Cats who love water

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Here’s your therapeutic de-stressor of the day.
Cats are notorious for hating water. Just try giving your cat a bath! LOL
But these cats love water. Some even swim in it!

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69

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0 responses to “Cats who love water

  1. Awwwww, relaxing and enjoyable. I had one cat that that never used the litter pan, he would use the toilet. He loved to be vacuumed. He saw the vacuum come out and he would lay in the floor and stick each leg into the hose, even his tail. His favorite dish was lasagne and when he saw the pan come out and the pasta boiling, he would sit up in his hind legs and beg until dinner was served and he got his plate of lasagne.
    He would sit on the couch with my Old English Sheep Dog, who happened to sit on the couch, butt only with feet on the floor and watch TV, even when no one was in the room, and there they they would sit together.
    He had a favorite chair and you always made sure there was room for him or he would sit in the foot stool and stare you down.
    I don’t think he ever saw himself as a cat. I miss those two more than you can imagine. I could write a book on those two.

    • Your cat sounds like quite a character! 😀
      It’s fascinating how animals, and our pet companions in particular, are INDIVIDUALS, with distinctive personalities. God must have such fun creating His creatures, every one a distinct INDIVIDUAL with its own unique personality and quirks.

      • So true, he was a hoot. A friend found out he even like beer, but it had to be a premium beer. We had to turn him off.
        If he wanted to use the bathroom and it was busy, he would sit and stare you down until you got up.
        When I was PG we would take our evening walk and the dog would follow us and the cat would follow the dog, What a sight, the little town loved watching us every night.
        Animals are the best, from my pet racoons to my horses, I always had animals and worked as a vet tech for many years. Best job ever.

    • Glenn47, that’s sounds to be perfect for me, if I get a cat again. My all-time favourite was Sgt Pepper, whom I inherited as a very experienced ‘street-fighter’ while we were living in the California redwoods near Garberville, in the mid-Sixties. He was SO independent and grand. He’d disappear for days at a time, then come home resplendent in mystery!

  2. Very good! Just one thing: if you should run from a tiger or a jaguar, don’t jump in a lake, they are more at home there than the Olympian Phelps.

    • And don’t forget the anacondas, malaria, elephantiasis, etc., etc., which is why I don’t travel. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know!

      • The wonders of television for the aged! I saw a film showing T. Roosevelt’s trip to South America in which he almost died. He asked others to leave him behind believingthat he would not survive, but they rebelliously defied his command and brought him back home for unexpected time with life. A river discovered by that expedition was named after him. Better him than me, or, if you prefer, better he than I.

  3. This cat has watched too much news of Baltimore and Ferguson lately.

  4. Kitties! Both of mine love to drink from the faucet and one, in particularly, likes to go in the shower after the human has been there. Silly…

  6. Why don’t I look that cute when I stick my “paw” under that faucet ?
    Love it. Only wish my cats liked water that much when I bathed them,
    We have had 5 cats since we were married 41 years – every one of them stray who came and asked us for a home. I swore when my last one died a year ago that that was it- I told God, don’t send anymore cats – we’re getting too old to bend over and scoop that litter box ! But I swear there must be an invisible sign in front of our house that only cats can read, and it must say, Cat lovers residence- vacancy, inquire within. Just two weeks ago we had another one stray come to front door and insist in coming into the house. No one has claimed him or wants him…..but us.


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