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Kim Jong Un who reappeared in public is a body double

North Korea’s porky-pig “rocket man” dictator Kim Jong Un, 36, had not been seen  since April 11. Most notable was his absence from the much-ballyhooed 88th anniversary of the birth of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army on April 25. All of which led to rumors that he was either in a coma or dead.

See “North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un said to be dead

On May 1, 2020, however, Kim made his first public appearance in 20 days, at a morning ceremony for the completion of a fertilizer plant in Suncheon, South Pyongan Province.

North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said Kim attended the ceremony with other senior officials, including his sister, Kim Yo-jong, who many analysts predicted would take over if her brother is suddenly unable to rule. (New York Post)

But was that really Kim Jong Un?

Below are side-by-side pics of the real Kim Jong Un (left column) and the man who appeared at the fertilizer plant on May 1, 2020 (right column), whom we’ll call Fertilizer Kim.

Not only does Fertilizer Kim look noticeably older than Real Kim, Fertilizer Kim’s front teeth look very different than those of Real Kim.

What do you think?

H/t tweeter Jennifer Zeng


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North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un said to be dead

For several days, there have been rumors of communist North Korea’s porky-pig dictator Kim Jong Un, 36, being on the verge of death.

Telling signs include the fact that he hasn’t been seen since April 11, and his absence from Saturday’s much-ballyhooed 88th anniversary of the birth of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.

But South Korean officials said they had detected no signs of unusual activity in North Korea. President Trump downplayed the rumors, and an official familiar with U.S. intelligence said the U.S. had no reason to conclude Kim to be seriously ill or unable eventually to reappear in public.

Today, however, comes more news that confirm the rumors:

(1) First came a report from Japanese news weekly Shukan Gendai that Kim was in a “vegetative state” after he underwent heart surgery earlier this month.

A Chinese medic sent to North Korea as part of a team to treat Kim told the weekly that Kim had clutched his chest and fell to the ground on a field trip to the countryside earlier this month. A doctor accompanying Kim performed CPR, took him to a nearby hospital, and made an urgent request to China to send a medical team from Beijing immediately.

A Chinese team of nearly 50 medics headed for Pyongyang with a special machine, but the North Korean medical group believed they could not wait for the Chinese and decided to perform an emergency cardiac stent operation by placing a tube into a congested blood vessel to allow blood to keep flowing to the heart.

Alas, the Korean cardiac surgeon “was very nervous and his hands trembled. Moreover, he had no experience” operating on a body as “obese” as Kim’s. It took the surgeon eight minutes to insert the stent, when normally the procedure would take about a minute. Kim went into a coma. By the time the Chinese medic team arrived, they “couldn’t do anything anymore.”

(2) Today, the New York Post reports that a Hong Kong broadcast network claims that Kim had died, citing a “very solid source.”

Kim Jong Un has been supreme leader since 2011. He has a family history of heart problems: both his father Kim Jong Il and his grandfather Kim Il Sung reportedly died of a heart attack.

If Kim is dead, official verification might only come from North Korea state media, which delayed the announcements of the deaths of Kim’s despotic predecessors, his father and grandfather, for up to four days.

David Maxwell, a North Korea specialist at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said:

“When it comes to North Korea you can never be too sure until you hear the news from the country itself. But it’s worth noting that there are 6.5 million smartphones in North Korea now and even though the coverage is within the country, information has a way of getting out faster now than it did in the past.”

Maxwell said the Wuhan coronavirus could have been a contributing factor, given Kim’s underlying conditions of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. North Korea has claimed zero COVID-19 cases but Maxwell maintains they could be lying. North Korea will likely shut down every inch of the border in the event of Kim’s death, and the country’s Politburo will meet behind closed doors to designate his successor, who will most likely be his little sister, Kim Yo Jong, 31.


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Why President Trump fired John Bolton

Yesterday, Sept. 10, 2019, in a pair of tweet, President Trump announced that he had terminated neoConservative (i.e., warmonger for Israel) National Security Advisor John Bolton, citing strong disagreement on “many of his suggestions” regarding foreign policy. Trump wrote:

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week.”

