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Insanity of free tampons for men’s restrooms spreads to Cornell U.

Earlier this month, Brown University’s student association distributed free tampons and sanitary pads to restrooms across the campus, including men’s restrooms because, as student body president Viet Nguyen put it, “not all people who menstruate are women.”

The insanity is contagious: It has now enveloped another Ivy League institution — Cornell University.


Laura Gunderson reports for the conservative student newspaper The Cornell Review (via Campus Reform), Sept. 29, 2016, that by a majority of 78.6%, 3,034 voting Cornell students passed a student-sponsored #FreetheTampon referendum to provide free tampons and pads in all Cornell bathrooms, regardless of gender.

The reasoning behind Cornell’s insanity is the same as Brown’s — not all people who menstruate are women, when accounting for so-called “transgenders”.

In addition to voting, students also posted pro and con statements about the initiative on the Cornell Assemblies Elections page:

  • Many of those who voted “yes” made claims along the lines of, “this is a basic human right, like water or shelter,” and that it’s “ridiculous” and “insane” that they aren’t free already. Many noted that condoms are freely available at the campus health center, so tampons should be, too.
  • Those who voted against the referendum expressed concern over the potential financial burden the project would create and lack of planning, as well as the likely waste of the products, especially in the men’s bathrooms, considering that less than 1% of the population is “transgender”. Like voices crying in the wilderness and in vain, one student argued that “In any situation in which a discussion is being had about a given institution providing some good or service for free, it is essential to first be able to estimate the cost of such a provision prior to implementing it.” Another said that the proposal “seems expensive, and unnecessary.” Yet another student asked, “Having the school subsidize more products leads to an increasing cost for students to attend…where does the subsidizing stop? The school shouldn’t provide other services that aren’t directly relevant or necessary for education.”
  • Some students attempted to stake out a middle ground, asserting that they would be in support of supplying the women’s rooms with free tampons, but not the men’s.

The issue will now be presented to the president of Cornell University for potential implementation, though the details of the proposal are still unclear. No doubt, like Brown University’s administration who applauded the distribution of free tampons, Cornell’s will also cave in to this latest madness in America’s lofty institutions of “higher education”.

By the way, there may be a sort of method to this madness.

After blogging for 7 years, I have come to the sad conclusion that there is no limit to human depravity. On a hunch, I did a search for “tampons as butt plug” and, sure enough, had my suspicions confirmed. See “I Like To Put Tampons In My Ass“. (A word of warning: The disgusting article is for “mature” eyes only, defined as those 18 years or older.)

There is a practical reason why gay men use tampons as butt plugs.

According to WebMD, the vast majority (90%) of men who have sex with men engage in receptive anal intercourse. But anal sex is fraught with health risks. In fact, “anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity” because the anus is not designed for sexual (or any) penetration:

  1. It lacks natural lubrication, unlike the vagina.
  2. The anus is full of bacteria.
  3. The anus’ skin lining is vulnerable to tearing and the spread of bacteria and infection.

One of the consequences of repetitive anal sex is the weakening of the anal sphincter — a ring-like muscle that tightens after we defecate — making it difficult to hold in feces until the person can get to the toilet. In other words, repetitive anal sex results in fecal incontinence.

Reuters reports on Feb. 4, 2016 that, using national health survey data from 6,150 U.S. adults, a study found that increased risk of incontinence from anal sex is particularly high for men who sex with men. While women who have had anal sex were 50% more likely than their peers to report having fecal incontinence at least once a month, the men’s odds of incontinence are three times that of women.

But, due to the relentless propaganda in popular culture (see, for example, a movie targeted at teens, Kingsman: The Secret Service), the practice of anal sex is increasing even among heterosexuals. According to a recent study led by Dr. Alayne Markland of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as many of 37% of women reported trying anal intercourse at least once.


Muslim ‘migrants’ have transformed the city of Paris into a garbage dump

Gone is our antiquated image of Paris, France as an elegant, civilized city.

Here’s a video showing how the Muslim “migrant” invasion has transformed the French capital into a literal garbage dump, with men lounging on mattresses on streets choked with litter and garbage. I recommend you watch the video in full screen to get the maximum impact.

Notice that the vagrants are all men, and not just men, but young, able-bodied, military-age males. Where are the pore Muslim women and children of the media’s propaganda?

Here’s another video — of a Muslim riot in Paris:

Meanwhile, tourism in France has plummeted. In August 2016, the French government announced that the number of tourists in the country has fallen by 7% since January. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Jean-Marc Ayrault acknowledged that “The perception of security risk has had a clear influence on certain travelers, including the wealthiest ones or those from Asia.”

