Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch

Jonathan Foster Jonathan Foster (l); Mona Nelson (r). Would the media report this if Foster wore a hoodie?

We couldn’t escape the media’s 24-7 coverage of the death of 17-year-old 5′ 11″ black teen Trayvon Martin and the trial of his shooter, half-Hispanic George Zimmerman. But have you heard or seen news about a 44-year-old black woman named Mona Nelson who is on trial for the murder-by-blow-torch of a 12-year-old white Texas boy, Jonathan Foster?
Even worse, Nelson committed the murder more than 2½ years ago, on Christmas Eve 2010 — but we’d heard/seen NOTHING about this.
That’s because in Obama’s America, blacks now enjoy “black skin privilege” and Big Media simply turn a blind eye to black crimes, especially black-on-white crimes.
As recounted by the UK’s Daily Mail, 12-year-old Foster was reported missing from his home on Christmas Eve 2010, after his mother, Angela Davis, said she had received a strange call at her workplace from a gruff-sounding woman. Davis initially told police her boy was with a babysitter. But she later admitted that he was home alone.
The boy’s burned body was discovered on December 28 in a roadside ditch in Houston, Texas, not far from where he lived.
ditchMona Nelson told local KTRK TV that a member of Jonathan’s family had given  her $20 to dump a plastic container on Christmas Eve. She said she was drunk on vodka and didn’t know what was inside the container.

But police revealed that Jonathan’s burned body had not been discovered in a plastic container, but in a ditch. Police also say Nelson’s truck was spotted on surveillance footage dumping something in the ditch where the boy’s body was found. In addition, investigators discovered evidence at Nelson’s apartment that allegedly links her to the crime, including burned carpet and twine similar to that used to bind Jonathan’s hands.
While denying she had killed Jonathan, insisting “I’m not a monster. I have five grandkids and I love kids,” Nelson admitted having a cutting torch that she claims she used in her job as a welder. But police say she used the torch to burn the boy’s body.

Jonathan's homeJonathan’s home in Houston, Texas

Cynthia Cisneros reports for KTRK on December 30, 2010, that police revealed more about Jonathan’s abduction and murder at a news conference. Police believe the boy was home alone on Christmas Eve and was killed and his body dumped on that very same day.
Nelson admitted to dumping Jonathan’s badly burned body in northeast Houston off of East Hardy, but she denied killing the child. But surveillance cameras near where Jonathan’s body was found showed Nelson to have lied.
HPD Captain David Gott said around 6pm Christmas Eve, surveillance video showed a silver truck pull up to a ditch outside of a building on East Hardy. A person, whom neighbors and family identified as Nelson, can be seen getting out of the truck, taking a body out of the bed of the truck and placing it in on the ground. Nelson also drives a similar truck.

Nelson's homeMona Nelson’s apartment

When authorities searched Nelson’s apartment in northwest Houston, they found “a wealth of evidence” that showed Jonathan’s body was burned at Nelson’s residence, as well as the tools (torches and welding tools) used to burn the boy. Authorities say Nelson is a maintenance worker who works with tools and torches. Authorities believe Jonathan was taken there, killed and burned beyond recognition the same day within hours. Twine used to tie Jonathan was also found inside Nelson’s home. Jonathan’s burnt body was identified by his dental records.
A next door neighbor, Rita Jackson said Nelson was there while Jonathan’s family was looking for him on Christmas Eve: “Yeah, she was just sitting there, looking at what was going on.” Police also said they believe Nelson is a a predator who has done this before and that they don’t believe her brutality begins with Jonathan.
Det. Mike MillerThe horrible details of Jonathan’s murder were too much for several detectives who struggled to keep from crying.
“There are few cases that impact homicide detectives — this is one of them,” said HPD Homicide Detective Mike Miller, who’d interviewed Nelson and held back tears as he described her. “She is a cold, soulless murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster. She decided when the time was right and she swooped down and took him when she saw the time was right, and she saw an opportune moment. I’ve worked in Homicide Division 14 years and this is the worst case I’ve been a part of — an innocent 12 year old who everybody says was happy, outgoing and well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood. It’s an absolute tragedy.”

Mona Nelson2Mona Nelson (l); Jonathan Foster (r)

KTRK reports that on August 12, 2013, the trial of Mona Nelson for the murder of Jonathan Foster finally began in a courtroom in Houston. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. Nelson has asked for a judge instead of a jury to decide the verdict.

