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Obama’s stealth gun-control by driving gun sellers out of business

HitlerIn the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre hoax, the Obama regime and Congressional Democrats made every effort to effectuate gun control on the federal level — to no avail.

So the POS is now going the stealth route by driving gun manufacturers and retailers out of business via choking off their sales and bank credit.

Kelly Riddell reports for The Washington Times, May 18, 2014:

Gun retailers say the Obama administration is trying to put them out of business with regulations and investigations that bypass Congress and choke off their lines of credit, freeze their assets and prohibit online sales.

Since 2011, regulators have increased scrutiny on banks’ customers. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 2011 urged banks to better manage the risks of their merchant customers who employ payment processors, such as PayPal, for credit card transactions. The FDIC listed gun retailers as “high risk” along with porn stores and drug paraphernalia shops.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department has launched Operation Choke Point, a credit card fraud probe focusing on banks and payment processors. The threat of enforcement has prompted some banks to cut ties with online gun retailers, even if those companies have valid licenses and good credit histories.

“This administration has very clearly told the banking industry which customers they feel represent ‘reputational risk’ to do business with,” said Peter Weinstock, a lawyer at Hunton & Williams LLP. “So financial institutions are reacting to this extraordinary enforcement arsenal by being ultra-conservative in who they do business with: Any companies that engage in any margin of risk as defined by this administration are being dropped.

A Justice Department representative said the agency is conducting several investigations that aim to hold accountable banks “who are knowingly assisting fraudulent merchants who harm consumers.”

“We’re committed to ensuring that our efforts to combat fraud do not discourage or inhibit the lawful conduct of these honest merchants,” the Justice Department said in a May 7 blog post.

But gun retailers say their businesses are being targeted in the executive branch’s efforts:

  • T.R. Liberti, owner and operator of Top Gun Firearms Training & Supply in Miami, has felt the sting firsthand. Last month, his local bank, BankUnited N.A., dumped his online business from its service. An explanatory email from the bank said: “This letter in no way reflects any derogatory reasons for such action on your behalf. But rather one of industry. Unfortunately your company’s line of business is not commensurate with the industries we work with.
  • Black Rifle Armory in Henderson, Nevada, had its bank accounts frozen this month as the bank tried to determine whether any of Black Rifle’s online transactions were suspicious.
  • In 2012, Bank of America suddenly dropped the 12-year account of McMillan Group International, a gun manufacturer in Phoenix, even though the company had a good credit history, the owner said. Gun parts maker American Spirit Arms in Scottsdale, Arizona, received similar treatment by Bank of America, the country’s largest banking institution. “This seems to be happening with greater frequency and to many more dealers,” said Joe Sirochman, owner of American Spirit Arms. “At first, it was the bigger guys — gun parts manufacturers or high-profile retailers. Now the smaller mom-and-pop shops are being choked out, and they need their cash to buy inventory. Freezing their assets will put them out of business.

After McMillan Group owner Kelly McMillan publicized Bank of America’s action on his Facebook account, he found that thousands of small gun-shop owners across the country were in the same situation. Banks were either dropping them, freezing their accounts or refusing to process their online sales, so he opened a credit card processing company for the gun industry called McMillan Merchant Solutions.

“Four generations of my family have been in this industry. This is my way to give back,” said Mr. McMillan, adding that many of his customers were denied banking access because of the nature of their business. “This is an attempt by the federal government to keep people from buying guns and a way for them to combat the Second Amendment rights we have. It’s a covert way for them to control our right to manufacture guns and individuals to buy guns.”

Read the rest of the article, here.

Update (March 4, 2015):

In response to the DOJ’s Operation Choke Point — which is Obama’s stealth gun control via driving gun manufacturers and retailers out of business by choking off their sales and bank credit — Kelly McMillan started McMillan Merchant Solutions (MMS) to give the firearms industry a gun-friendly credit-card processing solution. Yesterday, MMS announced its partnership with gun-friendly payment processing company Delta Payment Systems, LLC.

Read more here.


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Wayne Allyn Root on 9 Dead Bankers

Wayne Allyn Root 

By Wayne Allyn Root

Something very big and very bad is happening. Prominent bankers are dying in droves. Have you ever heard of 8 bankers committing suicide in a matter of just a few weeks?

