CDC: 1 out of 7 ‘transgender women’ have HIV

In past years, the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published on “transgender people” being “at higher risk” for HIV — especially “transgender women”, i.e., men who identify as women, and black “transgenders”. CDC defines “transgender people” as “people whose gender identity or expression is different from their sex assigned at birth” and “gender identity” as a “person’s internal understanding of their own gender.”

According to the latest CDC publication, an April 2019 fact-sheet on “HIV and Transgender People“:

  • As many as 14% of U.S. “transgender women” have HIV.
  • A vast majority of the 2,351 transgender people in the U.S. diagnosed with HIV in the years 2009-2014 were “transgender women”:
    • 84% (N=1,974) of transgenders with HIV are “transgender women”, i.e., biological males.
    • 15.35% (N=361) of transgenders with HIV are “transgender men”, i.e., biological females.
  • As many as 44% of black “transgender women” have HIV, the highest percentage among all “transgender women”.
  • Blacks also make up a majority of “transgenders” with HIV:
    • 58% of “transgender men” with HIV.
    • 51% of “transgender women” with HIV.

A recent study by a team of four CDC scientists reinforces and confirms the CDC fact sheet.

The scientists published their findings in “Estimating the Prevalence of HIV and Sexual Behaviors Among the US Transgender Population: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, 2006-2017,” American Journal of Public Health, Nov. 29, 2018. Below is the Abstract of the article:

Transgender women (transwomen) in the United States have been shown to have high HIV risk with Black and Hispanic transwomen being particularly vulnerable. Growing research on transgender men (transmen) also shows increased HIV risk and burden, although not as much is known for this transgender population. […]

We reviewed 88 studies, the majority of which were cross-sectional surveys. Overall laboratory-confirmed estimated prevalence of HIV infection was 9.2% (95% confidence interval [CI] = 6.0%, 13.7%; κ = 24). Among transwomen and transmen, HIV infection prevalence estimates were 14.1% (95% CI = 8.7%, 22.2%; κ = 13) and 3.2% (95% CI = 1.4%, 7.1%; κ = 8), respectively. Self-reported HIV infection was 16.1% (95% CI = 12.0%, 21.2%; κ = 44), 21.0% (95% CI = 15.9%, 27.2%; κ = 30), and 1.2% (95% CI = 0.4%, 3.1%; κ = 7) for overall, transwomen, and transmen, respectively. HIV infection estimates were highest among Blacks (44.2%; 95% CI = 23.2%, 67.5%; κ = 4). Overall, participation in sex work was 31.0% (95% CI = 23.9%, 39.0%; κ = 39). Transwomen (37.9%; 95% CI = 29.0%, 47.7%; κ = 29) reported higher participation in sex work than transmen (13.1%; 95% CI = 6.6%, 24.3%; κ = 10; P = .001).

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What is called HIV is, if it can be detected at all, is in all likelihood a human endogenous retrovirus (HERV), which are not viruses at all but nevertheless exist in the human genome by the dozens. They are expressed under conditions of high oxidative stress, repeated infections (STD’s), drug abuse, protein malnutrition (Africa), infusions of foreign proteins, etc. So an “HIV test” doesn’t detect HIV, primarily because there is no such thing, but they are not completely worthless. Like taking your temperature they indicate something is going on in your body but with no degree of specificity. It is… Read more »


The entire edifice of HIV/AIDS rests on the foundation of Robert Gallo’s four papers published in 1984, never subjected to peer review. He’s actually made edits to them which is completely beyond the pale scientifically. There have been numerous demands for retraction by reputable scientists, all ignored. Gallo was indicted for fraud and scientific misconduct but was pardoned by Clinton in 1996. He’s still around as far as I know, a thuggish junk “scientist” of the lowest order


I consider homosexuality not to be a “lifestyle,” but a “death style.” It disproportionately leads to the early deaths of its practitioners. So very sad. The deceptions of our age have ruined so many who didn’t see disaster coming.


The CDC used to publish stats of AIDS broken down by clinical presentation, what specific diseases and conditions were manifesting. By 1997 almost two thirds of people diagnosed with AIDS, not “HIV positive” but AIDS, were not even sick. Their clinical presentation was nothing. The first time in medical history that a syndrome with 100% mortality was diagnosed on the basis of “good health”. Why not? As we know some boys have a vagina and warming causes cooling. The CDC fixed the problem by no longer publishing those stats, 1997 was the last year. The little people don’t need to… Read more »


It is in detriment of oneself to practice unhealthy behaviors, especially the younger generations that experiment ignoring consequences that will develop later on, when it is too late.

Exhausted moderate
Exhausted moderate

This site sure seems to lure the crazies…
I wanted to challenge the notion being spammed by wm, but I can’t imagine making headway with someone that literally doesn’t understand context regarding the term endogenous…

I keep losing faith in humanity; and I’m surprised by each loss as I’d been convinced my supply was exhausted already.


I imagine TG’s also have a high incidence of Hep C, another imaginary virus. Hep C is primarily a consequence of liver inflammation due to IV drug use. It was for a time almost a general phenomenon. When doing clinical assessments of IV drug abusers I would say, “So, you must be Hep C positive.” And they’d say, “How did you know that?” Just a hunch. The Hep C market has boomed in recent years. The new “antiviral” drugs claim a 98% cure rate, easy to do when you are taking credit for curing a virus that doesn’t exist. Not… Read more »