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Do NOT let Facebook finish your sentences!

Facebook is trying hack your comments


A few minutes ago, when typing “Yes” in response to a friend’s photo about friendship, Facebook tried to “help” me finish my thoughts by turning a simple “Yes” in favor of friendship into “Vote Yes On The Audit.”  

The photo had nothing to to with a vote audit. And if you know me, you would know I would NEVER call for this vote recount. Therefore it is clear this finished sentence was not helping me repeat anything I had said before.

And the screenshot above was taken when I repeated the attempt to type “Yes.” That means that “Vote Yes On The Audit” is deliberately programed into Facebook right now.

Now we have another reason to proof read our Facebook responses. Not only are we in danger of looking stupid with correctly spelled incorrect words substituted by FB, but now whole political sentiments that are being forced on an unsuspecting public!

Remember please, the “Arab Spring” had Facebook’s fingerprints all over it. Then realize FB is not neutral, and not in any way your “friend.”

PS: I tried to repeat this on my wife’s Facebook account, and it didn’t happen. So it may be me who is hacked. Or FB might have an algorithm that makes this happen on randomly chosen accounts. But please keep an eye open when using FB, and never let it finish your sentences.

PPS: In an effort to stop this problem, I found a piece of advice that directed me to look at the apps that had been attached to the account, and remove any that are suspicious. I did so, and the problem stopped. I did this in a non-scientific way, so cannot say which one was the trouble maker.



Hillary uses Jill Stein to steal election via vote recounts in battleground states

She had the lying MSM working for her.

She had polls rigged for her.

She had dead people voting for her.

Still she lost the election, at 232 Electoral College votes vs. Trump’s 290 Electoral College votes. (Source: Yahoo!News)

But you didn’t think Hillary “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” Clinton would give up so easily, do you?

Hillary showing

The death threats to Electoral College voters aren’t working. So now it’s this new angle:

Trump and Russia hacked the election!

We’re demanding vote recounts in the battleground states — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan!

Why those three states?

Because, according to a Nov. 22 report in New York magazine, “a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers” — including voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society J. Alex Halderman — “believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.” In an article on, Halderman claims that “a foreign government” could have hacked the election because of “suspicious patterns in voting results in Wisconsin,” which other data experts say can be explained away by education and race variables.

There’s only a 107,000 combined vote margin separating Trump from Hillary in Wisconsin, Pennyslyvania and Michigan.

But it would be unseemly for Queen Hillary to demand a vote recount, although her lawyer Marc Elias coyly says the Queen will “participate” in vote recounts even though (1) she hasn’t found “any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology”; and (2) she doesn’t expect to overturn the election of Donald Trump as president. But she’s participating in vote recounts anyway because she just wants “to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides” — which is just so noble of Queen Hillary that I’m moved to tears!

So Green Party candidate Jill Stein will be Hillary’s stalking horse. The same Jill Stein who got zero Electoral College vote and a paltry 1.04% of the popular votes (or 1.39 million votes) in the 2016 presidential election. All of which makes complete sense that Stein is contesting the election results by demanding a recount of votes in those battleground states. /sarc


To recount millions of votes, Stein will need money, lots of money.

Rob Cotton reports for Inquisitr, Nov. 24, 2016:

“Stein and her running mate, activist Ajamu Baraka, had set a deadline of Friday, November 25 at 4 p.m. to reach the fundraising goal, as the $1.1 million required for filing in Wisconsin will be due on that date. In Pennsylvania, the Stein/Baraka campaign needs $500,000 by November 28. An additional $600,000 is needed to file in Michigan by that state’s November 30 deadline. An additional amount of $2-3 million will be needed for legal fees.

$1.1 million + $500,000 + $600,000 + $2-3 million = $4.2 to $5.2 million.

Jill Stein made her intentions known on her Facebook page around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 23. By this afternoon (Nov. 26), Stein has raised more than $5.8 million, with the goal now upped to $7 million. See for yourself at Jill2016.

In other words, in just 3 days Stein raised $5.8 million, all by crowd funding! The same Jill Stein who was the only candidate on the November ballot to rely on public money — four federal payments totaling $456,000 under the Presidential Election Campaign Fund — for her own failed presidential campaign.