8th international banker to die in a month jumps off building in China

A 9th banker was found dead only days ago. What is driving successful bankers with families to kill themselves in droves?

Here’s the tipoff that this is a very big story: the mainstream media is not covering it. There’s 9 dead bankers (and counting) and the story isn’t even mentioned in the national news? That itself is a major news story.

Bankers are dying so fast, you’d think they were all dentists. You get the joke, right? Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Sometimes you need a little humor to brighten up a very dark story. But keep in mind at no time in history have 9 dentists all died under mysterious circumstances in a matter of a few weeks.

Why are so many bankers dying? Is the media asleep at the switch? Afraid to dig deeper? Ordered not to investigate? By whom? The government? Or is the media perhaps afraid for their own lives if they dig deeper? You think that sounds a bit absurd? Well not really. A Wall Street Journal reporter named David Bird, who covers the commodities market, is missing. As in gone. As in never seen again. He left his home on Jan 11th and never returned. Was he working on this story?

Something smells rotten in Denmark. Because 9 dead bankers and a missing reporter should be a huge headline story.

And if anyone has been watching closely- 5 other major bankers died in either suicides or mysterious circumstances in 2013. That’s 14 dead bankers.

Someone is going to win a major journalist prize for investigating a high-profile story like this. But for some mysterious reason, no one in the mainstream media seems interested. Doesn’t that alone make you nervous?

This story is real. The dead are:
William Broeksmit, 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG.
Karl Slym, 51 year old Tata Motors managing director.
Gabriel Magee, 39-year-old JP Morgan banker.
Mike Dueker, 50-year-old chief economist of a US investment bank, and former Vice President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve.
Richard Talley, the 57-year-old founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado.
Tim Dickenson, U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG.
Ryan Henry Crane, 37-year-old executive at JP Morgan.
Dennis Li Junjie, 33-year-old Hong Kong banker.
James Stewart Jr., former CEO of the National Bank of Commerce.

James Stewart? You know something very bad is going on when a bank CEO named Jimmy Stewart is found dead. I guess it’s not such “a wonderful life” afterall.

How they died is strange and mysterious too. Two of these successful bankers jumped off the roof of their high-rise office buildings. Just like that bankers decide to take a stroll off the top of their office buildings? One of the bankers was ruled a “suicide” after being shot 8 times from head to toe with a nail gun.
Am I the only one who finds this creepy and worrisome? Do you know anyone brave or insane enough to commit suicide by nail gun?

So what’s going on? I’ll give you two theories.

My first educated guess is we are headed for an epic economic collapse. The mainstream media has fed the public lies about a non-existent “recovery” and dutifully reported the government’s manipulated economic reports (filled with fraud). But these bankers are smart guys who know the truth. What’s coming is very, very bad. As I argued in my national bestseller “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” we are entering the Greatest Depression of all-time.

What caused this economic Armageddon? Spending, entitlements and debt. Who caused it? Government, led by corrupt, ignorant and reckless politicians. If I were the lead detective on this case, I’d be investigating who had the most to gain from a cover-up. My investigation would start and end with government collusion, corruption, bailouts and bribery.

Governments all over the world have taxed, spent and printed us into oblivion. America’s debt crisis will make Greece look like a walk in the park. This is too big to “paper over.” When America collapses, the entire rest of the world crumbles with us. Even creative and corrupt government bureaucrats making up fraudulent economic statistics can’t cover this one up. There is no way out from the coming crash. I’m guessing that knowledge might cause a banker who sees the writing on the wall to take a walk off the roof of his high-rise.

But that still doesn’t explain shooting yourself with a nail gun 8 times from head to toe. No one wants to die that slowly and painfully. That sounds more like torture to me. And torture is what leads to murder. Perhaps some or all of these bankers were murdered. Perhaps they didn’t walk off their high-rise buildings. Perhaps they were pushed.

Perhaps the Colorado bank CEO was being “questioned” when the nail gun went off…8 times. I guess the interrogators didn’t like his answers.

But why would someone murder bankers? My educated guess is these are smart guys who knew too much. Perhaps they knew about government manipulation and fraud. Perhaps they knew their banks were not in the wonderful shape their manipulated balance sheets showed. Perhaps they had information about government collusion and corruption in the banking system. Perhaps they were threatening to expose government’s lies and fraud. Perhaps they knew about the trillions in derivatives held by banks and Wall Street firms about to implode and take world economy with it.

