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BOOM!!! Theft, FEC hacked or the Republican party has sold out President Trump, his supporters and America. Billions of dollars transferred to DNC PAC and the “Joe Biden for President” committee from Republican NRCC, NRSC, Congressional Leadership Fund and other conservative committees, PACs and organizations

PAC Filings at the Federal Election Commission show Billions of dollars being transferred out of Republican party committees and PACS, directly to the DNC and the “Biden for President” committee.

Keep this in mind..The FEC system could be hacked or the files being filed could be a set up, fake, spoof of some sort.  But this IS the information located at the Federal Election Commission(FEC)

Before I continue, for those that just read the headlines and the first paragraph, here is the source where you can verify this for yourself. It’s at the Federal Election Commissions website. Follow instructions in detail.

Click the link provided. It will take you to a PAC named “Biden Action Fund”. In the middle of the page it will say “Disbursements”. Don’t do a search or anything else. The link should take you to the page with “RAW” already highlighted. If that’s the case, just click “Export”

In the upper left hand corner click “RAW” if not highlighted.

In the upper right hand corner click “Export”. A box at the bottom will pop up that says “Download”. Download the file. It’s a csv. File. There is no other way to see this information. You have to download the file. It has to be the “Raw” version

The file is fairly large for a csv. It’s 2.2 gigs. To view the file, I used Apache Open Office. If you have better, use it. File is too large for Open Office. It doesn’t load the last few rows So I ended up viewing it in Firefox. It’s far better to view it and easier to understand in it’s spreadsheet form. Use Firefox as last resort. Excel should also work.

After verifying the information please leave a comment and let me know if I’m reading it wrong. For the last two days I’ve downloaded it on multiple computers and on my phone just to make sure the file was coming from the FEC. Same information each time. Please share this information if you feel it’s legitimate.

Link 1. Disbursements click here or

You are going to want to see the Receipts(Sources of funding). Less than .09521% of funding for the Biden Action fund comes from donations less than $200. You must view this information. This download will show you that Biden was lying at the debates about not being funded by Wall Street. There are multiple campaign finance violations to be found. Be sure you get the “RAW” version of this also.

A “ZZ” will be where the state of residence should be for all donors that have non USA addresses.

Kamala Harris’s “For the People” committee gets 45% of its funding from the wealthy.

Link2. Receipts click here or

What will you see?

In the Disbursements download you will find multiple filings of cash being transferred from conservative Campaigns/Pacs. The amount of cash being transferred for each transaction can be as low as $100,000 to $5,000,000,000 and up..

This is either the biggest theft/ hack in American history. The biggest glitch in the FEC database in American history or the Republican party backstabbing the President, all Trump Supporter, most conservatives , and just about everyone living in the USA. What little integrity that remained in the political parties in the USA is gone. What little integrity that remained in the political parties in the USA is gone. This will prove that the Republicans are/have been working with democrats all along. A one party government.

I see Joe Biden’s “ Biden for President “ funds growing at a record breaking rate..


The following are screenshots of the actual data you will find in the download.

National Republican Senatorial Committee

National Republican Congressional Committee


Senate Conservatives Fund



Williamson County Republican

Indiana Republican State committee


On July 16 2020 the NRA endorsed Trump.

National Association for Gun Rights Inc

National Rifle Association of American Political Victory Fund


Pro Life Pacs

West Virginians For Life Inc.

Right to Life/ Oregon


These are just a few examples of what you will find in the download. If you have not downloaded the file by now, you really should while it is still available. The list keeps growing. Joe Biden has almost doubled in total funding over night.

*What I find strange is that this data should be in the receipts, not in the disbursements.

I’ve provided two examples below of what you will find in the second link I provided above. 

The first graphic only shows  title and amount donated.  Even though the information is public record, I felt it best  to not reveal their personal information. .
These are the people that want to control your lives. These are the people that profit off your misfortune. These are some of the people that end up with your hard earned dollars.


The second image below shows  foreign donors you will find in the receipts download. Your download will have all the information I left out.
*Its illegal to accept foreign money. It does not matter if it was intentional or not.

Closing Rant

This is exactly why people must vote for Trump. People on the right, Left center, up, down, the side, up front, behind, standing on the fence, sitting on the fence, loitering at the liquor store, everywhere, everyone must vote for Trump. This is not a simple right/ left problem. It’s the people against the establishment. Trump is all we have in DC. That’s if we make it to election day.

There is so much cheating going on that at this point every single ballot must be checked. If Trump loses he must not accept the loss until every ballot is checked, and not by democrats.

Daily we see where ballots are thrown away by postal employees. Ballots printed wrong. Multiple duplicate ballots sent out. Ballots with people’s pets name on them. Ballots with dead people’s names. Ballots with fake names. Everything from democrats extorting the electoral college to shutting down USPS buildings so they can postmark ballots ahead of time. Some will be held on to until first results come in after election day. Then they will know how many more they need to turn in and win the election. Some of them will be sent to mailing companies to be mixed in with regular mail, then mailed out.

