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Celebrity deaths by hanging from door knob

In his article on “Hanging,” forensic pathologist Dr. Dinesh Rao explains:

Hanging is that form of asphyxia which is caused by suspension of the body by a ligature which encircles the neck, the constricting force being the weight of the body. The whole weight of the body is not necessary, and only a comparatively slight force is enough to produce death. In ‘partial hanging’ the bodies are partially suspended…. Hanging may occur simply by leaning against the noose secured to a chair or door knob…which is slightly higher than the position of the head….

A sensational article by Jay Greenberg for the dubious site Neon Nettle, claims that twelve “pedophile related” celebrities have died by “suicide” from hanging themselves from doorknobs.

While it is true that there has been a recent rash of celebrity suicides via hanging from a doorknob — three in one week in June — not all 12 celebrity suicides cited by Neon Nettle were from hanging. Swedish DJ Avicii died from self-inflicted injuries with a broken wine bottle. Nor are all 12 celebrities connected to pedophilia or child trafficking.

Below are the 12 celebrity suicides:

(1) Anthony Bourdain

On June 8, 2018, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, aged 61, was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging from a doorknob in his room at Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg, France. His body bore no signs of violence; toxicology results were negative for narcotics. See also “The dark side of Anthony Bourdain“.

(2) Inés Zorreguieta

On June 6, 2018, Inés Zorreguieta, aged 33, the younger sister of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, was found dead by hanging in her apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A spokesman for the Dutch Embassy in Argentina said “authorities assume it was a case of suicide, and that Inés had suffered from depression and mental health issues. (Daily Mail)

The father of Inés Zorreguieta and Queen Máxima was Argentine politician Jorge Zorreguieta, who was Minister of Agriculture during the regime of Argentine President Videla, a military dictator who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981 and who was responsible for many atrocities against civilians. An estimated 10,000–30,000 people were kidnapped and murdered during this and subsequent military regimes before democracy was restored to Argentina in 1983. Zorreguieta died in 2017 of leukemia at the age of 89.

Former-CIA agent Robert David Steele claims that Queen Máxima “stepped down after allegations of having ‘hunts’ where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests,” but according to the website of the Royal House of the Netherlands, Máxima is still Queen of the Netherlands.

Another net gossip is that Inés Zorreguieta “had been in attendance to her aging father before he died, and as those approaching death are prone to confess their sins, she learned the truth about what had happened to many Argentine children who went missing. It is presumed by many that they were adopted, but most were sold to the wealthy who worshiped Moloch. The details of the modern day network, particularly among the royalty in Europe, were whispered into the ear of young Inés, who was likewise silenced.”

(3) Kate Spade

On June 5, 2018, fashion designer Kate Spade, aged 55, was found dead, hanging from a red scarf on a bedroom door in her Manhattan apartment (NBC New York). Her death was ruled a suicide by hanging; she’d left a suicide note to her daughter, in which she seemed to blame her estranged husband, Andy Spade.

It is said that Kate Spade had partnered with the Clinton Foundation on at least two major projects: She helped operate a media campaign for the Foundation’s No Ceiling Initiative, and sent representatives to deal with Haitian business owners on the Clintons’ behalf. According to the Clinton Foundation website, Spade was part of the Foundation’s No Ceilings Initiative and had led delegations down to Haiti as recently as 2015. (See also “Attn. Clinton Foundation: Hurricane-ravaged Haiti needs the $2B in donations you stole from its earthquake relief funds”)

Directly following Kate’s death, Andy Spade was seen leaving his apartment wearing a bizarre mouse mask. That prompted independent journalist Liz Crokin to speculate that he had been forced to wear the mouse mask as a signal to others not to “rat out” the Clintons.

Andy Spade in mouse mask

(4) Avicii

On April 20, 2018, Swedish DJ Avicii (real name Tim Bergling), aged 28, was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Omani police said there was “no criminal suspicion” or evidence of foul play. TMZ reported that the cause of death was suicide due to self-inflicted injuries with a broken wine bottle. Avicii had been plagued with numerous health problems, including acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking; in 2014, he had surgery to remove his gallbladder and appendix. Reportedly, Avicii was trying to expose a pedophile ring in his video “For a Better Day“.