I’m just making educated guesses. But something is very wrong. Something bad is coming. 9 dead bankers is a very messy start, of a very big story the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about.

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Pastors and bankers committing suicide

Nearly a year ago, Gabriela Segura, M.D. sounded the alarm that stress and depression have reached pandemic levels in America. She cited data from an article by David Kupelian that:

  • Fully one-third of U.S. employees suffer chronic debilitating stress, and more than half of all “millennials” (18 to 33 year olds) experience a level of stress that keeps them awake at night, including large numbers diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorder.
  • The CDC reported that antidepressant use in the U.S. has increased nearly 400% in the last two decades, making antidepressants the most frequently used class of medications by Americans aged 18-44. As many as 11% of all Americans aged 12 and older are currently taking SSRI antidepressants — highly controversial, mood-altering psychiatric drugs with the FDA’s “suicidality” warning label and alarming correlation with school shooters. Women are especially prone to depression, with almost 1 in 4 (23%) of U.S. women in their 40s and 50s now taking antidepressants.
  • Suicide has surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of injury death for Americans. More U.S. soldiers died last year by suicide than in combat.

A recent rash of suicides by pastors and bankers is symptomatic of the pandemic stress and depression.


1. Teddy Parker

Teddy Parker

Teddy Parker

On Nov. 10, 2013, Teddy Parker, 42, senior pastor of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church in Georgia, shot himself in the head outside his home while his 800 member congregation waited for him to conduct the Sunday service.

International Business Times reports that just days before, Parker had told his congregation that he felt disconnected from God. His body was discovered by his wife, Larrinecia, in the driveway of their house. Houston County Sheriff confirmed that he died from a “self-inflicted gunshot.”

2. Ed Montgomery

Jackie & Ed Montgomery

Jackie & Ed Montgomery

On Dec. 7, 2013, Ed Montgomery, a pastor at the Full Gospel Christian Assemblies International Church in Hazel Crest, Illinois, who was grieving the death of his wife a year ago, reportedly shot himself inside his Matteson home in front of his pleading son.

The Christian Post reports that Montgomery had said he was hearing the voice and footsteps of his late wife, Prophetess Jackie Montgomery. He later died from the gunshot wound.

3. Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter

On Dec. 10, 2013, Isaac Hunter, former pastor of Summit Church in Orlando, Fla. and the son of Obama’s “spiritual adviser” — Northland Church Senior Pastor Joel Hunter — died from an apparent suicide.

Hunter founded Summit Church in 2002. It has since become one of the fastest-growing churches in Central Florida, with five locations and an estimated 5,000 worshippers. The church grew out of a ministry the younger Hunter started at his father’s megachurch. In 2012, Isaac Hunter resigned after admitting to an affair with a former staffer.


1. William Broeksmit

William Broeksmit

William Broeksmit

Bloomberg reports that on Jan. 26, 2014, William Broeksmit, 58, a recently retired executive at Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) who worked at Merrill Lynch in the 1990s, was found hanging in his home on Evelyn Gardens in London. Deutsche Bank spokesman Michael Golden didn’t give a cause for Broeksmit’s death and authorities aren’t treating the death as suspicious.

Broeksmit had built a reputation in “interest rate swaps” at Continental Bank in Chicago, which led Merrill Lynch to recruit him to be head of global equity derivatives. He was risk manager at Deutsche Bank AG. Interest rate swaps are contracts to exchange fixed-rate payments for floating-rate ones over a period of years.

2. Gabriel Magee

The offices of JP Morgan in the Canary Wharf district of LondonTwo days later, on Jan. 28, 2014, Gabriel Magee, 39, a JPMorgan vice president in technology operations, fell to his death from the 33 stories-high JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s London headquarters at 25 Bank Street in the Canary Wharf area onto a 9th-floor roof.

Magee was not a trader or a banker but had worked since 2004 in JPMorgan’s technology support department; he had previously worked as an application developer for Intel. Described by a source as “a respected employee, well thought of by managers,” Magee was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

3. Mike Dueker

Mike Dueker

Mike Dueker

Two days later, on Jan. 30, 2014, Mike Dueker, 50, the chief economist at Russell Investments, was found dead at the side of a highway that leads to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state.