If they want to mess up the election enough to where it forces a vote in the House of Representatives That’s fine. The senate gets to pick the VP. They would have to go with Biden. Biden would immediately fail and Trump would take over and be able to run for another term in the next election,

Swamp leadership is so desperate that they continue to expose themselves more and more each day. It’s so obvious that it’s embarrassing. If we have a Trump loss and If we don’t have a brief civil war after it, and if we lose that war. The country will fail. Democrats will remove the police. Community patrolling will takes its place. This is where the Muslim mortality police steps in with their Sharia law. It’s already hopping in New York and other cities.

Racist policies will go into effect. Similar to what is going on in Oakland Calif. They are giving money to blacks and illegals. Paying them so they don’t have to work. Maybe like News om’s plan where he gives illegals “cash” for unemployment. They do not have to show ID or any other type of documentation. Any play where it gives money to illegals is a scam. Almost a perfect scam. They say they gave the money to the illegals but pocketed it themselves. Impossible to to trace the money because they illegals don’t need to show ID. We will never know who got the money.

Maybe they will just burn you out like what’s happening is California. Next city to burn would be around Berkeley California. Fires could start today, tomorrow or Tuesday.

There are a minimum of 30,000 homeless in the LA area alone. Newsom is sending millions to cities that “qualify”. How to “qualify” is a mystery. What I do know it that the “qualified” cities are taking that money and buying hotels and remodeling them. Average cost is $100,000 per living space. He’s even giving money to the Po mo Indian tribe so they can buy and remodel a hotel. You know, the ones in California that don’t have to pay taxes, run their own government an own the casino. How much you want to bet that hotel will be a casino? Yup, millions being spent all to create 579 housing units. Let’s not forget the millions currently being spent to house homeless in hotels.

Eventually, complete lawlessness.

Civil War? More like a world war. The left will bring in the UN. That means all the loser countries that leached off the USA after we saved them from being destroyed. That also means China taking sides with the left. You can count on Canada and Mexico helping the left which opens the west coast for invasion. We will have Russia on our side simply because Trump doesn’t believe in framing a country for crimes made up by the left.

There is something far more dangerous than anything I just mentioned. Something we all see in our lives. Some more than others. It can be our best friend or our worst enemy. It can get you when you least expect it. It’s opportunity. What will a person do given the right opportunity.

Generally speaking the average person knows right from wrong. One person can see the keys left in a car running and see that as an opportunity to take the car, but chose not to. Another would see it, want to take it out of fear of getting caught. Another would see it as a opportunity to “come up” and take the car. Three possible choices. We will always have people will follow the law. We will always have people would only break the law if they thought they would get away with it. We will always have criminals. That’s where the police come in. Their existence alone creates better odds for your safety. 3 to 1 in your favor

There are people far worse than the common criminal. Their minds occupy the space where insanity meets sanity. They have no conscious. These people are predators. They prey on people and never get caught. They could be your neighbor or a friend of a friend and you would never know. They understand how opportunity works. Out of fear of getting caught they keep themselves in check. The odds are against them. Take away the police the odds of you becoming a victim just doubled, against you. Now you have to worry the person that will always be a criminal and the person that no longer fears getting caught.

People don’t understand. The danger is always at your door. Police keep the balance in your favor. Without them only creates opportunity for criminals.

Opportunity can turn normal law abiding citizens into criminals.

#Of course, this only matters if we make it that far

I’m going to give the republican party the benefit of the doubt until  more information comes out.   The system might be hacked.  More committees are  being added with money flowing to the Biden for President committee as we speak.  But….

If this is not a glitch in the system and it turns out that the democrats are actually stealing the money, they must be removed from the House,  Senate and every other political position of power in the country. If it turns out that Republicans are, guilty, then Capital Hill must fall. Every member of congress and the senate must be taken into custody.  If this is a set up to catch people like me digging around in the future. It won’t work.  It won’t stop me.

I’m at a loss for words.  Let my know your thoughts,


Deplorable Patriot

Boots On the Ground

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California Dept. of Public Health issues guidelines for private gatherings

California health bureaucrats missed the memo from WHO regarding lockdowns.

They are still in some form of lockdowns with restrictions in place in California. And since their citizens don’t know any better, the bureaucrats have issued guidelines for how you conduct your PRIVATE gatherings.

Their guidelines apply to private gatherings, and all other gatherings not covered by existing sector guidance are prohibited. Gatherings are defined as social situations that bring together people from different households at the same time in a single space or place. From their web site:

All persons planning to host or participate in a private gathering, as defined above, must comply with the following requirements. Local health jurisdictions may be more restrictive than this guidance.

Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited.

Gatherings that occur outdoors are significantly safer than indoor gatherings. All gatherings must be held outside. Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized.

For any gatherings permitted under this guidance, the space must be large enough so that everyone at a gathering can maintain at least a 6-foot physical distance from others (not including their own household) at all times.

Seating must provide at least 6 feet of distance (in all directions—front-to-back and side-to-side) between different households.

When gathering, face coverings must be worn in accordance with the CDPH Guidance on the Use of Face Coverings (PDF), unless an exemption is applicable.

People at gatherings may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink as long as they stay at least 6 feet away from everyone outside their own household, and put their face covering back on as soon as they are done with the activity.

Gatherings should be two hours or less.

Read all their guidelines here.

There’s a way to get around all these guidelines, though. Just call your event a “peaceful protest.”

West Hollywood protest/CBS photo

Better yet, just wait until November 4 to hold a private gathering as restrictions may be lifted after the election.


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The “experts” at WHO are now against lockdowns

In April, I did a blog post entitled, “When you prepare for something that is not coming, you just may destroy yourself.”

Many of us “non-experts” questioned the rationale for shutting down economies in order to “flatten the curve” of a virus.

Social media platforms silenced many who also questioned the rationale of lockdowns. Remember this?

During the past seven months, we’ve seen the consequences of lockdowns: Increase in suicides, economic devastation, increase in divorces, job losses, businesses closing, students falling behind in education, and so on.

There are several demorat-run states that STILL have some form of lockdowns in place (Washington, California, Illinois, New York, etc.). Wonder if they’ll change their tunes now that the “experts” at WHO are warning AGAINST lockdowns?

The NY Post reports that The World Health Organization has warned leaders against relying on COVID-19 lockdowns to tackle outbreaks — after previously saying countries should be careful how quickly they re-open.

Apparently these lockdowns should only be treated as a last resort.”

Too little, too late doctor!

More from the story:

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” Dr. David Nabarro said.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

Nabarro said that there’s significant harm caused by tight restrictions, particularly on the global economy. “Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said.

He added that lockdowns have severely impacted countries that rely on tourism. “Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry in the Caribbean, for example, or in the Pacific because people aren’t taking their holidays,” Nabarro told the outlet.

“Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world. Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.”

I wonder if the demorat governors will take the advice of this good doctor and fully re-open their states? I have a feeling that decision won’t be made until November 4.


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President Trump appears to be recovering from Wuhan virus; libtards can’t deal

On Sunday night President Trump showed his love for supporters by taking a ride outside of Walter Reed to wave to those who had gathered at the hospital.

Doctors had given the OK to this drive-by:

Libtards, as usual, couldn’t deal with ANYTHING that President Trump does.

The immediate narrative was the President Trump endangered the lives of Secret Service agents who had to protect him on this irresponsible and wreckless joyride. A few examples:

A few thoughts on how President Trump is endangering the lives of Secret Services agents:

1. Presidential detail is inherently a risky job. You KNOW that when you apply for it. I’m guessing that even if the President had ebola someone would STILL be assigned to protect him.

2. Agents around President Trump that had been assigned to him during the past week may have already been exposed to Wuhan virus. Heck, some of them might have already tested positive and are asympomatic.

3. Agents with underlying health conditions (if any of them EVEN have any) may have been given the option to not ride with the president in front of Walter Reed.

4. Agents working on presidential detail are possibly taking theraputics.

Did President Trump endanger the lives of agents assigned to him by taking a “joyride?”

Most likely not given their younger age and the recovery rate of this virus. Yet we all know that the demorat narrative and TDS matters more than facts.

My guess is that demorats are so beside themselves because President Trump has survived. We all saw how much they wished him to die over the weekend. Because remember: #LoveTrumpsHate!

PS: Don’t believe for a MINUTE that the elite demorat media care ONE BIT about those Secret Service agents. (And isn’t it ironic that the same people who are promoting #DefundThePolice are suddently concerned about the Secret Service?)

True Story: When my boyfriend was in the sandbox (in 2013), he and another military member had to go outside the wire to retrieve a leather bag of disgraced reporter Dan Rather. Two of Rather’s lackeys also had to go outside the wire with them to the rendezvous point. Rather’s employees were not wearing protective gear (including helmets). Sad thing is the employees were more concerned about retreiving Rather’s expensive leather luggage than they were about their own safety.

Seems that Rather didn’t care one bit about impacting the family lives of his employees.

Typical, hypocritical demorat.


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Mayor de Blasio to fine people who refuse to wear masks

From The Guardian: New York City will impose fines on people who refuse to wear a face covering in public, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday, as he announced that the rate of positive tests for the coronavirus had climbed above 3% in the city for the first time in months.

