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Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain thinks it’s great that in 70 years there won’t be any more white people

Anthony Bourdain is a “celebrity” chef who has a show on CNN (“Parts Unknown”) and on Food Network (“No Reservations”) that feature “celebrity” guest stars who often don’t have anything to do with food. What Bourdain does on his shows is political propaganda. See:

Below is a video clip from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (S07E07), where he travels to Cologne, Germany to interview an obscure “celebrity chef” named René Stessl who, like Bourdain, fancies himself to be an “artist”. Instead of talk about food and cooking, Stessl pontificated about how the import of (Muslim) refugees is the “final solution” for racism in Germany, by race-mixing, so that in 70-80 years, there will longer be “white people” in Germany and the world — as if only white people are the source of racism.

Bourdain not just heartily agrees, he bemoans that it would take as long as 70-80 years.


Bourdain: “Germany has accepted somewhere in the neighborhood of a million refugees. How do you realistically welcome to Germany, we’re all gonna learn to live together, can it be done?”

Stessl: “It could be done, of course. But I hope that all the right-wing people will not develop and this is, for example, a job for an artist. Maybe we should go out — a hundred people with Nazi uniforms — and walks [sic] through the city. Maybe this kind of actions will just make the people remind on the time when our grandfathers did wrong. We really have to take care that we don’t fall back in this structures.”

Bourdain: “But we kind of are.”

Stessl: “We are on the way.”

Bourdain: “We’re well on the way…. Utopias.”

Stessl: “It’s a kind of utopia. Just the fact that the whole world will mix up with each other, that in, I don’t know, 70 or 80 years there will be no white people any more, only cappuccino-colored in the world.”

Bourdain: “This is the solution. Our only hope, our way out of this.”

Stessl: “Yes!”

Bourdain: “Our only hope is to fuck our way out of this. It’s gonna take some time, but it’s really the only way — this sort of Singapore model, where everybody’s so [racially] mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined. But we’re a long way from that.”

And there you have it — the Kalergi plan for white genocide.

Anthony Bourdain said he was raised without religion, and that his ancestors were Catholic on his father’s side and Jewish on his mother’s side.

Born in 1974 in Austria, little is known about René Stessl other than that he is a chef, painter, and performance artist (Judas Watch). Wikipedia does not have an entry on him. His website is here.


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Former Seattle mayoral candidate: Security guard followed black people because of white supremacy

nikkita oliver

Nikkita Oliver sees white supremacy everywhere…

Nikkita Oliver, a community organizer and BLM supporter, ran for mayor in Seattle this year. She came in third in the primaries and didn’t make it to the general election ballot.

Since she’s not going to be in the public life, I guess she’s somehow got to stay in the public eye.

From Former Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver says video she took inside a grocery store of a security guard following two black teens is further proof of racism in modern America.

“While I’m walking through the aisle … I see two young black people walk by me,” Oliver said in a Facebook video.

As a youth worker here in the neighborhood, I noticed them. I see them. I gave a little head nod,” she said. “Then I also see a security guard walk by me very swiftly. It wasn’t my desire to get into anything at the Safeway … I turn and I’m thinking ‘Is this security guard following these young people?’ And I see he is following them. He’s following them very quickly.”

The incident happened at the Rainier Beach* Safeway in Seattle. Oliver confronted the security guard and started recording her interaction with him. In the four days since the video was posted on Nov. 12, it has been shared 2,150 times, and has been viewed nearly 333,000 times. The only insight into the video is from a second video Oliver posted two days later. In the second video, she explains how she eventually confronted the guard about his behavior. According to her, he said “I’ve been doing this job for a while now and I know how to spot when someone is going to do something.”

(*In 2015, Rainier Beach had a population that was 31.4% black compared to 29.6% Asian and 22.7% white.)

Oliver said that the young men noticed her confronting the guard and told her that they knew they were being followed.

At this point, Oliver’s Facebook Live video takes over, recording her interaction with the guard who leads her to store management. Those officials explain that they hire an outside company to provide security and then gave Oliver the company’s phone number.

In response to Oliver’s video at the Rainier Beach grocery store, Safeway issued the following statement: Discrimination is contrary to who we are as a company and how we serve our customers and communities. We take the allegations seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.  The security individual featured in the video is employed by a third party security service, and he is no longer assigned to a Safeway store.

