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Sandy Hook: The Highly Unlikely Suicide of Abe Dabela, Part 1.

Nearly five years have passed since the murder of Attorney Abe Dabela. But some previously unpublished information may remove some of the moss growing over the story of his tragic death.


Leafy, prosperous Redding, Connecticut, which sits near the middle of Fairfield County, was originally named “Reading,” not because of an especially literate population but because of one lawyer named John Read.

Read would help define the town’s boundaries in 1767, but soon after the town was named after him, a decision was made to change the spelling to plain, easy-to-pronounce Redding, obscuring reference to John Read – and literacy. Citizens were left with a name that strongly suggests the color red.

It hardly seems fair to Mr. Read. But there are far worse examples of injustice in Redding involving the color of blood.

A recent one concerns the death of a lawyer named Gugsa Abraham (Abe) Dabela, found dead in his crashed Mercedes SUV near his home in Redding at 2:11 a.m. on April 5, 2014.

Dabela had moved from New York City to Redding in 2011, renting a garage apartment owned by Peter Swan at 8 Indian Hill Road.

In the website named for him (, Dabela is described as “gregarious” and “outspoken.” He was also witty and diligent. With a master’s degree in public health and a law degree under his belt by 2012, Dabela passed bar exams in New York and Connecticut. He was preparing applications for admission to the Maryland and D.C. bars, and had every reason to be gregarious and outspoken and witty and confident. But he would practice law for only a year before falling victim to a killer.

Three stops and a text message. Shortly before his death, 35-year-old Dabela visited two local restaurants within minutes of his home: the Little Pub in Ridgefield and the Black Cat Grille in Redding, both solid establishments with loyal clientele. It was later revealed (by friends of Dabela) that he also visited another pub, The Lumberyard Pub and Sports Bar at 2 Main Street in Redding (now permanently closed), although the police mysteriously omitted this information.

 Map showing the restaurants Dabela visited the night of his death, Courtesy of Google Maps ©2019

At about 12:03 a.m., Dabela received a text message, which read: “turn he just didn’t.” The Yoda-like syntax was mysterious enough. Adding to the mystery, according to the case file and a report based on it by Crime Watch, the sender’s cell phone information was deleted after Dabela’s death, while the phone was in police custody.

The crash at Umpawaug and Mallory. While driving back to his home, Dabela swerved for unknown reasons, turning his SUV on its roof. He was pronounced dead less than a mile away from his home, not as the direct result of the crash, but from a gunshot wound to the back of his head.1 Whether the bullet was fired before or after the crash has never been determined, but the driver’s side window was completely shattered, and at the time he was shot, Dabela’s head was positioned near that window.

The crash site itself – on the corner of Umpawaug Road and Mallory Lane – merits close attention. Dabela was traveling north on Umpawaug toward his home on Indian Hill Road. (See map below.)

As speculated by researcher Anne Berg, the site would provide a perfect location for a staged accident, with the perpetrator blocking off Umpawaug and secreting his vehicle on Mallory, then just lying in wait to shoot through Dabela’s car window either before or after the crash.

Perhaps Dabela just didn’t turn in time to avoid the blockade, as presaged by the text message.

A case of police negligence. According to official sources :

  • Dabela’s blood alcohol level was 2.5 times the legal limit for driving.
  • Dabela was in possession of a firearm at the time of his death.
  • The gunshot wound was to the back of Dabela’s head.
  • Dabela committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot: this was the official conclusion before an autopsy was ever performed.
  • There was no suicide note.

It was also revealed by police that an anonymous 911 caller reported a rollover crash at about 1:36 a.m. without stopping to help Dabela.

But police negligence at the crime scene was the real shocker. It was so blatant, in fact, that Dabela’s family filed a lawsuit in April 2016, suing the town of Redding and various members of the Redding police department on 10 counts of civil rights violations. You can find the PDF of the case filing here.

Among the defendants were Douglas Fuchs, Redding’s chief of police; and seven of Redding’s police officers (Ryan Alcott, Mark DeLuca, Peter Quinn, Timothy Succi, Brandon Kaufman, Brittany Salafia and Michael Livingston).

