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Seattle Education Association fought for ex-teaching assistant charged with rape, despite troubled past employment

seattle education association

Apparently “great standards, great conditions, great engagement and great staff” are really important to the union. Because they are “devoted to the students of Seattle and the educators that support them.”

Lewis Kamb at the Seattle Times has a disturbing report about how the Seattle Public Schools’ union protected a really ineffective employee – one with multiple work engagement failures and more-than-questionable behaviors.

Why is it that proggies protect the unlawful and immoral (illegal aliens, criminal homeless, etc.) yet try to punish law-abiding citizens (lawful firearm owners)?

From Seattle Times: He missed work 21 times, routinely showed up late or reeking of alcohol, disrupted class with loud outbursts, even one time “playfully” put a special-needs student with impulse-control issues into a headlock, personnel records show.

Still, Seattle Public Schools kept Albert C. Virachismith — a man who would later be accused of child rape — working as an instructional assistant at John Muir Elementary School during the 2016-17 school year, pairing him with a special-education student who needed extra help.

In fact, only after Virachismith showed up smelling of booze yet again at the end of that school year did the district seek to fire him — but even that didn’t stick.

After Virachismith and his union, the Seattle Education Association, filed a grievance challenging his termination, the district agreed to a compromise allowing him to keep working with kids as a substitute during the 2017-18 school year.

Within two months, Virachismith had violated that “Last Chance Settlement Agreement” by failing two urine tests and repeatedly missing required alcohol-treatment sessions, records show. Still, the district held off on firing him.

Last school year, Virachismith subbed at seven schoolsfive of them after his violations came to light — until Jan. 29, when a 9-year-old told his parents about the five to six times Virachismith allegedly sexually assaulted him inside a bathroom at John Muir during the previous school year.

The district ultimately fired Virachismith on Feb. 7 — five days after his arrest for investigation of child rape and molestation. But his termination wasn’t due to the alleged sex crimes, but for breaking his last-chance pact — based on information district officials had known about for nearly two months.

Virachismith, 41, of Seattle, has pleaded not guilty to both felony counts. Since Feb. 2, he has been held in the King County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail, according to the jail roster. A trial has been set for later this month.

Neither the prosecutor handling the case nor Virachismith’s public defender returned messages Friday seeking comment. A police spokesman said Friday an investigation remains “active and ongoing.”

The details of Virachismith’s problem-plagued tenure as a school employee are contained in various Seattle Public Schools personnel records, some of which were released to The Seattle Times last week in response to a Public Records Act request.

In April, then-Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman Kim Schmanke said in an email both the Muir school and the district “followed progressive disciplinary steps to address the absences, tardiness and indications of an alcohol problem.”

“Until Jan. 29, 2018, there were no indications or reports of inappropriate interactions of a sexual nature at SPS involving Virachismith,” Schmanke’s email added.

Once the rape allegations emerged, the district “immediately restricted him from taking any assignments and banned him from all schools grounds upon receiving the allegation. We also moved quickly to terminate his employment,” Schmanke said.

In a brief statement Friday, the school district said it “will continue to support the Seattle Police Department and the Prosecutor’s Office on all criminal proceedings and investigations related to Mr. Virachismith.”

Virachismith, who earned $30,235 in pay and benefits for the 2016-17 school year, was hired in 2014 as a special-education instructional assistant, records show. For his first two school years, he worked at Martin Luther King Jr. elementary, before transferring to John Muir for the 2016-17 school year.

Virachismith received “unsatisfactory” ratings — the lowest possible grade — on every section of his employee-performance evaluation for the 2016-17 school year at Muir. The evaluation, completed in April 2017, is riddled by negative remarks and shows multiple problems were documented about Virachismith throughout the school year.

“Albert fails to accomplish the essential functions of the job,” one comment says.

“Albert’s judgment is questionable and his decision quality is poor,” says another.

Another remark bluntly described Virachismith as “not reliable,” requiring “significant supervision to complete assigned work.”

“He does not follow District policies by coming to work with an overwhelming odor of alcohol,” it added.

At least twice in the first half of the school year — in August and December of 2016 — staff members “documented that Albert reported to work with the odor of alcohol so pervasive that he was asked to go home,” according to the review.

