Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch

Jonathan Foster Jonathan Foster (l); Mona Nelson (r). Would the media report this if Foster wore a hoodie?

We couldn’t escape the media’s 24-7 coverage of the death of 17-year-old 5′ 11″ black teen Trayvon Martin and the trial of his shooter, half-Hispanic George Zimmerman. But have you heard or seen news about a 44-year-old black woman named Mona Nelson who is on trial for the murder-by-blow-torch of a 12-year-old white Texas boy, Jonathan Foster?
Even worse, Nelson committed the murder more than 2½ years ago, on Christmas Eve 2010 — but we’d heard/seen NOTHING about this.
That’s because in Obama’s America, blacks now enjoy “black skin privilege” and Big Media simply turn a blind eye to black crimes, especially black-on-white crimes.
As recounted by the UK’s Daily Mail, 12-year-old Foster was reported missing from his home on Christmas Eve 2010, after his mother, Angela Davis, said she had received a strange call at her workplace from a gruff-sounding woman. Davis initially told police her boy was with a babysitter. But she later admitted that he was home alone.
The boy’s burned body was discovered on December 28 in a roadside ditch in Houston, Texas, not far from where he lived.
ditchMona Nelson told local KTRK TV that a member of Jonathan’s family had given  her $20 to dump a plastic container on Christmas Eve. She said she was drunk on vodka and didn’t know what was inside the container.

But police revealed that Jonathan’s burned body had not been discovered in a plastic container, but in a ditch. Police also say Nelson’s truck was spotted on surveillance footage dumping something in the ditch where the boy’s body was found. In addition, investigators discovered evidence at Nelson’s apartment that allegedly links her to the crime, including burned carpet and twine similar to that used to bind Jonathan’s hands.
While denying she had killed Jonathan, insisting “I’m not a monster. I have five grandkids and I love kids,” Nelson admitted having a cutting torch that she claims she used in her job as a welder. But police say she used the torch to burn the boy’s body.

Jonathan's homeJonathan’s home in Houston, Texas

Cynthia Cisneros reports for KTRK on December 30, 2010, that police revealed more about Jonathan’s abduction and murder at a news conference. Police believe the boy was home alone on Christmas Eve and was killed and his body dumped on that very same day.
Nelson admitted to dumping Jonathan’s badly burned body in northeast Houston off of East Hardy, but she denied killing the child. But surveillance cameras near where Jonathan’s body was found showed Nelson to have lied.
HPD Captain David Gott said around 6pm Christmas Eve, surveillance video showed a silver truck pull up to a ditch outside of a building on East Hardy. A person, whom neighbors and family identified as Nelson, can be seen getting out of the truck, taking a body out of the bed of the truck and placing it in on the ground. Nelson also drives a similar truck.

Nelson's homeMona Nelson’s apartment

When authorities searched Nelson’s apartment in northwest Houston, they found “a wealth of evidence” that showed Jonathan’s body was burned at Nelson’s residence, as well as the tools (torches and welding tools) used to burn the boy. Authorities say Nelson is a maintenance worker who works with tools and torches. Authorities believe Jonathan was taken there, killed and burned beyond recognition the same day within hours. Twine used to tie Jonathan was also found inside Nelson’s home. Jonathan’s burnt body was identified by his dental records.
A next door neighbor, Rita Jackson said Nelson was there while Jonathan’s family was looking for him on Christmas Eve: “Yeah, she was just sitting there, looking at what was going on.” Police also said they believe Nelson is a a predator who has done this before and that they don’t believe her brutality begins with Jonathan.
Det. Mike MillerThe horrible details of Jonathan’s murder were too much for several detectives who struggled to keep from crying.
“There are few cases that impact homicide detectives — this is one of them,” said HPD Homicide Detective Mike Miller, who’d interviewed Nelson and held back tears as he described her. “She is a cold, soulless murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster. She decided when the time was right and she swooped down and took him when she saw the time was right, and she saw an opportune moment. I’ve worked in Homicide Division 14 years and this is the worst case I’ve been a part of — an innocent 12 year old who everybody says was happy, outgoing and well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood. It’s an absolute tragedy.”

Mona Nelson2Mona Nelson (l); Jonathan Foster (r)

KTRK reports that on August 12, 2013, the trial of Mona Nelson for the murder of Jonathan Foster finally began in a courtroom in Houston. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. Nelson has asked for a judge instead of a jury to decide the verdict.

