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Katy Perry on Manchester Bombing at Ariana Grande Show: ‘We Need to Coexist’


The jihadists don’t want to co-exist with you Katy, no matter how naked you might be.

Here’s a pro-tip for Katy: That will NEVER happen. Jihadists don’t co-exist with us infidels. Foolish womyn.

From Yahoo: Katy Perry said she felt “devastated” following the terrorist attack outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England Monday. Speaking with radio host Elvis Duran, Perry said, “I think the greatest thing we can do now is unite as people, as fan bases, all of it. Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other. No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.

Perry also addressed fellow pop star Grande’s fans directly, saying, “I just want to say that I love all of you out there and I just know that some of our fan bases kind of go both ways. Ari’s fans are my fans, and my fans are Ari’s fans. We’re just all loving on each other and we should just stay loving on each other.

The “Swish Swish” singer’s comments on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show follow a pair of messages she posted toTwitter Monday after news of the bombing broke. “Praying for everyone at Ariana Grande’s show,” Perry said. “Broken hearted for the families tonight. Broken hearted for Ari. Broken hearted for the state of this world.”

At least 22 attendees were killed by a suicide bomber outside the Manchester Arena, while around 60 more have been reported injured. On Tuesday, police arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the attack, while British Prime Minister Theresa May said police have the identity of the other assailant, who died when he detonated the device. The so-called Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Numerous artists have also voiced their sorrow and support for Grande and her fans, including Harry Styles, Drake, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Missy Elliot, as well as Manchester natives and local music scene stalwarts such as Liam Gallagher, Johnny Marr and Peter Hook.

As for Perry, the pop star is set to release her new album, Witness, June 9th. Over the past year, she’s also embraced her role as an activist, serving as one of Hillary Clinton’s most vocal supporters during the 2016 election and notably donating $10,000 to Planned Parenthood last November.



Unhinged Snowflake Student Screams at a Trump Sign For Two Minutes

From YouTube:

A student melted down at Western Washington University, presumably in response to a President Donald Trump sign, according to video released Friday. The unnamed student screams and throws paint on the ground, as depicted in the video obtained by Campus Reform. “This is what happens when you don’t take your meds,” says Eric Bostrom, the preacher carrying the sign, according to Campus Reform. “This is why I don’t believe in the legalization of marijuana.”

The student’s actions were presumably in response to a sign that said “Trump, borders, laws, jobs, liberty” on one side and “Jesus judges you, repent or perish” on the other side. Bostrom asserts that the student is an art major and, at another point in the video, the student tells someone who appears to be a concerned administrator to “call the police, bitch.” The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the university for comment, but received none in time for publication.”

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KSU has Finally Crossed Over to the Dark Side


For the last seventeen or so years, I have watched with some horror (and not a little disgust) as my former institution of “higher learning” began to slowly slip into the hell of political correctness.

I suppose back then I rather naively thought that KSU would somehow manage to stay above the PC lunacy many colleges and universities have been rapidly descending into over the last two decades. After all, this area of the country is not exactly known as a bastion of liberalism.

Whatever hope I once had for my former university has now evaporated:


College Puts White People in Separate Room For ‘Privilege Workshop’

By Jillian Kay Melchior|1:37 pm, April 18, 2017

When Kennesaw State University held an event last week on privilege and interracial relations, it asked “those who identify as white” to go to one room and “those who identify as people of color” to go to another.

“The goal of the workshop, which was led by an outside expert, was to foster learning and create an environment of understanding and support for one another,” said Kennesaw State University spokeswoman Tammy DeMel. “Attendees were asked to work together and then were invited to join the group with which they identify.”

The April 13 event “is being mischaracterized” as segregation, DeMel added.

The event, a workshop called “Being, Becoming and Fostering Allies: Building Relationships Across Privilege,” was taught by two psychology professors and one grad student from the University of Massachusetts, as well as a Kennesaw State University professor.

In it, students learned about becoming an ally for less privileged people, as well as “the essential roles of self-reflection, cultural humility, and re-engagement after failures.”

Kennesaw State University is the latest to grapple with the implications of separating students by race. In the last academic year, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Michigan, and Concordia University all found themselves facing accusations of segregation after they held events divided by race or focused on one particular racial group.

— Jillian Kay Melchior writes for Heat Street and is a fellow for the Steamboat Institute and the Independent Women’s Forum


Despite the (weak) protestations to the contrary, does anyone actually believe the true goal of this blatantly racist, bull-squeeze “workshop” is not meant to drive a wedge even deeper between the races?

I have a bridge to sell you if you do.

Had something like this been attempted when I was enrolled there back in the day, most of my fellow students would have pitched a fit.

But that was another time in an America that apparently no-longer exists.


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Rachel Dolezal speaks out: ‘I am not a fraud’

rachel dolezal

Rachel Dolezal: Her label is too complicated…

I have a label for her: delusional.

From Nearly two years after the world discovered that the head of Spokane’s NAACP was not a black woman, but a white woman passing as African-American, Rachel Dolezal maintains she is not a fraud.

