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French government doesn’t want its people to see presidential candidate Macron’s tax-evasion emails

On the eve of what may be France’s most important presidential election between globalist Emmanuel Macron and nationalist Marine LePen, the French government is telling the country’s media that they must not publish damaging emails of Macron’s tax evasion so as “to prevent the outcome of the vote being influenced.”

French TV news channels, being partial to Macron (just as America’s MSM openly favored Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election), are compliant and have not mentioned the Macron emails. But the left-leading Liberation prominently featured the news on its website, while saying that the information had been distributed in an “unethical method,” and that timing of the hack is meant “to create chaos“.

The emails, which Macron claims had been hacked, were posted on the 4chan chat forum yesterday afternoon.

As William Craddick of Disobedient Media puts it, the leaked documents:

“appear to show that French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands . . . .

[Less than a month ago in] April, Macron denied that he was hiding offshore accounts or inheritances from French authorities, even as his opponent François Fillion became mired in similar allegations. If confirmed as authentic, the documents would prove [Macron’s denial] … to be untrue and provide important clues as to where the hidden funds might be located.”

Since 4chan deletes its posts at the end of each day, you can’t read those posts on 4chan, but they are archived here.

In the interest of the French people having the knowledge about presidential candidate Macron so as to make an informed choice in the ballot box, FOTM is joining other blogs in exposing the content of the Macron emails, specifically two documents.

The first document is an operating agreement bearing Macron’s name and signature which was drawn up on May 4th, 2012 to form an offshore company, La Providence LLC, in Nevis, a small island in the Caribbean described by Bloomberg as a popular tax haven in that offshore LLCs in Nevis are guaranteed secrecy and privacy. Information about company owners is neither published nor available to the public.

Below is a screenshot of the operating agreement, showing Macron’s name:

A second document provides evidence of a business relationship between Macron and a bank with a history of tax evasion, in the form of a fax sent to Macron’s La Providence Ltd. from the First Caribbean International Bank based in Barbados. According to Forbes, First Caribbean International Bank was implicated as a facilitator of tax evasion in 2013. The bank was also named by Reuters as a player in fraud in the 2015 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) scandals.

Below is a screenshot of the fax referring to a returned check (cheque) that First Caribbean International Bank had sent to Macron’s La Providence LLC:



Something Lighter

suntrust parkI have gotten a little tired of serious subjects today, so I thought it might be nice (and far less stressful) to share some pics of the Braves’ new digs with you guys.

I have not ventured down there as yet, but am hoping to very soon, as the new ballpark is about ten minutes down I-75 from my domicile.


– Dave

Ever made homemade pasta noodles? I tried this and it was good!


The 00 flour I bought on Amazon. Link provided below.

The only tools you need

I let my dough rest for an hour

The pasta sheets rolled out to dry

The noodles cooked in 4 minutes

The final product!

I was sick of the taste of the processed pasta you buy at grocery stores. I would buy fresh Buitoni-type pastas and decided that I can make homemade pasta myself! It was much easier than I thought and tasted super fresh. Here’s what I did:

After reading through cooking websites, I found that type “00” flour was a good one to start with as it is very, very fine. You can use other flours; you just need to adjust the ingredients (eggs, water, oil, etc.) depending upon the type of flour/recipe you choose.

I used Mario Batali’s fresh pasta recipe: 3 ½ cups flour and 4 extra-large eggs. I added an additional 2 egg yolks (guess my eggs weren’t that extra-large after all).

To make the pasta, I used a Cooks Illustrated technique for creating the homemade noodles without a pasta machine. All you need is a rolling pin, knife and some elbow grease for kneading the dough.

My first attempt was good – the boyfriend ate the whole plate and then some! I will definitely roll the pasta out even thinner next time as the noodles were a little thick (they would have been perfect for chicken noodle soup). But all in all, it was definitely worth the effort and I’ll be making them again!


If I Seem Irritable, It’s Because I Is

I have officially quit smoking.

I was down to between 2 – 4 per day (individual cigs – NOT packs) but even that wasn’t quite good enough, so I have gone cold turkey.

LOL – If I haven’t managed to piss you off just yet, be patient, because it’s coming.

Trust me. 😉



Animated Guide To Snopes

TomoNews US has provided a humorous romp through Facebook’s Ministry Of Truth.

Facebook fact-checker Snopes co-founder accused of embezzlement, blowing money on prostitutes

Thank you, TomoNews US, for the laughs.

See also Dr. Eowyn’s much more scholarly expose of Snopes:


Tommy Robinson Rants on UK Mooooooooslim “Immigrants”

I like this guy, as he actually “gets it.”

There might just be hope for the UK yet.



(h/t MRCTV)

What color is your energy?

Enough with depressing news.

Let’s do something fun for a change! 🙂

To find out what color is your energy, take this test!

Click here.

I got: Lilac

You are as tender as lavender and have the ability to move forward in life to achieve whatever you want. You character is strong and sweet meaning you know how to get what you want and in just the right tone. You are not afraid to be who you are and love taking on new challenges. Bold and charming, your energy pulsates to others and you encourage people around you to move forward with you.

What did you get?

H/t FOTM‘s TrailDust