CDAN: Actor Jerry Van Dyke raped & pimped his daughter

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Hollywood truly is a cess pool of stomach-churning evil.

Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) is a Hollywood blog run by someone with evident insider knowledge of the “entertainment industry” — Ent Lawyer (Ent=Entertainment), who says he’s never been sued. He is described by The Daily Beast as having a track record of accuracy. Investigative journalist Mark Ebner said this about Ent Lawyer:

In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.

Born in 1958, Kelly Jean Van Dyke was an actress and porn movie performer. She was the daughter of actor Jerry Van Dyke and niece of actor Dick Van Dyke. As an actress she was known for such television programs as My Mother the Car.

In a blind reveal today, Ent Lawyer of CDAN states that Jerry Van Dyke raped Kelly when she was 12. Not only did he continue to rape his daughter, Jerry also pimped her out to other men, including actors Robert Mitchum and Martin Landau. Below is the CDAN blind reveal (I inserted the names):

Friday, November 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4 – Anniversary Month

This is from an unpublished interview in 1990. The magazine, which is a monthly magazine, is known by all of you and fact checked the story. They refused to publish it though because they didn’t want to ruin the lives of the men involved, based on the recollections of a person they knew would have her past actions called out. One of the editors also said that at some point, the woman [Kelly Van Dyke] gave consent to the sex. Umm, she was barely a teenager. There was no consent. I will use R for reporter and S for subject. The father they are discussing was a B list mostly television actor [Jerry Van Dyke]. The [Robert Mitchum] in the interview is a permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor who was a long time family friend of the B lister. The subject killed herself about a year after this interview.

R – When did it first begin?
S – I was about 12. My dad came in my room sometime during the night. He was drunk and told me it was time for me to grow up. He then crawled into my bed and slid down my underwear and raped me.
R – Was that the only time?
S – From that point forward, whenever he would get drunk I knew he would be coming after me. I started spending the night away from home whenever I thought he might go out and start drinking. I started stealing sleeping pills from a stash of them I found in the medicine cabinet just to not be awake during the rapes. I then started taking them during the day just to numb the pain. I have been addicted to some kind of drug ever since.
R – You mentioned earlier that your dad would sometimes bring others with him. Would you clarify that?
S – Sometimes, but not often, my dad would bring over [Robert Mitchum]. He was a big movie star even back then. My dad would bring me to one of the guest bedrooms and tell me to make his friend happy and that if I didn’t, he would beat me. This started after I had started taking pills and most of the time I was a zombie, but knew there was no fighting it so would just do what he or any of the other friends dad brought over, wanted to do to me.
R – How many times did [Robert Mitchum] come over?
S – At least five or six times. One time my dad brought me to a film set to watch [Martin Landau] make [Lethal Victims]. I thought it was really fun to be there until my dad told me to go to [Martin Landau’s] trailer and wait for him. I knew what that meant. I hated going to any movie sets after that. My whole life has been one f**ked up mess because of what my dad did to me. Do you think I like doing what I do for a living? I hate it. Every single time I have sex the faces of these men show up everywhere. I hate my life and I hate living.

Kelly Jean Van Dyke/Jerry Van Dyke/Robert Mitchum/Martin Landau/Lethal Victims

Martin Landau and Jerry Van Dyke acted in the obscure 1987 movie, Lethal Victims.

On November 17, 1991, Kelly Van Dyke committed suicide by hanging. She was only 33 years old. The men who raped her all outlived her:

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36 responses to “CDAN: Actor Jerry Van Dyke raped & pimped his daughter

  1. Wow, as these keep trickling out they are starting to come as a dam broke.

    Hollywood is a far more sinister place than most of us had believed. Great pick up, thanks. J.C.

  2. There have been stories as long as there has been a Hollywood. All the way back to the days of “Fatty Arbuckle”. Let’s not forget the “Black Dahlia”. This story is indeed sick, but probably more common than we think.