So who are these millions of Americans who are donating to Stein’s vote recount war chest?


As in robots. Machines. Not real people.

How do we know this?

Because the donations came in and are still coming in in REGULAR intervals — even at 3 a.m. when most Americans are asleep.

Two days ago, freelance journalist Jim Stone wrote:

“JILL STEIN’S ELECTION RECOUNT IS BEING PAID FOR BY A BOT! A bot is pulling cash from a central fund, and giving it out at a pre determined rate. Go to Jill Stein’s fundraiser page and watch the progress. You will see that her funding is coming in at a PERFECTLY CONSISTENT 160,000 an hour. I watched this yesterday and last night carefully, and noted that at night, when everyone is sleeping and right through the time when the whole world slows down, her donations for this came in like clockwork, with no deviation from the steady pace whatsoever. The only way that can happen is if a bot was set up to fake her getting donations from multiple people, and whoever set it up did not consider the fact that practically everything would come from America, and practically everyone is asleep at 3AM. LAST NIGHT IT SHOULD HAVE SLOWED DOWN. IT DID NOT. IT JUST MARCHED RIGHT TOWARD THE FINISH LIKE AN OBEDIENT SOLDIER. It went straight to 2.65 million by six AM. I can calculate: IT WILL GO TO 4.5 MILLION IN 28.125 HOURS. Oh, a few people will pitch in for real, so I’ll say 27 hours . . . . Yes folks, we are watching the election steal as it happens. They could not do it by threatening electors, so now we have this. And it is all based on false claims, because Michigan CANNOT BE HACKED. Michigan has a CERTIFIED [paper] VOTE. There is NO WAY THIS IS LEGIT. And that means ONE THING – there are liars doing it, powerful liars who know in advance they are going to find what they are looking for.”

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Elections Commission said it had received Stein’s petition for a recount.

What you can do:

(1) Spread the news by publicizing this post on social media and via email.

(2) Keep the recount honest by:

  • Volunteering for the recount. Sign up here.
  • Politely warning the election officials in the 3 battleground states that you’ll be watching:


Leaked video shows Hillary, believing in media’s rigged polls, celebrates winning the election

Watch Bill jump up and down with fake joy.

What. Is he 12 years old?

clintons-premature-celebration-of-election-winSource of the above GIF is this longer video.

Then, reality begins to set in among her “useful idiot” supporters . . . .

When it was clear she’d lost, Hillary so appreciated her supporters [sarc] that she wouldn’t even speak to them, but dispatched her lapdog, chair of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign John Podesta.

Reportedly, Hillary went into a drunken rage, screamed about “the Russians,” physically assaulted Podesta and her campaign manager Robby Mook, and had to be restrained and sedated. See “Hillary Clinton was in a drunken rage on Election night”.

I can’t wait for some brave whistleblower to leak a video of that. 😀

H/t GiGi


Trump elected President!

I fell asleep last night, while watching the election results coming in from across the U.S.

After four hours of sleep, I woke up, turned my TV onto a local channel, saw the grim visages of the two anchors and news helicopter footage of protest fires set in a black neighborhood . . . .

And I knew, even before I heard the words from the grim mouths of the news anchors:

Donald Trump won!

Despite having the entire rotten Establishment behind her — from the rotten MSM, to the rotten FBI, to rotten Hollywood, to rotten Wall Street, to rotten schools-colleges-universities, to rotten Silicon Valley, to the rotten fraud-ridden electoral system, to the rotten elites of the two utterly rotten political parties — Hillary Clinton, who should be in jail instead of running to be POTUS, lost.

Here are the 2016 election results:

(as of 3:30 am EST, Nov. 9, 2016. I will be updating these results.)