It was in April 2018 that Trump appointed Bolton as his third national security advisor, to succeed Army Gen. H.R. McMaster.

Shortly after President Trump’s announcement, Bolton tweeted that he had offered his resignation Monday evening:

Bloomberg News reports, citing an unnamed White House official, that Deputy National Security Advisor Charles Kupperman will take over as Bolton’s acting replacement, Bloomberg News reports, citing an unnamed White House official.

Joshua Caplan of Breitbart confirms that Bolton’s departure stems from his “hawkish” (i.e., pro-war) foreign policy differences with President Trump over (1) ending the war in Afghanistan, now the longest U.S. war ever; (2) ending the U.S. war in Syria; and (3) rapprochement with North Korea.

Caplan writes:

News of Bolton’s departure follows reports that he and Vice President Mike Pence opposed plans for the president to hold peace talks at Camp David with the Taliban regarding the U.S. withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The president has denied there were disagreements between himself and others in the White House.

Bolton’s championed hawkish foreign policy views dating back to the Reagan administration and became a household name over his vociferous support for the Iraq War as the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. under George W. Bush.

Since joining the administration in the spring of last year, Bolton has espoused skepticism about the president’s whirlwind rapprochement with North Korea and has advocated against President Trump’s decision last year to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. He masterminded a quiet campaign inside the administration and with allies abroad to persuade President Trump to keep U.S. forces in Syria to counter the remnants of the Islamic State and Iranian influence in the region.

Trump’s sacking of Bolton has the approval of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who tweeted, “I commend @realDonaldTrump for this necessary action. The President has great instincts on foreign policy and ending our endless wars. He should be served by those who share those views.”

I agree with Sen. Paul.

Donald Trump is no fool. Notice a consistent pattern emerging in both his handling of foreign and domestic affairs: When something happens, Trump’s first reaction seems to accord with the neoCons in foreign affairs, and with the Left in domestic affairs. But then, he wouldn’t actually do what those factions want and, in time, would moderate and effectively void his initial statements.


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Dopes in DC show their true colors

DC thugs attack refugee from North Korea whose wife and 3 small children were executed when he defected.

Way to go, you ignorant chumps!

This doesn’t help anybody. But these idiots are like are like animals driven by instinct, not reason. No, I take that back; animals do not deserve to be maligned like that. These punks most resemble their father, Satan.

What many don’t know is that DC is half slum.


Lord help us to Make America Great Again!

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How Many Poops Does it Take to Create a Petty Dictator?

Only a third-world backwater communist dictator would have ordered something like this.

Kim Jong Un, North Korean dictator, butcher, and murderer of his own brother, has decreed that every able-bodied citizen must turn in 100 kg (220 pounds) of human feces a day to be used for fertilizer, to bolster the agricultural sector.

North Korean Poop Mandate

Kim announced the poop scoop requirement in his New Year’s address saying that the agricultural front would be the primary instrument for economic reconstruction, according to an article published on Radio Free Asia (RAF) January 18.

Quoting an anonymous source in North Hamgyong province, RFA’s Korean Service said, “After Kim Jong Un’s [speech], the entire population has been mobilized to produce manure as the first major task of the year The authorities in each local region task factories, institutions and citizens groups with assigning production quotas to each individual”.

“They are demanding that each person produce 100kg of human feces per day, or about 3 tons per month,” said the source. “But how on earth can it be possible for one person to make 3 tons of human feces and deliver it?”

Well, yeah!

While the collection of human feces is a yearly task, high quotas this year are driving many to find interesting ways to collect human feces in the bitter cold, or to find ways to get out of their quota.

Some however, are critical of the government, saying the high quotas amount to a shakedown of the people.

“If you cannot fill the quota, you have to supply 300kg of compost or livestock manure instead,” the source added.

“Most people can’t [make or collect] 100kg per day, so they end up giving what they think is sufficient. The quota is therefore meaningless,” said the source.

“[The quotas] are the same in both the cities and the countryside because the quotas are applied to everyone evenly,” said the source, adding “When the city’s clothing and food factories are [operating at full capacity], workers will try all sorts of ways to fill the quota.”

There are, however, alternative ways for North Korean citizens to buy their way out of the potty pot.