Virachismith missed 13 of the first 65 scheduled days of school in 2016, and repeatedly arrived late — sometimes, by several hours — on multiple days, the document says.

Read the whole story here.


Sanctuary California: Illegal alien who attacked wife with chainsaw was previously deported 11 times

illegal alvarez whittier police department

Free to commit crimes in sanctuary California: Illegal Alvarez/Whittier Police Department

This is why we need ICE.

From Fox News: An illegal immigrant alien who allegedly slashed his wife with a chainsaw at their California home was previously deported 11 times before he was arrested Thursday in the gruesome attack, immigration officials said.

Alejandro Alvarez, 32, is a “serial immigration violator” who has been deported nearly a dozen times since 2005, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lori Haley told the Los Angeles Times. Immigration officials have lodged a detainer against Alvarez.

Alvarez is accused of attacking his wife in the couple’s home in Whittier on Wednesday while their three children were inside, police said.

“When officers arrived they found a female adult suffering from traumatic physical injuries, believed to have been inflicted by a chainsaw,” police said in a previous Facebook post about the alleged crime.

Alvarez’s wife was taken to the hospital and is recovering from her injuries. She is expected to survive, police said.

The 32-year-old suspect is expected to be charged with attempted murder, child endangerment, hit & run and grand theft auto, police said on Thursday.

Records showed Alvarez had a criminal history prior to his recent arrest. He was charged in 2013 to one count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and one count of using or being under the influence of a controlled substance. He pleaded no contest to those charges, the Los Angeles Times reported. He also pleaded no contest to driving under the influence.

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Portland, Oregon mayor implies police profiling because half the arrests last year were of homeless people

homeless in downtown portland

Downtown Portland…this certainly looks like a familiar picture

It’s not only Seattle and San Francisco that have a problem /crisis with homeless. Add the liberal utopia of Portland, Oregon to that list, too. In June 2017 Portland saw a 10 percent increase in their homeless population during the previous two years.

Gee, there’s seems to be a common denominator amongst these cities facing rising homelessness and crime…If I could just put my finger on it!

From Oregon Live: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday acknowledged it’s a problem that half of the arrests that police made in Portland last year were of homeless people.

The mayor said people who are experiencing homelessness or who have mental health and addiction issues should have fewer interactions with police and more with social service providers.

He said he wants to know what’s driving the statistics. “The real question here is, ‘Is there some sort of profiling or implicit bias?'” Wheeler said. “From my perspective, that’s the crux of the situation. The police should be focused on policing criminal activity, and that’s sort of the beginning, the middle and the end of it for me.”

The remarks came during a meeting with The Oregonian/OregonLive’s editorial board and were the most detailed the mayor has made since the newsroom published its findings last month.

The newsroom’s analysis showed that homeless people accounted for 52 percent of arrests, while making up less than 3 percent of the population.

He spent an hour-long interview discussing a wide-range of issues related to homelessness, housing and policing. He painted a conflicting picture of how the city is responding to its homelessness crisis.

He said Portland is using the “right strategy” and the “proven strategy,” to address the crisis and that cities along the West Coast “look to Portland for leadership.”

But at the same time, he said homelessness in Portland has been increasing (that’s liberal logic for ‘ya) and that the criminal justice system too often plays the role of social service provider.

“The criminal justice system is not the right place — or it shouldn’t be the place of first resort to provide addiction or mental health services,” Wheeler said. “It should happen elsewhere with no police and no judges and no juries and no jails.”

Wheeler said he thinks most people agree with that. “The question is how do we build the system?” he said.

Wheeler declined interview requests for the newsroom’s initial story about the arrests of homeless people. During a wide-ranging interview on Monday, the mayor said he wanted to know how many of the arrests were related to calls from the public as opposed to contacts initiated by police. He also appeared to be dismissive of the findings at that time.

Asked about the disparity in arrests, Wheeler told a reporter during the Monday interview, “I could play with statistics with you all day long.”

He continued, “We don’t have enough information based on a newspaper article to come to a conclusion. Does it warrant further evaluation? Of course, it does. Certainly, it does.”

On Friday, Wheeler called the newsroom’s investigation a “very thorough and, I thought, provocative report,” and he said he is taking it “very seriously.”