According to Donald Joy of ClashDaily.com, “Nancy Grace dropped the story as soon as she realized it was a black woman murdering a little white boy. The media have avoided the story like the plague, never once looking into whether it was a ‘hate crime.’ The original local news report has been removed. Suspect has sought and received legal counsel from local leadership of the New Black Panther Party.  No story here, folks. Move along …” (See also “Nancy Grace makes racist slur about Zimmerman“)
H/t FOTM’s TPR and joworth
See also “Obama has DHS agents in Ferguson; pays protesters to justify martial law,” as well as FOTM’s posts on little-reported black riots and black-on-white assaults and murders:


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0 responses to “Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch

  1. shelley arnest

    Whst is the Obama sons and daughters? I don’t watch the news and I am a little behind

    • shelley,
      I’m just doing what Obama did. The expression “Obama’s sons and daughters” stems from Obama referring to Trayvon Martin as his son. He said: “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

  2. Of course you would mention race in the title. Why can’t you just say, “Woman kills 12 year old boy with blow torch”? Why do you have to mention race?

    • Duh. You poor man, you just don’t get it, do you, Andrew? Because the MSM insist on mentioning the race of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin!
      Get it through your thick skull: Bloggers are doing the job that the MSM refuse to. And unlike the MSM, many bloggers are doing it for free, without $ compensation, because we love this country — or what this country used to be.

      • You don’t love Anything. You are just an agitator, no different than Al Sharpton. These stories are not unlike hearing the ravings of an ignorant child: I did it because he did. Surely not the words of educated intelligent people. I hold individuals accountable for their actions, not their race, religion or ethnicity. If I am a victim of crime, I expect justice for that person, I don’t care who his ancestors were. Ifva white person or a black person harms me I don’t blame all whites or all blacks. You are no better than that buffoon in the white house and if you respond it will surely be profanity laced and dripping with insults because that’s what people do when they can logically defend an argument, they lash out like most leftist policticans.

        • “and if you respond it will surely be profanity laced and dripping with insults”
          Gosh, bless your heart, scy121, for reading without comprehension or wisdom, and for attacking a messenger of news suppressed and under-reported by the MSM. Alinsky would be proud of so apt a pupil.

        • scy, you are so out of your league with the intelligence argument.
          You couldn’t shine the Doc’s shoes. Yes She does love the USA, we all do so we fight for the truth you wimp.
          What do you do to make things better?
          Hey Einstein did you even figure out that the FB link that brought you here is from a post from 1 year ago.

    • Everyone mentions race when it comes to hate crimes, whether or not this is what that is about. The fact is this seems to be the ongoing reality that everyone wants, no one wants to let go of the past, in fact some still want to be separated, and these days it is a vice-versa from what it was back then. guess it gives people a sense of power to make others feel guilty, so I understand why it was written in such a way. They most certainly referred to Trayvon martin and his killer by race, so why not this young boy and his possible murderer? People want what they want, and what they want is to believe hate crimes are what make up all of today murders, rather than just true justice for the wrong that was done.

    • What else would bring on this type of HATE you moron?!

    • You’re kidding right. They made race an issue in trayvon and ferguson, mo. Are you posting on those articles too, or do you find it appropriate when a black is a “victim?”

  3. Mrs. Sally Walter

    I doubt whites would wear hoods and cover their faces to loot and destroy businesses over what they felt was a hate crime. Poor innocent people and shop owners paying a price for something they had nothing to do with. How these rioters think this makes things right or even is beyond me. All of us must remember there are good and bad people in every race, gender, religion, and nationality.
    I was told about a pregnant teen, white, married, that was raped by a group of black men and then killed. It wasn’t on the news, either. I hesitate to compare a criminal hurt or killed by an officer and a pregnant teen killed for no reason by a group of males.
    It was interesting to note the photo of the 17 year old shown on TV, and then watch the video of him inside that store. The one photo made him appear much younger and smaller than the photo of him robbing the store.
    I guess in some way we are all responsible. God has been removed from most everywhere. Morals are becoming a thing of the past. We require nothing of our children and hold them responsible for nothing. The younger generation not only have been given too much, but don’t work for anything. They have no respect for laws, rights, even for themselves.
    Maybe I’m just getting old, but not that long ago,morals, respect, and love of God and country were taught, learned and were life skills that made us mgood people, good Americans.

  4. If you don’t think we have a race problem in this country you are blind… headline should be “Censored News: woman kills 12 y.o. boy with blow torch”. Why would you need specify a black woman and a white boy? A women is a women and a boy is a boy… race or creed should not matter a heinous act is a heinous act. Does this crime make it it more or less heinous because a certain race committed it?

