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Seattle voters unhappy with direction of city; guess how they voted to change sheriff’s office!

Earlier I told you how Seattle (King County) voters are unhappy with how the City Council is handling things and the direction of the city. The majority of voters think things in Seattle “have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track.”

So what’s a good way to fix some things in the city? Approve amendments that remove your power to vote for county sheriff and give the bureaucrats the ability to change the sheriff’s duties!

Yeah, makes sense if you are a democrat and want to give government more power.

The two charters approved by King County voters are Charter Amendment No. 5 – Appointed Sheriff (approved 56%) and Charter Amendment No. 6 – Public Safety Department Structure (approved 62%). Charter Amendment No. 5 allows the county executive to appoint the sheriff, with approval from the King County Council.

King County Executive Dow Constantine

What’s even more mind-boggling is that Dow Constantine (King County Executive & professional politician since 1997) told voters in September that he wanted to shift millions of dollars earmarked for law enforcement and the traditional criminal justice system into community-based racial justice programs. Read about all of his proposed cuts (he made known in advance) here.

But don’t worry residents of King County! Executive Constantine claims these amendments will “boost accountability.”

He also said this of the approved changes: “It’s going to involve police, yes, but also behavioral health professionals, human service professionals, the kinds of help that may be needed in order to defuse conflicts and prevent tragedies from happening.”

Seattle has become a sh*thole of a city: Increased homelessness, open drug use on the streets, repeat offenders held unaccountable for crimes, increased police response times (if they even make it to your home), etc.

I don’t want to hear of some survey where King County/Seattle residents complain about the conditions of their city. SEATTLEITES DESERVE ALL THAT COMES THEIR WAY.


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The definition of insanity: Majority of Seattle voters unhappy with direction of city & city council


Seattle has been a sh*thole city for quite some time now. Remember the CHAZ fiasco under the direction of Mayor Jenny Durkan this past summer?

I’ve covered the many, many, MANY failures of Seattle’s demorat leadership for years. See the following examples:

BLM achieves justice in Seattle: First black police chief resigns
Man who dropped out of Seattle City Council race last year exposes city & allies’ coordinated efforts to mislead the public on their homelessness crisis
Seattle has a solution to their homelessness crisis: A 75-person task force
King County judge on why repeat offenders get no punishment: “We’re just talking about property crime
Violent repeat offender in Seattle assaults toddler with coffee, two days after his jail release

Yet Seattleites KEEP electing demorats while, I guess, expecting a different outcome?

Turns out some Seattle folk are unhappy with the direction of the city! Gee, I wonder why???

Excerpts from KIRO 7 News:

A new survey of Seattle voters found that many are unhappy with how the City Council is handling things and the direction of the city, according to EMC Research.

After polling voters in late October, researchers found 54% of voters think things in Seattle “have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track.” A third of voters (35%) think things are “generally going in the right direction.”

In an open-ended question with no response options, 45% of voters mentioned homelessness as the issue they are most concerned about, followed by affordable housing/cost of living and police brutality/defunding the police.

Three-quarters of voters polled said they are unhappy about the growth of illegal homeless camps in many Seattle neighborhoods, city parks and playgrounds and a majority don’t agree with the council ending most encampment cleanups.

Read the whole story here.

I’m fresh outta any empathy for people in Seattle. Demorats will NEVER learn this one EASY lesson:


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BOOM!!! Theft, FEC hacked or the Republican party has sold out President Trump, his supporters and America. Billions of dollars transferred to DNC PAC and the “Joe Biden for President” committee from Republican NRCC, NRSC, Congressional Leadership Fund and other conservative committees, PACs and organizations

 FUNDRAISING PAC Filings at the Federal Election Commission show Billions of dollars being transferred out of Republican party committees and PACS, directly to the DNC PAC and the “Biden for President” committee.


Sources up front

For those that just read the headlines and the first paragraph, here is the source where you can verify this for yourself. It’s at the Federal Election Commissions website. Follow instructions in detail.