ELECTORAL VOTES (270 needed to win): Trump 274, Clinton 218

POPULAR VOTES: Trump 58+ million, Clinton 58+ million


 Arizona: 70% precincts in – Trump 49.7%, Clinton 45.3%

Colorado: 83% precincts in – Trump 44.8%, Clinton 47.3%

Florida: 98% precincts in – Trump 49.1%, Clinton 47.7%

Georgia: 92% precincts in – Trump 51.4%, Clinton 45.5%

Iowa: 99% precincts in – Trump 51.7.%Clinton 42.3%

Michigan: 94% precincts in – Trump 47.7%, Clinton 47.2%

Nevada: 98% precincts in – Trump 45.5%, Clinton 47.9%

New Hampshire: 94% precincts in – Trump 47.4%, Clinton 47.5%

No. Carolina: 98% precincts in – Trump 50.5%, Clinton 46.7%

Ohio: 94% precincts in – Trump 52.1%, Clinton 43.5%

Pennsylvania: 97% precincts in – Trump 48.8%, Clinton 47.7%

Virginia: 96% precincts in – Trump 45.0%Clinton 49.7%

Wisconsin: 95% precincts in – Trump 47.9%Clinton 47.0%



(51 needed for control)

Republicans 51 vs. Democrats 47


(218 needed for control)

Republicans 235 vs. Democrats 191


Republican: Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Utah, Vermont,

Democrat: Delaware, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia

Thank you, President-elect Trump, for taking your precious time, energy and millions of dollars, and enduring all the insults, accusations and threats on your life to save America.

But Trump’s victory is also a victory of Americans who have had enough of the rotten system. Trump’s victory is a victory of the Alternative Media over the rotten old mainstream corporate media.

But I take little satisfaction from the fact that we won because more than 58 million Americans had voted to be President a woman who’s a known criminal and pathological liar, who is entitled and arrogant (“Why am I not 50% ahead?”), and who actually called the people over whom she would rule “deplorable” and “irredeemable”.

That so many would vote for a person who should have been arrested, convicted and imprisoned shows that Hillary Clinton is merely the tip of a deeper, underlying and very serious problem.

In the meantime, let’s at least savor our victory for a day.

And then, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work to —



Thank you, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for giving America another chance.


A Prayer for Election Day

Today, Americans across this former united states go each to our respective polling stations to cast our votes for the gravest and most consequential election of our lifetime.

At stake aren’t just opposing policies and rival visions of what America is and should be, this election is nothing less than a battle against evil.

For there is no other word but “evil” for Hillary and her associates who are acolytes of the demonic. (See “Evidence that Hillary Clinton and her associates are satanists” and “Why Hillary is too evil for voters to comprehend“)

For there is no other word but “evil” for this smiling woman who approves and supports the killing of unborn humans up to their 9th month who, if allowed by grandiose lawmakers, can and will live outside the womb. With today’s medical technology, prematurely-born far younger babies survive and thrive.

With widespread reports of skewed polls, voter fraud and a rigged electoral system (see “Predetermined vote counts show Nov. 8 presidential election is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton”), we should prepare ourselves for a Hillary “victory,” notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence that we see with our own eyes  — of the tens of thousands of Americans who turn out for Trump rallies, compared to the few at Hillary rallies when the camera actually pans out for a wider focus.

Trump rally in Biloxi, MS, Jan. 2, 2015hillary-rally

Psalms 37:1-10, 12-13, 23-24

Do not be provoked by evildoers;
do not envy those who do wrong.
Like grass they wither quickly;
like green plants they wilt away.
Trust in the LORD and do good
that you may dwell in the land and live secure.
Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will act
And make your righteousness shine like the dawn,
your justice like noonday.
Be still before the LORD;
wait for him.
Do not be provoked by the prosperous,
nor by malicious schemers.
Refrain from anger; abandon wrath;
do not be provoked; it brings only harm.
Those who do evil will be cut off,
but those who wait for the LORD will inherit the earth.
Wait a little, and the wicked will be no more;
look for them and they will not be there.
The wicked plot against the righteous
and gnash their teeth at them;
But my Lord laughs at them,
because he sees that their day is coming.
The valiant one whose steps are guided by the LORD,
who will delight in his way,
May stumble, but he will never fall,
for the LORD holds his hand.

As we go to the polls, cast our votes, then anxiously await the results . . .

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ give you serenity,

May the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ give you abiding wonderment that you are alive, and

May His love overflow and fill your heart.

Jesus loves us this much


See “Trump elected President!