Bloomberg reports that police said Dueker might have jumped over a 4-foot fence before falling down a 40- to 50-foot embankment, and that his death appeared to be a suicide.

Dueker was reported missing on Jan. 29, and a group of friends and law enforcement had been searching for him. Reportedly the economist was having problems at work, but Russell Investments spokeswoman Jennifer Tice said Dueker was in good standing and declined further comments.

Dueker had worked at Seattle-based Russell for five years, and developed a business-cycle index that forecast economic performance. He was previously an assistant vice president and research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, where he published dozens of research papers over the past two decades, many on monetary policy. St. Louis Fed’s website ranks him among the top 5% of economists by number of works published.

4. Richard Talley

Richard Talley

Richard Talley

David Migoya reports for The Denver Post that on Feb. 4, 2014, Richard Talley, 57, founder and CEO of American Title, was found dead in his home from 7-8 self-inflicted wounds from a nail-gun fired into his torso and head.

Both Talley and the company he’d founded in 2001 were under investigation by state insurance regulators at the time of his death. It’s unclear whether Talley’s suicide was related to the investigation by the Colorado Division of Insurance, which regulates title companies.

Before coming to Colorado, Talley was a former regional financial officer at Drexel Burnham Lambert in Chicago, where he met his wife, Cheryl, a vice president at the company. When the two married in 1989, their wedding announcement in the Chicago Tribune described Talley as “a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic swimming team.” But a spokeswoman for USA Swimming said Talley was not on the team.

H/t Charisma News; Zero Hedge; and FOTM’s swampygirl & josephbc69.


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Remember When Target Got Hacked A Few Weeks Ago?

Well it just got worse. Oops!



Target says data breach up to 110 mn customers

New York (AFP) – Giant US retailer Target said Friday that up to 110 million customers have had their personal data stolen in a data breach, sharply raising its initial estimate.

Target Hackers Also Swiped Personal Info of 70 Million Customers

So remember a few weeks ago when Target admitted that hackers had swiped the data of 40 million customers, but no one needed to worry because it was all encrypted? Well, Target’s starting to realize that quite a bit more data was swiped than it previously thought—specifically, the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of 70 million customers. Whoops.
This revelation comes in addition to the original 40 million customers who had their payment card data compromised, though all of it is part of the same breach. According to Target, most of the data is “partial in nature,” but at least for cases in which Target does have an email address available, the company will be contacting affected parties.
Partial or not, though, this is a massive amount of information, and it seems that the hackers behind the breach are making the most of their haul. According to CNet, the post-Target-hack black market landscape has seen a 10- to 20-fold increase in stolen cards. Fortunately for those who have had that level of personal information compromised, Target promises that “guests will have zero liability for the cost of any fraudulent charges arising from the breach.” Still, each update in the case has proved worse and worse for consumers, so hopefully, this is the full extent of the damage—because it is a lot of damage. [Target via CNet]
~Steve~                                             H/T   Prinny
I’ve added a comment from story because I thought it was pretty funny.

Zero liability is great for any actual costs incurred. But what about my stress levels? And the increased stress leads to increased cortisol which leads to weight gain which leads to depression as people reject me for not having a magazine cover body. So thanks to Target I’m going to be stressed, fat, and depressed and will require medications which will have side effects (setting up for my second lawsuit). And its all directly related to Target’s poor network and server security practices. Their “zero liability” promises don’t cover the results of the stress they’ve caused me. Hence my lawsuit… Sorry, its not really my fault. I’m from CA originally and in CA we sue for anything and everything. I guess its just part of my nature now to start laying the groundwork for the possibility of a lawsuit anytime anything happens that I don’t like or don’t agree with. 😛 (BTW: if you thought my original post was at all serious, than I think you’re the one that may need to settle down a bit…)
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Why there will be many more Detroits – in one chart

Short answer to the question is:
Because America’s cities and states are in debt up to our eyebrows from unfunded pensions to public employees — pensions that, without exception, are based on the expectation that whatever money that’s paid into those funds gets 7% to 8% interest.
But the reality is the Federal Reserve is artificially suppressing interest rates because of the Godzilla-sized national debt of $16.9 trillion. That’s the official figure, according to our feral gummint. The real figure, according to a U.C. San Diego economics professor, is $70 trillion.
If the Federal Reserve lets interest rates go up, then our gargantuan national debt will balloon even quicker.
That is why the interest rates on bank savings, certificates of deposit (CD), and U.S. Treasury bonds and notes are so anemic. The highest interest rate being offered for a one-year CD currently is 1.05%. As for treasury notes, rates are going up. The latest 10-year Treasury note has a yield as high as 2.866%, a level not seen since July 29, 2011. But 2.866% is still a far cry (5.134% to be precise) from the 8% interest rate on which are based our public pensions.