After the newsroom’s investigation, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon called on Wheeler and Police Chief Danielle Outlaw to investigate whether officers are profiling people who are homeless.

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Eight MS-13 gang members in US illegally indicted in Texas for violent crimes

Democrat Party logo MS-13

From NY Post: Federal authorities have indicted eight MS-13 gang members in the U.S. illegally who used machetes and other weapons to carry out a string of violent attacks against rival gang members in North Texas last year.

U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said Friday that the street gang is one of the largest in the U.S. and described their tactics as cold, calculating and ruthless. A major rule of the gang is that members must attack and kill rivals, she said.

“Their trademark is violence,” Cox said at a Friday news conference in Dallas. “They are required to commit acts of violence in order to be involved with the gang and to participate as gang members.”

Seven people were in custody Friday morning. Cox reported Friday morning that an eighth person, who was not identified, is at large. The 18-count indictment includes attempted murder in aid of racketeering and assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering.

Katherine Greer, a deputy special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations, said the gang members are in the U.S. illegally, mostly from El Salvador.

President Donald Trump has singled out the gang as a threat to the United States, prompting criticism when he called its members “animals.”

MS-13 gang members committed at least six attacks in Dallas and nearby Irving last year, according to a press release from the Department of Justice. It said a sledgehammer was used in one attack, while a metal bat was involved in another. Rival gang members were victims of the attacks by MS-13 gang members, according to the statement.

The gang was founded in the U.S. in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants and has sunk roots in the country. Some of its members are U.S. citizens and not subject to deportation.

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Anonymous San Franciscan’s full page ad warns residents to “watch your backs” because city can’t do anything about homeless crisis

san francisco ad


From Yahoo (via Business Insider): An anonymous resident of San Francisco placed a full-page ad San Francisco Chronicle Friday to draw attention to the city’s homelessness crisis after an alleged experience with a scissors-wielding homeless man in a downtown cafe left her feeling “horrified.”

The woman detailed her account in the ad, titled “Watch your backs — nobody else is.” You can read the entire ad above.

“The San Francisco city fathers and those who should be held accountable for our public safety have for years let us down by catering to the lowest common denominator,” the ad says. “We, the tax paying, responsible contributing members of society have had our quality of life as San Franciscans seriously compromised, dangerously so.”

In the ad, she says that she was trying to enjoy her lunch at a Neiman Marcus cafe in San Francisco’s downtown, when she had a run-in with a homeless person wielding scissors. She says that this “psychotic homeless person” was opening and closing the scissors “erratically,” making her fear for her safety. We’ve reached out to the Neiman Marcus in San Francisco for comment.

The ad claims to have been paid for by the “Fed Up Populace Campaign.” However, this campaign seems to have no online presence — Business Insider couldn’t find a website for the “Fed Up Populace Campaign” at the time of publication, nor does it appear to have any kind of social media presence.

Regardless, the ad comes at a time when the homelessness crisis continues to stoke tensions in San Francisco, as city residents increasingly complain that they don’t feel safe walking around highly-trafficked areas with large homeless populations. It’s started to take a toll on San Francisco’s tourism industry, too, as  at least one major medical conference reportedly decided to cancel its annual convention in the city, citing the homelessness problem.

The city’s homeless problem is attributed largely to the city’s lack of affordable housing, which has led real estate prices to soar. Now, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who was just sworn in this week, has pledged to take action on the homelessness crisis, even as she promises that the city will make way for more housing.

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University of Wyoming’s “cowboy” slogan deemed sexist & racist

university of wyoming cowboy

Must suck to go through life seeking out butthurt.

From Fox News: “The world needs more cowboys,” the University of Wyoming says in a new marketing slogan. But apparently not everyone agrees.

The slogan has drawn backlash from critics, including faculty members and Native American groups, who call the catchphrase sexist, racist and counterproductive to university recruitment — because it excludes women and people of color, Reuters reported.

“Honestly, I thought it was a joke at first,” associate professor Ellen Currano told the Chronicle of Higher Education. “I thought it was a joke. And then I looked it up on the university web page and saw that no, this was, in fact, serious.”

The university’s mascot is a “cowboy” riding a bucking horse with hat in hand.

But Darrell Hutchinson, a cultural specialist, told Reuters that people who do not fit the stereotypical image of a cowboy – “a white man with a wide-brimmed hat riding the range on horseback” – are not made to feel welcome.