Oliver did not respond to requests for comment from KIRO Radio, or any other media, following the video inside the Safeway store. Instead, she posted a second video in response. Oliver explains that from her recent experiences with media, “stories get spun and get used for click bait, and get used to make us look like we are in the wrong.”

“People are always questioning whether or not people of color are truly being followed through stores; whether or not the stories we are telling about microaggressions and how white supremacy impacts us in our daily lives are true,” she said. “And I wanted to make sure people could see that. I also wanted to actively challenge that because we live in a society; right now are seeing white supremacy and the problems with it and the problems with patriarchy.

Oliver said she has called the security company and Safeway’s corporate office. She did not have any contact with either company at the time of the recording.

“This stuff really happens to our young people, day in and day out,” Oliver said in her video response. “Stores don’t want to take responsibility for it. Security doesn’t want to take responsibility for it. But it’s racist, it’s white supremacist, and it’s wrong.


Sweden declares milk a hate symbol

The Swedish government tasked the Defense Research Institute (FOI), a government agency for defense research which reports to the Ministry of Defense, to conduct a study of violent extremist propaganda, which is expected to conclude in March 2019.

The Institute had already produced two reports. On November 13, 2017, the Institute published its third report — the 58-page “The white hatred: radical nationalism in digital environments,” authored by Lisa Kaati*, Magnus Sahlgren, Katie Asplund Cohen, Tim Isbister, Nazar Akrami and Eric Hartshorne, on the psychology of xenophobia and how hate messages are spread by anti-immigration “digital environments” on the Internet.

* Lisa Kaati describes herself on her LinkedIn page as a “senior” computer science researcher at FOI “Working with techniques and methods for intelligence analysis,” and a former adjunct associate professor at Sweden’s Uppsala University.

Beginning on page 28 is the report’s section on “Hate Symbols,” among which are the Nazi swastika, the contemporary Alt-Right’s Pepe the Frog, the “Okay” hand sign often used by President Trump, and milk!

Below is a screenshot of p. 32 of the Report.

Here is the English translation of what the report said about milk as a hate symbol:

Milk reflects the idea of the white body’s perfection and refers to the genetic mutation that enables northern Europeans to tolerate milk as adults. References to milks are used, among other things, by one of America’s most virulent white supremacists, Richard Spencer, who wrote the text ‘I’m very tolerant, lactose tolerant,’ along with a symbol of a glass of milk on his Twitter profile.”

According to Speisa, a news and media website that reports on world events, with a special interest in Scandinavia and Muslim immigration in Sweden, the FOI report is “the first step to change the [Swedish] constitution, which the Swedish government wants to do to prohibit certain websites that reveal the ethnicity of convicted criminals, and to silence free speech.”

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The black remaking of Hollywood movies

Unless you’ve been under living under a rock, you know that the Left have declared war on white people, especially white men. See:

Hollywood is part of that war.

Popular movies are being remade with blacks in iconic white roles, including a black man as Sir Lancelot — a path already trodden by the BBC, when it saw fit to cast a black Nigerian actress as English queen Margaret in the 3-part Hollow Crown TV series.

Source: Voat

So who’s behind Hollywood’s war on white people? Here’s a hint:


Maine Democrats laugh about white men committing suicide

Richard Fochtmann was a 2016 Democratic candidate for District 22 of the Maine State Senate. He ran unopposed in the state’s Democratic primary election on June 14, 2016.

This is the kind of man whom Maine Democrats chose to run for the State Senate.

At a Values and Vision Summit held by the Maine Democratic Party in April 2017, Fochtmann was talking about how more women should be involved in the Democratic Party in his state, when he interrupted himself and began sharing a thought he’d had about a statistic he had seen recently:

“Today, you know, I saw a thing, and it said a lot of men — white men — are committing suicide. I almost thought, ‘Yeah, great!’”

At this, Fochtmann’s audience of Democrats began laughing because, you know, increasing numbers of white men committing suicide is just such a funny thing.

Fochtmann then admitted that “Then I thought about it little more, and I thought maybe I shouldn’t say that out in public,” which of course he did.

