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Hillary Clinton claims she won the presidency in 2016; teases she’ll run again

Hillary Clinton, Hunter College commencement speech, May 29, 2019

That woman has no shame.

In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote by a wide 304–227 margin. She then blamed and trashed Americans who had not voted for her, calling them “deplorables,” racists, woman-haters (“misogynists”), and white nationalists.

2016 election voting precincts map

Aided and abetted by then-FBI Director James Comey’s refusal to investigate or indict her, Hillary also continues to deny she had violated the law when, as Obama’s secretary of state, she ILLEGALLY used a non-State Department personal email server to receive and transmit emails and documents, some of which were classified.

On Tuesday, October 8, during an interview on PBS News Hour, Hillary falsely claimed she’d won the 2016 presidential election and repeatedly teased that she may run again in 2020.

Hillary made that preposterous claim in response to host Judy Woodruff quoting President Trump’s tweet earlier that day. Trump wrote:

“I think that crooked Hillary Clinton should try to enter the race to try and steal it away from uber-left Elizabeth Warren. Only one condition: The crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors, including how and why she deleted 33,000 e-mails.”

Hillary replied:

“You know, it truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me. But this latest tweet is so typical of him. Nothing has been more examined and looked at than my e-mails. We all know that. So maybe there does need to be a rematch. Obviously, I can beat him again. But, just seriously, I don’t understand, I don’t think anybody understands what motivates him.”

Clinton later responded to Trump’s tweet directly with this tweet:

Ryan Saavedra of Daily Wire reminds us that during the first 2016 presidential debate, Hillary had grandly proclaimed she would “respect” and “honor” the outcome of the election because “To say that you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.” She said: “Well, I support our democracy. And sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but I certainly will support the outcome of this election.”

According to Saavedra, “Despite teasing otherwise, those close to Clinton claim that she is not going to run in 2020.” Former Hillary campaign strategist Adrienne Elrod told The Hill on Monday:

“It’s silly. It’s a pipe dream. I mean, look, she’s made it very clear that after this last run she’s done. It’s time for new faces to come in. To be honest with you, I don’t know that a run this time around would yield a first- or second-place finish. I think there’s a lot of new people in the party who are stepping forward. I think we’ve got a very deep bench of strong candidates, and she knows this. I would advise against her running, not because I don’t think she’s qualified. Of course, she is, but I think that she knows it’s time for faces and new leadership to step forward.”


Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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Witch population doubles as millennials cast off Christianity

Satanists at Trump inauguration protest, DC

From NY Post: If you were interested in witchcraft in 1692, you probably would have been jailed or burned at the stake. If you’re interested in witchcraft in 2018, you are probably an Instagram influencer.

From crystal subscription boxes to astrologist-created lip balm, the metaphysical has gone mainstream. Millennials today know more about chakras than your kooky New Age aunt. That’s why it’s no surprise that the generation that is blamed for killing everything is actually bringing popularity to centuries-old practices.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 1.5 million Americans identify as Wiccan or pagan. A decade ago, that number was closer to 700,000. Presbyterians, by comparison, have about 1.4 million votaries.

So why has witch popularity doubled? Perhaps it’s because millennials were raised on Harry Potter? Or maybe it’s because of the rise in popularity of yoga and meditation, researchers suggest.

Regardless, millennials have embraced astrology and the supernatural, even if they aren’t quite sure why. In fact, Stella Bugbee, editor-in-chief and president of the Cut, told the Atlantic that their horoscope content traffic increased 150 percent from 2016 to 2017.

In the same article, Lucie Greene, worldwide director of J. Walter Thompson’s innovation group, which looks at cultural trends, said that over the past few years, New Age practices have “very much geared toward a millennial and young Gen X quotient.”

It’s important to note, however, that while most Wiccans are pagans, all pagans are not necessarily Wiccans. All “witches” also aren’t necessarily “Wiccan.” Confused? Us too.

“Pagan” is an umbrella term that includes a number of different spiritual beliefs, often lumped in with “primitive beliefs,” which was used to describe people from rural areas who had not adopted Christianity. “Wicca” is a religion that “affirms the existence of supernatural power,” according to Merriam-Webster. The term “Wiccan” didn’t enter the mainstream until the late 1950s.

Meanwhile, social media has made it easy for witches of all kinds to bring their practices out into the light, because let’s face it, shiny things like crystals make prime social content.