(5) Chester Bennington

On July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington, aged 41, lead singer of rock band Linkin Park, was found dead by his housekeeper in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Toxicology report showed only “a trace amount” of alcohol in Bennington’s system at the time of death. His death was ruled a suicide by  hanging himself from a bedroom door (USA Today).

Bennington was best friends with singer Chris Cornell (see below), who had committed suicide two months before. Net gossip is that Cornell and Bennington had been working to expose an elite pedophile ring.

(6) Chris Cornell

On May 18, 2017, musician-singer Chris Cornell, 52, was found unconscious on the floor by his bodyguard in the bathroom of his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit, where he had been performing at a show. Cornell had an exercise band around his neck and blood in his mouth. Police ruled out homicide by reviewing a hotel surveillance video, which showed nobody entering or exiting the suite after his bodyguard left at around 11:35 p.m. The coroner determined that the cause of death was suicide by hanging, and that Cornell’s injuries were all “consistent with hanging, partially suspended by the resistance exercise band,” and that “drugs did not contribute” to the cause of death.

(7) Robin Williams

On August 11, 2014, actor Robin Williams, 63, was found dead by his personal assistant in the bedroom of his home in Tiburon, California. According to the coroner, Williams was clothed, with a belt around his neck — he was “suspended from the belt which was wedged between the door and the door frame in a seated position slightly suspended off the ground.” (ABCNews)

The final autopsy report, released in November 2014, stated that Williams had committed suicide; neither alcohol nor illegal drugs were involved, while all prescription drugs present in his body were at “therapeutic” levels; and that he had Lewy Body dementia. (Wikipedia)

(8) L’Wren Scott

On March 17, 2014, fashion designer L’Wren Scott, aged 49, former girl friend of Mick Jagger and Nathaniel Rothschild (the only son of Sir Jacob Rothschild), was found dead by her assistant at her Manhattan apartment. The police reported that no note was found and there was no sign of foul play. The New York City Chief Medical Examiner determined Scott’s manner and cause of death to be suicide by hanging.

The Guardian reports that Scott was found fully clothed, her 6ft 3in frame slumped on the floor, having hanged herself with a black silk scarf:

So it seems odd that Scott would choose such a brutal way to end her life. Odd, too, that she would text her assistant, Brittany Penebre, at 8.30 on the morning of her death, asking her to come round. It was Monday 17 March and by the time Penebre got to the apartment at 10am, Scott was dead.

(9) Aaron Swartz

On January 11, 2013, tech pioneer and Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, aged 26, was found dead in the bedroom of his Brooklyn apartment by his girl friend. His body was hanging from a belt just inside the bedroom window (New York Daily News). New York’s Medical Examiner reported Swartz had hanged himself. No suicide note was found.

His death came two years to the day after his arrest on allegations of breaching a computer network to download millions of pages of documents kept at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Robert David Steele, Swartz had hacked into MIT computers and found a huge stash of child pornography. See also FOTM‘s post, “A Tribute to Aaron Swartz“.

(10) Alexander McQueen

On February 11, 2010, openly “gay” fashion designer Alexander McQueen, 40, was found dead by his housekeeper in his London home. He left a note saying, “Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee.” The coroner determined his death to be by suicide from hanging.

The UK tabloid Mirror says McQueen hanged himself in a wardrobe.

(11) David Carradine

On June 3, 2009, actor David Carradine, 72, was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where he was shooting the film, Stretch. A police official said that Carradine was found naked, hanging by a rope in the room’s closet, causing immediate speculation that his death was suicide. However, evidence suggested that his death was accidental, the result of autoerotic asphyxiation. Two autopsies were conducted, both concluding that the death was not a suicide. Two of Carradine’s former wives said his sexual interests included self-bondage.

