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Angela Merkel’s German government facing collapse over her immigration stance

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Merkel: “Islam is not a source of terror”

Shocker, not.

From Fox News: Angela Merkel’s government is on the brink as the German chancellor battles her coalition partners on immigration and asylum seekers.

The coalition between Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) has fractured over the latter’s new proposed policy that would turn away more asylum seekers at the country’s borders.

The policy flies in the face of the most powerful woman in the world and de factor leader of the European Union. In 2015, her ‘open door’ policy to migrants saw approximately a million refugees flood into the country. Although migrant arrivals have dropped steeply in the past two years, Germany still registered around 11,000 new asylum-seekers each month.

Her decision is believed to be a major contributing factor to the surge in support for the far-Right and anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD), which became the third-largest party in Germany after the 2017 federal election when it won 94 seats in the Bundestag.

Horst Seehofer, the CSU interior minister, whose party is facing regional elections in October, wants Germany to turn back refugees who have already registered in other European countries. He also wants to block migrants whose asylum applications in Germany have already been rejected from returning.

Merkel fears such a move could increase the burden on countries include Italy, Greece and Spain, believing it could potentially fracture the European Union even further. While she wants to see a bilateral agreement at a EU summit and the end of June, the CSU has set her an effective ultimatum of next Monday.

“Personally, I think that illegal migration is one of the challenges for the European Union and therefore I believe that we shouldn’t act unilaterally, that we shouldn’t act without coordination and that we shouldn’t act in a way that burdens third parties, involved,” Merkel said.

Wolfgang Schaueble, the former finance minister and current parliamentary president who is respected on both sides, has been asked to mediate negotiations between the CDU and CSU. “We are in a serious, a very serious situation,” said Alexander Dobrindt, the CSU parliamentary group leader.

A poll published on Thursday by German broadcaster ARD found that 62 per cent of its citizens believe refugees without papers should not be allowed in.

The CSU fears that anti-immigration sentiment in the country could bring an end to its decades-old stranglehold on Bavaria’s government. They face crucial regional elections in October.

The coalition’s center-left ally, the Social Democrat Party (SPD), has demanded that the dispute be settled. Andrea Nahles, the leader of the SDP, accused Markus Soeder, the governor of Bavaria, and Seehofer of “taking all of Germany and Europe hostage”.

She added that Soeder was acting like a “bonsai Trump”. 

Olaf Scholz, the SPF finance minister, said: “The task of governing our country is not an episode of Game of Thrones, but a very serious matter. Those involved should not forget that.”

Adding to tensions, a Twitter hoax made Germans think the government had already collapsed. An account claiming to be Hessicher Rundfunk state broadcaster claimed Seehofer had dissolved the alliance, but minutes later it was confirmed to be fake.

Germany has seen more than one million asylum seekers arrive since 2015 since Merkel introduced her open door policy, but she has even acknowledged the need to strengthen the EU’s external borders.

Both Austria and Italy have seen anti-immigrant parties come to power since 2015. On Wednesday, during a meeting with Seehofer, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz voices his approval of Seehofer’s ideas.  “In our view, we need an ‘axis of the willing’ in the fighter against illegal migration,” Kurz said.

Merkel has served as chancellor of Germany since 2005 and has come top of Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 11 of the past 12 years.

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Victim of tolerance: Teenager, 14, raped and murdered in Germany by failed asylum seeker

ali bashar AFP photo

Perp Ali Bashar/AFP photo

From Daily Mirror: A failed asylum seeker has confessed to the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Germany – where tributes have claimed she’s the ‘victim of tolerance’.

Susanna Maria Feldman was strangled and buried close to a railway track near a refugee camp in her hometown of Wiesbaden, Germany.

Ali Bashar, 20, was arrested by Kurdish security forces after fleeing Germany to Iraq on a ticket which did not match the name on his passport.

There he was interrogated by Iraqi police officers – where he is said to have confessed to the crimes. He is due to be sent back to Germany today.

This comes after a 13-year-old refugee told police in Wiesbaden that Bashar was responsible for killing the teenager. Bashar is a suspect in a string of other offences, including sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in the refugee camp and knifepoint robbery.

He arrived in Germany in 2015 with his parents and five siblings but his asylum request was refused, local media reports. Although he was due to be deported, he obtained temporary residence while he waited for his appeal to be heard.

Susanna went missing on May 23 after going out with her friends the previous night, but police did not investigate because she was “often truant.”