While all of France is affected by the drop in tourist numbers, Paris and Ile-de-France and have been hit particularly hard. The tourism sector in Ile-de-France has lost a billion Euros in sales since January, according to a report of the Regional Tourism Committee (RTC).

But France’s socialist president François Hollande, in a speech on September 8, 2016, defended Muslims and called on his country to be “tolerant” and “embrace” Islam.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


German police tell women to wear sneakers so they can outrun Muslim ‘refugees’

Muslim refugees destroy

More insanity from EU governments.

Instead of doing the sensible thing, which is to stem the tide of Muslim so-called “refugees” and “migrants” into their countries, EU governments resort to silly methods to prevent the sexual molestation of their women, such as:

The German federal police have come up with another brilliant idea — that women ditch high heels for sneakers so that they can outrun “asylum seekers”.

The German-language Freie Zeitan Deutschland reports, Sept. 8, 2016, that last year alone, more than a million immigrants from the third world, almost all men, entered Germany. Since then, the number of sexual assaults has “exploded”.

So this is the German police’s advice to women on how to protect themselves against rape by the “asylum seekers”.

Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police of Germany) spokesman Markus Koth said women should trust their intuition. If they have an oppressive feeling about it, if they come across a group of men or a situation that poses a risk, they should definitely avoid the situation, be ready to take “detours,” and get help from police officers in the vicinity.

But if, despite all precautions, a woman is attacked by “asylum seekers,” she must defend herself  “with courage and determination” by screaming loudly to alert passersby and ask them to “please call the police”. For example, you can say: “Hey you over there with the glasses in the blue anorak! Please call the police!”

If you are sexually assaulted, call or get on the government website for advice.

Some other tips for women are:

  • Wear sneakers instead of high heels, so you can run away.
  • Don’t be alone, but travel in groups of at least two or three.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • If you drink, it’s best to drink from a bottle.
  • Be aware and observant of your surroundings.
  • If you are assaulted, don’t be a victim. Take action by aiming at your attacker’s genitals, joints, eyes, nose, and ears where you can inflict the greatest pain.


Brown University distributes free tampons to men’s rooms because ‘not all people who menstruate are women’

Here’s a WTF for you.

Newsweek reports, Sept. 6, 2016, that students at the East coast’s Ivy League Brown University have something new in many campus bathrooms: free tampons and menstrual pads.

Viet Nguyen, Brown University student body president

Viet Nguyen, Brown University student body president

Brown’s student body president, Viet Nguyen, a senior education major who’s pushed the student-led initiative, will be hand-delivering menstrual products into all nonresidential bathrooms, including men’s rooms, with the help of 20 other students.

Nguyen said, “There’s been a lot of conversation about why pads and tampons are a necessity, not a luxury, but not a lot of action. We wanted to take it into our own hands. Low-income students struggle with having the necessary funding for food, let alone tampons.”

By putting menstrual products in women’s, men’s and gender-inclusive bathrooms, Nguyen’s campaign seeks to highlight what it claims to be an often ignored fact: Not all people who menstruate are women.

Nguyen said, “We wanted to set a tone of trans-inclusivity and not forget that they’re an important part of the population. I’d be naïve to say there won’t be push back. I’ve had questions about why we’re implementing this in male bathrooms as well. It’s an initial confusion, but people generally understand when we explain it.”

The free tampons and pads for “not all people who menstruate are women” are funded by the student-run undergraduate finance board.

Students at Brown aren’t the only ones going back to school this month with unprecedented access to menstrual products.

As of this fall, New York City public schools will provide free tampons and pads in all school buildings with 6th through 12th graders. The move is part of the city’s landmark legislation, passed on July 13, 2016, ensuring free menstrual products in all public schools, shelters and correctional facilities. In July, New York also became the 11th state to eliminate taxes on menstrual products. Advocates hope that New York City’s new law will set a new standard for schools around the country.

A Department of Education spokesperson said, “Students must feel comfortable during their classes so they can focus on learning, and having free, easy access to menstrual products is essential.”

Earlier this year, Inside Higher Ed reported that students at the University of Arizona, Columbia University, Emory College, Reed College, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, UCLA and Grinnell College, among others, have all advocated for free menstrual products on campus. As Courtney Couillard wrote in the Columbia Spectator, “I can easily find a free condom on Barnard and Columbia’s campuses, but why can’t I find a free tampon in the bathrooms in Hamilton or Milbank? Why does the administration care about my sexual protective rights, but not how I handle my monthly menstrual cycle?”