The suit hinged on the family’s belief that Dabela’s case was mishandled and the murder covered up because of racism (Dabela was African-American), an opinion shared by the Connecticut NAACP, which assisted in the family’s investigation.

Other possible motives, while touched on, have not (in this writer’s opinion) been sufficiently explored, such as the fact that Dabela made no secret of his political views, which favored the second amendment and private property rights; and other opinions, which we shall explore later.

The case file includes a full account of what happened according to the plaintiffs. Here are some of the most glaring anomalies it reveals:

  • Dabela had no physical or mental health issues and no history of erratic or self-destructive behavior. Reports from those who observed him at the pubs the night of his death reflect a man in good spirits. And he had made plans with his landlord for a motorcycle ride the following day. Why, then, would he have committed suicide?
  • Dabela’s hands were never photographed and tested for residual gunpowder, as would be expected after such a death. Why? (His hands were originally bagged for this purpose, but later washed without residue testing. His jacket sleeves tested negative.)
  • A gunshot wound to the back of the head is normally attributed to homicide, not suicide. Why did the investigators rule out homicide even before the autopsy? Other facts contradict the suicide theory: The bullet entered the left side of Dabela’s head, yet Dabela was known to be right-handed.
  • A muddy footprint was found on the back of Dabela’s jacket. It’s hard to imagine how it could have been Dabela’s. Whose was it?
  • Dabela’s DNA wasn’t found on the trigger he allegedly pulled. The tests were performed twice with the same negative results.
  • Using a metal detector, the police found a bullet near the crime scene four days after the crash, but it wasn’t the bullet that killed Dabela. The bullet that entered his head was never found. A firearm was found in the SUV along with the spent shell casing of a .40 caliber bullet and a bullet hole in the back of the driver’s seat.
  • Hair evidence was found on the inside of the passenger window in Dabela’s vehicle, but was never tested for DNA or compared with other DNA evidence.
  • The police who discovered Dabela’s body in the vehicle neglected to secure the vehicle or establish a perimeter around the site to protect against evidence contamination. They did, however, place police tape around the entrance to Dabela’s apartment.
  • Whether Dabela was murdered prior to or after the crash is still unknown.

More injustice. In June 2017, Danbury state’s attorney Stephen J. Sedensky, III ruled unequivocally that no homicide had occurred. Sedensky had already achieved notoriety as the overseer of the official report on the Sandy Hook incident, a document loaded with inconsistencies.

Sedensky’s ruling on Dabela’s death did not silence Dabela’s family who, in late 2018, were still seeking DNA samples from three firefighters who were later determined to have been at the crime scene.

According the Dabelas’ attorneys, “[Abe] Dabela had been intimidated by Redding firefighters at a local bar a few weeks before his death.” Note that. It will become important below and in Part 2 of this series.

Rights infringed. Dabela had been the owner of two firearms that he was licensed to carry, but that distinction was not easily won. In Connecticut, obtaining a gun permit means taking an NRA-approved course, obtaining references, visiting a local police department to be fingerprinted, submitting to an FBI check, visiting the state police to obtain the permit, and paying generously at each stop.

From the Dabela vs. Redding lawsuit, we learn that Dabela was an outspoken gun rights advocate. In January 2013, he appeared at Redding’s police department with the requisite documents to obtain permits to carry concealed pistols. Despite meeting all of the requirements, Dabela’s application was delayed. The Chief of Police, Douglas Fuchs, told him that his references would have to be interviewed individually.

Pistol permits normally take eight weeks to process in Connecticut. So when Dabela’s permit was still in limbo by April 2013, he complained in writing to Reuben Bradford, who was then the commissioner of Connecticut Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Bradford lit a fire under Fuchs, who approved the permit shortly afterward.2

Up until his death, Dabela advocated for complainants with gun permit issues. From the case file: “Mr. Dabela had notable victories in Milford, Connecticut four months prior to his murder, and Stamford, Connecticut two weeks prior to his murder.”