According to Donald Joy of ClashDaily.com, “Nancy Grace dropped the story as soon as she realized it was a black woman murdering a little white boy. The media have avoided the story like the plague, never once looking into whether it was a ‘hate crime.’ The original local news report has been removed. Suspect has sought and received legal counsel from local leadership of the New Black Panther Party.  No story here, folks. Move along …” (See also “Nancy Grace makes racist slur about Zimmerman“)
H/t FOTM’s TPR and joworth
See also “Obama has DHS agents in Ferguson; pays protesters to justify martial law,” as well as FOTM’s posts on little-reported black riots and black-on-white assaults and murders:


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0 responses to “Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch

  1. Is it just me, or does it seem as if millions of demons came howling into America the moment Obama took office.

  2. Excellent work Fellowship.

  3. As Hannity said, the media died in 2008. Nothing but liberal propaganda now.

  4. Trish Lassiter

    Gives this to Genn Beck – he just covered a similar horrific story that never got media attention.

  5. Dr. Eowyn, thank you very much for posting this. If the races were reversed, we’d have this story shoved down our throats 24/7 by every available means of media.
    Here’s a five minute clip by UCLA professor Tim Groseclose on how the state-run media purposely omit stories that don’t suit their agenda. It’s from Prager Universisty at http://www.dennisprager.com

  6. As a libertarian, I define “justice” as being when people get what they deserve.
    I hope the prosecution botches it to the point this spawn of Satan walks on a technicality.
    Then, hopefully, justice will swiftly land on her.
    And even of it doesn’t in this world, she will damn sure get it in the next.

  7. More proof that modern America is a giant cesspool populated with some evil people!

  8. Screwtineyes

    I love that pic of him you posted in the replies Dr E. I tried to photoshop that one with him holding a huge pair of granny knickers, but I suck at photoshop lol

  9. I heard that she is going for a stand your ground defense. Is that really true?

    • I don’t understand how she could claim Stand Your Ground. She was not the one needing to “defend HERself” (from who? a skinny 12-yo kid?), & it was not HER home that was invaded (she herself was the “home invader” of the boy’s home), etc. Sounds like she’s grasping for straws. That, or those Black Panther legals are up to something no good.
      I can’t believe the prosecutor is not seeking the death penalty. How gruesome does a case have to be before they do ask for the death penalty? What is the criteria for doing so? Are they not confident enough re their case/evidence? etc. (thinking out loud here).
      And I notice she does NOT want a jury trial. Well, no wonder! If she is a narcissistic PREDATOR, she probably thinks she can schmooze a judge, they (narcissists) always do think they can schmooze anybody.
      Thank you, Dr. E, for the fully expanded coverage & all the additional details.

  10. I kind of like the idea that by whatever the means you murder someone, if you are found guilty of the crime , the same will be done to you . The ultimate payback .

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for disclosing this remarkable event that is so horrific and demonic that I cried when I read it. You don’t hear the king saying that this little boy was like a son (although Obama is part Caucasian). It is unconscionable that the press has ignored what happened here.

  12. Alexis Carter

    racist and bias article. No matter skin color right is right and wrong is wrong, but ignorance is common. What she did was ridiculous as well as what zimmerman did. why does color always have to matter or why should that be used to justify a crime?

    • “why does color always have to matter or why should that be used to justify a crime?”
      Hey, Alexis Carter, did you say that to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, all the blacks who rioted and killed in the name of Trayvon Martin, and especially the sitting president in the White House who singlehandedly elevated the Trayvon shooting to a racist cause, when he called Trayvon his son?
      Mere days ago, the New Black Panthers Radio called for the killing of all white people: https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/new-black-panthers-call-for-killing-of-all-white-people/
      Why aren’t you asking the Panthers “why does color always have to matter”? Hmm?

      • If this had been a black kid being killed by white woman there’d be a whole lot more media about this. seems like nobody really gives a s*** When it’s the other way. It’s funny how much people and their opinion change. I glad there are some people still out there not afraid to show the other side of story.

    • Alexis, the title, “Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch,” is a straight forward statement of fact.
      You may ask why we don’t just say evil woman kills little boy with blow torch. Well, that is the way things are being reported all over the country today, and it is effectively covering up a lot of racially motivated crimes, including murder. If it were the KKK, we would write, “KKK murders more innocent black people.” But that’s not what happened in this case. And it breaks many hearts of all races.