Below is a chart showing how underfunded public pensions are, compared with private retirement funding. As Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge puts it:
The chart below explains, in the simplest possible terms, why there are many more “Detroits” on deck. It shows the underfunded status of public vs private retiree healthcare plans. It needs no commentary, although it may deserve one question: what happens when all those public servants who have been promised over a trillion in healthcare benefits upon retirement, realize it was all a lie? And then come… the pensions.


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Treasury Ran $98 Billion Deficit in July–But Debt Stayed Exactly $16,699,396,000,000

391599380_1649206 (2)

Now you don’t think our government would violate the law would you? I mean if the number stays the same,That would mean the debt was just $25 million below the legal limit of $16,699,421,000,000 that was set in a law passed by Congress and signed by President Barack ObamaNa, they wouldn’t do that .

August 14, 2013 – 4:15 AM

By Terence P. Jeffrey

( – The Treasury Department‘s Financial Management Service (FMS), which publishes both the federal government‘s official Daily Treasury Statement and its official Monthly Treasury Statement, is reporting that in July the federal government ran a deficit of $98 billion but that the federal government’s debt remained exactly $16,699,396,000,000 for the entire month.

The FMS said that the deficit went up $98 billion ($97,594,000,000) in the Monthly Treasury Statment for July, which it released on Monday

The FMS said that the deficit went up $98 billion ($97,594,000,000) in the Monthly Treasury Statment for July, which it released on Monday.

At the same time, the FMS said the debt stayed at exactly $16,699,396,000,000

( Even David Copperfield is Impressed by this trick )

in its Daily Treasury Statements, which are published every business day. The Daily Treasury Statements show the daily value of the federal government debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress.

At the static $16,699,396,000,000 level that the Treasury reported for every day of July, the debt was just $25 million below the legal limit of $16,699,421,000,000 that was set in a law passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama.

If Treasury’s daily statements were to declare that the government had borrowed an additional net $98 billion to cover the $98 billion deficit the Treasury declared in its monthly statement for July, the Treasury would be conceding that the government had already surpassed the legal limit on the debt–and has been violating the law by continuing to borrowing additional money.


Instead, even as the Treasury was running up the $98-billion deficit it reported in the July Monthly Treasury Statement, every one of the 22 Daily Treasury Statements published for July said the Treasury had closed out the previous business day with exactly $16,699,396,000,000 in debt.

The Daily Treasury Statement for Aug. 12, released Tuesday afternoon, says the debt remained stuck at exactly $16,699,396,000,000 during the first 12 days of this month, too.

On May 17, the first day the Treasury reported that the debt had hit exactly $16,699,396,000,000–and was thus just $25 million below the legal limit–Treasury Secretary Lew sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner saying he was beginning to implement what he called “the standard set of extraordinary measures” to prevent the Treasury from exceeding the legal limit on the federal debt.

Since Lew sent that letter–announcing that he would use “extraordinary measures“–the debt has remained stuck at exactly $16,699,396,000,000 for 87 straight days.

That includes all 31 days in July when Lew’s Treasury says it was running a $98 billion deficit.

When Lew stops using “extraordinary measures” to keep the debt at exactly $16,699,396,000,000, the government will have another debt-limit crisis.