Influencers like Hoodwitch bring “everyday magic for the modern mystic” to your Instagram feed daily. Moreover, there are more than 2 million posts on the app with the hashtag #witchesofinstagram. Still, it’s not just millennials embracing technology to spread the sorcery. Laurie Cabot, the “Original Witch of Salem,” shares daily spells and insight on Twitter. Cabot was bestowed that title by the then-governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, in 1977.

Now, it’s not clear if today’s witches are actually practicing spells (they are, see below) and attending new moon meditations or if they’re just capitalist crones scooping up all the witch kitsch. Regardless, it all looks good on Instagram, and when it comes to millennials, that’s the whole point.

See also:


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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The Importance of Parental Wisdom and Guidance

This was first published on November 12, 2013.
John was a genius.  He had the highest IQ of anyone ever tested in our school.  His teachers were so impressed they allowed him to skip a grade.  Though small in stature, John’s brain scored a knockout against anyone he came in contact with.
John was the type who could spend fifteen minutes reading a television repair manual and immediately know how to completely take apart and reassemble all the parts.  His future had scientist, doctor, nuclear physicist written all over it.  Today he lives on skid row.
Growing up, John never received any wisdom or guidance.  His father attended church, but spent every available moment working.  John’s mother never attended church.  She spent all her time talking on the phone or watching television.  She fought constantly with John’s father.  Their home was filled with screaming and tension.
Lacking guidance at home, John followed the path of countless other young men, he turned to the street.  From there, it was a short spiral to drugs, gangs, and a wasted life.
John’s life is not a rarity.  I see men and women just like him all around me.
I grew up in a Catholic home.  Not once, in my entire childhood, did either of my parents have a conversation with me about Catholic doctrine, the Bible, or the difference between right and wrong.  We never prayed together except at meal time.  I was taught nothing about money, finances, politics, or how to be a man.  I suspect my experience is typical of millions of other American males.
Young men have an intense need to understand their place in the world.  When they can’t get it at home, they turn to the older males around them.  Some are lucky to find a mentor in a teacher or an athletic coach.  Most are not.  Most follow the same path as John.
The proliferation of gangs in the black community is no mystery.  As welfare destroyed the black family and removed the father from the home, young men turned to the older males around them.  That these “role models” are less than stellar is irrelevant.  The need for guidance and approval from an older male transcends common sense.
Young women also need guidance from their fathers.  Without it, they often turn to immodest dress and promiscuity.  Their need for approval from an older male is so strong that if they do not receive it from dad at home, they will seek it from a stranger on the street.
Lack of wisdom from a mother is equally damaging to both young men and young women.  One of the reasons most men are so clueless when it comes to women is because they never had guidance or approval from an older female at home.  As adults, they lack the nurturing qualities a female provides.  Many remain in a state of perpetual adolescence their entire lives.
When young women are not provided with wisdom and guidance from their mothers, they turn to the older females around them.  This leads many of them to embrace radical feminism and New Age religion.  They fear and disdain men, because they were never exposed to positive female role models in the home.
When neither parent is available to provide wisdom for the child, culture becomes a powerful conditioning force.  Without positive role models at home, young people seek guidance in music, television, movies, books, and magazines.  And if you don’t think popular culture exists to promote an endless Leftist agenda of godless immorality, think again.  That is precisely its purpose.  The worst offenders of all are the movies, television networks, and shows aimed directly at children and young people.  You know who I’m talking about.
Don’t fall for the lie that children are smarter today than in generations past.  They’re not smarter, they’re more jaded.  They have no role models or examples to look up to.  They’re taught that morality is relative, and that feelings trump intellect.  They’re taught revisionist history that discredits the country and its religious foundation.  They’re taught dependence and cowering to the mob over responsibility and self-reliance.
Are there young people in your life?  They need your wisdom and guidance.  A word of advice here, a pat on the back there; both contribute enormously to a child’s development.  Even more important is the example you set by the living of your own life.  Children observe everything.
Being a mentor to the young is not easy, especially for parents.  It requires tremendous self-sacrifice and an almost complete withdrawal from the values of secular society.  Yet that is another lesson we must teach our young: doing the right thing often means doing the hard thing.
Which brings us back to John.  There’s no telling how far John could have gone with a positive mentor in his life.  But none of the adults he knew took any interest in him at all.  Like millions of others, John’s potential was never developed.  Like millions of others, his life became a tragedy.
I know about John personally.  He’s my older brother.