Reportedly, Carradine might have been involved in child sex tourism in Thailand.

(12) Michael Hutchence

On November 22, 1997, Australian musician and INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, age 37, was found dead by a hotel maid in his room in Ritz-Carlton in Sydney, Australia. Police reported that Hutchence was found “in a kneeling position facing the door. He had used his snake skin belt to tie a knot on the automatic door closure at the top of the door, and had strained his head forward into the loop so hard that the buckle had broken.”

The coroner ruled that his death was suicide while depressed and under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. But according to Australian Legislative Ethics Commission, Hutchence had information regarding a “VIP pedophile ring” in the UK that was connected to child killing rapist Jimmy Saville and high-ranking politicians.

Former CIA agent Robert David Steele writes:

How high are these doorknobs? Wouldn’t your feet and probably your whole body touch the floor? … I think this trend of hanging oneself on doorknobs with scarves stinks to high heaven. I am having a hard time buying it…. Who knew doorknobs were so deadly?

What do you think?


NXIVM: Leader approves of incest and gang rape; Allison Mack is a satanist

The case against sex cult NXIVM just keeps getting more troubling.

NXIVM (pronounced “Nexium”) is supposedly a marketing organization that offers self-help personal and professional development seminars, but is instead a sex cult that branded and enslaved willing women, as well as trafficked children.

Devotees of NXIVM paid thousands of dollars for seminars, wore colored sashes denoting their “rank,” spouted Scientology-like jargon, and literally bowed before founder-leader Keith Raniere, 57, as their “Vanguard.” Among supporters of NXIVM are:

  • Actresses Allison Mack, Linda Evans and Kristin Kreuk.
  • Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman, who poured a fortune into NXIVM, reportedly $150 million.
  • Business mogul Richard Branson, BET co-founder Sheila Johnson, and Enron CEO Stephen Cooper. NXIVM held two “wild parties” on Branson’s private Caribbean island in 2007 and 2010, but Branson’s Virgin Management spokesman denies any association between Branson and NXIVM or its founder.
  • Family members of Mexican presidents Vicente Fox and Carlos Salinas.
  • Democrat politicos with connections to the Clintons: former surgeon general Antonia Novello, a Bill Clinton appointee; longtime Clinton friend-fund raiser Richard Mays, whom Bill Clinton appointed to the Arkansas Supreme Court; NXIVM lobbyist Doug Rutnik, father of Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY). At least three high-ranking NXIVM members —  the cult’s second in command Nancy Salzman, and the Bronfman sisters — are members of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative.

Raniere didn’t just brand and molest adult women, he raped at least two minor females, aged 15 and 12. According to a DOJ detention memo to U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Gold, Raniere also condones incest and gang rape. He told one slave that “incest is not wrong if the ‘victim’ is sexually aroused by the experience”. He also “questioned whether gang rape is bad if the person being raped has an orgasm.”

In March, Raniere was extradicted to the United States from a luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he had been hiding with several women for the past 5 months. Allison Mack then took over as interim cult leader, until she herself was arrested on April 20, 2018. Mack had recruited women into NXIVM, whose pubic areas were branded with both her initials and Raniere’s as their willing sex slaves.

Mack’s unsealed indictment states the three charges for which she was arrested:

  1. Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud or coercion.
  2. Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud or coercion.
  3. Attempt to establish peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, human trafficking.

When I reported Mack’s arrest in a post on April 21, I appended this quote at the bottom of her pic:

“The Devil may appear in the vesture of the Angel of Light.” –2 Corinthians 11:14

My instincts were right.

A sharp-eyed contributor to Voat, bobke, noticed the devil earrings Allison Mack was wearing in a Getty Image and enlarged them. The dangling pendant in the middle of the three rings is of Baphomet!