“I have an authentic identity,” Dolezal told KIRO Radio’s Jason and Burns Show. “Even though I was born to white parents, I have an authentic cultural and philosophical, political identity, and that is described as ‘black’ within the terms we have in our society right now.”

“If there was a more complex label allowed, I would describe myself as trans black … born into a white category and identifying as black, maybe even Pan-African, pro black, bisexual, activist, artist, other,” she said. “I really am a human being. I am a mom. I am a woman. The last thing that describes or defines me is a fraud.”

That’s a sentiment delivered in Dolezal’s recently-released book, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.” What readers will likely find is that there is more to the story behind Dolezal than reported. For example, Gerald Hankerson, NAACP president of the Alaska Oregon Washington state area is quoted on the back cover:

The storm of vitriol Rachel received in the national spotlight was as cruel as it was undeserved. Her deep compassion for others shines through every chapter of her life and has clearly motivated her truly outstanding advocacy work.

Albert Wilkerson Jr., the man who Dolezal describes as her non-biological father, wrote the forward. He describes how her “vibe felt black” and how he was unaware of Dolezal’s white parents, but it didn’t matter to him. He cared more about her social justice work.

But not everyone is as accepting as Hankerson and Wilkerson, as Jason and Burns found out when they interviewed Dolezal, pressing her on issues of fraud and comparing trans-racial experiences to that of the transgender community.

Rachel Dolezal: Early life

Dolezal briefed Jason and Burns on her life story, starting when she was very young and she did not feel white. By the time she was 8 years old, she learned to repress her non-white feelings.

“I felt like I had been born wrong,” she said. “I had something wrong with me and I had to atone for that whether it was in the religious sphere I was in; sometimes it was labeled as being demon possessed, or just even dancing to music was not OK as a girl. I really repressed my entire childhood. When I got to college I was still, in many ways, repressed and heavily socially conditioned and brainwashed into believing race was biological.

Things began to change when she attended college in Mississippi, she said. She thinks it was then that many people began to feel as if she was light-skinned, but African American.

“The way that I moved in the very racially polarized Mississippi culture, people were, ‘Well, she can’t be white if she is comfortable in this environment,’ or is doing with x, y, z; fighting for civil rights,” Dolezal said. “…so people started assuming that I was black. And I let that assumption be and carry. But I didn’t assert or feel personal agency to name my identity until after my divorce.”

Her identity was put on hold again, Dolezal explained, when she was married after college. Her husband had no interest in black culture. Her religious upbringing kicked in and she submitted to her husband. But at 26, she was divorced. She took on four jobs, raised her kids, started therapy to deal with sexual and childhood abuses, and the PTSD it left behind. She continued on as a black woman and met her non-biological father. And eventually she became involved in the Spokane NAACP.

Some of her community has faded away, and others close to her have stuck around through the hard times. “When this all happened they had whatever reaction they felt,” Dolezal recalled. “Some people were bothered and felt a sense of betrayal that I hadn’t disclosed everything to them. Those relationships I lost. Other people were not bothered by it … Those relationships with people who knew me better than the surface, who knew me more than a casual relationship, they lasted.”

And since the fallout in 2015, Dolezal has found support in other corners of the world. People have reached out to her.

“In the public eye, I think I am on a little bit of an island, but I hear from people every day who feel the way I feel; in the same direction, in the opposite direction across the color line,” she said. “An Asian man who feels white and has done surgery to his eyes to transition; a white man who feels Mexican and has done surgery to his nose and has altered his appearance and is living in Mexico; a black woman who feels white and has altered her appearance. I hear from people all the time who have a sense of plural identity, but are handling it in a very private way … I think people are scared. They don’t want to be mocked and shamed or ridiculed into isolation or be treated the way I have been treated.”

“I don’t see myself as a victim,” Dolezal said. “I do feel like I’m a survivor … I’ve survived a number of things throughout life and I’m doing my best to make it through another round of challenges right now.”


Shia LaBeouf Freaks Out at Jerry’s Deli, Calls Bartender a ‘Racist’

shia labepouf

Shia’s new movie, appropriately titled, Man Down

LaBeouf should probably enroll in anger management class. Or lay off the beers.

From Yahoo: Shia LaBeouf went off on an expletive-laden rant, calling a bartender a “fing racist” and “fing racist b****.” So what was the argument over? French fries.

TMZ has video of the verbal altercation that took place at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City, Calif. The 30-year-old actor was reportedly bowling next door at Pinz, where he had been “pounding back beers” for three hours, according to the website.

It’s not clear how the incident began, but when the footage starts, the Transformers star is clearly upset that he isn’t being served fries.

“I’m asking you about why you won’t serve me French fries,” LaBeouf yells. “I’m asking you about the French fries, and you wanna hit me in the head with a Grey Goose bottle!”

The bartender in question can be seen holding a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

“He wanted to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle about French fries,” LaBeouf rants. “You fing racist b… you f***ed up!”