Tributes have now been left near the area she was found – including a cross with a sign reading: ‘Susanna, 14 year-old, victim of tolerance’.

Flowers and candles also adorn the makeshift memorial.

Her mother, Diana Feldman, wrote on Facebook before her daughter’s body was found: “There is nothing worse for a mother in the world than not to know where her child is.”

Now, the case has put renewed pressure on Merkel’s government over the decision to open Germany’s borders at the height of the refuge crisis in 2015.

Alice Weidel, the chief of far right party AfD, told the Times of Israel: “Susanna is a new victim of the egotistical and hypocritical welcoming policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.”


Shocking video of population replacement by Muslims in Netherlands

This is not a video of a street scene in Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

This is a video of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

H/t Traditional British Group

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Aloha Snackbar

Why should the infidels be the only ones with good beach eats?

Turban Heads are the new Parrot Heads

At the end of a long day landing on Mediterranean beaches, stop by our convenient beach shacks and food trucks for the best snacks to keep a jihadi strong.

Eat your heart out, Jimmy Buffett.

Next to blame for UK knife stabbings: Wealthy drug users at middle class parties

As I have said before, the UK is toast.

From Express UK: DavidGauke has claimed that “middle class dinner parties” are to blame for the recent surge in knife crime across the capital (London).

He told Sky News during a wide-ranging interview that wealthy cocaine users should feel guilt for fuelling the recent spate of stabbings in London.

Since the beginning of the year, at least 37 people have been fatally stabbed – and 62 overall killed – on the streets of London. Earlier this year it emerged that the London’s murder rate had overtaken New York City’s for the first time ever.

Mr. Gauke took aim at the middle class for not acknowledging their own role in the horrific stabbings. He said the wealthy drug users who complained about the soaring violence on their streets only had themselves to blame.

The Government minister told Ridge on Sunday: “People who do that have to recognise they are fuelling the industry that’s resulting in the knife crimes, resulting in the difficulties we’re having in prisons. The violent crime we see inside and outside prison is strongly linked to drugs trade.

“There’s a responsibility for middle class people that take cocaine at a dinner party that when they see a story of a 15-year-old boy stabbed in Hackney they should feel a degree of guilt and responsibility.”

Tottenham MP David Lammy has warned buying drugs in London was now easier than ordering a takeaway. 

He said: “Drugs are prolific. It’s like Deliveroo – they’re as prolific as ordering a pizza.

“You can get them on Snapchat, WhatsApp. That in the end is driving the turf war and is driving the culture of violence.”

This is not the first time that leading figures in Britain have targeted the middle class.

Police Federation deputy treasurer Simon Kempton blamed the wealthy for creating the demand for cocaine. Security minister Ben Wallace warned the UK was “fast becoming the biggest consumer” of the Class A in Europe.

On Monday a man was stabbed to death in Upper Street, Islington as the city’s knife-crime epidemic continued.

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Allahu Akbar! Known “violent” man kills 3 in Belgium after being released from prison

The Ramadan Bombathon rolls on…

From NY Post: An “unstable” man shouting ” Allahu Akbar!” launched a terror attack in Belgium on Tuesday, killing two policewomen and a civilian, authorities said.

The extremist, identified by Belgian media as 36-year-old Benjamin Herman, was shot dead by Liège police.

He had been temporarily released on Monday evening from a prison near Liège, where he’d been serving time for drug offenses, and was classified by officials as “marginal and violent,” La La Libre Belgique newspaper reported.

Police sources told La Libre Belgique that the gunman shouted, “Allahu Akbar!” — “God is great” in Arabic — before opening fire.

“The event is classed as a terrorist incident,” Liège prosecutor Philippe Dulieu said at an afternoon news conference.

Around 10:30 a.m., Herman followed two policewomen into Café des Augustins near the city center, stabbing them in the back with a blade, which was described by local broadcaster RTBF as a boxcutter. The man then grabbed one of their handguns and shot both women dead, Dulieu said.

A video posted on Twitter reportedly showed a policewoman dead and bleeding on the floor.

“She was killed in front of the café. … The woman on the ground, f–k, I’m shocked,” a man can be heard saying in the background.

After killing the cops, Herman walked down the street and fatally fired at a 22-year-old man who was in the passenger seat of his parked car, and then ran into Léonie de Waha high school, where he took a janitor hostage on the ground floor. The students were evacuated, and the hostage, an unnamed woman, was not harmed.

