Cats welcoming their people home

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Contrary to popular belief, many cats do!


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  2. I love cats!

  3. When I returned home after two and a half weeks away (during which my cat was fed by a dog-loving neighbor), my cat reached out her paw to touch my outstretched hand as I was napping. It was a magical moment for me, and I knew we had missed each other.

  4. Good kitties!

  5. Every morning when I head for the kitchen to get a cup of coffee,I run a gauntlet of cats who all want to be scritched and tell me all about what happened while I slept. It’s such a part of my life I don’t know what I’d do without their “Good Morning” ritual. (Of course,last time I was out of town for 3 days and nights,I walked in and said,”Hey,kids-I’m HOME!” and several of ’em looked at me like,”Oh-were you GONE?”)

  6. My Mr. Blue has a full vocabulary he uses when I’ve been gone more than just a few hours. Missy usually meets me at the door, in my favorite chair and gives me a kitty kiss. Thanks for a cool video, that I truly enjoyed.

  7. One of my cats listens for the sound of my car coming down the road when I return from work each day. He exits the fenced yard and waits for my car to turn into the drive area, watching from a big bush to the side. When I get out to open the gate, he gets into the car in the passenger seat, and “rides” with me the other 30 feet into the drive to park and close the gate. We both get out of the car and he escorts me to the door, usually comes inside with me and flops down in the foyer for the evening. He’s been doing this for years. His name is “Buddy,” and he was an adult, neutered cat dropped off/abandoned in our neighborhood back when people first started to lose their homes due to the economy. He “chose” us and we’ve always been glad he did!

  8. I so love cats and no matter what anyone says that they can’t love you,they do.


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