The fix is in: Newsweek already has an issue in print declaring Hillary Clinton the winner

Newsweek magazine already has, in print, a November 8, 2016 “Special Commemorative Edition” declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of an election that hasn’t yet taken place. (Source of images below: Jim Stone)


What should we do?

(1) Vote, vote, vote — for Trump.

(2) Pray, pray, pray

St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 6:10-16

“Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

See also:


UPDATE (Nov. 10, 2016):

Fellowship of the Minds stands by this original post.

While I appreciate our readers who wrote comments saying that Newsweek had also prepared an edition announcing that Donald Trump won the presidential election, the assertion is incorrect. Newsweek did NOT prepare a print edition of Trump as the winner. This is how we know:

The National Enquirer reports:

Newsweek was left with a huge stash of magazines to burn — after their Special Edition ‘Madam President’ cover featuring Hillary was sent out to news vendors. An alternate cover celebrating ‘President Trump’ was also prepared, but the publishers had only printed copies of Hillary’s ‘winning’ issue.

Jim Stone, who first publicized Newsweek‘s “Madam President Hillary” edition on his blog after an image of the cover was posted to Imagur, explains that the image of a Trump version of Newsweek for election day circulating the web is a hoax “to counteract the Madam President Newsweek.” Stone points out:

“Newsweek sent out 125,000 copies of ‘Madam President’ before the election was finalized and has recalled them. There is no Trump edition. All pictures showing a Trump edition are fraudulent.

This report by the UK Express proves election fraud, even though Newsweek is brushing it off as them “being stupid”. Nope. It was not ‘stupid,’ they knew the election would be rigged, and really did never bother to prepare a Trump version. Trolls fabricated a Trump edition front cover to combat the Newsweek bust, but folks, no Trump edition exists even now.”


Predetermined vote counts show Nov. 8 presidential election is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton


This post may be the most important post you’ll read on not just the 2016 election, but the entire electoral system that legitimates the U.S. republic of representative democracy. The post is long, with multiple sections, so pace yourself accordingly. I suggest you bookmark this webpage so that you can return to read or re-read.

Jim Stone first posted about this two days ago on Nov. 1, 2016. Then InfoWars picked this issue up a day later on November 2.

What is claimed is that a hidden web site of NBC affiliate WRCBtv in Chattanooga, Tenn., shows pre-determined final vote counts for an election that hasn’t yet occurred — the 2016 presidential election scheduled for November 8.

Below is a screenshot Jim Stone took of the election results on WRCBtv’s hidden webpage, showing Hillary Clinton winning with 343 electoral votes and 42% of the popular vote. As Stone puts it: “SCAM ELECTION ALREADY CONFIRMED. TRUMP LOSES.”


Anticipating that skeptics or the vote-riggers would say that’s “hidden page” of election results is merely a “code test” for the TV station’s actual posting of election results on November 8, Jim Stone says that he’d “ripped the code out” and can confirm “there is no active in it to need testing," i.e., "the page has no code that will tabulate votes." The data on the hidden page are not codes, but are "all just typed in."

Stone and InfoWars say the predetermined election results are provided by

So what is WorldNow?

This is what Wikipedia says, with a lot of jargon:

"WorldNow is a New York-based software company . . . [that] offers the only integrated media platform enabling broadcasters, operators and media companies to easily create, acquire, manage, analyze, monetize and distribute media assets (text, images and videos) across all digital platforms and on-air systems in a unified, end-to-end workflow . . . . Worldnow's customers include CBS, COX, Dispatch, Fox Television, Meredith Corporation, Media General and Raycom Media . . . . On July 29, 2015, WorldNow announced its sale to Frankly, a San Francisco-based provider of white label social media services and mobile messaging apps . . . . In 2012, Fox Television Stations migrated its websites to WorldNow's platform . . . becoming WorldNow's second largest client (as of 2015, they have since switched to Lakana). In 2011, Meredith Corporation . . . began a four-year contract with WorldNow to operate its station websites. In January 2013, Media General reached a deal to move its eighteen stations to WorldNow, beginning with WFLA-TV."

A "media platform" is a "platform," medium or means of communicating news, such as a newspaper, TV station, Facebook, Twitter, or even a blog like FOTM.