  • Click the link provided. It will take you to a PAC named “Biden Action Fund
  • In the middle of the page it will say “Disbursements”. Don’t do a search or anything else. (The link should take you to the page with “RAW” already highlighted. If that’s the case, just click “Export” located
    in the upper left hand corner ).
  • Click “RAW” if not highlighted.
  • In the upper right hand corner click “Export”.
  • A box at the bottom will pop up that says “Download”. Download the file. (It’s a csv. File).

There is no other way to see this information. You have to download the file. It has to be the “Raw” version.

The file is fairly large for a csv. It’s 1.2 to 2.3 gigs. To view the file, I used Apache Open Office. If you have better, use it. File is too large for Open Office. It doesn’t load the last few rows So I ended up viewing it in Firefox.

For the last two days I’ve downloaded the files on multiple computers and on my phone just to make sure the file was coming from the FEC. Same information each time.


Link 1. Disbursements click here or

I’’ve included a second link.

You are going to want to see the Receipts(Sources of funding).

Less than .09521% of funding for the Biden Action fund comes from donations less than $200. *Kamala Harris’s “For the People” committee gets 45% of its funding from donations over $200.

 This download will show you that Biden was lying at the debates about not being funded by Wall Street. There are multiple campaign finance violations to be found. Be sure you get the “RAW” version of this also.

A “ZZ” will be where the state of residence should be for all donors that have non USA  address.(foreugn donors?)

Link2. Receipts click here or

The headline. The links. What’s it all about?

In the Disbursements download you will find multiple filings of cash being transferred from conservative Campaigns/Pacs. The amount of cash being transferred for each transaction can be as low as $100,000 to $5,000,000,000 and up..

This is either the biggest theft/ hack in American history. The biggest glitch in the FEC database in American history or the Republican party backstabbing the President, all Trump Supporter, most conservatives , and just about everyone living in the USA. What little integrity that remained in the political parties in the USA is gone. What little integrity that remained in the political parties in the USA is gone. This will prove that the Republicans are/have been working with democrats all along. A one party government.

I see Joe Biden’s “ Biden for President “ funds growing at a record breaking rate..


The following are screenshots of the actual data you will find in the download.

National Republican Senatorial Committee

National Republican Congressional Committee


Senate Conservatives Fund



Williamson County Republican

Indiana Republican State committee


On July 16 2020 the NRA endorsed Trump.

National Association for Gun Rights Inc

National Rifle Association of American Political Victory Fund


Pro Life Pacs

West Virginians For Life Inc.

Right to Life/ Oregon


These are just a few examples of what you will find in the download. If you have not downloaded the file by now, you really should while it is still available. The list keeps growing. Joe Biden has almost doubled in total funding over night.

*What I find strange is that this data should be in the receipts, not in the disbursements.

I’ve provided two examples below of what you will find in the second link I provided above. 

The first graphic only shows  title and amount donated.  Even though the information is public record, I felt it best  to not reveal their personal information. .
These are the people that want to control your lives. These are the people that profit off your misfortune. These are some of the people that end up with your hard earned dollars.


The second image below shows  foreign donors you will find in the receipts download. Your download will have all the information I left out.
*Its illegal to accept foreign money. It does not matter if it was intentional or not.

Closing Rant(Just my opinion)

This is exactly why people must vote for Trump. People on the right, Left center, up, down, the side, up front, behind, standing on the fence, sitting on the fence, loitering at the liquor store, everywhere, everyone must vote for Trump. This is not a simple right/ left problem. It’s the people against the establishment. Trump is all we have in DC. That’s if we make it to election day.

There is so much cheating going on that at this point every single ballot must be checked. If Trump loses he must not accept the loss until every ballot is checked, and not by democrats.

Daily we see where ballots are thrown away by postal employees. Ballots printed wrong. Multiple duplicate ballots sent out. Ballots with people’s pets name on them. Ballots with dead people’s names. Ballots with fake names. Everything from democrats extorting the electoral college to shutting down USPS buildings so they can postmark ballots ahead of time. Some will be held on to until first results come in after election day. Then they will know how many more they need to turn in and win the election. Some of them will be sent to mailing companies to be mixed in with regular mail, then mailed out.