    • ‘Does this crime make it it more or less heinous because a certain race committed it?’
      Tell that to the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown protesters.

      • Do u think things would be different if the officers were black that shot Michael Brown?

        • Without a doubt, things would be different. Why do you think blacks, esp. race hustlers like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, never say a word about the horrific black-on-black homicides going on every day in Chicago and other urban centers? There are more blacks being killed in a weekend in Chicago than soldiers being killed in the Afghanistan war.

    • “A women is a women and a boy is a boy… race or creed should not matter a heinous act is a heinous act. Does this crime make it it more or less heinous because a certain race committed it?” Well, you should ask the folks that decided to invent “hate crime” laws.

  5. The crime also depends on when in a political “season” it happens. My husband abused my kids to the point where he gave my 10 year old daughter a black eye covering almost 1/2 her face while she was trying save her 9 year old brother from the horrific beating which left marks for weeks. When shown the pictures of what he did in court, he admitted to it and was arrested on 2 counts felony child abuse. However, he was let off because of the timing. Our state attorney general was setting up for reelection and only prosecuted a few 100% wins to get his conviction rate up so he could campaign on. He went on camera saying that if it’s not 100% winnable then he will drop charges! This is the link to that story.

  6. Hey K… If your saying its not a race the then why when Treyvon Martin was killed it was ok to be considered a “race crime” but this is not?

    • R,
      You need to stop being a low-information American. Please inform yourself on the Travyon Martin-George Zimmerman case. A jury found Zimmerman not guilty because Z was attacked by Martin. Martin was on top of Zimmerman, bashing his head to the concrete ground. You’ll find the information by going to our “Black Racism” page and click on all the posts colored dark green. Do it, before you embarrass yourself further with your ignorance.

  7. Wake up people! Two wrongs do not make a right! Perpetuating this race war mongering is not solving anything! What you should be angry about is the trigger happy bullies with badges who kill indescriminately!!

  8. Andrew you must be another black man that thinks the white people are keeping y’all down but really you never even tried to get up .

  9. What’s sad is no one can wait for facts to come in. Don’t matter a damn anymore.

  10. Mike howrightismike

    It’s amazing how so many commenters on this post don’t have a clue as to what they’re talking about. Low information voters, indeed.

  11. There is no white or black crime, crime is crime and as soon as you tie race into it you being to lose credibility as a source of news, news being our way to know what’s going on in the world not how you personally feel

    • “as soon as you tie race into it you being to lose credibility as a source of news”
      Please tell that to all the alphabet TV networks and newspapers who are doing their best to make the Michael Brown Ferguson shooting a racial issue, just as they did with the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case. While you’re at it, you should also chastise Barack Obama for fanning the racial flames by saying, “If I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon.”

    • “There is no white or black crime, crime is crime.” Then why do we have “hate crime” laws?

  12. This crime is just as awful as anything I’ve heard. I’m not an advocate of media covering any crime just for the sake of sensationalism, and this article suggests that is why it should be covered — to show that “they” do horrible things too. As horrific as this is though, the issue in the cases involving the two young men have a GLARING difference: they were incidents in which aid carriage of justice was claimed by the actions (or lack) of law enforcement. In this case, law enforcement acted, swiftly and apprehended the suspect and she was brought to trial. The legal system worked how it was supposed to in that instance. Now whether she got a “just” sentence, is another battle; one you should take up in the voting both when it’s time to elect new Sherrifs, D.A.s and the like. Stop trying to draw parallels where there are none. I mean honestly I’m sure there are hundreds of cases of white people performing heinous acts of unjustified violence against blacks (Emmet Till, anyone?), but that’s not the issue. People — some black, white, purple or blue — perform horrible acts against each other daily, and it still doesn’t lessen the instances when police allegedly do it disproportionately to one segment of the population. THAT is the issue.

  13. Im so confused. Now days its a race thing and killin is righteous… whether black or white killin is a killin period. Ppl act like race has to do wit everything and it doesnt.. if trayvon was white and a black man killed him i do feel like the killer would be jailed but shit this woman needs to be where she at, innocent boy who black or white was takin way too early. Rip to him and i pray his family finds peace. But i think society should realize if i, black woman, and a white woman was in the room together and blood was on the floor, nobody would know who blood it is CUZ WE ALL BLEED THE SAME DAMN!!

    • Thank you, blacknproud, for your humanity. I salute you.

      • Ditto that. Nice to know it still exists. 🙂

        • Dear Steve & Eo:
          My patience is at an end w/these creeps who give a ‘thumb down’ on every decent comment that has merit. Just look at the ones that precede yours to see what I mean. Are these trolls living a life SO empty of ANY positive meaning that all they have left is a robotic nay-saying? Must be….