I typed "" in the URL bar of my laptop, but was brought to the webpage of Frankly Inc. with this URL:

Frankly's "About" page says:

WorldNow, the original broadcast arm of Frankly, was founded in 1999. We now serve over 200 stations across the United States as a true partner, offering customization services and strategic trainings on industry best practices for user engagement and monetization.

Frankly's "Investors" page says:

"Our customers include NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates, as well as top fashion brands, professional sports franchises and global organizations."

In other words, WorldNow is a media software company that provides real-time data – such as election results – to local TV news stations like WRCBtv.

You can verify this for yourself by going on WRCBtv's website: Scroll down to the bottom of WRCBtv's webpage, and you'll see this in the bottom left of the webpage:

wrcbtv-com-webpage is "powered by frankly" and Frankly is the owner of WorldNow. In other words, WorldNow provides the content or the news for

Stone claims that for now,'s (predetermined) election results page is hidden, awaiting WorldNow to publicly post the (fake) election results sometime in the evening of November 8, Election Day.

I can verify that the webpage is currently hidden. Here's what I did:

  • I typed ""in the URL bar, but was brought to a McAfee Web Advisor page warning of "Trouble ahead" and asking me"Are you sure you want to go there?"
  • I then did a Yahoo search for " decision 2016". My search's results page has this at the top:

search-results-for-wrcbtv-2016-electionNote that it says "Decision 2016: Complete Election Results Posted".

  • I clicked the blue-colored "DECISION 2016: Complete Election Results" and was brought to this page of with the message:

Our Apologies

The page you requested is currently unavailable. Pages on this site are constantly being revised, updated, and occasionally removed. You may have followed an outdated link or have outdated pages in your browser cache.

  • Here's a screenshot I took:


So how did WorldNow come up with its predetermined final vote counts for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Answer: A method called "fractional vote".

To begin, a fractional vote feature is embedded in the GEMS election management system of electronic voting machines, which counts approximately 25% of all votes in the United States.

As explained by Gun&Game, the fractional vote feature can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages for the candidates. The tampering can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds; is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer; and is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures.

GEMS vote-counting systems operate under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. GEMS is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in Canada.

Vote-rigging by electronic voting machines is real.

A 2006 Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, investigates the flawed integrity of electronic voting machines, particularly those made by Diebold Election Systems (now Global Election Systems), and exposes previously unknown backdoors in the Diebold trade secret computer software. Hacking Democracy documents American citizens investigating anomalies and irregularities with electronic voting systems during the 2000 and 2004 elections, especially in Volusia County, Florida. The film culminates in the on-camera hacking of the Diebold election system in Leon County, Florida -- the same computer voting system which has been used in elections across 39 states, and which still counts tens of millions of America's votes today.

So what is fractional or fractionalized vote?

Fractional vote is a method to distort the results of an election by “weighting” the votes. Instead of the principle of “one person-one vote," some votes are counted not as 1, but as a fraction of or less than 1 (e.g., ½ or ¼), or as more than 1 (e.g., 1½ or 1¾). The distortion of "one person-one vote" is in order to achieve a pre-assigned percentage of votes for each candidate. For example, Candidate A is pre-assigned 51% of the votes, Candidate B 44%, and Candidate C gets the rest -- 5%.

An algorithm is used to arrive at the pre-assigned percentages by changing the numbers automatically as the voting progresses. Although Candidate A in actuality received fewer number of votes than Candidate B, by "weighting" Candidate A's votes, those votes are distorted in value, with one vote being counted, say, 25 times, so that Candidate A is the winner. And although Candidate B actually received more votes than Candidate A, Candidate B's votes are "weighted" such that their values are less, with some votes converted to zero. The end result is that Candidate B loses.