Allison Mack

Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM consultant who, for several months, had lived and worked with the cult, and communicated closely day and night with top NXIVM officials, claims to have evidence and information of other NXIVM crimes, including:

Hacking into people’s personal emails, phone records, and bank accounts; bribing Mexican judges and politicians; massive tax evasion; smuggling $10 million into the US in cash from Mexico; bringing illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls and then imprisoning them; allegations from victims of statutory rape; cover up of at least two suicides; engaging in a classic Klein Conspiracy to impede the function of the IRS, with more than 75 corporate entities and/or “shell” companies, with scores of shifting bank accounts; paying employees’ salaries and telling them not to pay income taxes – and even a possible admission of having people killed.

Meanwhile, the MSM continue their virtual black-out on reporting the NXIVM crimes, arrests and indictments.

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NXIVM is also a *child* sex-trafficking cult

It turns out NXIVM (pronounced “Nexium”), from whom the Dalai Lama accepted a $1 million “payment” to speak at one of its events, isn’t “just” a sex cult that branded and enslaved willing women, the cult also engaged in child sex trafficking. See:

The Daily Mail reports, April 23, 2018, that NXIVM founder and leader Keith Raniere, 57, didn’t just brand and molest adult women, he had “sexual relationships” with at least two minor females, aged 15 and 12.

Raniere didn’t have “sexual relationships with” the girls. He raped them — which is what the law calls sex with underage minors.

According to the Complaint and Affidavit in Support of Arrest Warrant that was filed on February 14, which stipulated the allegations against Raniere and his second-in-command, Smallville actress Allison Mack, 35:

“the defendant [Raniere] had repeated sexual encounters with multiple teenage girls in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s.  In one instance, the defendant met a fifteen-year-old girl while he was in his 20s and had repeated sexual contact with her. In another instance, the defendant met a twelve-year-old girl whose mother worked for the defendant and began tutoring her. Shortly thereafter, the defendant began having regular sexual intercourse with her, including at his home where he lived with multiple adult sexual partners.”

Last March, Mexico extradicted Raniere to the United States from the villa in which he had been hiding for the past 5 months. Actress Allison Mack then took over as interim cult leader, until she herself was arrested on April 20, 2018. Mack had recruited women into NXIVM. Both her initials and Raniere’s were branded on the pubic area of women recruited into the cult as their willing sex slaves.

If found guilty of human trafficking and sexual slavery, both Raniere and Mack face a lifetime jail sentence.

The Daily Mail also confirms what White House insider Q Anon had intimated on April 20 — that Mack “is now looking to make a deal”:

Below is the unsealed indictment of Allison Mack, stating the three charges for which she was arrested:

  1. Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud or coercion.
  2. Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud or coercion.
  3. Attempt to establish peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, human trafficking.

Unsealed indictment of Allison Mack sex trafficking

In addition to actresses (Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Linda Evans), Seagram heiresses (Sara and Clare Bronfman), business moguls (Richard Branson, BET co-founder Sheila Johnson, Stephen Cooper of Enron), family members of Mexican presidents Vicente Fox and Carlos Salinas), and politicians (former U.S. surgeon general Antonia Novello), two new names have been added to the list of “celebrities” who are devotees/associates of NXIVM:

  1. Arkansas lawyer Richard Mays, a longtime Clinton friend and fundraiser whom Bill Clinton appointed to the Arkansas Supreme Court, reportedly had “intensive classes with Raniere”.
  2. Doug Rutnik, father of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) who championed the #MeToo movement, was once a lobbyist for NXIVM and Raniere.

Devotees of NXIVM paid thousands of dollars for seminars, wore colored sashes denoting their “rank,” spouted Scientology-like jargon, and literally bowed before leader Keith Raniere — whom they call “The Vanguard.”

See also “Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal business in U.S.

H/t Kelleigh


Why We Need Justice Soon

“When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong.” – Ecclesiastes 8:11

In plain talk, letting the wicked off the hook when when they are guilty of huge crimes, will have the result of multiplying their number. Instead of the Clinton Crime Family, we will have the Clinton Crime Extended Family.

What this means to me is that the longer we go without word that the treasonous mob is being brought to justice, the more we lose confidence in restoring the rule of law.