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EU puts the screws to "insured" bank deposits

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is a U.S. government corporation operating as an independent agency created by the Banking Act of 1933.
As of January 2013, FDIC provides deposit insurance guaranteeing the safety of a depositor’s accounts in over 7,000 member banks, up to $250,000 for each deposit ownership category in each insured bank. For example, a singly-owned certificate-of-deposit (CD) and a second CD owned by the same individual but “held in trust” (payable upon death) for another individual are two separate ownership categories.
The FDIC receives no Congressional appropriations – its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) is funded from (1) earnings on investments in U.S. Treasury securities; and (2) premiums that banks and thrift institutions pay for deposit insurance coverage. The amount each institution is assessed is based both on the balance of insured deposits as well as on the degree of risk the institution poses the DIF.
Although DIF is mandated by law to keep a balance equivalent to 1.15% of insured deposits, that minimum percentage is not always observed. In March, 2009, for example, the DIF fell to $13 billion or a reserve ratio of only 0.27%.
Since the start of FDIC insurance on January 1, 1934, no depositor has lost any insured funds as a result of a bank or S&L (savings & loan) failure. However, in light of apparent systemic risks facing the U.S. banking system, the adequacy of FDIC’s financial backing has come into question. 
Beyond the funds in the DIF and the FDIC’s power to charge insurance premia, FDIC insurance is additionally assured by the Federal government. According to the website (as of March 2013), “FDIC deposit insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government”. This means that the resources of the United States government stand behind FDIC-insured depositors. Alas, the statutory basis for this claim is less than clear. Despite Congress’ passage in 1987 of a non-binding “Sense of Congress” to that effect, there appear to be no laws strictly binding the government to make good on any insurance liabilities unmet by the FDIC.
In light of this, what recently transpired in the European Union (EU) should give U.S. savers additional pause.

EUThese three individuals designed the rules for the EU banking union: (l to r) Herman Van Rompuy (elected by no one); Dalia Grybauskaite (chosen by 68.21% of Lithuanians); José Manuel Barroso (elected by no one) (Photo: Consilium)

According to an Aug. 7, 2013, article, “Neue EU-Regel: Sparer müssen um Guthaben unter 100.000 Euro bangen (New EU rule: Savers need to fear credit under 100,000 euros,” on the German-language news site, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News), a new EU proposal that’s “largely unnoticed by the public,” seeks to impose the following restrictions on the supposedly-insured bank deposits in the EU’s member countries:

  • To begin with, deposit accounts are only insured up to €100,000 ($133,000).
  • If a bank goes bankrupt, small depositors (defined as those with accounts of €100,000 or less) cannot withdraw all their money     immediately, but must wait for up to 20 working days or 4 weeks.
  • In the meantime, the depositors are allowed cash withdrawals of no more than €100 to €200 ($133 to $266) a day.
  • This limit on the amount of daily withdrawals “may last for up to three weeks.”

Put simply, according to the EU proposal, in the event of a bank collapse, savers will now have to wait for weeks to see their money, if at all. The article advises that savers should take this new EU proposal into advisement if they:

  • Plan on making major purchases;
  • Run a business;
  • Are elderly and may run into big medical expenses; or
  • Simply want to keep their money in their own hands.

Meanwhile, there is still no agreement on the question of the contribution of banks to pay into the EU deposit insurance.
See also:


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BHO donor-activist calls Obama “a f*cking fraud”

An Obama tool, who writes for Daily Kos as “liquidstoke,” had donated thousands of dollars to and campaigned for the POS in 2008 and 2012.

But he’s finally waking up and seeing Obama as the fraud that he is — “just another puppet” or worse, “complicit in the game.”

What is missing in liquidstoke’s enraged confession is an admission of culpability for having helped put the POS in office. Nor is there an apology to those of us who clearly saw Obama from the beginning.

Liquidstoke should also look up the meaning of “useful idiot.”

Below is liquidstoke’s article in Daily Kos in its entirety. Words in green between brackets are mine.

H/t Obama Release Your Records


Thu Jun 20, 2013 at 11:13 AM PDT

Obama is a F*****G FRAUD

by liquidstoke

I gave this man $5000 in 2007 and spent many hours to canvass and phonebank for him.

I gave him another $500 in 2011 and again voted for him.

I bought the boohoo story of those meanie Republicans obstructing everything. I bought the story that we “won” with the ACA passing and broadended gay rights, but had to give up $800 billion of our hard earned money to bank crooks and let them drive away in their Bentleys to their 20 room mansions because he just couldn’t do anything about it– too big to fail. While us peons were left to fall.

They hoard and hide over $32 Trillion of wealth in the Caymans to avoid contributing to the society that helped them enrich themselves and they cry “SOCIALISM” when poor mothers and kids need help to find some modicum of GMO-made, cancer-inducing, diabetes-creating, cancer-causing suppliment food.