According to Jim Stone, below are the numerical votes and percentages that are the pre-assigned presidential election results for the various states, which are already on the "Election Results" webpage of, a local TV station in Memphis, TN. (But if you go onto that webpage -- -- now, all the values are 0):

Line 119: US President Alabama
Line 121: Donald Trump (R) 715,592 44%
Line 122: Hillary Clinton (D) 634,275 39%
Line 125: US President Alaska
Line 127: Donald Trump (R) 115,252 44%
Line 128: Hillary Clinton (D) 104,973 40%
Line 133: US President Arizona
Line 135: Donald Trump (R) 906,638 46%
Line 136: Hillary Clinton (D) 867,218 44%
Line 139: US President Arkansas
Line 141: Hillary Clinton (D) 320,102 38%
Line 142: Donald Trump (R) 289,862 34%
Line 149: US President California
Line 151: Hillary Clinton (D) 4,076,539 45%
Line 152: Donald Trump (R) 3,643,970 40%
Line 156: US President Colorado
Line 158: Hillary Clinton (D) 452,857 23%
Line 159: Donald Trump (R) 367,446 19%
Line 180: US President Connecticut
Line 182: Hillary Clinton (D) 508,013 45%
Line 183: Donald Trump (R) 451,669 40%
Line 186: US President Delaware
Line 188: Donald Trump (R) 148,943 44%
Line 189: Hillary Clinton (D) 132,602 40%
Line 192: US President District of Columbia
Line 194: Donald Trump (R) 111,157 45%
Line 195: Hillary Clinton (D) 99,648 40%
Line 198: US President Florida
Line 200: Hillary Clinton (D) 2,758,845 44%
Line 201: Donald Trump (R) 2,543,706 40%
Line 206: US President Georgia
Line 208: Donald Trump (R) 1,490,410 45%
Line 209: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,324,808 40%
Line 211: US President Hawaii
Line 213: Hillary Clinton (D) 158,720 42%
Line 214: Donald Trump (R) 152,232 41%
Line 218: US President Idaho
Line 220: Donald Trump (R) 198,675 44%
Line 221: Hillary Clinton (D) 176,677 39%
Line 228: US President Illinois
Line 230: Hillary Clinton (D) 2,006,362 44%
Line 231: Donald Trump (R) 1,807,369 40%
Line 234: US President Indiana
Line 236: Donald Trump (R) 1,077,142 45%
Line 237: Hillary Clinton (D) 957,461 40%
Line 239: US President Iowa
Line 241: Donald Trump (R) 490,319 44%
Line 242: Hillary Clinton (D) 436,740 39%
Line 251: US President Kansas
Line 253: Donald Trump (R) 392,701 44%
Line 254: Hillary Clinton (D) 349,617 40%
Line 257: US President Kentucky
Line 259: Donald Trump (R) 721,167 44%
Line 260: Hillary Clinton (D) 647,285 40%
Line 265: US President Louisiana
Line 267: Hillary Clinton (D) 565,941 38%
Line 268: Donald Trump (R) 536,155 36%
Line 280: US President Maine
Line 282: Hillary Clinton (D) 223,591 43%
Line 283: Donald Trump (R) 207,990 40%
Line 286: US President Maryland
Line 288: Hillary Clinton (D) 934,981 45%
Line 289: Donald Trump (R) 831,655 40%
Line 292: US President Massachusetts
Line 294: Donald Trump (R) 960,930 44%
Line 295: Hillary Clinton (D) 864,838 40%
Line 298: US President Michigan
Line 300: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,495,253 40%
Line 301: Donald Trump (R) 1,420,490 38%
Line 306: US President Minnesota
Line 308: Hillary Clinton (D) 835,772 45%
Line 309: Donald Trump (R) 643,190 34%
Line 317: US President Mississippi
Line 319: Donald Trump (R) 455,836 44%
Line 320: Hillary Clinton (D) 404,169 39%
Line 326: US President Missouri
Line 328: Hillary Clinton (D) 919,407 44%
Line 329: Donald Trump (R) 826,715 40%
Line 333: US President Montana
Line 335: Donald Trump (R) 124,285 35%
Line 336: Hillary Clinton (D) 106,531 30%
Line 340: US President Nebraska
Line 342: Donald Trump (R) 266,304 44%
Line 343: Hillary Clinton (D) 238,319 40%
Line 346: US President Nevada
Line 348: Hillary Clinton (D) 392,071 47%
Line 349: Donald Trump (R) 349,756 42%
Line 354: US President New Hampshire
Line 356: Donald Trump (R) 233,389 44%
Line 357: Hillary Clinton (D) 211,541 40%
Line 361: US President New Jersey