Dabela’s other activities included motorcycle riding, frequenting local town hall meetings and conversing with locals about tax grievance issues. This was a person who talked – a lot – about political hot topics in public places and who helped people whose basic rights were being undermined. There’s nothing wrong with that. The question is whether it got him killed.

It may have been premonitory that Dabela began regularly carrying a gun during the last two months of his life.

An altercation. According to the case file, Dabela had a “heated argument” with a town finance official about property taxes two days before his death. To date, the police have not released the identity of this person.

Which town was this person from? Stamford? Milford? Redding? Newtown? Was this person ever investigated? Disagreements in bars between men usually erupt over women, money or sports. Perhaps a property tax squabble didn’t seem like an incident worth pursuing to the police.

A connection to Sandy Hook. Redding police chief Douglas Fuchs, a principal defendant in Dabela vs. Redding, was a Newtown resident who sent his children to Sandy Hook school.

After hearing a police evacuation exercise at the school on his cruiser radio, Fuchs says he responded to the shooting himself. He was interviewed by his alma mater, Brandeis University, about the role he played at Sandy Hook. According to the excerpt below, Fuchs was among the movers and shakers after the incident:

“Over the next 10 days, as Newtown’s police department recovered from the trauma, Fuchs, whose own children had attended Sandy Hook, managed a massive law-enforcement operation in support of the Newtown police and community. He supervised nearly 1,000 police officers from across the state who provided security for the schools and the victims’ families; escorted families to and from funerals; and handled the media, gifts and onlookers descending on Newtown.”

After the shooting, Fuchs says in the same article that he worked to reform gun laws, specifically to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds. He is quoted as saying that “limiting magazines changes the game in a mass shooting. It’s something we can do that will save lives.”

Obviously, such reforms would have done nothing to save Dabela’s life. And it’s doubtful that Dabela would have agreed with Fuchs’s position if the two men had, say, walked into a bar and conversed.

Officer Death. Fuchs ran into more legal trouble over a suicide case in April 2016, when he allegedly prevented paramedics from helping a Redding man in extremis, claiming the shed where he tried to hang himself was “a crime scene.” The man, Peter Valenti, showed faint signs of life later, but died in the hospital. While an investigation was conducted over a lawsuit filed by Valenti’s family, Fuchs was put on administrative leave. Touchy-feely stories about Fuchs training guide dogs began to appear around that time. But Fuchs remained on leave until his early retirement in June 2018.

A phone conversation with Wolfgang Halbig. About three weeks before his death, Abe Dabela contacted Wolfgang Halbig, using a burner phone.

Following is Mr.Halbig’s account of the exchange (bracketed information is mine):

“He asked me if I could buy one [a burner phone] since he does not trust anyone in town.

“He wanted to know my thoughts on Sandy Hook. He read my 16 questions and he had concerns.

“We spoke and it appeared that I might be able to ask him to represent me with my CT FOIA requests, and never heard back from him.”

Mr. Halbig’s 16 questions3 were provocative enough for Dabela to make contact around the same time that he was alleged to have had an unpleasant encounter with three Redding firefighters. Coincidence? If so, why did Dabela feel compelled to use a burner phone?

Readers should mentally bookmark questions #10-12 on Mr. Halbig’s list (see below). These questions will become important in Part 2 of this series. But the entire set of questions is relevant and, in my opinion, should be regarded as evidence in the shooting death of Abe Dabela.

Shoeless in Redding. The novelist, satirist and social critic Mark Twain built his final home in Redding, CT and called it Stormfield. (You can see how closely situated it is to Abe Dabela’s final home and the crash site in the maps above.) Twain would live in Stormfield for a brief two years before his death in 1910, about the same amount of time that Dabela had in his modest garage apartment on Indian Hill Road.

Two witty but very different men from different times, and perhaps they would not have seen eye to eye on much. But I think Twain and Dabela would likely have agreed on the following quote by the former:

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

The truth, in this case, is still trying to find its socks.