And if we want to know what it means to have a nation give up on law and justice, we need only look to Mexico, where police are corrupt or dead or both; where politicians are openly bought for bribes. And where people caught in the middle face tragedy. I haven’t been able to get this boy’s death out of my mind. I think about him and want to cry for a year.

Hillary pedophile-cannibal video is said to have been leaked to Dark Web

The Alternative Media is abuzz with chatter that the long-rumored Hillary Clinton pedophile-cannibal video has been leaked on the Dark Web.

Note: The dark web is that part of the World Wide Web (www) which is encrypted and requires special software, configurations, authorization, or through special networks such as Tor and I2P to access. Identities and locations of darknet users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked due to the layered encryption system, thereby allowing users to talk, blog, and share files confidentially. The darknet is used for illegal activity such as illegal trade, forums, and media exchange for pedophiles and terrorists.

It is said that in 2016, the NYPD found the Hillary video on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin, who is serving time in prison after being convicted of sexting an underage girl.

The video is said to be so horrible that NYPD officers who had seen it vomited and cried “uncontrollably” and required psychotherapy. We are told that in the video, Hillary and Huma forced a “young” pre-teen/early-teen girl perform oral sex on them, then tortured the girl by slicing the skin of her face off, then put the skin on their own faces to taunt the girl.

All in order to terrify the girl so that her body produced copious adrenochrome, which Hillary and Huma then ingested from the girl’s blood.

It is also claimed that Weiner’s laptop contains “hundreds” of other sex videos, featuring other politicians. Together with the Hillary video, they supposedly are in a file labeled “Insurance”.

That’s what David Zublick claims in the very long, drawn-out, nearly hour-long video below, in which he rambles and repeats himself, again and again. He could have said what he said in 5 to 10 minutes, instead of 50+ minutes.

Disclosure: I can’t stand Zublick and his faux sincerity, and I utterly loath long videos because they often are a complete waste of time — time that I have little to spare. That is why when I do post a video, I try to provide a transcription, to save our readers from spending the time watching the video.

Beginning at the 31:01 mark, Zublick finally got to the purpose of his long video — which is to hawk his series of 12 reports on pizzagate, satanic pedophilia and sex trafficking, which you can purchase for only $25 each or $300 for all 12 reports! Now I know why I’ve instinctively loathed David Zublick.

Note: FOTM has posts on pizzagate, satanic pedophilia and sex trafficking — which you can read for free. Go to our “Conspiracies” page, and click the links colored yellow-green. See also the posts on our “St. Michael’s Prayer against evil” page.

Worse still, Zublick never actually says he’s seen the Hillary video, which means what he claims about the latter is really all hearsay.

Even more disgusting is Zublick saying at the beginning of the video that he would reveal how we can access the Hillary video on the Dark Web. After you’ve slogged through 38 minutes of his video, then he tells you that if you purchase his “bundle” of 12 reports via a “donation” of $125, you’ll get a bonus report in which you’ll find out how to access the Dark Web.

What a slimy creep.

I will never, ever watch another David Zublick video — and I suggest you do likewise.

If the Hillary video was leaked to the Dark Web, you can be sure someone would post the video or at least screenshots from the video on the not-dark regular web. I spent hours today looking at websites and message boards. The only images I’ve seen are alleged “possible” screenshots from the video like this one, which is so dark and blurry, you’d have to be really imaginative to pretend to see something there.

See also “How we know the Hillary Clinton sex tape is obviously fake”.

Update (April 21, 2018)

Jim Stone claims to have seen the video — that it’s real and it is as described:

The Hillary and Huma murdering a child video is real. I saw it, saved it, and the computer it went on will no longer boot….

There are hoax reports out there claiming to be of the video and they portray it as an expensive ball room type scenario where everyone looks ultra sophisticated with the classic old ball room masks. HERE IS WHAT IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

It is in a shitty dungeon with a ping pong table. Hillary and Huma are dressed like crap. They did not dress up for this. Hillary is wearing silver spandex leggings and an ordinary shirt, Huma is wearing black leggings and an ordinary top, and the video is clear enough to see what is going on but the camera is struggling for light enough so that it can’t get the white balance correct and has noise reduction artefacting smearing fine detail. The video is clear enough to definitely know what is happening, it is a lot better than a “blurry UFO video”, but it is not pretty.