    While not strictly “Hollywood” I was reading where Lily Allen’s father used to pimp her out to his friends when she was fourteen, and laugh about it. They are still close.

    We shouldn’t forget that these people, just like the phony “media” are just the modeling and entertainment arm of The Odor. They are dedicated to Satan (or at least their bosses are). Those wishing bigger things within The Odor must show their aberrant interests. The sicker the better.

  3. I believe every word of this one, and I’ll tell you why: Kelly Van Dyke gives details (but not too many), her facts could be corroborated (timeline, specifically), and she NAMED NAMES. She would’ve made a compelling witness.

    This story broke my heart. A long time ago, I was deeply involved with the son of an actor in that same peer group (John Ericson, of “Honey West” fame); he (my boyfriend) had been permanently psychically damaged by then, and ultimately, he died, alone, from an overdose on his 55th birthday. I can recognize pain, and when Kelly Van Dyke says, “I hate my life, and I hate living,” I believe her. Oh, the things that are done to children!

    For as “sophisticated” as we think we are, we’re actually as brutal as hell, aren’t we? And I’m only referring to mundane brutality. If you factor secret societies, ritual abuse, black magick, etc. into the mix, well, it gets exponentially crazy…fast.

    #NotMyKid #NotAnotherChild #hangthemhigh

    • Yeah. I have no trouble believing this. It is hard to communicate thoughts on something like this. It is complex and at the same time, simple.

      Being “famous” or “entitled” is not always what its cracked up to be. While I personally think we should all be grateful for what we are, most are not. I have known people who were famous and/or rich and were thoroughly miserable. Often, what they thought they wanted brought them nothing but grief.

      I lost count of the number of suicides of fellow high school students at my school. Some occurred shortly after graduation. All were what most would call “successful”.

      It is easy to conceive a child. It is much harder to raise one. It is impossible for one who is a child themselves. It really shouldn’t be too surprising that those who chase things greedily often get what they’re after. I really think that a lot of the time those who don’t achieve their goals are stifled by self-respect and morals.

      Knowing that makes it harder for me to understand why people look up to those who freely abandon self-respect for fame. It’s a poor substitute. None of these mirror worshippers can sustain themselves over time without faith.

      Her father failed her in the worst possible way. It’s too bad she wasn’t able to get help with her problems in adulthood. Unfortunately, there are many others just like her.

  4. She says that “he” [Robert Mitchum] was a big star “even back then?” In 1970? Pretty sure Mitchum was a major star long before 1970… strange thing to say.

    • That’s true. Remember, in those days there wasn’t an internet. If you didn’t see in on TV or in the theater, it didn’t happen. Just imagine, the “role model” diddling little girls.

      Even politicians were protected back then. If it were too offensive they wouldn’t run it. But yes, he was a “star” a long time before the ’70’s.

    • What she means is that although aging and in decline he was still a star at that time. People normally don’t speak phrase perfect, providing plenty of grist for lawyerly types.

  5. Is there anyone in Hollywood that isn’t infected with the pedophilia disease? That place needs to be razed to the ground and then buried under a hundred feet of salt.

    A couple of days ago on Twitter, Liz Crokin was posting about Panera Bread’s current spokesman, an actor named Rainn Wilson. She posted screenshots of some of the comments he has made on Twitter. He talks about raping infants and eating their flesh, among other things. He deleted them when he started taking flak, but Liz had saved them. Panera Bread needs to hear about it.

    • I rather suspect that what’s important to most there is enhancing their standing among the powerful. The powerful are into these things. If you are seen as someone who opposes these things they will get rid of you.

      That’s how that Marina Abramovic can do her “spirit cooking” extravaganzas and be sure of good attendance. You have to admit that it makes quite a statement to get hundreds of “stars” together for simulated cannibalism.

      If they are willing to do that, what’s a little hanky-panky with kids? I’m told that the real thing is available for those who want to “take it to the next level”. Those become the next award winners.