H/T: Anne Berg, Alison Maynard, Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead

The author is indebted to all of the above-named, but particularly to Anne Berg, whose astute observations and research led her to suggest a potential connection to Sandy Hook in the tragic death of Atty. Dabela long before anyone else was willing to consider it. You can find her expository article here.



1 It isn’t clear who declared Dabela dead.

2 It’s interesting to note that a letter from Bradford accompanied files released by the CT State Police in December 2013 on the Sandy Hook incident. Bradford said in the letter that the Sandy Hook investigation was closed. He would retire in the same week, after three years as “the first African American to lead the state’s largest police organization.”

3 Wolfgang Halbig’s 16 Unanswered Questions That Demand Truth on Sandy Hook first appeared on They follow:

  1. Who directed the New Haven FBI field offices to classify [in the sense of restricting access to information about] the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012?
  2. Why would the FBI classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting, which also was a mass casualty shooting incident?
  3. Who on Dec. 14, 2012 was the Incident Commander (as required by the Federal Emergency Management Administration) in directing the mass casualty shooting incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?
    1. Who on Dec. 14, 2012 at the Incident Command Center made the ordering of porta potties a high priority, since they were delivered within 3 hours of the school shooting?
    2. Who ordered those porta potties from Southbury, Ct?
    3. When I called the porta pottie company after searching for over a week as to who and when they were ordered, I was told that it is classified and  they are not allowed to share that information with me.
    4. The next morning I received a phone call from the Southbury Police Department at my home telling me not to call that company again since I was harassing them.
    5. High priority for toilets — but not for Life Star Trauma helicopters or paramedics?
  1. Why did they not request Life Star helicopters, knowing that children and school staff were seriously injured and clinging to life? Who made the determination not to request them?
  2. Why did they not allow the paramedics and the EMTs inside the Sandy Hook School to treat the seriously injured or those children and school staff clinging to life? Who made this decision?
  3. Who declared all 20 children and six school staff members legally dead within the first 8 minutes?
  4. Who was the Certified Environmental Bio-Hazard Decontamination company contracted by the Newtown Public Schools to remove 45–65 gallons of blood, skull fragments, brain tissues, bodily fluids, blood-soaked carpets and any other materials to be decontaminated inside the Sandy Hook School?
  5. Why does an off-duty lieutenant from the Newtown Police Department refuse to leave his off-duty work assignment at a construction site on Dec. 14, 2012 when hearing that shots have been fired at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?
  6. Who at the Newtown Public Schools notified in writing (as required by CT law) all of the parents who had children attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as every school staff member every school year of all the potentially life threatening chemical hazards? The school had high levels of lead paint throughout the entire building, asbestos in the ceiling and floor tile, asbestos in the insulation and very high levels of PCB.
  7. Who provided the urgent medical care to the two children who were not transported to the Danbury Trauma Center until an hour after the school was deemed safe for that 15-mile drive?
  8. Who treated those two children who had been shot multiple times (three to 11 times) since they did not allow the paramedics and EMTs inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School?
  9. Why did the parents of the two children who died at the Danbury hospital not allow their children to donate their organs to other children waiting for the gift of life?
  10. What happened to the 500 children and 60 school staff members from Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012? No videos show any evacuations.
  11. Who was the police officer calling in to the Newtown Police dispatcher stating in his words that he has multiple weapons, he has a rifle and a shotgun — and who had that rifle and the shotgun (as the chain of evidence should show) that was found in classroom eight (8)?
  12. At 9:45:21 am on Dec. 14, 2012, why would a police officer by the name of Lt. Vanghele from the Newtown Police Department after finding a kindergarten female child in the hallway make her go into room eight (8) and leave her? Room eight is a gruesome crime scene with dead children and school staff. Why?
  13. Why would two CT State Troopers enter room ten (10) at 9:55:31 am on Dec. 14, 2012 — a gruesome crime scene with dead bodies of children and school staff – and tell a kindergarten boy they found in the bathroom (whose name is redacted, but who is referred to as “them”) to stay and they will be back when it is safe?
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How Many Poops Does it Take to Create a Petty Dictator?