“Compared with last year, there’s a growing number of residents who are choosing to pay cash instead of providing the manure itself,” said the source.

In addition to paying cash, citizens can buy manure from merchants.

“The manure merchants are doing really well these days, charging 20 yuan (about $3) per 100kg of human feces or 300kg of compost,” the source said.

“Young women who work in restaurants and beauty parlors usually just pay cash, though,” said the source.

Another source, also in North Hamgyong province, said, “The residents of Chongjin City have been fully mobilized to fulfil this task. Authorities are encouraging people to produce more manure, stressing that it provides a vital boost to the agricultural front, and thereby the socialist movement in general,” the source said.

“People are becoming increasingly dissatisfied though, as authorities are keeping production records for each person and putting pressure on those who haven’t produced enough [to fill their quota.],” said the source.

So, if one day’s pile of poop to equals 100 kg, how many piles of poop do you have to make before you have a Kim Jong Un?

“In winter, there isn’t as much manure and compost. Cash payments exceed the value of the manure that actually ends up being delivered, so people are saying the regime is just using the quota as a means to collect more money from the citizens,” the source said.

“More than 80% of all the female workers in Chongjin’s clothing factory pay cash instead of manure,” said the source.

“People are angry, criticizing the regime for [deliberately setting quotas so high] to force people to pay cash, then claiming it’s for agricultural production.”

~ Grif

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The Trump Effect: The new and improved Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un used to wear severe “Mao” suits.

This is what the formerly dour Kim Jong Un wore on August 7, 2018, while visiting a fish pickling factory (source: UPI):

The beaming Kim looks so relaxed, I hardly recognized it’s him.

He has also eased up on anti-U.S. propaganda, and turned over remains of U.S. soldiers killed in the Korean War as he’d promised he would at the historic summit meeting with President Trump last month in Singapore.

Astonishing . . . .

None of this, of course, means U.S. relations and negotiations with North Korea will be all smooth sailing.

Just yesterday, as reported by fake news CNN, Pyongyang “issued a forceful statement…against what it said were elements of the US government which are not adhering to the spirit of the dialogue established by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Singapore summit in June.”

Little steps.


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Fake conservative George Will urges voting against Republicans in November midterm elections

In just 1½ years as President, Donald Trump already has achieved more than Obama in eight years, including:

  • Economy: Unemployment has fallen to 3.8% in May 2018, which is effective full employment. Worker productivity increased 3% in the third quarter of 2017, far above the 1.2% average of the Obama years. The number of manufacturing jobs in November 2017 was the highest recorded increase in 15 years.

rate of unemployment 2008-2018 BLS

Despite all that, writing in the Washington Post last Friday, June 23, supposedly-conservative and supposedly-pro-life Catholic columnist George Will, 77 — one of the Never-Trump Republicans in the 2016 presidential election — urged Americans to vote against Republicans in this November’s midterm elections, not because Congressional Republicans are still too timid, but because they have acceded to President Trump’s “family separating” border policy.

It must be noted that what the jackals of the Mainstream Media call “separation of families” is actually the Trump administration enacting a measure that flowed from the  Clinton-era Flores vs. Reno Supreme Court decision allowing unaccompanied illegal border-crossing minors be held “in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.”

Rachel Koning Beals reports for Market Watch that Will calls lame duck House Speaker Paul Ryan and others the “president’s poodles,” and Trump’s “zero tolerance” border policy “the most telegenic example of misrule” and “fresh if redundant evidence for the principle by which” independents and moderate Republicans should vote in the November midterms.
Will even says a GOP majority’s position to fill any upcoming Supreme Court vacancies is too high a price to pay for the Trump administration’s executive and legislative “dysfunction”. He writes:

“the congressional Republican caucuses must be substantially reduced. So substantially that their remnants, reduced to minorities, will be stripped of the Constitution’s Article I powers that they have been too invertebrate to use against the current wielder of Article II powers. They will then have leisure time to wonder why they worked so hard to achieve membership in a legislature whose unexercised muscles have atrophied because of people like them. Not because James Madison’s system has failed but because today’s abject careerists have failed to be worthy of it. Congressional Republicans . . . have no higher ambition than to placate this president.”