The stupid fake “screen captures” of the video showing victorian style face masks at a nicely lit ball are all hoaxes, the real video is freakishly gruesome dark dungeon “you would never want to be there” type video. Keep in mind with this that there are going to be a pile of hoaxes surrounding this, staged by people who want a coverup. Some are so ridiculous they will make people think “gee, it was all a hoax”, but no, if you did not see Hillary in silver spandex on a ping pong table, you did not see the actual video, and now that I have made this clear, I am waiting for a hoax based on that!.



Chilling images of children from surveillance cameras on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo island

Jeffrey Epstein, 65, is a billionaire and notorious pedophile who owns a private island (Little Saint James) in the Caribbean, nicknamed “Pedo Island,” to which he’s flown Bill Clinton (Hillary, too) and Prince Andrew many times, as shown by flight logs of Epstein’s private plane.

Flight records show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times.

Epstein’s Boeing 727, nicknamed the Lolita Express, reportedly is outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

See “Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender’s jet much more than previously known” and “Source: FBI has evidence Hillary visited ‘Orgy Island’

Born in Brooklyn, New York, to a middle class Jewish family, Epstein managed somehow to become a billionaire. He worked as an options trader at Bear Stearns early in his career and then formed his own financial management firm, J. Epstein & Co., managing the assets of clients with more than $1 billion in net worth.

The FBI received accounts from about 40 under age girls who said they had been molested by Epstein. Despite this, in 2008, the government agreed to allow Epstein to plead guilty to just one count of soliciting prostitution from an underage girl under Florida state law, for which he served 13 months in prison. He is a registered sex offender.

On April 3, 2018, Q Anon posted a message on the AltMedia message board 8chan, with a photo of Epstein’s Pedo Island, and an allusion to “tunnels” and rooms underneath the island of “pure evil”.

On April 6, Q Anon posted this follow-up comment:
The island.
Night [3]

The Ray Chandler Instagram link is now gone. For that matter, Rachel (Ray) Chandler, a casting director, has taken her Instagram account private. The AltMedia chatter is that her Instagram and Tumblr accounts contain many disturbing images of children.

Fortunately, 8chan netizens took a screenshot of the Ray Chandler Instagram pic and some of the comments:

The images are from surveillance camera footage of underground rooms.

↓Click to enlarge↓

Someone enhanced the images of Channels 10 and 14, revealing children. Some say the images show cannibalism. (Source: @ARRESTPODESTA)

In the video below, uploaded to YouTube on October 11, 2016, the narrator claims Jeffrey Epstein has a video of Bill Clinton raping 13-year-old girls:

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Of Wendigos and Cannibalistic Elites

This video is about the “wendigo” and talks about how it comes into existence

I do not endorse this, scientifically or theologically, but find it interesting now that many are aware of satanic cannibalism in the highest circles. Food for thought, no pun intended. Although the video is likely no more reliable than Marvel Comics for actual information, the connection it makes for cause-and-effect relationship between human evil and wicked spirits is startling.

See also: Hillary Clinton visits witches’ coven in Manhattan

It is Hillary’s open and brazen support for the satanic witches coven in NYC that motivated me to post this piece. Do I know she is a pedophile, or a satanist, or a cannibal, or a murderer? Not totally, because it is nearly impossible to vet any news source in this age of propaganda. But the evidence of all these things is mounting up, and if nothing else, she, her husband, the Podestas, and many others should be warned that they are on the most dangerous ground imaginable. And all voters should be warned about just what such a person as Hillary would bring into the oval office. After all, president Obama brought his voodoo priestess mother in law to live at the White House, and she performed voodoo rites in that house. Melania Trump wisely refused to move into the White House until exorcisms had been performed on the whole property.