. Law is the means by which the people express and exercise their sovereignty. Disobedience to law is disobedience to the will of the people, it is the subverting of their sovereignty and franchise. Breaking the law is denying you the vote. Your vote elects representatives – lets you pick the country’s direction – and the representatives write the law. If that law is ignored, your representation becomes meaningless. You get screwed. And the oath of office? Members of Congress – even Democrats – swear an oath to “bear true faith and allegiance” to the Constitution, which establishes our system of laws and specifically charges the Congress with making the rules of naturalization and immigration. Who comes across the border and under what conditions they can stay is a constitutional responsibility of the Congress. That is to be determined by a congressional vote, not by a Honduran mob. Failure to insist on that – even for Democrats – is a violation of your congressman’s oath of office. So there is not a Democrat or Republican response to this travelling army of invaders – there is only an American response. And that is: Turn around and go home. Because the law of the United States does not allow a mass entry like this. The law does not declare the borders open. If Democrats and progressives don’t like that, they can try to change the law. If America’s progressives want open borders and believe all the world’s people have a right to live in the United States – as they say they do – then they should adjust immigration law accordingly. But until then, if they are to keep their oaths of office, they must stand for the law and the border. And they must tell their surrogates to turn around and go home. Because this caravan is nothing more than a bunch of political shit.


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