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Animal Funnies!

Those who have pets know that our companion creatures are individuals, each with their own distinct personalities.

A cat in Istanbul, Turkey, calmly squats right in front of a busy escalator outside a subway station in Taksim Square, forcing humans to gingerly step aside from Her Royal Felineness.

A dachshund named Crusoe figured out how he can get his dinner BEFORE the scheduled 5 p.m. — by moving the wall clock’s hour hand to 5!



We all need this Sunday smile: Doggies napping!








Sunday Devotional: ‘All authority in Heaven and Earth’

Mark 1:21-26, 29-34

Then they came to Capernaum,
and on the sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and taught.
The people were astonished at his teaching,
for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes.
In their synagogue was a man with an unclean spirit;
he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?
Have you come to destroy us?
I know who you are—the Holy One of God!”
Jesus rebuked him and said,
“Quiet! Come out of him!”
The unclean spirit convulsed him and with a loud cry came out of him.

On leaving the synagogue
Jesus entered the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John.
Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever.
They immediately told him about her.
He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up.
Then the fever left her and she waited on them.

When it was evening, after sunset,
they brought to him all who were ill or possessed by demons.
The whole town was gathered at the door.
He cured many who were sick with various diseases,
and he drove out many demons,
not permitting them to speak because they knew him.

I don’t know why, over the ages, there had accrued an image of our Lord as an effete, meek, wimpy guy with long hair and sandals, like a 1960s hippie.

But the above passage from Mark 1 and other accounts in the New Testament make clear Jesus is anything but mild and effeminate. On the contrary:

  • He spoke with authority, more learned than the scribes and rabbis.
  • He transformed water into wine.
  • He walked on water.
  • He instantaneously cured the sick, the lame, and the blind.
  • Demons recognize and obey Him.
  • He silenced demons with a one-word command: “Quiet!”
  • He drove out demons with four-words: “Come out of him!”
  • He even raised the dead.
  • And He told us: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” –Matthew 10:34.

Today, more than two thousands years after, just invoking His name repels demons.

Because He has “all authority in Heaven and Earth“.

Just ponder those six words . . . .

May the peace and love of Jesus Christ our Lord be with you,


Dog visits owner’s grave every day

This is Caesar, a little dog whose owner, a 79-year-old man in Turkey, was paralyzed.


When his owner passed away, Caesar mourned at his funeral.

Caesar at owner's funeral

The owner’s son, Ali, adopted Caesar.

Ali noticed that every morning, Caesar would leave the house.

So Ali decided to follow the little dog to find out where he goes . . . .


Too-stupid-to-understand-FISA-memo Americans inundate Rep. Adam Schiff & Sen. Feinstein with ‘I’m not a Russian bot’ phone calls

Update: Full FISA Memo released!!!

Our elected politicians just don’t get it: They are not our overlords — they work for us.

Remember Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), 57, who said the House Intelligence Committee (on which he is a ranking member) should not release the FISA memo to the public because the American people simply can’t understand it?

Adam Schiff

The now-infamous 4-page FISA memo is described as so “shocking” and “explosive”, it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the NSA, FBI and DOJ, the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, and even people going to jail.

See “Tell Congress to release the ‘explosive’ FISA memo that’ll put officials in jail!

But Schiff dismisses the FISA memo as a set of “distorted” “talking points” drafted by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee. He also invoked the Democrats’ favorite boogeyman — the Russians — accusing his Republican colleagues on the committee of colluding with “Russian trolls and bots”.

When news went viral — of the FISA memo and Schiff’s characterization of the American people as too stupid to understand it — there was a popular outcry to #ReleaseTheMemo.

Still thinking the American people to be stupid, Democrats dug in with their Russian boogeyman meme, accusing the #ReleaseTheMemo social-media campaign of being Kremlin-orchestrated social media actors or LARPers pretending to be Americans.

On Tuesday, January 23, Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) actually sent a letter (see below) to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, demanding a forensic examination into the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign being the work of “Russian bots” or fake Americans.

Schiff-Feinstein letter on Russian bots

News of the Schiff-Feinstein letter unleashed a tsunami of phone calls to their respective offices, from American citizens confirming they are not Russian bots. One Twitter user said Schiff’s office is now hanging up on American citizens calling to say they’re not Russian bots. LOL

Here’s a sample of tweets from Americans who called:

“Adam Schiff’s office is now hanging up on citizens calling to say they are not Russian Bots.”

” I called Schiff’s office and actually got a live person, he wasn’t too happy with my message and hung up🤣😂🤣

“A very rude young man in Adam Schiff’s office just hung up on me. After he talked over me and wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence.”

“Schiff’s office not accepting voicemail. I’m an EXDemocrat – NOT a BOT!”

“My husband just got through to Schiff’s office. Told them ‘Censorship is Communism!’ That he was an American Citizen and didn’t eat Borscht and drink Vodka! We the People Want the Memo! Schiff is a Mental case and should resign!”

Call Schiff and Feinstein and tell them you’re not a Russian bot!

  • Adam Schiff: (202) 225-4176
  • Diane Feinstein: (415) 393-0707

By the way, Rep. Schiff said we won’t be able to understand the FISA memo because we don’t have the memo’s classified background information. But we do have that information — the 99-page United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Memorandum Opinion and Order, dated April 26, 2017, which is a blueprint of how the Obama administration and the Deep State illegally spied on President Trump, as well as on U.S. citizens.

See “‘Explosive’ FISA memo: ‘Top secret’ source document details Obama NSA illegal spying/doxxing of U.S. citizens

H/t Gateway Pundit


The space cadet Caption Contest

This is the 168th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:


You know the drill:

  • Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on this thread (scroll down until you see the “LEAVE A REPLY” box), not via email or on Facebook.
  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a gorgeous Award Certificate of Excellence and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

“Have you lost your way again, Congresswoman Pelosi?”

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here.


We have a winner!

. . . for FOTM’s 167th Caption Contest!

A total of 72 captions were submitted! So many brilliant captions!

The FOTM writers duly voted, each for what he/she considered to be the best (#1) and second-best (#2) captions. Each #1 vote is worth 4 points; each #2 vote is worth 2 points.

And the winner of FOTM’s 167th Caption Contest, with two #1 votes and two #2 votes, totaling 12 points is . . .


Here’s her winning caption:

Madonna sells skin care line

Mad-onna initially thought of investing in a holy water deodorant line, but it burned too much.

Patrick Cornell is in 2nd place, with two #1 votes, totaling 8 points. Here’s his caption:

“The only thing missing is the Exorcist!”

pigpen51 and wendybar are in 3rd place, each with one #1 vote and 4 points. Here are their captions:

pigpen51: “And you all thought Vampires were fake.”

wendybar: “Free BJ’s for anybody who votes against President Trump!!”

Disgusted, another Patrick Cornell caption, Rocky and YouKnowWho are in 4th place, each with one #2 vote and 2 points. Here are their captions:

Disgusted: “Bondo, it’s not just for clapped out old cars anymore…”

Patrick Cornell: “Don’t tell me I’m being excommunicated AGAIN!”

Rocky: “Put a clay mask on a pig and it’s still a pig.”

YouKNowWho: “I can’t define slut….but I know one when I see one”

Well done, everyone!

Congratulations, MomOfIV!

Here’s your fancy-schmancy Award Certificate of Great Excellence, all ready for framing! LOL



For all the other caption submissions, go here and here.

Be here tomorrow for our next very exciting Caption Contest!