Celts in Kilts

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Every fall the little town of Ocean Shores, WA has a Celtic Music Festival.  My son, a music lover with Scots blood on both sides of the family, took some great videos of this year’s action.    Slainte!  ~LTG

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0 responses to “Celts in Kilts

  1. There’s nothing like the sound of drums and bagpipes to revive a soul with a drop of Celtic blood in their veins!

  2. GF, if you have any photos of your daughter as a dancer at the Highland Games, I’d love to play around with making another video.

    • No problem, GF. Wheelchair bound, as I presently am, time is not an issue. Only do it if convenient.
      For anyone else who’d like to to convert photos to video, I have time on my hands right now to work on these little projects.
      I’m looking for photos that are specific to an event, an era or a subject.
      If they’re digital photos, email them to lowtechgrannie@gmail.com

  3. Thought someone was trying to strangle my cat out in the garage. in Ireland we have uillean pipes which make a far better sound than those horrible bagpipes. And we don’t wear kilts we wear breeches. Kilts were an English invention when they conquered the Scots. LOL

  4. I’ll take both…for everything there is a time and a season 🙂
    the sweet music of…the highlands ,the lowlands and the bonnie blue sea….but the Scotts were conquered ? Rather difficult to believe…:)

  5. Thanks I enjoyed this very much. It reminded me of a Celtic New Year’s Eve we spent up in South Dakiota one year. Lots of fun, lots of music and and dancing.


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