Only a third-world backwater communist dictator would have ordered something like this.

Kim Jong Un, North Korean dictator, butcher, and murderer of his own brother, has decreed that every able-bodied citizen must turn in 100 kg (220 pounds) of human feces a day to be used for fertilizer, to bolster the agricultural sector.

North Korean Poop Mandate

Kim announced the poop scoop requirement in his New Year’s address saying that the agricultural front would be the primary instrument for economic reconstruction, according to an article published on Radio Free Asia (RAF) January 18.

Quoting an anonymous source in North Hamgyong province, RFA’s Korean Service said, “After Kim Jong Un’s [speech], the entire population has been mobilized to produce manure as the first major task of the year The authorities in each local region task factories, institutions and citizens groups with assigning production quotas to each individual”.

“They are demanding that each person produce 100kg of human feces per day, or about 3 tons per month,” said the source. “But how on earth can it be possible for one person to make 3 tons of human feces and deliver it?”

Well, yeah!

While the collection of human feces is a yearly task, high quotas this year are driving many to find interesting ways to collect human feces in the bitter cold, or to find ways to get out of their quota.

Some however, are critical of the government, saying the high quotas amount to a shakedown of the people.

“If you cannot fill the quota, you have to supply 300kg of compost or livestock manure instead,” the source added.

“Most people can’t [make or collect] 100kg per day, so they end up giving what they think is sufficient. The quota is therefore meaningless,” said the source.

“[The quotas] are the same in both the cities and the countryside because the quotas are applied to everyone evenly,” said the source, adding “When the city’s clothing and food factories are [operating at full capacity], workers will try all sorts of ways to fill the quota.”

There are, however, alternative ways for North Korean citizens to buy their way out of the potty pot.

“Compared with last year, there’s a growing number of residents who are choosing to pay cash instead of providing the manure itself,” said the source.

In addition to paying cash, citizens can buy manure from merchants.

“The manure merchants are doing really well these days, charging 20 yuan (about $3) per 100kg of human feces or 300kg of compost,” the source said.

“Young women who work in restaurants and beauty parlors usually just pay cash, though,” said the source.

Another source, also in North Hamgyong province, said, “The residents of Chongjin City have been fully mobilized to fulfil this task. Authorities are encouraging people to produce more manure, stressing that it provides a vital boost to the agricultural front, and thereby the socialist movement in general,” the source said.

“People are becoming increasingly dissatisfied though, as authorities are keeping production records for each person and putting pressure on those who haven’t produced enough [to fill their quota.],” said the source.

So, if one day’s pile of poop to equals 100 kg, how many piles of poop do you have to make before you have a Kim Jong Un?

“In winter, there isn’t as much manure and compost. Cash payments exceed the value of the manure that actually ends up being delivered, so people are saying the regime is just using the quota as a means to collect more money from the citizens,” the source said.

“More than 80% of all the female workers in Chongjin’s clothing factory pay cash instead of manure,” said the source.

“People are angry, criticizing the regime for [deliberately setting quotas so high] to force people to pay cash, then claiming it’s for agricultural production.”

~ Grif

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A Drought Of Truth

Operation Mockingbird is a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations. – Wikipedia

Mockingbird Media

It is an understatement to say the government and news media are lying to us.

There are very few reliable sources. We can be looking to the big names in news, and it is easy for a casual observer to know the whole message is manipulated by some hidden agenda. And if we go to alternative sources online to get past the wall of lies, we are frustrated by the sheer madness of many stories.

Worse yet, turn to Youtube, and you find that every nut you would normally avoid at the local barroom now has a platform to bend your ear with his stinkin thinkin.

So where do we turn for certainty?

Speaking only for myself, at this point, I am personally so weary of the lies that I am now taking time to shelter my mind and soul in the things that are reliable. The one source I trust implicitly is the Word of God. And I commend it to you, if like me you are bitterly tired of “Mockingbird Media.”


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Gallup Poll: Conservatives outnumber liberals 35% to 26%

Why do conservatives feel so marginalized and besieged when we actually outnumber liberals?