It’s all a grand game, an act, a nation-sized con job.

There’s no Republican or Democrats folks.

Just a giant stage on which a play of deception is played on the American people to believe we still live in a Democracy.

What it really is, is a game of Masters and Serfs.

Those “conspiracy theorists” don’t sound so crazy anymore to me. Maybe their name is not “Illuminati”, but it seems “they” are really there. In secret board rooms and meeting rooms, conjuring the strategems on how best to extract subservience and resources from the massses.

They get us all crazy about abortion, gay rights, prayer in schools, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Britney Spears’ couchie peeks, Beyonce’s side-boobs while they steal, hoard, subvert and leech the lifeblood from the ideals this country was founded on– a land by the people, for the people. They hit the hot buttons in all of us, liberals and tea baggers alike so we can waste our precious passions and energies in angry food fights about who’s [sic: it should be “whose”] moralities are better than whom.

While they surely and clearly turn us all into sheeple…chewing on our artificially manufactured feed, inside our fenced world of corporate retail Disney worlds where they milk us and slaughter us to feed their insatiable greed for more.

This country is so sick, run by psychopaths who worship the holy god of wealth. They run o[u]r academic centers, our government, our churches, our media.

And Obama, after promising straight-talk and a man-for-the-people assurances if he could just get our cash and votes, now turns out to be just another puppet. Unable to change what is really diseased about our institutions. So it’s only two possibilities: he’s an impotent president, or one who is complicit in the game.

You know I seem to remember a recent village idiot president [referring to George W. Bush] who got everything he wanted, when he wanted it regardless which party had what majority. If his decisions made some corporate entity shitwads of money, it got done.

And Obama? Those same entities making even bigger shitwads of cash than even Village idiot.

Follow the money, that’s the answer to every question you have about politics and the US government.

OBAMA IS A FUCKING FRAUD– you heard me NSA scumbag?

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Hypocrisy 101

ben tein


~Steve~                        H/T Jean

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Big Brother's secret NSA Data Center in Utah

1984H/t FOTM’s hrmfc

Three days ago, no thanks to our useless State Controlled Media here in America, a UK paper, The Guardian, reported that the Obama regime is exploiting Section 215 of the Patriot Act to secretly collect every overseas, domestic and local phone call and email (called “metadata”) logged by Verizon Business Network Services. Verizon Business is one of America’s largest telecommunications and Internet providers for corporations.
The Guardian‘s discovery broke the dam.
A new report reveals that, via a new classified program called PRISM, the NSA and FBI are directly tapped into central servers at nine U.S. internet firms, in order to provide constant monitoring of audio, video, photos, emails and documents as well as connection logs.
That, together with past reports by Forbes, Atlantic Wire, USA Today, The New Yorker, and the Wall Street Journal, should lead Americans with even a half-functioning brain to conclude that our every phone call (land and cell), email, credit card transactions, bank transfer, and travel record are being tapped and recorded by nameless faceless spooks in the federal government.
Former National Security Agency (NSA) crypto-mathematician Bill Binney confirmed that “the agency now stores copies of all e-mails transmitted in America, in case the government wants to retrieve the details later” and that the NSA “reportedly has the capacity to intercept and download, every six hours, electronic communications equivalent to the contents of the Library of Congress.”
So where are all the mountains and mountains of “metadata” being stored?
In the Utah Data Center — a heavily fortified $2 billion compound in Bluffdale, Utah, about which I’d posted 14 months ago, on March 19, 2012, in “2013: The end of privacy in America.” There, the NSA will intercept, store, and analyze your every email, cell phone call, Google search, parking receipt, credit card purchases, and more. The construction is expected to be completed by September of this year, but it looks like the Data Center is already up and running.
Below are photos of the Utah Data Center, taken by the AP’s Rick Bowmer, June 6-7, 2013 (source: Real Clear Politics).
Just remember: Your taxes are paying for this — to the tune of $80 billion a year! We are paying for our own hangmen.
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A friend who works for the Australian government in defense writes in an email: “There’s about $30m worth of power management and generation sitting in those shots.  It’s the equiv of providing power to almost 600,000 people. I would imagine that Chinese imagery analysts are having a field day poring over imagery provided free of charge. Stalin’s comments about getting free rope to hang their enemies springs to mind.”

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