If they want to mess up the election enough to where it forces a vote in the House of Representatives That’s fine. The senate gets to pick the VP. They would have to go with Biden. Biden would immediately fail and Trump would take over and be able to run for another term in the next election,

Swamp leadership is so desperate that they continue to expose themselves more and more each day. It’s so obvious that it’s embarrassing. If we have a Trump loss and If we don’t have a brief civil war after it, and if we lose that war. The country will fail. Democrats will remove the police. Community patrolling will takes its place. This is where the Muslim mortality police steps in with their Sharia law. It’s already going on  in New York and other cities.

Racist policies will go into effect. Similar to what is going on in Oakland Calif. They are giving money to blacks and illegals. Paying them so they don’t have to work. ..Maybe like Newsom’s plan where he gives illegals “cash” for unemployment. They doon’t have to show ID or any other type of documentation.

Any policy where it gives money to illegals is a scam. Almost a perfect scam. …They say they gave the money to the illegals but pocketed it themselves. Impossible to to trace the money because the illegals don’t need to show ID. We will never know who got the money.

Maybe they will just burn you out, like what’s happening is California.  This is what many Californians  think has been going on.

Next city to burn would be around Berkeley California. Fires could start today, tomorrow or Tuesday.

Back to Newsom. There are a minimum of 30,000 homeless in the LA area alone. Newsom is sending millions to cities that “qualify”. How to “qualify” is a mystery. What I do know is that the “qualified” cities are taking that money and buying hotels and remodeling them. Average cost is $100,000 per living space. He’s even giving money to the Pomo Indian tribe so they can buy and remodel a hotel. You know, the ones in California that don’t have to pay taxes and run their own government. Native indians  own all the casinos in Califirnia. How much you want to bet that hotel will be a casino?

Yup, millions of California tax money being spent.  All that money to create 579 housing units.

Let’s not forget the millions currently being spent to house homeless in hotels. Yes, tax money is pays for their housing, and in some cases, their drug habit.

Eventually, complete lawlessness.

Civil War? More like a world war. The left will bring in the UN. That means all the loser countries that leached off the USA after we saved them from being destroyed. That also means China taking sides with the left. You can count on Canada and Mexico helping the left which opens the west coast for invasion. We will have Russia on our side simply because Trump doesn’t believe in framing a country for crimes made up by the left.

There is something far more dangerous than anything I just mentioned. Something we all see in our lives. Some more than others. It can be our best friend or our worst enemy. It can get you when you least expect it. It’s opportunity. What will a person do given the right opportunity.

Generally speaking the average person knows right from wrong. One person can see the keys left in a car running and would never consider taking the car.. Another would see it, want to take it, but out of fear of getting caught, decides to leave it where it is. Another would see it as a opportunity to “come up” and take the car. Three possible choices. We will always have people that  will follow the law. We will always have people that would only break the law if they thought they could  get away with it. We will always have criminals. That’s where the police come in. Their existence alone creates better odds for your safety. 3 to 1 in your favor

There are people far worse than the common criminal. Their minds occupy the space where insanity meets sanity. They have no conscious. These people are predators. They prey on people and never get caught. They could be your neighbor or a friend of a friend and you would never know. They understand how opportunity works. Out of fear of getting caught they keep themselves in check. The odds are against them. Take away the police the odds of you becoming a victim just doubled, against you. Now you have to worry the person that will always be a criminal and the person that no longer fears getting caught.

People don’t understand. The danger is always at your door. Police keep the balance in your favor. Without them only creates opportunity for criminals.

Opportunity can turn normal law abiding citizens into criminals.

#Of course, this only matters if we make it that far

I’m going to give the republican party the benefit of the doubt until  more information comes out.   The system might be hacked.  More committees are  being added with money flowing to the Biden for President committee as we speak.  But….