A new Gallup poll found that, in America, conservatives still outnumber liberals by at least 9 percentage points of 35% to 26%, but the trend is not in our favor, with the number of conservatives decreasing and the number of liberals increasing since 2011.

In response to Gallup’s question, “How would you describe your political views — very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or very liberal?”:

  • 35% of U.S. adults said they were “very conservative/conservative”.
  • 26% said they were “liberal/very liberal”.
  • 35% said they were “moderate”.

Other findings:

  • Political party: 73% of Republicans, 18% of Independents, and only 13% of Democrats describe themselves as conservative.
  • Age: Older Americans are more conservative — 43% of Americans 65 and older, 29% of those age 30 to 49, and 30% of those age 18 to 29.
  • Gender: More men than women are conservative — 40% of men vs. 30% of women.
  • Race: Whites are more conservative — 39% of non-Hispanic whites, 22% of Blacks, 29% of Hispanics.
  • Education: Those with some college education are less conservative — 38% of Americans with no college, 37% of those with some college, 33% of college graduates, and 38% of those with postgraduate education are conservative.
  • Geographical region: 39% of people in the South, 36% in the Midwest, 31% in the West, and 30% in the East are conservative.
  • Income: 36% of Americans with $30,000 to $74,999 income, 35% of Americans with $75,000 or more, 32% of less than $30,000 income are conservative.

Americans are also more polarized, with fewer identifying themselves as moderates. Gallup says:

Americans’ assessment of their political ideology was unchanged in 2018 compared with the year prior. Although conservatives continue to outnumber liberals, the gap in conservatives’ favor has narrowed from 19 percentage points in Gallup’s 1992 baseline measurement to nine points each of the past two years. Since 1992, the percentage of Americans identifying as liberal has risen from 17% then to 26% today. This has been mostly offset by a shrinking percentage of moderates, from 43% to 35%. Meanwhile, from 1993 to 2016 the percentage conservative was consistently between 36% and 40%, before dipping to 35% in 2017 and holding at that level in 2018….

Americans with strong conservative leanings include seniors and adults aged 50 to 64, men, residents of the South and adults with no college education. All of these groups lean conservative by more than 15 percentage points; whites, adults with some college education (but no degree) and residents of the Midwest lean conservative by at least 10 points.

Americans with strong liberal tendencies include Democrats, adults with postgraduate education (15 points more liberal than conservative) and blacks (9 points more liberal).


See also:


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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FBI/VAULT/Uranium one transaction

Many people think the Uranium one transaction is just a made up story.  A fabrication to distract the public from President Trumps involvement with Russia, “Russian collusion”.  Fortunately for those people I have found evidence that should put their minds to rest.  I doubt that it’s the answer they wanted but it should save them from further humiliation.

My last story on Bob Mueller is directly connected the individuals in these documents.  These documents come directly from the FBI.  You will find some of our modern day traitors in these documents.  Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, etc.

Here are four screenshots of the documents.  For better screen resolution and complete file click on link at bottom of page



Uranium One Transaction Part 01 of 01


Deplorable Patriot

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Facebook Suspends Evangelist Franklin Graham for his Biblical “Hate Speech”

Facebook’s “hate speech” suspension only lasted 24 hours. But it may have been the longest 24 hours yet for the social media giant. Evangelist Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, told the Charlotte Observer that he was recently suspended from Facebook for taking a stand for his biblical beliefs. The offending “hate speech” that shut down Graham’s account was nothing recent. Rather it stemmed from an April 9, 2016 post in which Graham endorsed a North Carolina law that prevents men from being able to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms. In addition, Graham’s post urged a return to biblical principles as a way of life.

The Facebook suspension prompted an immediate flurry of comment from numerous media outlets, including Fox News, the Washington Post and The New York Times. In addition, the suspension was concurrent with a Times investigative report revealing that Facebook maintains a secret rule book for policing—and censoring—Facebook members’ speech.

