Celine Dion launches gender-neutral children’s clothing line to “encourage dialogue of equality”

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So women are supposed to be proud of their gender yet teach their children to be gender neutral? Pick a side proggies and try to be consistent with your messaging.

From People Magazine: Céline Dion is passing on her love of fashion to the next generation.

The stylish singer, 50, partnered with the gender-neutral children’s line NUNUNU to create her own collection featuring over 70 stereotype-free styles for kids aged zero to 14Y.

She worked on her line, aptly named CELINUNUNU, with the brand’s founders Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, and simultaneously announced and released the capsule on Tuesday. (Check it out on celinununu.com.)

“I’ve always loved NUNUNU and what they represent,” Dion said in a statement. “Partnering with Iris and Tali to encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility makes so much sense.”

She continued, “CELINUNUNU lets children choose outside stereotypes and norms so they can bring from within their own tastes and preferences. We help them feel free, creative, inspired, respectful of one another and happy in the world.”

With this release, the singer and designer wants to encourage both parents and kids to break free of typical children’s clothing clichés and think outside the pink-for-girls and blue-for-boys mindset.

Therefore, the line delivers mini versions of fashion-forward looks. Dion created cool prints (like stars, alphabets and plus signs), shirts that say “NEW ORDER,” harem pants and skull-covered baby hats in a palette of white, black, yellow and denim. There’s even a leather jacket for kids that costs $290, though most prices fall between $50 and $100.

For the “My Heart Will Go On” songstress, it’s a personal mission to expand people’s mindsets when it come to fashion, which is why Dion aligned so much with the brand’s mission: “Fashion has the power to shape people’s minds.”

Read the whole story here.

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22 responses to “Celine Dion launches gender-neutral children’s clothing line to “encourage dialogue of equality”

  1. This gender neutral crapa really needs to stop. You either have a little boy or a little girl and they should be made comfortable in their own skin not made to feel inferior if they are one or the other.
    I can’t help but fear the damage being done.
    Celine is just another publicity seeker. All for the wrong cause. She should stick to singing.

    • Glenn47 . . . I could not agree with you more! Upon finishing reading this article, the first word that came to my mind regarding Dion was . . . .
      Dingbat! We don’t need people in the headlines to further confuse parents and eventually children in our society.

  2. Let’s not forget she comes from Canada, they think different than us. There are affordable and very pretty baby/children’s clothing without paying for the label. I don’t believe paying for the label when the child will outgrow the garment ándese my pocket shrinking.

    • Alma, Celine Dion and the Hollywood scum whose kids are photographed wearing this stuff are short-leashed cut outs for an Israeli black op fronted by two of its female “entrepreneurs.”

  3. And my pocket shrinking

  4. These new age celebrities are constantly giving cause for those who crave an example to respect, and emulate to lose all hope. Or,… at least we should “hope” that most see through this nonsense.

  5. Celine has a beautiful voice, but she’s just another sick woman.
    Why is it so many can’t face the fact that God made people to be either male
    or female. Nothing else exists except in the minds of sick people.
    The problem is, that none of them believe in God. She doesn’t know that HE gave her that voice…what a gift she was given.

  6. The buzz on the Hollyweird gossip site, Crazy Days and Nights, is that Celine Dion is a lesbian.

  7. This gender-less look is just another stereotype. It is the most anti-individual fashion look too. …Not to mention unattractive. Reminds me of communist-anti-fashion-ugly ill-fitting clothes.

    My 13 year old daughter and I were watching old films together from the 40’s and 50’s and she told me she wishes the beautiful dresses would come back in style. Women were feminine and men were masculine and they looked fabulous. Anytime in history, these gender neutral clothes would have a punch line in a joke or a scathing insult.

    Gender specificity is the ideal. Being confused about your gender is not ideal. I can’t imagine any advantage to being gender neutral. This is a test of how crazy social engineering can make people. It’s by design. But, it won’t last because it’s so unnatural.

    AND –
    Boys vs. girls clothing fits differently in certain places because of the differences in anatomy, starting from a very early age. My daughter is not built the same as a boy, and anyone who has ever purchased clothes for a child can understand how ill-fitting the wrong clothes can be! Try to dress your little boy in pants made for a girl or reverse the situation and it’s easy to see the issue. The cuts and patterns are different for children’s clothes, not just because of “social constructs” but because there are physical differences.