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Target Says No to Guns: Store Assaults Begin Immediately

On July 2 of this year, Target issued a new policy asking customers not to bring guns to its stores. That same day, a Target shopper in Gainesville, Georgia was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot, and on July 5, a woman shopper at a Target store in Atlanta was punched in the head in the store’s parking lot by a black male, who then stole her car and attempted to run her over.
Lest, you think Target is merely another well-meaning, but misguided company, take a look at these ads from one of their recent catalogues, targeted at children:
For those who don’t understand the symbolism, the “OK” sign with three fingers spread out spells “6-6-6”, and covering one eye is a symbol of Lucifer just like the eye on the pyramid on our one dollar bills. I believe it was Franklin Roosevelt, the second worst president of all time, who put all-seeing eye of satan on our money.
Compare Target’s children with these photos featuring several well known satanists, and remember that another big company that is anti-gun and anti-Constitution, Starbucks, also has a history of satanic symbolism.

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“Signs Signs Everywhere There’s Signs”


Did I read that sign right?

In a Laundromat:

In a London department store:

In an office:

In an office:

Outside a secondhand shop:

Notice in health food shop window:

Spotted in a safari park:

Seen during a conference:

Notice in a farmer’s field:

Message on a leaflet:

On a repair shop door:

Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter
This one I caught in the SGV Tribune the other day and called the Editorial Room and asked who wrote this. It took two or three readings before the editor realized that what he was reading was impossible!!! They put in a correction the next day.

Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says
Really? Ya think?

Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
Now that’s taking things a bit far!

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
What a guy!

Miners Refuse to Work after Death
No-good-for-nothing’ lazy so-and-so’s!

Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
See if that works any better than a fair trial!

War Dims Hope for Peace
I can see where it might have that effect!

If Strike Isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile
Ya think?!

Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
Who would have thought!

Enfield ( London ) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
They may be on to something!

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
You mean there’s something stronger than duct tape?

Man Struck By Lightning:Faces Battery Charge
He probably IS the battery charge!

New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Weren’t they fat enough?!

Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
That’s what he gets for eating those beans!

Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Do they taste like chicken?

Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
Chainsaw Massacre all over again!

Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Boy, are they tall!

And the winner is….
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead
Did I read that right?

Now that you’ve smiled at least once, it’s your turn to spread the stupidity and send this to someone you want to bring a smile to (maybe even a chuckle). We all need a good laugh, at least once a day !

~Steve~                                        H/T   hujonwi


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Are All Democrats (and Some Republicans) GOING TO HELL?

The title of this article poses a pretty provocative question. In order to answer it rationally, let’s leave our emotions at the door and apply logic and reason. The first thing we must ask ourselves is whether God actually exists. Most intelligent adults, including virtually all of those who have actually researched and studied the evidence, say Yes, God exists.
Accepting now the view shared by intelligent adults and the evidence experts that God exists, we then have to ask ourselves whether Heaven and hell also exist. Again, most rational and intelligent adults say Yes. The duality of nature also suggests this, as do the witnesses. “Witnesses?” you say. The Catholic Church is replete with visionaries who have been afforded glimpses of both Heaven and hell. These aren’t the fly-by-night mystics or New Age channelers who charge money for their seminars. They are actual eye witnesses whose testimony has withstood years of rigorous scientific investigation.

If we take the side of evidence, the testimony of multiple eye witnesses, and the consensus shared by intelligent and rational adults, and accept the fact that God, Heaven, and hell all exist, we now must ask ourselves what has the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) done to justify our original question.
We know for a fact that the Democratic Party and some Republicans endorse and encourage abortion and the murder of the unborn. No one denies this, not even the Democrats themselves. We also know that the Democratic Party and some Republicans encourage and exploit racism and poverty. No one who has studied the evidence denies this either.
So if God exists – and we’ve already determined that He does – and if Heaven and hell exist – and we’ve determined that they do – then doesn’t it make sense that behavior such as abortion, the murder of the unborn, and the encouragement and exploitation of racism and poverty would call for restitution?
I realize that there are many who believe God to be a benevolent being who neither judges nor condemns. It’s a popular belief among many in the New Age movement. But is it reality or just wishful thinking? Are you going to believe some New Age marketer who makes their living by selling books and seminars, or are you going to put your faith in a book and in a Church that have served as the foundation for not only our country — the country that has done the most good for the most people than all other countries combined — but the foundation of entire Western Civilization?
And is it not also possible that God does not judge, yet remains a being of such pure love that sin is simply not allowed in His presence? Can it be that God does not condemn souls to hell, but that souls choose to be sent to hell by their own free will while here on earth?

