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Animals’ unspoken love

Just because animals don’t speak our language, we assume they are without feelings.

But if the animals in this profoundly moving video were human, we would readily interpret their body language as expressions of love, friendship and gratitude:

  • A child nuzzling against the parent.
  • A cat licks the face of a horse.
  • A dog gazes at a newborn baby.
  • A lion and a tail-wagging dog greet each other by touching their paws (1:00 mark).
  • A dog gently rocks the cradle of a baby.
  • A parent dog embraces her child (2:04 mark).
  • As she nurses her baby, a monkey repeatedly kisses her baby on its face and mouth (2:24 mark).
  • A pound dog touches the hand of its new owner after being adopted. The story and full video here.

H/t Kelleigh


A Woman “Bee-friended”

Kindness is NOT Overrated

Elephant rushes to protect caretaker under attack

Human beings like to think ourselves as superior to animals — that non-human animals have no feelings, such as love and empathy, and no moral sense, such as altruism.

Again and again, God’s creatures demonstrate otherwise.

Thongsri the elephant is one example.

The 17-year-old elephant lives in a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In a video that’s gone viral, two of her caretakers pretend to fight. One of the men strikes the other, who falls to the ground.

Watching this, Thongsri charges into battle to rescue her caretaker. The elephant circles the man protectively, using her body to shield him against harm.

H/t Happiest

See these other examples of animal love, empathy, gratitude, and altruism:


Saturday smile: Tiniest rescue pup grows up to be a big boss bulldog

To support Road Dogs & Rescue, which rescued Hopelily, go here.


Chicken plays ‘America the Beautiful’

Watch and listen to this chicken peck out the tune of “America the Beautiful,” after which the chicken got rewarded with . . . (wait for it) . . . chicken feed. LOL

Yes, Jokgu the chicken was trained to peck keys that are red-lighted, but can your chicken do that? LOL


Police dog Poncho gives CPR!

A video of Poncho, a police dog from Madrid, has gone viral thanks to the pup’s heroic actions with a human officer during a recent drill.

The video, posted by Madrid’s police department to social media, shows a police officer pretending to have been attacked and falls to the ground. Poncho leaps into action and administers CPR to the officer by jumping on the man’s chest, interspersed with listening to the officer’s pulse by resting its head against the man’s neck.

Madrid’s police department posted the video to encourage pet adoption.

While Poncho’s CPR training is a rarity, dogs have been credited with rescuing their owners by calling 911. (Yahoo)

Here’s the video. You will melt into a sweet gooey puddle!


Cutest puppy and kitten, ever

And now, for your stress relief . . . .

The cutest Chow Chow puppy!

. . . and the cutest tiger-striped kitten!

. . . and the sweetest Persian kitten! I can almost smell her baby fragrance.