Cops cornered him at the school, and he ran out and opened fire, injuring two officers in the legs before being gunned down.

Images and videos on social media showed people scurrying to safety as at least six shots rang out.

Investigators are looking into whether Herman converted to Islam or was radicalized in prison, local outlets reported.

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel condemned the “blind and cowardly” violence and offered his support for the victims and their families.

Liège Mayor Willy Demeyer said the flags of the city would fly at half-staff and a minute of silence would be observed in the coming days, Le Soir reported.

Liège was the scene of a mass shooting in 2011, when an unhinged gunman killed six people and wounded over 100 others before turning the gun on himself.

Belgium has been on high alert since a Brussels-based ISIS cell was involved in attacks in Paris and Belgium in 2015 and 2016 that killed over 160 people.


ESPN expands crazy proggie and Trump-basher Keith Olbermann’s role

keith obermann book

ESPN doing their best to help the November “Blue Wave.”

From Fox News: ESPN has been under fire recently for what many media watchdogs consider a liberal bias and the network raised eyebrows on Friday by announcing an expanded role for anti-Trump pundit Keith Olbermann.

ESPN announced on Friday that Olbermann will frequently guest anchor the flagship “SportsCenter,” serve as an MLB play-by-play broadcaster, co-host various opinion programs such as “Pardon the Interruption” and guest host ESPN Audio programs.

This is Olbermann’s sixth stint at ESPN and the time in between has been largely spent as a far-left political pundit on MSNBC and an assortment of other networks. Most recently, he anchored an anti-Trump online program for GQ, “The Resistance,” and authored a book titled, “Trump is F*cking Crazy: (This is Not a Joke).”

Olbermann has been among the most outspoken critics of the president in the entire media industry, even moving out of his luxury New York City apartment building because it was owned by Trump. He once claimed that Trump and his family have done more damage to the U.S. than Usama bin Laden. ESPN’s newest star was widely criticized when his anti-Trump book featured a cover image of himself draped in the American flag, which is visibly touching the ground – a violation of U.S. flag code.

Just this week, The Wall Street Journal’s Shalini Ramachandran published a piece about how a “weakened ESPN became consumed by politics,” the details several polarizing decisions the network has made in recent memory. Last year ESPN’s Jemele Hill made headlines by calling President Trump a “white supremacist.”

Ramachandran wrote of the incident, “Mr. Skipper, then ESPN’s president, lit into Ms. Hill, according to people familiar with the meeting. If I punish you, he told her, I’d open us up to protests and come off as racist. If I do nothing, that will fuel a narrative among conservatives — and a faction within ESPN — that the network had become too liberal… Mr. Skipper chose to spare Ms. Hill.”

Skipper is no longer with the network, stepping down in December after a drug dealer attempted to extort him because of an admitted cocaine habit. Hill has since been reassigned and no longer hosts the network’s flagship “SportsCenter.”

Sports talk radio host Clay Travis has been an outspoken critic of ESPN’s politics and took to Twitter to mock the decision to bring Olbermann back.

Thisdude’s entire Twitter feed is deranged Tweets like this calling the president a Nazi. Not a one time thing, there are hundreds of them,” Travis wrote. “Smart move by @espn to hire one of the most far left wing people in American media to do sports. Definitely proves how fair and balanced they are.”

In Aug. 2017, Olbermann tweeted at first daughter Ivanka Trump and called her father a “neo-Nazi,” and “racist.” Olbermann frequently used profanity to criticize President Trump, often referring to him as a “racist f—,” but ESPN’s newest star doesn’t bother to use the sanitized version of the cuss word.

Esteemed media analyst Jeffrey McCall told Fox News that “ESPN continues to insist on forcing social and political issues into the sports arena and expanding Olbermann’s role is more evidence” of that.

“Olbermann was once a clever and personable sports broadcaster, but he chose to move into political commentary. He is now identified as a political advocate and it will be very hard for the sports viewers to now view him as a sports guy again.  Further, ESPN has to deal with the ongoing critique that it is pushing political agendas, and the expanded role for Olbermann simply adds to the evidence that politics matter more to ESPN than sports,” McCall said.

Back in March, National Center for Public Policy Research general counsel Justin Danhof publically approached Disney CEO Bob Iger about the network’s perceived liberal bias at a shareholder’s meeting, calling ESPN a “24/7 anti-Trump tirade channel.”

Iger responded that he simply didn’t agree with Danhof and quickly moved on.

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