    • Michelle . . . . Bravo, you daughter is a brilliant child! I must admit, I love the fashions from decades ago . . . so feminine, so beautiful, and for the most part those garments were modest. Even thinking back to the Academy Awards of several decades ago–I loved seeing the beautiful, glorious dresses the stars would wear. Now all we get is who can reveal the most skin, and the dresses are ugly at best.

  8. This is sickening, but more so are parents that don’t name their babies and wait for them to decide what they are going to be. Don’t want to sound like a Nazi here but the parents should be neutered, and the kids taken into protective services so that they can be adopted post haste.

  9. Most parents would be able to afford it anyway so the message is lost to 99 percent of the population anyway. Of more concern at the moment is where clothing is manafactured and the enviromental impact of manufacture, a far more serious issue.
    Many European fashion houses are experimenting with more sustainable models, but not in the states it seems. Oh no Madam Turnip!

  10. Only a lunatic or someone into “death” cult would dress an infant in black…or any children. Did you see the pic of baby in black swiggles with expression “I just crapped my britches”?

    The yellow Tee shirts with X, cross and bullseye printed on them appear to be sigils like the stripe and wierd design in other cloths somewhat like MK-Ultra used “polka dots” to trigger “Manchurian Patsies”.

    Perhaps all the various “stars” splattered on their clothes is new instant sorcery ? Every Corporation use sigils and religion for programing.


    Celine’s being extorted. Probably concerns her children? I was curious how long the barriers would remain strong her late husband developed to keep the mafia at bay.

    If you want to save money on baby & kids clothes – check out Hospital Second Hand Stores. Many things have never been used; still have tags for women and men…plus kitchen items, wedding dresses, coats, shoes, etc.

    Call around your Hospitals 100+ miles. Some have “Bag Day Sales”. Anything you can stuff in a bag for $3 or $5.

  11. What do skulls, the term “new order”, and a clear loathing for anything colorful have to do with “equality”? Even the yellow looks like something that has been stained with urine, at that, its not a true and rich rose, goldenrod, or daffodil.

    The clothing is repressive, anti-individual, vile, and not something anyone of any age really should wear, and clearly overpriced at that. (290 dollars for a child’s leather jacket, which they’ll outgrow shortly after, is disgustingly unreasonable. I bought myself a full-sized ranch trench coat-type jacket made of leather for about 10 dollars more than that, if I recall, that was with considerable markup, and it is decidedly an adult size long coat, lots of material.) What they’re actually doing with this is trying to program the children (and others) through the clothing, they even essentially admit as much with that last sentence, but the question is what are they trying to program them with? (given the rather realistic skull focus, death and/or evil of some sort is probably what is meant… the lack of color to take away hope or morale, perhaps, thus yielding depression and anxiety, not sure if the so-called yellow functions the same, any thoughts on what is being aimed at to program the kids with?)

  12. This is pure NUTS! I’m thinking back to raising my 2 boys in hand-me-down clothing (my first child was born just after my husband and I married/ graduated college….we had a paid-off car, no health insurance, and one job between us…..). I dressed my infant boys in hand-me-down pink “one-sies” or even a favorite pink plaid overall that I remember…etc etc….BUT…I NEVER EVER EVER dressed either of them in either NEW or hand-me down BLACK, like this picture of a “Dion gender-neutral baby outfit.” This late madness is indicative of a loss of perspective, a total ignorance of the importance of modeling gender acceptance and identification psychologically (in the face of this “new-world” claim that a child can “choose” his/her own gender eventually if we just stay out of it….) to a child born into a world that, to he/she, was “neutral” to begin with….for about 20 seconds…..And back to fashion….WHO IN THIER FREAKIN’RIGHT MIND ever chose to dress their baby in BLACK??????? TOTALLY against anything that anyone would “poll” for…so, I’m assuming Dion and her marketers NEVER took that market poll.

  13. She calls it fashion. I call it a onesie.

  14. We need negative star ratings? Instead of stars we use -X’s, IMO

  15. If Celine so deeply believes in this, why did she dress her three sons as young men for their dad’s funeral? Fake double standard. She is part of the n w o crew promoting a satanic agenda. Stick to singing Celine…that’s all your good at.


  16. Celine’s baby & child unisex-clothing partners, (((Adler & Milchberg))). Just more perverting of the Gentiles from their youth up. Wake up mothers!

    Maybe NUNUNU is UN backwards x 3-for-emphasis, UNUNUN. :-/

    Sorry to hear the DDoS attacks continue. No problem with page-loading.

  17. I’m surprised Target hasn’t added this to their baby clothing section (they do have a unisex baby category), especially since they no longer keep toys separate by gender, either.


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