It turns out “menstrual equity” isn’t confined to schools and universities, but is a new pop culture movement.


Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, an advocate for menstrual equity, said: “Unlike toilet paper, which is provided for free in school restrooms, students are typically on their own to access menstrual supplies. Yet in order to be fully engaged in the classroom, these are as much of a necessity as pencils and paper. This is especially true for younger teens who are more likely to be caught off guard by the arrival of their period and without budgets of their own to buy emergency tampons or pads.”

President of the National Organization for Women (NOW) Terry O’Neill said, “Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury. They’re as essential as toilet paper; just ask anyone who has ever struggled to obtain or afford them. Students’ participation in school should not be hindered by insufficient access to this basic necessity. Universities around the country should follow suit.”

There were so many pop culture moments about menstruation that NPR called 2015 “the year of the period” and Cosmopolitan dubbed it “the year the period went public.”

And what does Brown University’s administration think of the free tampons even in the college’s men’s rooms?

As reported by Sydney Hutchison for Campus Reform, Brian Clark, Brown’s Director of News and Editorial Development, praised the students for their “tremendous initiative” and said the university will look forward to observing the results.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


French family-of-10 demand a bigger house: Benefits dad rejects 5-bed as ‘too cramped’

The "depressed" Sube family...

The “depressed” Sube family…

From Express UK: Arnold and Jeanne Sube, originally from Cameroon in west Africa, live in a three-bed semi costing the state more than £15,000 a year.  But when Luton council came up with the extra two bedrooms, the couple insisted the house on offer was still not big enough. 

Labour councillor Tom Shaw said: “People have to realise we are in the middle of a national housing crisis.  We have more than 10,000 people on the waiting list and 1,000 in temporary accommodation. “

This family are living in a large three-bed house. We managed to find them a large four-bed house and then a five-bed, which they turned down.  We can’t be any more sympathetic. We can’t just magic the property people want out of thin air.”

A five-bedroom, tax-payer provided home is just too small

A five-bedroom, tax-payer provided home is just too small

Michael Garrett, Tory leader on the council, added: “There are not many five-bedroom council houses in Luton and they were lucky to be offered one. I haven’t a lot of sympathy for them.”

Student Mr. Sube, 33, moved his family to Britain from Paris four years ago. He has children aged from three months to 16. The oldest is Mejane, followed by Fabian and Analia, both 13, ten-year-old Prosper, nine-year old Dylan, six-year-old twins Sharon and Stacy and the youngest, Mary.

They live in Bletchley, Beds, in a home that boasts a large flat-screen TV with Sky HD, plus a TV and X-Box console in the children’s rooms. 

The larger home offered to them is in nearby Luton. Mr. Sube, who studies mental health nursing at the University of Bedfordshire, rejected it because there “wasn’t space for the things of ten people”. 

He added: “Me and my family have been neglected. We are in a three-bedroom house. It’s so cramped and the conditions are terrible.  The council is trying to make things hard for us. My wife is a full-time mother and I am a student. “They’re just making excuses. We need a five or six-bedroom house with double rooms to comfortably fit in.

“We have developed depression, anxiety, which we were on medication for. The area is the worst I have lived in. This is the worst house.” 

Before their present home the family were put up in a hotel for four months and then given a five-bed home but they were evicted. 

A Luton Borough Council spokesman said: “We managed to find Mr. and Mrs. Sube affordable housing large enough to house them and their children.  If declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer the property to another family.”


Chicago surpasses 500th homicide in 2016

Gun control, Chiraq style.


From MyFoxChicago: After a bloody August saw homicides climb to a 20-year high, a deadly Labor Day weekend sent Chicago’s 2016 homicide total soaring past 500, surpassing the entirety of 2015 with four months still left in the year.

In all, 65 people were shot during the holiday weekend, 31 of them between 6 a.m. Monday and 3 a.m. Tuesday, The Chicago Tribune reported. The 13 killed brought the city’s skyrocketing homicide total to 512 – already well past the 491 logged in 2015.

“It is a complex problem with multidimensional facets to it,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Friday of Chicago’s homicide rate. “It’s not just about more police, but it will include that. But it’s also about more resources for our children, more resources for our neighborhoods and stiffer laws that reflect the values of our city.

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

The scores of dead and wounded in the early days of September follow 90 homicides in August, tied for Chicago’s deadliest month since June 1996.

Nearly 3,000 people have been shot this year, according to data analyzed by The Tribune. That includes several deadly celebratory periods in 2016: 69 shot (six dead) during Memorial Day weekend and 66 shot (five dead) during the Fourth of July weekend. Police attribute the spike in gun crime during the tail end of the Labor Day weekend to retaliatory gang acts, the Tribune reported.