The latest citywide daily positive test rate was 3.25%, De Blasio said, a rise attributed in part to nine zip codes city health officials say have seen worrying increases in cases. In some hotspots the positivity rate was 17%.

De Blasio said officials would first offer free masks to anyone caught not wearing one. If the person refuses, the mayor told reporters, they will face an unspecified fine. “Our goal, of course, is to give everyone a free face mask,” the mayor said. “We don’t want to fine people, but if we have to we will.”

In the first surge of the pandemic, in March and April, New York became not just the US hotspot but the world leader for coronavirus cases. City and state officials are anxious not to see the progress of recent months go to waste.

More than 7 million people have been infected in the US and more than 200,000 have died. According to Johns Hopkins University, New York state has recorded more than 450,000 cases and more than 25,000 deaths.

The new rule on masks extends across the city and echoes a policy imposed this month by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is controlled by the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Under that policy, commuters who refuse to wear a mask on public transit such as buses, trains and the subway system face a $50 fine.

On Tuesday, De Blasio said the seven-day rolling Covid-19 positivity average remained at 1.38%, though he added that this week the citywide average had risen to 3%.

“For the first time in months, you’re going to see a daily number over 3%,” De Blasio said. “Obviously, everyone is concerned about that. That is something we all have to work on together to address and something that says to us we have to be on high alert to make sure we fight back this challenge.”

Read the whole story here.


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Busted: Pennsylvania demorats caught calling facemasks “political theater”

They said the quiet part out loud.

These demorats are Tom Wolf (governor of Pennsylvania) and Representative Wendy Ullman.

They are just confirming what most of us already know. The mask mandates aren’t really about the Wuhan virus: It’s about control. Lightfoot, Pelosi and Feinstein have proven that.

You demorat voters in Pennsylvania must be so proud!


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Dianne Feinstein: Masks rules for thee but not for me

Typical of a hypocritcal demorat. And a LIAR.

See also:

Chiraq Mayor Lightfoot: “This is tough on all of us, myself included”
Malignant hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi blames hair salon for violating COVID-19 rule
What mask mandate? Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is your typical, hypocritical demorat


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Singapore rolls out voluntary Wuhan virus contact-tracing devices

Singapore has a population of 5.7 million. They have had 57,627 cases of Wuhan virus with 27 deaths.

You do the math.

Yet apparently these numbers are so frightening that the government feels the need to disperse devices to track your movement. All in the name of helping to “curb the spread” of Wuhan virus. Kinda sounds like “flatten the curve,” no?

But rest assured, this device doesn’t actually track your “exact” location.

Also, data on the device is “deleted” after 25 days. Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.

Check out this video:

Read the Bloomberg article on this tracing device here.

That would be a hard pass for me on volunteering for a tracing device.


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More Chicago restaurants to close as mayor keeps city under Wuhan virus restrictions

The city of Chiraq has a population of almost 2.7 million. And because the Wuhan virus has been so deadly there it is an election year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has kept the city – and its businesses – under severe lockdowns.

The Wuhan virus dashboard from the City of Chicago’s Health Department (9/22/20):

First thing I noticed about the dashboard is they make it very hard to locate active positive cases. The front page (above) lists cumulative (3/1 through 9/22/20) tests and cases (77,675). In order to find current active cases, you have to click on Latest Data, Daily Status Report. Here data is broken down by age, gender and ethnicity.

Yet that “report” AGAIN shows total cumulative cases (77,657). Total deaths: 2,935.

I finally found a table, “Daily Chicago COVID-19 Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalizations.”

That table shows less than 600 active cases per day since 5/28/20. For four months .023 percent of Chiraq’s population has had active cases of Wuhan virus. Not serious numbers by any means, especially to warrant business restrictions.

So why is the mayor still hindering businesses?

MyFoxChicago reports that the 25-percent indoor capacity limit currently imposed by the city is ruining the restaurant industry in Chicago.

Restaurant owners are imploring the city to expand indoor eating capacity yet the city insists the coronavirus numbers are “just not right yet.”

Read that whole story here.

I’m guessing the numbers probably won’t be “just right” until November 4, 2020.


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BLM protestors take over Trader Joe’s in Seattle due to “lack of access to grocery stores”

Morning March Seattle organized a takeover of a Trader Joe’s in Seattle last week. Morning March’s Twitter bio states the following: “ABOLISH Police (with an emoji of a pig) |💰Invest into Black Communities |⚖️ Free All Protestors |🚫No New Youth Jail | 🚮Durkan Must Be Recalled”

They organized a protest of a Seattle Trader Joe’s to protest “lack of access to grocery stores” and scream about “how capitalism exploits the working class.”

The Post Millennial has all the details on the event and others that Morning March Seattle has organized (including blocking Seattle freeways).

In summary: BLM continues to throw temper tantrums and harass law-abiding citizens. They sure are are winning over hearts and minds!

Remember demorats, you OWN this movement.


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