“If you’re not a white person, and especially if you’re an Indian, it would make you feel out of place — it wouldn’t make you feel too good about yourself,” said Hutchinson, a member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming.

But university officials in Laramie defended the tagline, which they said was created by a Colorado-based marketing firm.

“In a vacuum, the term ‘cowboy’ appears gender- and perhaps race-specific, but in the context of the branding campaign it is connected to images and words that show our cowboys are diverse, of every sex and background,” university spokesman Chad Baldwin said, according to Reuters.

He said the university wants to “throw away” the stereotype of cowboys, updating what it means and looks like to be one. “A cowboy is not what you are, but who you are,” Baldwin said.

The campaign cost $500,000 and is part of a more than $1.4 million investment to advertise the university, located around 50 miles northwest of Cheyenne.

Jim Magagna, executive vice president of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, said ranchers are worried the dispute may cast “aspersions on a time-honored way of life and work,” according to Reuters.

“We are proud of the true image of the real cowboy or cowgirl, often of very diverse race or ethnicity, riding the range on a well-groomed horse while sporting a cowboy hat, chaps, spurs and a rope,” he said in a statement.

Wyoming, the so-called Cowboy State, hosts the university’s sports teams, also called the Cowboys; a cowboy mascot named Pistol Pete also appears at games.

But Donal O’Toole, a university professor, said he believes the critics make a valid point. “This is a sexist slogan,” O’Toole told the Chronicle of Higher Education.

“As with many universities, the higher you will go up in rank, the higher proportion of men you find within the university,” said O’Toole, who is president of the Faculty Senate. He said that in a state where the official motto is “’Equal Rights’ … we need to make an effort to reach everyone.”

To associate professor Christine Porter, the slogan simply sounds outdated. “It’s very 1950s to think that ‘boy’ somehow includes ‘girl,’” Porter said, the education publication reported.

Christine Boggs, co-chair of the Committee on Women and People of Color at the university, told Reuters that she had no criticism of cowboys, since her father was one. But she pointed out that the committee’s 50 to 60 members were “very upset,” the Chronicle reported.

“If we’re striving to be a diverse university, exposing our students to a broader scope of ideas, we have to invite them in a more positive, inclusive way,” Boggs told Reuters.

A group of female scientists also wrote a letter to university administrators, asking them “embrace a slogan that takes us into the 21st Century,” according to the education news site.

Despite the pushback, the new slogan is set to launch Sept. 14.


Demorats who drafted bill to abolish ICE say they’ll vote against it

kabuki theater

Proof that it’s not about children separated from their families at the border. It’s about keeping their TDS alive for their hopeful “Blue Wave” this November.

From Fox News: Democrats who drafted a bill to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] suddenly announced Thursday night that they would vote against it if the legislation went to the floor, after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News he intended to call their bluff.

“We know Speaker [Paul] Ryan is not serious about passing our ‘Establishing a Humane Immigration Enforcement System Act,’ so members of Congress, advocacy groups, and impacted communities will not engage in this political stunt,” Reps. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Adriano Espaillat of New York told The Hill and other news outlets. “If Speaker Ryan puts our bill on the floor, we plan to vote no and will instead use the opportunity to force an urgently needed and long-overdue conversation on the House floor.”

McCarthy, R-Calif., said earlier Thursday he would place a bill to abolish ICE on the House floor later this month.

Democrats have long pushed back on the administration’s immigration policies but tensions have escalated in the past month over family separations at the border. Calls from some far-left lawmakers to abolish ICE have grown ahead of the November elections.

Former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., last week slammed the federal agency as being a part of a “cruel, dysfunctional immigration system” that needs “comprehensive” reform.

One of the first senators to push for eradicating ICE was Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., who said last month that ICE “has become a deportation force” which should be abolished.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio echoed Gillibrand, calling the agency “broken” and “divisive.”

“It should be abolished,” he tweeted.

As analysts point out, if Democrats vote against the proposal and kill it, it undermines their word. If they earn enough “yes” votes, Republicans could turn the issue and tie all Democrats to the crisis at the border.

Perhaps sensing trouble ahead of the primaries, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California have called instead for the agency to be restructured.