More from Fox News:

Police attribute the spike in gun crime during the tail end of the Labor Day weekend to retaliatory gang acts, the Tribune reported.

In contrast, New York and Los Angeles had 409 homicides combined through late August.

While gang violence is largely responsible for Chicago’s burgeoning body count, it’s not the sole cause. In one of the more odd examples of the city’s conflicts, an elderly, ex-preacher who uses a wheelchair was accused of shooting and killing a fellow retiree on Monday morning.

Heckuva job mayor...

Heckuva job mayor…


‘I won’t stop until I’m too fat to move’: Morbidly obese model who dreams of weighing 1000lbs

Liberals would probably tell you to not “body shame” her. I say this woman needs serious medical and mental treatment.


From Daily Mail: An obese model who is paid by men to eat wants to pile on a further 300lbs to become the world’s fattest woman and be completely immobile. Monica Riley, 27, from Fort Worth, Texas, already tips the scales at 700lb but dreams of being too fat to move and is working towards hitting 1,000lb so that she feels like a ‘queen’.

Her feeder boyfriend Sid Riley, 25, whose surname she has taken despite not being married, spends his days cooking Monica meals and even feeding her 3,500 calorie shakes lavished with double cream through a funnel.  He then rolls her over when her 91-inch stomach is full.


Among the things Monica – a model on Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman websites – is looking forward to being immobile and getting a bed with a built-in toilet which Sid will need to empty. 

Monica said: ‘The plan is to reach 1000 lbs and become immobile. I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting on me hand and foot and he’s excited about it too.

It’s a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed. If I lay down after a big dinner he has to help me roll over because my belly is too full for me to roll – it’s a big turn-on for both of us.’

Despite their controversial plans, the Monica and Sid are trying for a baby and have endured two miscarriages so far. She said: ‘We do plan to have children – there’s nothing to stop me raising a child from my bedroom. We would get a nanny in to help around the house and take the baby out and about. There’s nothing to stop us raising a child. Some people might think it’s selfish but I’m confident we would be good parents.’

Monica had been overweight all of her life and just two years ago she was preparing for bariatric surgery after an ex-boyfriend urged her to shed the pounds. But at the last minute she pulled out of the operation and decided to embrace her figure instead.

And since meeting average-built Sid online four months ago, Monica has gained almost 55 lbs by gorging on 8,000 calories every day.


Monica said: ‘The bigger I get the sexier I feel. I love my big soft belly and stuffing myself with food really turns me on. Sid loves to cook for me and hand-feed me and I’ve achieved so much since we got together. He feeds me around the clock and I never have to get up to do anything.’

On an average day, Monica will eat six biscuits, six sausages in a bread roll, a big bowl of sugary cereal, two weight gain shakes, four McChicken sandwiches, four double cheeseburgers, a large portion of French fries, 30 chicken nuggets, macaroni cheese, Taco Bell treats and a gallon of ice cream.

Monica hopes to get to a size where she will be unable to do anything for herself – requiring Sid to clean her, feed her and change her – by the time she is 32.

The couple have run into criticism for their intentions, especially from Monica’s mother Terri, but they won’t be deterred in their efforts. Monica said: ‘My mom doesn’t understand it at all and she says I’m killing myself.  ‘I understand her concerns but it’s my life and gaining weight makes me happy. I do worry a little bit about losing my independence but I know Sid loves taking care of me and would never let me suffer.

Sid, who is 6ft 2in and 220 lbs, is also defensive against any criticism and insists he is simply helping Monica achieve her dreams. Sid said: ‘There is a misconception that feederism and immobility is about control but that’s not the case. If Monica wanted to stop I would accept her decision without question. I wouldn’t see caring for Monica as a chore at all. I love her and I love doing things for her – caring for her would be a dream come true.’


To assist Monica with her weight-gain, Sid prepares a special shake for her to drink through a funnel. The shake consists of ten Pop Tarts, heavy-duty cream, ice cream, milk and weight-gain power, totalling 3,500 calories.

Monica said: ‘The funnel feeding is what I really look forward to. I find it to be a very sexual experience and I know Sid likes it too. I have 20,000 online fans and they love to watch the funnel feeding – it’s a big hit.’


And regardless of the health risks of being morbidly obese, Monica and Sid are charging full steam ahead with their mammoth quest.

Monica said: ‘I could get hit by a car tomorrow and my life would be over. At least if I die this way I will have lived out the life I wanted and fulfilled all of my dreams.’