Line 363: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,225,655 43%
Line 364: Donald Trump (R) 1,104,143 39%
Line 372: US President New Mexico
Line 374: Donald Trump (R) 257,643 41%
Line 375: Hillary Clinton (D) 243,336 39%
Line 382: US President New York
Line 384: Hillary Clinton (D) 2,874,820 49%
Line 385: Donald Trump (R) 2,464,969 42%
Line 388: US President North Carolina
Line 390: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,834,827 54%
Line 391: Donald Trump (R) 1,427,089 42%
Line 393: US President North Dakota
Line 395: Hillary Clinton (D) 106,150 39%
Line 396: Donald Trump (R) 81,170 30%
Line 401: US President Ohio
Line 403: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,768,330 45%
Line 404: Donald Trump (R) 1,571,848 40%
Line 408: US President Oklahoma
Line 410: Donald Trump (R) 532,869 50%
Line 411: Hillary Clinton (D) 479,581 45%
Line 413: US President Oregon
Line 415: Donald Trump (R) 437,729 35%
Line 416: Hillary Clinton (D) 375,196 30%
Line 419: US President Pennsylvania
Line 421: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,892,527 44%
Line 422: Donald Trump (R) 1,714,575 40%
Line 426: US President Rhode Island
Line 428: Hillary Clinton (D) 176,102 44%
Line 429: Donald Trump (R) 158,149 39%
Line 433: US President South Carolina
Line 435: Hillary Clinton (D) 686,264 44%
Line 436: Donald Trump (R) 610,431 39%
Line 442: US President South Dakota
Line 444: Donald Trump (R) 118,104 40%
Line 445: Hillary Clinton (D) 88,577 30%
Line 448: US President Tennessee
Line 450: Donald Trump (R) 707,501 36%
Line 451: Hillary Clinton (D) 699,358 35%
Line 457: US President Texas
Line 459: Hillary Clinton (D) 3,171,201 42%
Line 460: Donald Trump (R) 3,020,193 40%
Line 463: US President Utah
Line 465: Donald Trump (R) 229,420 30%
Line 466: Hillary Clinton (D) 191,184 25%
Line 475: US President Vermont
Line 477: Hillary Clinton (D) 102,409 44%
Line 478: Donald Trump (R) 91,938 40%
Line 483: US President Virginia
Line 485: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,207,579 44%
Line 486: Donald Trump (R) 1,087,068 40%
Line 490: US President Washington
Line 492: Hillary Clinton (D) 830,496 39%
Line 493: Donald Trump (R) 679,285 32%
Line 499: US President West Virginia
Line 501: Hillary Clinton (D) 276,617 44%
Line 502: Donald Trump (R) 248,391 40%
Line 506: US President Wisconsin
Line 508: Donald Trump (R) 795,047 40%
Line 509: Hillary Clinton (D) 587,532 30%
Line 515: US President Wyoming
Line 517: Hillary Clinton (D) 41,824 30%
Line 518: Donald Trump (R) 34,853 25%

There is another way to demonstrate vote rigging of the 2016 election -- a webpage on election results of KFVS12, a local TV station in Cape Girardeau, MO:

The webpage at present is a fakery in progress, with the final (fake) vote counts for some races already filled in, but blank for some other races. This afternoon, November 3, 2016, I took screenshots of every race with (fake) tabulations already filled in, but did not take screenshots of some blank races because I got tired of taking screenshots. The races with no (fake) vote counts are all minor races, such as those for city councils and local initiatives.


Ask yourself this question:

Why would the website of KFVS12, a local TV station in Missouri, have the final vote counts for some races in the upcoming November 8 elections already filled in?

If KFVS12's election results webpage as it is now is merely a "test-run" to ensure that the webpage will be operative on November 8, why are the vote tallies of some races -- all relatively unimportant local races -- blank? If the page is a "test," there should be "test" vote tallies for every race.

Can anyone offer another explanation for what's been presented in this post? I'm open to alternative, non-election-fraud explanations.

Is our entire democratic polity an illusion?

H/t FOTM's bongiornoc