Fochtmann is a Jewish surname. (Source)

The incident was captured on cellphone video and tweeted by conservative news website Maine First Media, then picked up by other conservative media outlets. To watch the video and hear pony-tailed Fochtmann and the attendant Democrats joke and laugh about white male suicides, go here.

But the Maine Democratic Party said nothing until a few days later, only to blame the “far right” for publishing the video recording of Fochtmann and spreading “disinformation”.

Bangor Daily News blogger Chris Dixon points out:

Richard Fochtmann ran for State Senate last year against Republican Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason. Maine Democrats chose him to be their candidate to try and unseat a prominent Republican State Senator. That’s a heavy endorsement of Fochtmann’s character.

What if the voters had selected Fochtmann? Maine Democrats would have had a sitting State Senator making jokes about white men committing suicide and celebrating the rise in incidents. […]

The crowd clearly was laughing at Fochtmann’s suicide joke. Maine Democratic Party chairman Phil Bartlett was in the crowd, as well. Did he laugh, too? […]

This isn’t a conspiracy to frame Democrats. The Maine Democratic Party trying to play victim after they used suicide as a punchline is morally wrong and absolutely heartless.

Suicide is a real issue and it is above partisan politics, contrary to what the Maine Democratic Party believes.

A report by the Centers For Disease Control showed a 24% increase in suicide deaths among all people, with suicides of non-Hispanic white males registering the second largest increase. (BizPacReview)

On November 8, 2016, Richard Fochtmann was handily defeated by Republican incumbent Garrett Mason, 67.02% to 32.98%, who retained his seat in the Maine State Senate. (Ballotpedia)

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DNC: White men shouldn’t apply for tech jobs


Demorats doing their best to ensure a second Trump term.

From Fox News: White men need not apply. That’s the message out of the Democratic National Committee’s hiring team, currently on the hunt to fill multiple vacancies in their tech department.

The political organization, which routinely makes grand statements about inclusion, recently sent an email to its employees looking to recruit people for eight open spots including IT Systems Administrator, Product Manager and Chief Security Officer.

Though the Oct. 30 email says that the DNC is looking for a “staff of diverse voices and life experiences,” it apparently doesn’t mean white men.

DNC’s Data Service Manager Madeleine Leader purportedly wrote in an email that the desire for diversity excludes “cisgender straight white males.”

Leader adds, “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, as they are already in the majority.”

Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned to at birth.

The Daily Wire, which first reported the incident, posted a screenshot of the email sent to DNC insiders. A request for comment to the DNC was not immediately returned.


Jane Fonda: Weinstein accusers get media attention because they’re “famous and white”

jane fonda

Hanoi Jane: Now deciding to be “brave”

Ironically, Fonda knew of Weinstein’s past and said nothing. Hanoi Jane deflects with the race card. How original.

From Fox News: Actress Jane Fonda said she believes people were tuning in to hear Harvey Weinstein accusers’ stories because they are “famous and white and everybody knows them.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Fonda and her friend, longtime activist Gloria Steinem, were asked about the Weinstein scandal that has rocked Hollywood, Variety reported.

“It feels like something has shifted,” Fonda told Hayes. “It’s too bad that it’s probably because so many of the women that were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein are famous and white and everybody knows them. This has been going on a long time to black women and other women of color and it doesn’t get out quite the same.”

Earlier this month, The New York Times released an exposé stating Weinstein paid off women who accused him of sexual misconduct for decades. The New Yorker released its own investigative report of women coming forward to accuse the disgraced Hollywood producer of sexual assault and rape.

The fallout caused Weinstein to be fired from the company he co-founded with his brother Bob and kicked out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Many A-list stars, including Angelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong’o, have detailed their uncomfortable encounters with the Hollywood mogul. Other famous actresses have come forward with their stories of sexual misconduct in the film industry.

Earlier this month, Fonda came under fire for admitting to the BBC that she knew of the allegations against Weinstein a year ago but kept silent.

Fonda explained she believed women did not speak out before due to Weinstein’s power. Fonda confirmed she was not one of Weinstein’s victims. “I didn’t want to expose and I will admit that I should have been braver. And I think from now on I will be when I hear such stories,” Fonda said.