    • It’s impossible for me to understand what you meant when you wrote that “What she did was ridiculous….” Did you really mean that we readers should ridicule her behaviour?
      What the Hell are you thinking about here? If you can explain this in any way that makes some moral sense out of this nightmare, than please do so ASAP, as we are all waiting to learn what that might be.

  13. Such a shame…heartbreaking. I can’t believe someone would kidnap a child, do ‘God knows what’ to that child, murder the child, burn the child’s body and dump it off the side of the road like trash and NOT get the death penalty! She deserves DP regardless of race or gender. Shame on Texas for dropping the ball on this one.

  14. Every child killer need to be put to death no matter what color

    • An excellent idea, but let the aggrieved parents do it at their choosing. As I suggested for dealing w/our unbelievable monster, Clifford Olson, put him in a locked room w/the parents, w/whatever they need, and the doors aren’t opened until a parent asks the police on guard to open them.
      I’m sorry if this doesn’t seem very Christian of me, especially as I’m a Friend/Quaker, but I am a parent first, and Quaker afterwards. I also advocate the Seconad amendment to the max, an armed defensible home, concealed carry, and habeas corpus.

  15. amazing thing is Angela Davis is the name of famous black panther commie in CA…..

  16. Stories like this don’t get covered, while stories like Ferguson Missouri get national attention. Good call!

  17. They should fry her ass I am not racist I hate everybody equally and especially anybody that brings harm to children and elderly people!

  18. If she got the death penalty it would be called racist. If she had a jury with ANYBODY white it would be racist. If she doesn’t get to walk. It will be called racist. Let’s be real. Most black people pull the race card and it is perfectly fine. But try and turn it around and you are a racist. I fully believe what she did WAS motivated by race. But if white people started riotin over this little boys murder, then it would be racist. Im America, you’re a racist if you are White. And a BIG part of it is due to our so called “president”!

  19. prefer not too

    No matter black or white!! Killing is killing!!! If u can take a life ESP the life of a child, then you should except nothing less for yourself as what you gave!

  20. Blame Obama for everything, ignorant ass conservatives.

  21. If you all would do your research rather than believing this BLOG site, you would know that this woman was tried and convicted to LIFE IN PRISON in a matter of 2 whole weeks. Quite possibly this didn’t make national news because justice was served? That’s just my opinion though. Lol Open your eyes and don’t believe everything you read on the internet. smh

    • Hey, MJ,
      Has it occurred to your single-digit-IQ brain that the reason why the trial of Mona Nelson was over so quickly is PRECISELY because of the lack of publicity due to the MSM’s suppression and censorship of this news? THANK YOU for substantiating my point about the MSM deliberately censoring this black woman’s horrific murder-by-blowtorch of white 12-year-old Jonathan Foster!

    • “Quite possibly this didn’t make national news because justice was served?”
      Well it sure didn’t take the State Run Media in Ferguson even two days to start reporting in the name of “justice”.

    • MJ, what kind of outrage does it take to make you realize the society has come off the rails?

  22. She needs to be put to death just like she chose for that young man to die. Tie her hands up, tape her evil mouth shut and burn her ass up until she has no teeth to identify her. I’ll bring the beer and marshmallows!!!

  23. Give the murdering bitch the same death that she gave to that poor little boy. Then drag her carcass through the streets to show what happens to sick, demented people who abuse children.


  25. If it was a white man killing a black boy now.

  26. I am totally sickened by this!!! I cannot come up with the words to describe the inhumane way this demon was/is … how?? how could you do this to anyone or anything? A child? A poor DEFENSELESS child???? I hope they take care of her in prison…

    • Never doubt that there IS plenty of justice behind the walls. Whenever you hear of the guards killed, be assured the most vicious ones are the first to be targeted, as they’ve earned it for a long, long time.

  27. Sounds like a means. Death is wrong when you decide on race or choose on something odd and keep pushing it. Take a good look in the mirror before and just be a fucking human.

  28. Oh no he couldn’t be Obama ‘s son so why does it matter dumb replicans yall is dumb

    • Bob facker, you poor man. You clearly have a single-digit IQ. Why don’t you ask Obama why he called Trayvon Martin his son? By the way, I’m a registered nonpartisan Independent.

    • I don’t even think Alinsky would buy that fake accent. Nice try though.

  29. Well in my opinion these are the crimes of children that were not raised right. Once they get older, and hormones kick in , you are going to have problems. So to all parents DO YOUR JOB !!!