  6. God, please forgive this child and may she rest in the love of our savior Jesus Christ.

  7. Gunn and Jenna Fisher YT. I haven’t watched The Office since I found this, just after Gunn was outed. Then add Rainn Wilson to that mix.


  8. Kelly Van Dyke’s first porn movie debuted in 1991, soon after Jerry Van Dyke finally found success on the long-running sitcom, “Coach” in 1989. After he won several Emmys for the role, Kelly Van Dyke cashed in on her father’s success with a 1992 porn film called “The Coach’s Daughter.”

    Her track record of capitalizing on her family name is reason enough, in my view, to question her veracity in this interview, which remains uncorroborated. This is probably the real reason it wasn’t published in the ‘famous monthly magazine.’

    • She “cashed in”, but in a completely different way than you meant it. The fact that she (allegedly) killed herself lend credence to her story, at least in my opinion. That’s not to say her allegations should be enough to convict the men, but her story has that ring of truth that’s been so lacking in the accusations of others.

      • I completely agree. Besides, my default position with these is a lot like my default position with phony shooting operations. I do not assume the press, or Hollywood to be innocent.

        Suicide is a pretty compelling argument for the allegations being true. I surely did not read anything that was the slightest bit unbelievable. We KNOW there has been far worse committed in Hollywood.

        Much can be said about the whole spectrum of why and how people aspire to wealth, power and recognition and what they do to get it and what they do with it. Without even trying I can easily think of a dozen cases like this and I don’t even follow celebrities or Hollywood antics.

        In entertainment as in politics its all about connections. Those who have already sold their souls and are even tenuously connected prey on others who wish to have what they have. After all, its either that or a real job.

      • Of course she was unhappy. She was a drug addict and in a family of actors, she was the one in porn. This all suggests a lousy childhood, I agree, and does provide a narrative momentum for her self-destructive path to suicide.

        So, couldn’t an abusive childhood that led to such dire straits as hers, also contribute to her lying for money in exchange for the only thing she had left, her family’s reputation?

        • But WHY was she an addict and in porn? That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Having heard her (alleged) story, I don’t ask, “Why?” I ask, “Why not?” [h/t Dr. Phil 🤢]. And if greed was her motive, she might’ve shopped the story around after the first mag’s “first right of refusal”. In any case, she killed herself a mere year later, when she was 33 years old (incidentally, a number relevant to the Freemasons). Those are a lot of interesting data points.

          • I don’t understand the reluctance to believe a perfectly believable story. Surely no one has “more” faith than “less” in Hollywood and its attendant proclivities.

            We just read another piece on Charlie Sheen’s sexual addictions. While extreme, I doubt he’s the only one in Hollywood with nihilistic, ego-driven lifestyles. I tried to say that I believe that those for whom this fame and fortune is important enough to lose whatever self-respect they may have had for, often finds pleasure in their ability to flaunt the norms and morals of “the little people”.

            Said another way, they become Alec Baldwins. Imagine being paid enormous sums of money for doing virtually nothing and being admired and ogled everywhere. Some who are less than bright might actually come to believe in their own greatness.

            I suppose for me the story, as told, is MUCH easier to believe than that the attorney/author is wrong. The story is completely consistent with what I know of this phony dreamworld.

          • Perhaps you’re right, Recynd. You have empathic powers, it’s true.

            We can assume that Kelly Van Dyke was subject to tremendous pressure from the porn producers who wanted to exploit her name, just as we can be sure that they used her drug addiction against her. She might have felt the same pressure to produce a shocking interview for that magazine, and so came up with the rape and pimp story about her father, and threw in a couple more Hollywood types for good measure.

            I’m not saying she wasn’t a victim. She was.

            But what if she didn’t think of herself as a victim? What if she felt responsible for her bad decisions and guilty for dragging her family into it? Maybe it weighed on her. Maybe that’s what dragged her down. I think it’s at least as reasonable to say that this might be the underpinning for her suicide, as that the sensational interview story is true.