After becoming unruly, LaBeouf was obviously asked to leave. On his way out, he hurled more profanities, repeatedly calling the bartender a racist (and also said something about Tennessee). It’s unclear what prompted the accusation. The temperamental actor left but then returned after realizing he was still wearing his bowling shoes. He sprinted away down the street after exchanging his footwear.

Hey, if your new movie, Man Down, sold only one ticket in the U.K. during its opening weekend — yes, one — you’d be upset too.


Fake News: Duct tape antifa

Antifa, the abbreviation of antifascist, is the word that radical anti-Trumpers call themselves.

Antifas are the masked punks, dressed in all black, who committed violence in inauguration demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and on the U.C. Berkeley campus on the night of February 1, 2017.

Although they are the ones who attack Trump supporters, antifas have started a new meme in social media, portraying themselves as victims of duct taping.

The fake victimization began with a tweet from Beverly Hills Antifa @BevHillsAntifa on March 30, 2017, claiming that a fellow antifa in Laguna Beach was duct taped to a stop sign by “fascists”.

The only problem is the alleged duct-taped antifa is actually a man in Houston, Texas, who was duct-taped to a sign-post because he lost a bet to his friends. As reported by CBS News on March 30, 2017, “the duct-taped man, who was identified as 17-year-old Miguel Chavez,” told police “he was taped to the pole after losing a bet on Tuesday’s Rockets vs. Warriors game.”

The next day, March 31, 2017, Fifth Avenue Antifa @FifthAveAntiFa continued the fake duct-tape victimization with a tweet of another alleged antifa duct-taped by “Nazis” to a concrete trash bin:

On April 1, 2017, responding to tweeter @llivill1 who observed that the pic looks fake, Fifth Avenue Antifa insisted:

It’s not fake. Trump people literally taped him there after saying racist stuff at us.

And . . .

But we never tried true communism. This time it could work.

Trump supporters aren’t buying duct tape antifa. Here’s a sample of responses to Fifth Avenue Antifa’s tweet:

“OOH! What a cool performance art project! The dildo on his head really speaks to me!” -Artemis

“do people teach you in liberal school to call all of your enemies Nazis? Try a new argument” -Kenny Perrin

“Funny, nice try. All these pics u keep doing are transparent” -BrentD

“Nice fake propaganda.” -Squirrel_Hound 2.0

“Duct tape is more useful than I thought!” -Scott Miller

“hahahahahahaha the pussy hat resistance” -NYC 4 TRUMP

My favorite:

“ANTIFA sounds like the name of a laxative or an old-people nutrients drink.” -Bryan Black

That hasn’t stopped a dorky effete from Boston Antifa from believing their own lies. Here is his unintentionally funny advice to fellow antifa on how to avoid being duct-taped.


“Hello, it’s 727 with Boston Antifa. I’ve taken a little bit more time to look into the duct taping incidents that have been going on, and it is truly fucked up. We feel deeply bad for Antifa members who happen to be a victim to this. Now, things that can be done to prevent such an attack: We recommend some of the same types of defenses that we use against pepper spray, and things of that nature. So vegetable oil is something that I could recommend that you use. Does work for the skin when it comes to prevent the irritation of pepper spray. I believe that if you were to put a lot of this on parts of your clothing before you go out to a demonstration, then this could help prevent the adhesive [of duct tape] from sticking. Now, there are some other ways that you could easily stop this kind of attack, and I think maybe there are many other comrades who will chime in on this. Shaving your body hair would help, especially your arms and things of that nature. We have to do all we can because I’ve also heard some other reports that they’re going to start bringing high-powered magnets to attach to any private piercings that some of our comrades may have. This is all news to me, but is some scary stuff. So everybody, continue to be safe out there and if it be, fight back!”


We should expect oily, pierced, shaved-of-body-hair antifa commies at the next anti-Trump demonstration.


Stolen gun falls out of man’s anal cavity while being booked

Ashley Remkus reports for, March 29, 2017, that Limestone County, Alabama authorities recovered a stolen gun when it fell from an inmate’s body cavity during a search at the jail.

Jesse O’Neal Roberts, 23, of Elkmont, Alabama, was being booked into the Limestone County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication when the gun fell from his body.

Roberts was arrested after midnight when deputies responded to a call about a prowler on Esten Lane. The caller found Roberts around his garage and held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived. Deputy Chad Harbin found Roberts showing signs of impairment, and arrested him for public intoxication.

When they arrived at the jail, corrections officers noticed Roberts appeared to be walking “strangely.”

While being searched, Roberts stumbled and the pistol fell from his body cavity. Sheriff’s spokesman Stephen Young said in a report: “I immediately considered that he defecated on himself before noticing a familiar shape in the form of a pistol in his boxers.”

The unloaded weapon, a Jimenez .380-cailber pistol valued at $100, had been reported stolen from Florence.

In addition to public intoxication, Roberts is charged with first-degree promoting prison contraband, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and fourth-degree receiving stolen property. Bail is set at $7,250.

These are Jimenez JA-380‘s dimensions and weight:

Seriously, how does a man secrete a 5.3″ x 3.75″ 19-oz. hard object in his anus?

How is that anatomically feasible?