Catholic University of San Diego goes satanic

Catholic universities in the United States regularly sponsor not just nonChristian, but downright anti-Catholic, speakers and events, including pro-abortionists.

But the University of San Diego (USD) in southern California has gone even further with a drag show a week ago “starring” a transvestite-sodomite-satanist.

Here is California Catholic’s exclusive report, “University of San Diego Goes Satanic,” April 14, 2014:

Despite the pronouncement of the Vatican’s Congregation for Education that its two prior drag shows were a scandal, USD held its third drag show on Thursday, April 10.

The master of ceremonies for the event was the local professional transvestite/drag queen Tootie Nefertootie (below). His website reveals him to be a gay activist who aggressively promotes same-sex marriage.

Tootie tranny
For his last diabolical selection of the evening, Tootie lip-synced the lyrics from the song “Good N’ Evil” by Linda Eder:

Good and evil –
And their merits –
Men have argued through history –
As well they should!
My philosophy
Any child can see –
“Good is evil –
And therefore
All evil is good

Tootie stripped off the black robe but kept on the goat-horned headdress with a skimpy outfit. The headdress resembles the satanic symbol Baphomet, usually portrayed as a half-human and half-goat figure. The goat-horned image of Baphomet is the symbol for the Church of Satan.

Tootie as devilThe day following the drag show, during his Friday morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis warned us that the Devil still exists and that he [the Devil] doesn’t want anyone to follow Christ. Also, in another speech on Friday, April 11, Pope Francis recognized the importance of gender when he made the following statement: “it is necessary to reaffirm the right of children to grow up in a family, with a father and a mother capable of creating an ideal environment for their development and emotional maturity.”

An article from the official Vatican News Service, Zenit, entitled “Gender Is Not A Choice”, illustrates some of the problems that result when society accepts the position that gender is malleable.

The drag show concluded with a student representative of  USD Gay Pride thanking  “the school for letting this happen…[because]…as you know some people may find this conversation uncomfortable…[however]…this is a testament to our…Catholic identity and our mission and values as a Catholic school to promote diversity and inclusion.”

The USD officials present at the drag show (some of whom participated as speakers and judges), again publicly maintained the university’s party line that the Catholic Church actually endorses “gender nonconformity”.  Donors listed at the bottom of the program include Urban Mo’s, part of Mo’s Universe, which is a group of gay restaurants and bars in Hillcrest.

The president of the U. of San Diego is Mary E. Lyons, Ph.D. Here’s her contact info:

Mary E. LyonsPhone (619) 260-4520
Fax (619) 260-6833

University of San Diego
Hughes Center 222
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110

The bishop of the Diocese of San Diego is Cirilo Flores, D.D., J.D. Here’s his contact info:

bishop_floresBishop Cirilo Flores
P.O. Box 85728
San Diego, CA 92186-5728
Ph: (858) 490-8200




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lol… sorry I was looking at the pictures thinking (with the chic with naked on shirt) Wow! What an ugly man! HA HA


It is the hour…Look up our redemption draws near, I greatly hope!


Anyone notice Mary Lyons has an Adam”s apple?


Possibly just a weird shadow, but you never know.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. It sickens me because I have been on the campus of the University of San Diego and I remember how beautiful it was and how it impressed me. This is absolutely demonic. As Pope Francis reminds humanity, the devil is infiltrating our society and is alive, and he especially infiltrates Catholic and Christian institutions. It is my hope that Bishop Flores takes care of this abomination at once.


FEW RERUNS OF TELLETUBBIES AND ….**voila**…you’re a wanna be crossdressing spinmonkey… like a charm


The only problem with current use of the word “Satanism” is that it isn’t used enough. It is now not only out of the closet, it is on television, the radio, in movies, and marching in our streets. Satan, Lucifer, Illuminati, the serpent, and Baphomet are all in the same program. (Baphomet is a Masonic/Eastern Star hermaphrodite god usually shown with female breasts and an openly displayed male erection.) The red dragon of Revelation 12 is increasing in his wrath we are told, and that prophecy is unfolding right before us. It is also covered in Matthew 24, and all… Read more »

Paladin Justice

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Obviously, the purpose of this “drag show” was to recruit impressionable minds to serve Satan. How allegedly responsible adult adminstrators at a university can approve of such a thing tells us how far gone the former USA is. The new United Satan States of America (USSA) is thriving. Thus, we must resist at all costs by any means necessary.

del nickell
del nickell

The Bishop suffered a stroke yesterday. Talk about the swift Hand of God!


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