          • Joseph, pls don’t even look at thumbs up or down. I haven’t for yrs.
            You’re right though in that it’s all they have left. No facts.
            You could spell a word wrong and bring out the grammar Nazi’s. 🙂
            That’ll give em a thrill

            • “pls don’t even look at thumbs up or down. I haven’t for yrs.”
              @Joseph: Several days ago, somebody discovered this post from a year ago. Since then, the post has gone viral on Facebook and receiving tens and hundreds of thousands of hits a day. Sadly, most of the new commenters are shockingly ignorant of the actual facts about Ferguson and the Trayvon-Zimmerman case. Low-information voters are and will be the bane of America.

  14. https://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/12/30/woman-charged-murder-case-missing-houston-year-old/
    Most of the actual new reports did not describe race at all, the author of this particular article chose to because of what they have seen in the past few years on the news, to what also should have been on the news. I understand that the media tries to protect the crimes of African-Americans because of their past persecution due to the whites and other wealthy African-American slave owners. That is quite understandable because of how they had been treated for so many years, and the amount of peace it took for others to see that they were equals on all levels. However, news such as this should not be avoided, and it is sickening to see it after all this time, as well as hearing about the other accounts that were directed only to hate crimes. NO. People kill people, it happens, you cannot control what someone will do with a gun, but with the way things are today I do not blame everyone for carrying a gun. Even my little quiet city has been subject to shootings in the past few years, and that is scary to think that out of the blue someone could be killed. Nonetheless, what this lady did is justified on no account, whether she was any race, this is awful and we should all realize that. Ignore the race comment, and just think for one second, if this happened to your child wouldn’t you want the world to know? Trayvon Martin’s Mom surely got that justice, so why not the mom of Jonathan Foster?

  15. Student, That’s all we’re trying to do. BTW that article you linked to is over 1 yr old. It is part of our documentation here

  16. Some Country we have let become. Police shooting unarmed people, black on what ever crimes, white on what ever crimes, people crossing are boarders etc. No one cares until it happens to them, shame. I myself will do what ever it takes to take care of my family.

  17. I’m Starting With The Man In
    The Mirror
    I’m Asking Him To Change
    His Ways
    And No Message Could Have
    Been Any Clearer
    If You Wanna Make The World
    A Better Place
    (If You Wanna Make The
    World A Better Place)
    Take A Look At Yourself, And
    Then Make A Change

  18. im quite sure it had nothing to do with race…. that woman is a sick, twisted, sadistic wench that preys on innocent, vulnerable children. probably a child molester. she is a threat to any and all children. that baby boy was an easy target for a predator. home alone, trusting, naive, young, and vulnerable. right across the street from where sbe worked….. ugh! makes me sick to my stomach

  19. What kind of person makes a comment like that? He was just a little boy. It doesn’t matter if she was black or he was white. It is fucked up to think that one murder is worst than than another because of race and how much media coverage they get! There is nothing that a 12 year old child could have done to provoke his or her own death by the hands of an adult whether they’re black, white, or any other race. The people/media always want to focus on who’s the bad guy when the focus should be on the victim.

  20. You all should consider that the issue with Trayvon Martin and others wasn’t that the perpetrator was a different race, but that they were innocent yet vilified–that their killers weren’t even looked at sideways. Yes, some black people kill white people. Some white people kill black people. Some people kill people. They suck. They should be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced accordingly.
    The issue is, when something terrible happens, does society assume the white people are more innocent? Does society assume the black people are thugs who “deserved” to get shot?
    So..this story is weird, it doesn’t get the point of why people have gotten upset over the many deaths of young black men–not that it was racist, but it was about the justice system.
    No one will say this little boy was a criminal who deserved it. No one will try to get this woman off the hook. She was a monster. The boy was innocent, and most of us inherently understand that. Not so much when it’s young black people, though. At least that’s the perception and it warrants consideration.

  21. She should have her sorry ass hung and burned to the stake. Sorry ass piece of shit. Where’s Obama and Jesse and Al at on this one. I guess their all drinking their 40 Oz malt liquor bulls and smoking a blunt. Bunch of dumbasses.

  22. The way I see it if a white man kills a black man it a hate crime but black man can kill a white man it okay damn murder is murder now I can see why my husband wants me to keep our guns loaded it’s a crime no matter what your skin color is Obama needs to do his damn job and stop worrying about the black race and worry about all the race cause we all bleed red his ass need to get out of office cause he is the worst one yet

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