Earlier this week, longtime Republican strategist Steve Schmidt also called for a Democratic wave in the midterm elections, blaming Trump for a “coarsening of this country” and calling the president a “useful idiot” for Russia.
So Schmidt actually believes in the Russia-Trump 2016 electoral collusion, despite not a shred of evidence? But this guy gets big bucks as a Republican strategist?
Hmm, I can’t help but wonder what dark secrets are in the closets of George Will and Steve Schmidt which they are so terrified would be exposed by “zero tolerance” Trump….

See also:

H/t Gigi

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N. Korean despot Kim Jong Un's slush fund nearly depleted

The curious communist dynasty of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — better known as North Korea — is a poor country, with an estimated per capita GDP (nominal) of only $1,000 in 2014.

Satellite image of the Korean peninsula at night shows North Korea enveloped in darkness, in contrast to the bright lights of South Korea

So how does Kim Jong Un — the son of Kim Jong Il and grandson of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung — finance the country’s missile and nuclear weapon program that Kim #3 is using to threaten the United States, and intimidate and bully South Korea and Japan?
Answer: A secret slush fund, called Office No. 39.
But that slush fund, used also to fund vanity projects such as the much-publicized Masikryong Ski Resort, is now nearly depleted.

Greg Norman reports for Fox News, January 26, 2018, that two Chinese sources with ties to top North Korean government officials told Radio Free Asia:

“Most of the funding for nuclear weapon and missile development is coming from Kim Jong Un’s slush fund. Due to Kim’s extravagant spending, the slush fund from his father, Kim Jong Il, is running out. It won’t be easy to control North Korea’s high-level executives, who are [cunning] like raccoons. I heard them worrying about insufficient funds in Office No. 39 a number of times.”

Office No. 39 is a shadowy organization under the ruling North Korean Workers’ Party, which generates up to a billion dollars annually for Kim and his cronies through:

  • Illicit activities, such as counterfeiting and drug production.
  • $500 million a year in earnings that 100,000 North Koreans working abroad send back, according to a U.N. estimate.
  • Charity: The source said North Korea’s participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is a way to solicit charity while appearing to mend relations with South Korea. But “it won’t be easy for the South to help the Kim Jong Un regime because of international sanctions.”

Meanwhile, the sanctions, combined with a poor harvest, have left North Korea’s military scrambling for food rations, as soldiers are being given months off at a time to scrounge around fields to find things to eat. Reportedly, North Korean officials are ransacking the homes of drought-stricken farmers to collect every last grain of food inside.
President Ronald Reagan’s arms race with the Soviet Union hastened the USSR’s economic and subsequent political collapse. I submit that President Trump is doing the same with “rocket man” Kim Jong Un.
By the way, here’s a video explaining how North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are a direct result of President Bill Clinton’s coddling:
[wpvideo ihTvTeXI]
See also:


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Hawaii EMA worker who sent out false missile alert refusing to work with investigators

hawaii missile alert error
Guess the worker really doesn’t “feel awful” about hitting the button, TWICE, after all.
From Fox News: The infamous “button-pusher” who sent out a false missile alert that caused chaos across the Hawaiian Islands earlier this month is now refusing to work with federal and internal investigators, a top Federal Communications Commission official said Thursday.
The unidentified Hawaii Emergency Management Agency official has backed off working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — and also has refused to work with two internal Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) investigationsThe Star Advertiser reported.
The FCC’s Homeland Security Bureau chief Lisa Fowlkes confirmed this at a Senate hearing on Thursday saying that while HI-EMA leaders have cooperated, “we are disappointed, however, that one key employee, the person who transmitted the false alert, is refusing to cooperate with our investigation.”
“We hope that person will reconsider,” Fowlkes added.
On January 13, a civil defense employee at HI-EMA accidently sent out an alert that notified more than a million people in Hawaii that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile. Some 38 minutes passed before HI-EMA officials sent an alert to people’s phones confirming the false alarm.
That employee has since been temporarily reassigned within the agency as the investigation continues.

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Libtards at The "Spew" try to analyze North Korea

I can’t take it either.
h/t Weasel Zippers

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