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Little dog saves 4 tiny kittens from fire

The Jack Russell is a small dog — a type of terrier that ranges in size from 1o to 15 inches long.

Leo is a Jack Russell mix who lives with his human (a woman with four children) and animal (another dog, Barney, and four newborn kittens) family in Melbourne, Australia.

Leo may be small but he has the heart of a lion.

One night, Leo’s house caught fire. Soon, flames filled the whole house.

Leo’s human family and Barney managed to get out, but Leo refused to flee.

When the firefighters got into the building, they found little Leo lying unconscious on the ground.

When they picked him up, they noticed that four tiny and alive kittens were underneath him. Leo was keeping the kittens safe by using his body to shield them from the fire.

Fortunately, the firefighters were able to revive Leo with oxygen.

H/t Happiest

God’s creatures like little Leo are extraordinary in their courage and sacrificial love. They put us humans to shame.

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Homeless dog rescues woman from car wreck

Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:12:51 +0000


Shannon Lorio was upset from an argument with her husband, and was speeding.

Her car plunged off the side of the road into a ditch, and Shannon passed out from a concussion and brain hemorrhage.

If it weren’t for a passing homeless dog who dragged her to the road, Shannon probably would have died.

Happily, hero dog was taken to the Humane Society where he was adopted by canine search and rescue trainer Heidy Drawdy, who is training him to be an urban search-and-rescue dog.

And the dog’s name?

Hero, of course!

Hero dog drags woman from car wreck

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Dog rescues kittens dumped in traffic

Sat, 20 Apr 2013 16:58:48 +0000


We need light!

Here’s your feel-good story of the day. 🙂


reports for, that an Iowa woman named Kelly found a huge surprise as she pulled into her driveway. Her dog, Reagan, was sitting next to a crumpled Meow Mix bag. Reagan was known to bring “treasures” home for her but this was different. He whined incessantly at Kelly.

ReaganReagan, the heroic dog

So Kelly opened the bag and, to her horror, found two tiny three-week-old kittens covered in the viscera of their littermates.

“What was painfully obvious to her was that these kittens were intentionally put in a bag and dumped on the road. It was also apparent that the bag had been run over and that at least two kittens, maybe more, had been crushed; and that her dog had retrieved the bag from the road and brought it up to the house for Kelly to find,” as described by Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue (RVASR), the organization that eventually took these traumatized kitties in.

Kelly reached in the bag and took the frightened kitties inside her home.  She bathed, fed, and comforted the little critters. The next day she tried contacting various rescue organizations only to be told they could not help.  Finally RVASR told her to take the kittens to their veterinary group and from there, found a foster mom experienced in neo-natal kitten care.

Family Dog Saves Kittens Placed in Bag, Tossed on Highway

The two little boys, brown and cream tabby mixes, were named Skipper and Tipper.  Skipper is curious and energetic and loves to snuggle before nap time.  Tipper is a gentle, sweet and laid-back fellow – a consummate lap kitty.

After many hours of dedicated around the clock care by the foster mom — including hand feeding every two hours — the little guys were ready for adoption.

H/t FOTM’s Joseph


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