  30. String her up!

  31. Sick!!! I have many thoughts about this but I will keep them to myself. I don’t understand some people are so sick.

  32. This is crazy. Who in the world could do this to an innocent little boy or for that matter an innocent child period, whether they were black or white. Where are the hearts of people this day and time. I just don’t understand how someone could totally ignore the cries of a terrified innocent human being, and brutally kill them. Again, whether it be black or white, there is no heart or morals towards another human being at all. I really feel for this childs mother. I can’t even imagine how she feels. I think that they should kill people the way that people take it upon themselves to kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. The media should be punished for not covering these incidents. We all have the right to be informed.

  34. If that’s a woman, then I’m a unicorn

  35. obama is consumed with hate.
    without a doubt, he celebrates and encourages these crimes.

  36. This report makes a big deal about a 12 y/o being home alone. At 12 I was babysitting neighborhood kids until late at night. Then a parent would walk me home. From 13 on I’d stay home alone when my family would go on vacation. Neighbors watched out for me. I didn’t advertise I was alone and kept doors and downstairs windows closed and locked. I couldn’t stand being cooped up in the car with my dysfunctional family and mean middle sister who made my life hell. I’d spend some nights at friends’ houses. Of course I was more mature than many adults my parents knew. I was an “old soul”.

  37. Fuck it! All the black people killed by white bigotry. About time some of u die. You are now the minority white America we have brain washed your sons and daughters to hate your ways and upbringing.

    • Can you please explain how 13% of the population becomes the majority? Oh wait you can’t so your comment is null and void.

    • Mike howrightismike

      Did you learn that in college or were you born stupid and racist?

    • youdontneedtoknow

      Blacks kill more blacks than whites do. We will just sit back and let you take out your own people. Check the statistics.

  38. Connie Lewis

    They need to do to her what she did to that little Boy!!!! COLOR DONT MATTER!!!!


    • @JACOY,
      I beg to differ. Judging by your poor command of the English language, as evidenced by your inability to put together a sentence without your pathological reliance on the single-syllabic F-word and A-word, I’m sorry to be the messenger of the distressing news that it’s YOU who’s the dumb one.

    • Mike howrightismike

      Jacoy, does the term “useful idiot” mean anything to you?

    • youdontneedtoknow

      What makes us miserable dumb asses? Because we want the same attention blacks CRY for? Suck it up blacks and take ownership of your own miserable existence.

  40. It doesn’t matter what race she is. She has been found guilty Tuesday morning. No death penalty but not sure how much time she will get yet.

  41. This is beyond awful. But really, you are blaming this on Obama? No crime happened before he was in office that escaped the news? Bad news everyday committed by every race.

  42. This is what I’m saying whites never take a stand for one another and it happens all the time unbelievable to me

  43. Steven Sutton

    I’m a white male from South Africa. Down here its much worse regarding hate crimes. For 20 years now we have been living in fear. Its law now that should you be attacked you have to be shot first before you can shoot back. If you do indeed shoot back you’re a racist, if you look at them (blacks) wrong your a racist. If you say anything about them your a rascist. This country went to sh*t the moment the world decided that the blacks have suffered enough by the hands of the white people. We kept them far away from normal,peaceful hard working folk for a very good reason. This is what you get for letting the devil loose and giving them power over the innocent. Its all over the world not just in SA and the states.if there should be a next world war it should be the whites against the blacks,only then will there be peace when we wipe them off the face of the earth

    • Steven, I sympathize with your problems. We must remember that’s it is a small handful of agitators, both black and white, along with their useful idiots who are causing all of the racial problems. Most people are peace-loving. However they’ve been conned by the media and many universities into accepting a racist, victim mentality.

  44. No death penalty. On a crime this horrific. That’s when we know how truly sad it is.

  45. Glenda anderson

    Where were Al & Jesse??????????????

  46. With all the turmoil in Missouri this story is sad. I know we have to forgive and forget but if was his parents that would be hard to do.Her excuse was hid in a bottle. God help us all.

  47. I am so tired of hearing this black person this and this white person that!!! Crime is crime no matter what the color or sex. Unfortunately in the world we live in not all bad people get their deserved punishment here on earth. If a person commits a crime against the same race person, it’s not a lesser or greater crime if it was against another race. Ignorance against another race or sex it just that. But a crime is a crime no matter what. Let’s stop focusing in on what is not the true issues.

    • “Crime is crime no matter what the color or sex.” “But a crime is a crime no matter what.” Then why do we have “hate crime” laws?

  48. I googled this the first link was from ABC news posted in 2010 with a full discription including photos, the second was that she was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to lfe in prison.