If this is not a glitch in the system and it turns out that the democrats are actually stealing the money, they must be removed from the House,  Senate and every other political position of power in the country. If it turns out that Republicans are, guilty, then Capital Hill must fall. Every member of congress and the senate must be taken into custody.  If this is a set up to catch people like me digging around in the future. It won’t work.  It won’t stop me.

I’m at a loss for words.  Let my know your thoughts,


Deplorable Patriot

Boots On the Ground

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Walgreens to close seventh San Francisco store due to looting without consequences

Demorats never learn.

In 2014 California voters approved Prop 47 which downgraded certain felonies to misdemeanors. Significantly, the new measure mandated that any theft below $950 would be a misdemeanor.

Last year they elected the radical district attorney Chesa Boudin. Chesa is the son of Weather Underground terrorists Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert who were arrested for their role as getaway car drivers in the Brink’s robbery of 1981 in Rockland County, New York. After Chesa’s parents were incarcerated (when he was 14 months old) fellow Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn adopted Chesa.

One of Chesa’s goals was to “tackle racial bias in the criminal justice system and overhaul the bail system.”

Thanks to progressive reforms and elected officials, San Francisco is losing ANOTHER Walgreens due to there being no consequences for criminal actions.

MSN reports that after months of seeing its shelves repeatedly cleaned out by brazen shoplifters, the Walgreens at Van Ness and Eddy in San Francisco is getting ready to close.

This is the seventh Walgreens to close in the city due to rampant looting.

More from the MSN story:

“All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters,” said longtime customer Sebastian Luke, who lives a block away and is a frequent customer who has been posting photos of the thefts for months. The other day, Luke photographed a man casually clearing a couple of shelves and placing the goods into a backpack.

“I feel sorry for the clerks, they are regularly being verbally assaulted,” Luke said. “The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens’ policy is to not get involved. They don’t want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.”

A recent trip to the store revealed aisle after aisle of empty or near-empty shelves. Beauty supplies appear to be a favored target.”

Read the whole story here.

Why do the thefts continue?

“Under California law, theft of less than $950 in goods is treated as a nonviolent misdemeanor. The maximum sentence for petty theft is six months in county jail. But most of the time the suspect is released with conditions attached.

Great job, San Francisco. You’ve elected demorats and voted for progressive policies that allow the homeless and criminals to destroy your local businesses. Way to improve public safety!


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Lovely scene in NYC: Woman urinates ‘while giving homeless man oral sex on street’

No wonder people are fleeing NYC in “droves.”

Photo from Save the UWS/Twitter

According to the Metro, this is the “new normal” in Manhattan.

According to the Save the Upper West Side Twitter account, “Quality of life no longer exists on the UWS.”

People living in the Upper West Side say they have now been confronted by open drug use and aggressive behavior on a daily basis.

Read all the details about this disgusting scene here.

Like most demorat-run cities, NYC has become a sh*thole. When are you democrats going to realize the truth:


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Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco

Christophe Rufo does an in-depth exploration into the homelessness problem of San Francisco.

A demorat-run city where they spend $1 BILLION a year trying to “solve” homelessness. Here’s their results:

It’s a problem that will not be solved anytime soon with progressives in charge.

Rufo sums it up pretty well: This is the tragic irony of San Francisco. The city’s leaders denounce inequality around the world but have created a system of incredible inequality and incredible cruelty. And utlimately, the city’s policies are killing people.”


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You don’t say: Residents fleeing liberal utopia of Seattle

The once-beautiful, demorat-run city of Seattle has turned into a nightmare.

You’ve got a serious homeless problem. Even a BILLION taxpayer dollars isn’t enough to solve that problem.

You’ve got a serious problem with repeat criminal offenders. Due to the progressive “criminal justice reform” agenda, there are many, many repeat offenders who are never properly punished.

Then you’ve got ANTIFA/BLM/demorat thugs taking over the city streets and rioting, looting and burning the city down. And the elected politicians cave to their demands.

So why would any reasonable, taxpaying-citizen want to remain in this liberal utopia? It appears that many residents have had enough and are heading out.