            But, you’re right, it could be true. It’s ugly enough out here, that’s for sure. For me, though, I can’t take this story at face value. To me, it looks like reckless lying by a desperate person. I’d need more evidence to think otherwise.

      • I doubt she had ANY say in titling the film. I believe this story and all the horrible things unfortunately. It’s more like the producer/director “cased in” on his star and her “father”.

  9. According to this, CDAN is a female. Unbelievable information in this link. Come to your own conclusions on legitimacy.

  10. Extraordinary claims like this supposed and outrageously scandalous revelation are anything but “evident insider knowledge,” demanding far better evidence than an anonymous gossip monger claiming to be a lawyer quoting an unpublished article from an unnamed magazine from almost three decades ago. The other claim about having never been sued, given the likely impossibility under the circumstances, is proof enough the revelation is likewise fabricated crap.

  11. “Lucifer is the patron saint of the visual arts” Babylonian Talmudic director Kenneth Anger

  12. Flannigan McGaffigan

    If Harvey Weinstein didn’t get his turn with her, he must really be pissed.

  13. I grew up idealizing these actors. My God how many more just have not been yet found out? BURN THE HOLLYWOOD CESS PIT TO ASH!

  14. I am on the fence, there is obviously more to this story.

  15. I can’t help but think where was her mom in all this? Did her mom die when she was really young? Did her mom reluctantly & silently go along with this?

    The poor girl…

    • It sounds like she had nobody to turn to when she needed it most.

    • I have no idea, but judging by Jerry’s nose he was a guy who knew his way around a bar. Just think of all the basically “poor little rich orphan” stories out of Hollywood. I wasn’t anywhere near Hollywood but knew a lot of kids growing up who were basically raised by the maid.

      I’ve also read several perfectly believable stories of these kids having mothers that joined in the “fun”. If you’re rich and famous you don’t need a license to do these things. When the cops show up at your mansion they pretty much do whatever you tell them to.

      Don’t try this at home if you’re middle-class or “below”.

  16. @Toni- If Kelly Van Dyke killed herself in 1991, how did she make a porn flick in 1992?

  17. PedoGate, Pedo Island, VatiLeaks, Jimmy Savile… all at the highest levels in many countries.

    I’ve noted that with the Increase in Homosexuality, and in the Occult, the Corrupted Church, there is a sharply Increased Demand for Exorcism

    Please see that post.

  18. I had absolutely no idea of this, let alone of the men involved. Hopefully, Jerry’s brother knew nothing about this—for his sake.
    Really disgusting stuff.

    I am eagerly awaiting the inside dope on Bush the Elder. Shouldn’t be too long….

  19. Over the years Enty has shared many entertaining and juicy stories about his own past nights out with various celebs, including flirtatious times with actresses and the like, which seem to ring true and make him sound like a straight male.

    Also even recently he gave a rare interview on some podcast and was male, although that could have been an actor.

    He was way ahead of the curve with Bryan Singer, Weinstein and other stories, talking about their crimes years ago before everything came out in the mainstream.

    He is also friends with the hedge fund guy who produced An Open Secret and works hard to expose pedophiles. Sometimes Enty publishes that guy’s findings as blinds before enough evidence can be gathered to bring some of these cases more public, or better yet, to trial. He shared tons of Kevin Spacey stuff going back years, when nobody could believe it.

    As a longtime reader since the first days of CDAN, I can attest that his blinds have an extremely high rate of accuracy. Sometimes in the rush to publish ten items a day he uses somewhat recycled headlines about rappers getting arrested, but what he posts is still generally accurate.

  20. I’m horrified!

  21. Absolutely horrific story. But I am afraid that is all it is, a tale. Where is the evidence? The accused are all dead? No doubt she was a victim and had problems, but I do not find her story credible. Reminds me of how the accusations towards Justice Kavanaugh’s were just mere fabrications.


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