Facebook moved quickly to remove the suspension, but not soon enough. By the time Facebook restored Graham’s account, the word was out. On December 28, Facebook apologized. A Facebook spokesperson admitted to the Charlotte Observer that Graham was indeed punished for his post. And while the spokesperson is now apologizing for censoring Graham, it’s clear that some of Facebook’s team of 15,000 speech police can censor conservative Christians at will.

Graham says it’s just wrong that his biblical comments would be ever considered “hate speech.”

“Facebook said the post went against their ‘community standards on hate speech.’ Facebook is trying to define truth. There was a character in a movie a few years back who said, ‘The truth is what I say it is!’ That’s what Facebook is trying to do. They’re making the rules and changing the rules,” Graham said.

But he says God’s truth will always be the only real truth. “Truth is truth,” Graham said. “God made the rules and His Word is truth. Actually, Facebook is censoring free speech. The free exchange of ideas is part of our country’s DNA.

Graham reposted his 2016 post, last week, asking readers to judge whether what he said was “hate speech.”

“April 9, 2016—Bruce Springsteen, a long-time gay rights activist, has cancelled his North Carolina concert. He says the NC law #HB2 to prevent men from being able to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms is going ‘backwards instead of forwards.’ Well, to be honest, we need to go back! Back to God. Back to respecting and honoring His commands. Back to common sense. Mr. Springsteen, a nation embracing sin and bowing at the feet of godless secularism and political correctness is not progress. I’m thankful North Carolina has a governor, Pat McCrory, and a lieutenant governor, Dan Forest, and legislators who put the safety of our women and children first! HB2 protects the safety and privacy of women and children and preserves the human rights of millions of faith-based citizens of this state.”

The suspension, however brief, raises serious questions. If Facebook is willing to block one of the most prominent Christian leaders in the world, then what’s next? Graham’s Facebook suspension also reinforces ongoing reports of censorship against Christian beliefs by other social media giants and the tech companies that control so much of the communication and interaction in our world today – companies such as Google, Twitter, WordPress and Apple.

The revelation that Facebook records, monitors, scrutinizes and judges all subscribers’ speech according to a draconian and biased set of secret rules is frightening. It is a direct threat to free expression and an assault on conservative and Christian values. Had Graham’s suspension been confined to his account, Facebook might have been able to say that it was a simple error in judgment. But it was not an aberration. It was a punitive suspension levied according to corporate policy that was, until then, a secret. But the cat, so to speak, is out of the bag.

Christopher Carbone, writing for Fox News, outlined the report by The New York Times that disclosed the existence of Facebook’s rulebook. He said the rulebook was Facebook’s attempt to eliminate misinformation and hate speech. But he noted that the effort was predicated on a “byzantine and secret document of rules packed with spreadsheets and power point slides that gets updated regularly for its global content moderators.”

He said the New York Times showed the social network to be “a far more powerful arbiter of global speech than has been publicly recognized or acknowledged by the company itself.” The Times, he said, discovered a range of gaps, biases and outright errors — including instances where Facebook allowed extremism to spread in some counties while censoring mainstream speech in others.”

The rulebook’s details were revealed by a Facebook employee who leaked more than 1,400 pages of the speech policing rulebook to the Times because he “feared that the company was exercising too much power, with too little oversight — and making too many mistakes.”

Carbone said that Facebook “is trying to monitor billions of posts per day in over 100 languages while parsing out the subtle nuances and complicated context of language, images and even emojis. The group of Facebook employees who meet every other Tuesday to update the rules, according to the Times, are trying to boil down highly complex issues into strict yes-or-no rules.”

Facebook, he said, then outsources the content moderation to other companies that tend to hire unskilled workers. The 7,500-plus moderators “have mere seconds to recall countless rules and apply them to the hundreds of posts that dash across their screens each day. When is a reference to “jihad,” for example, forbidden? When is a “crying laughter” emoji a warning sign?”

In the U.S., Facebook has banned the Proud Boys, a far-right group that has been accused of fomenting real-world violence. It also blocked an advertisement about the caravan of Central American illegal aliens put out by President Trump’s political team.