KOMO News reports that more Seattle-area residents selling their homes and fleeing the city. This is based on a Redfin report which states that the number of home sellers looking to leave the Seattle metro area has jumped to 13.7%, compared with 11.2% at the same time last year.

Also notable? The net outflow of homeowners from Seattle has soared from 363 in the second quarter of last year to 6,007 in the second quarter of this year – a jump of more than 1,500%.

Redfin claims that the reasons people are leaving are because of the Wuhan virus, to move closer to family, flexible remote work which means people don’t “have to live in this area,” and low mortgage rates.

Gee, ‘ya think the crazy violence and lack of law and order might have something to do with it?

Read the whole story here.


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Seattle City Councilmember will introduce legislation to create new mental health and substance addiction first-responder program

Andrew Lewis, Seattle City Council, Dist. 7

Last week Seattle City Council member Andrew Lewis proposed legislation to create and fully fund a new mental health and substance addiction first-responder program. Andrew just assumed office this past January and has spent his career in the public sector.

About Andrew’s proposed legislation, from the City’s web site:

“Councilmember Andrew J. Lewis, Chair of the Council’s Select Committee on Homelessness Strategies and Investments, announced this morning he will introduce legislation to create and fully fund a new mental health and substance addiction first-responder program, based on a Eugene, Oregon program called Crisis Assistance Helping Out On the Streets, or CAHOOTS.

CAHOOTS outreach teams are unarmed and composed of a medic and a mental health crisis worker. They are immediately dispatched by 911 to respond to people experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis and can offer counseling, conflict resolution, housing referrals, first aid, and immediate transportation to services.

“When a building is on fire we send the fire department. When someone has a stroke we send an ambulance. Why do we send armed police to help someone in a mental health or drug-related crisis? By the most conservative estimates one in every four people fatally shot by a police officer has a mental illness. This has to stop,” said Councilmember Lewis.

CAHOOTS has been in existence since 1989 and is operated by Eugene’s White Bird Clinic. On an annual basis, CAHOOTS responds to nearly 24,000 calls, representing almost 20 percent of all 911 calls. Out of all those calls, CAHOOTS workers only requested police assistance 150 times in 2019. More than 60 percent of CAHOOTS’ clients are experiencing homelessness. This successful program has saved Eugene on average $8.5 million a year in policing costs and $14 million a year in emergency medical response costs.

We cannot police our way out of poverty, racial inequity, homelessness and our mental health crisis. By diverting these types of calls to CAHOOTS, Seattle has the opportunity to save money and invest in a program that adequately responds to people’s essential needs,” Lewis said.”

CAHOOTs describes themselves as “critical assistance helping out on the streets.”

From the CAHOOTS web site: “We are a funny blend of idealism and realism. We are committed to being of service to the community and the clients we serve and we share a hope for a better world – we take pride in doing our part!”

Eugene Police with a homeless man

So how is CAHOOTS making Eugene (Lane County) a better place?

From October 2019: “Eugene has most homeless per capita in US”

From July 2018: For the last 30 years, Lane County’s suicide rate has exceeded the national average.

From July 2016: The Eugene area has one of the highest rates of excessive drinking in the state – 22%. Oregon as a whole has a rate of 19%. Lane County has a fatal overdose rate of 15 per 100,000 residents, resulting in 156 deaths in 2014. This ranks #12 in Oregon.

Homeless encampments in Eugene/KLCC photo

While democrats are rushing to #defundpolice, this CAHOOTS program is being pushed in the media as an effective model for prioritizing mental health over police.

While CAHOOTs may be saving the city money and de-escalating some situations, I question just how effective the program has been in “enabling people to gain control of their social, emotional, and physical well-being through direct service, education, and community.”

Saving taxpayer costs on emergency response calls may be beneficial yet how much better are the residents/taxpayers of Eugene when – overall and in the long run – homelessness, suicide and substance abuse statistics do not improve? I guess that depends upon your definition of “adequately respond” and “gain control.”


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SF Mayor Breed: I’m a black woman before a mayor; we need allies, not slave owners

Mayor London Breed

San Francisco Mayor London Breed had some interesting things to say at some recent rally and protests. She sounded a little racist to me. But maybe that’s just my white privilege interpretation.

San Francisco Public Press tweeted out snippets of her comments:

“Mayor London Breed tells City Hall protesters she got into office to make real change. “I am hurting like I have never hurt before.”

“Mayor Breed: “We need you to be allies and stop telling black leaders, if you are not black, what the hell to do. I know what to do when it comes to my community. I don’t need a co-signer. I don’t need a slave owner telling me what to do.

She also said this:

Yes, I’m the mayor, but I’m a black woman first.

“But I want to say one thing. I want to say one thing, black lives matter is nobody’s joke. I’m tired of people treating it that way, I’m tired of people masking their racism in black lives matter. It is not a joke, it is not a joke. It is born out of pain, it is born out of racism that we are going to fight against, it is born out of our struggle, our blood, sweat, and tears, for all that we have struggled through in this country. Don’t get it twisted, it is not a joke.”

You can read the full transcript here from the June 1 event.

What does that mean exactly, “I’m a black woman first?”

Does Breed have a loyalty to her race and gender that takes priority above her oath as mayor?

And who exactly is a slaver owner in 2020?

Does she plan to put the priorities of “her community” before that of Hispanics? Whites? Any other race?

Apparently what it means is a reform of the policing community due to “a lack of equity in our society overall [that] leads to a lot of the problems that police are being asked to solve.”

The LA Times reports that Breed has several solutions to police reform to address the lack of societal equity that exists in San Francisco. Oddly enough, San Francisco’s societal inequity and racism hasn’t been solved since 1964, the last time there was a republican mayor of San Francisco. Guess Mayor Breed is going to be the one to finally solve systemic racism in San Francisco.

That includes the following police reforms:

• Ban the use of military-grade weapons against unarmed citizens (I suppose the police are to have X-ray vision to determine if someone is conceal carrying.)
Incorporate testing for bias and potential for abuse of force
• “Reel-back” the release of booking photos

Course the police will most likely have less encounters with citizens as the mayor’s reform includes replacing police with “trained, unarmed professionals to respond to calls for help on noncriminal matters involving mental health, the homeless, school discipline and neighbor disputes.”

Read about all of the mayor’s proposed reforms here.

You’d think that more than $12 BILLION dollars spent in the last fiscal year would have been enough to end the homeless problem and respond to their needs (which has included medical, social and psychological services; education and outreach services).

I’m sure that re-allocating funds from the police department to address noncriminal issues will solve all of San Francisco’s societal and racial problems. If after 50 years the demorats haven’t been able to fix their problems, I’m sure this black woman knows exactly what to do when it comes to her community. No joke.


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Seattle government hard at work during the Wuhan virus

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

You really believe that these bureaucrats are going to protect you? They can’t even solve a decade-long problem of homelessness nor properly set up a web site.

From Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s Twitter timeline of accomplishments in her city:

“Since mid-April, the Navigation Team has referred 29 unsheltered individuals from the Ballard Commons area to recently opened tiny home villages and enhanced shelter beds at Lake Union Village, T.C. Spirit Village, and Lakefront Community House.”

As of 2018 there were over 12,000 homeless people in Seattle. The city has a population of just over 600,000. The city managed to refer 29 “unsheltered” people to tine home villages. You do the math.

The good mayor also sent out this tweet to apparently help somehow help small businesses impacted by the mandated shutdown:

“Nearly 5,000 businesses responded to round one of the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey. Round two is now open! Respond by May 21: #SupportSeattleSmallBiz @SeattleChamber”

One problem when you click on the Seattle OED link: 404 – File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

But it’s all good because of course, a hashtag: #WeGotThisSeattle!

No parks for you!

But room for you!/Q13 Fox photo

Homeless allowed to “social distance” during Wuhan virus in Seattle/photo by Rob Harwood


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