“It’s not our place to correct people’s speech, but we do want to enforce our community standards on our platform,” Sara Su, a senior engineer on the News Feed, told the Times. “When you’re in our community, we want to make sure that we’re balancing freedom of expression and safety.”

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, said that the primary goal was to prevent harm, and that to a great extent, the company had been successful. But perfection, she said, is not possible.

“We have billions of posts every day, we’re identifying more and more potential violations using our technical systems,” Bickert told the newspaper. “At that scale, even if you’re 99 percent accurate, you’re going to have a lot of mistakes.”

Facebook’s most politically consequential and potentially divisive document could be an Excel spreadsheet that the Times reports lists every group and individual the company has barred as a “hate figure.” Moderators are told to remove any post praising, supporting or representing any of the people on that list.

Anton Shekhovtsov, an expert in far-right groups, told the publication he was “confused about the methodology.” The company bans an impressive array of American and British groups, he added, but relatively few in countries where the far right can be more violent, particularly Russia or Ukraine.

Still, there’s inconsistency in how Facebook applies the rules. In Germany, where speech in general is more scrutinized, Facebook reportedly blocks dozens of far-right groups. In nearby Austria, it only blocks one.

For a tech company to draw these lines is “extremely problematic,” Jonas Kaiser, a Harvard University expert on online extremism, told the Times. “It puts social networks in the position to make judgment calls that are traditionally the job of the courts.”

~ Grif

Rom 8: 38-39

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Happy New Year!!!

May 2019 be a better year for America: less partisan strife, more unity, a border wall finally, and the evil-doers arrested and imprisoned.


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Friday Funny! Cat whacks dog for flatulating

A dog is sound asleep.

Next to the dog is a cat who’s wide awake.

Suddenly, the dog emits a loud fart.

The cat looks startled, then collects herself, and gives the dog two big whacks on his head. LOL

H/t PawMyGosh


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Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home has a border wall

She just won’t go away.

Last November’s midterm elections returned Demonrats to a majority in the House of Representatives.

The result?

Elderly Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), 78, whose slurring and brain freezes suggest she has senile dementia, once again will be Speaker of the House.

See also “DC pharmacy delivers Alzheimer’s drugs to Congress”.

Gateway Pundit reports that Pelosi told reporters in early December that she will reject ANY AND ALL funding for the US-Mexico border wall. Asked by FoxNews Chad Pergram, “Would you be willing support some degree of wall funding if you got a permanent bona fide solution on DACA?,” Pelosi quickly shot back: “No, it’s immoral.”

What a hyocrite.

Like pro-migrants pro-refugees Pope Francis, who dwells in Vatican City surrounded by 40 ft. tall walls, Pelosi’s home in San Francisco also has a wall around its backyard.

Here’s a pic of her home, on Gateway Pundit:

A better pic is this screenshot I took from Google Maps, showing the wall:

According to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet. there are 65 completed or under construction border walls in the world today.

At least one-third of the world’s nations have what Nancy Pelosi calls “immoral” border walls or barriers with their neighbors, including Israel (whose border wall is paid for by U.S. taxpayers as Israel is America’s foremost foreign aid recipient), Hungary, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Ireland.

See also:



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Hey, Europeans! Meet your falling-down drunk President

The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union (EU) and the only body that can propose EU laws.

The President of the European Commission is chosen not by the European people, but by the European Parliament. Since 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker, 64, a former prime minister of Luxembourgh, has been President of the European Commission. As such, he leads a cabinet or college of commissioners who direct the Commission’s civil service, set the policy agenda and determine legislative proposals.

On December 18, 2018, @LionelMedia tweeted a video of Juncker so unsteady and wobbling that he had to be held up by two men.

Juncker claims that he suffers from sciatica attacks because of a 1989 car accident, which cause occasional unsteadiness. But speculations about alcoholism have surrounded Juncker for several years and have been discussed by several high-profile EU politicians. In 2014, then Dutch Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem described Juncker in an interview as a “heavy smoker and drinker”, but later apologized for his comments. (Wikipedia)


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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