A purist could make the case that the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) routinely violate almost every one of God’s 10 Commandments. The Democratic Party has voted to remove God’s name from their platform. (No one denies this). They dishonor the mother by promoting abortion, and they dishonor the father by social programs that remove him from the home, particularly in the black community. (No one denies this.) They violate God’s Commandment not to commit murder, again by promoting abortion. (No one denies this.) They violate the Commandment not to steal by promoting regulations and taxes that take money and property from one group in order to distribute it to other groups. (No one denies this.)
All in all, it’s impossible to deny the sins committed by the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) and they make no attempt to deny it themselves.
Now let’s consider the second word of our premise in this article’s title: all. Are all Democrats going to hell? Even those who only vote for Democrats or fundraise for Democrats? Look at it this way, when we vote for a politician or donate money to their campaigns we automatically become responsible for everything that person does or doesn’t do. Sounds harsh, I know, but how could it possibly be otherwise?
We supported that politician, we put that politician in office, we now bear the responsibility for every action that politician takes. If the politician we put in office resorts to actions that God finds offensive, then aren’t we equally to blame? Kind of puts a whole new spin on the word responsibility, doesn’t it?
So back to our title. Are all Democrats and some Republicans going to hell? I can’t speak for God, but my guess is if they continue along the path that they are currently on, they better load up on the ice water now, because some day soon they’re going to need it.
If you have voted for Democrats (and some Republicans) or raised money for their campaigns and now regret your actions, it’s never too late to change. Ask God for forgiveness and begin to make up for your past sins. He’s waiting for you. He never gets tired of waiting for you. Won’t you ask His forgiveness now?

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Remember When Target Got Hacked A Few Weeks Ago?

Well it just got worse. Oops!



Target says data breach up to 110 mn customers

New York (AFP) – Giant US retailer Target said Friday that up to 110 million customers have had their personal data stolen in a data breach, sharply raising its initial estimate.

Target Hackers Also Swiped Personal Info of 70 Million Customers

So remember a few weeks ago when Target admitted that hackers had swiped the data of 40 million customers, but no one needed to worry because it was all encrypted? Well, Target’s starting to realize that quite a bit more data was swiped than it previously thought—specifically, the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of 70 million customers. Whoops.
This revelation comes in addition to the original 40 million customers who had their payment card data compromised, though all of it is part of the same breach. According to Target, most of the data is “partial in nature,” but at least for cases in which Target does have an email address available, the company will be contacting affected parties.
Partial or not, though, this is a massive amount of information, and it seems that the hackers behind the breach are making the most of their haul. According to CNet, the post-Target-hack black market landscape has seen a 10- to 20-fold increase in stolen cards. Fortunately for those who have had that level of personal information compromised, Target promises that “guests will have zero liability for the cost of any fraudulent charges arising from the breach.” Still, each update in the case has proved worse and worse for consumers, so hopefully, this is the full extent of the damage—because it is a lot of damage. [Target via CNet]
~Steve~                                             H/T   Prinny
I’ve added a comment from story because I thought it was pretty funny.

Zero liability is great for any actual costs incurred. But what about my stress levels? And the increased stress leads to increased cortisol which leads to weight gain which leads to depression as people reject me for not having a magazine cover body. So thanks to Target I’m going to be stressed, fat, and depressed and will require medications which will have side effects (setting up for my second lawsuit). And its all directly related to Target’s poor network and server security practices. Their “zero liability” promises don’t cover the results of the stress they’ve caused me. Hence my lawsuit… Sorry, its not really my fault. I’m from CA originally and in CA we sue for anything and everything. I guess its just part of my nature now to start laying the groundwork for the possibility of a lawsuit anytime anything happens that I don’t like or don’t agree with. 😛 (BTW: if you thought my original post was at all serious, than I think you’re the one that may need to settle down a bit…)
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From the "They Have Too Much Time On Their Hands" Department

Guess what I do now when my dog poops. Ugg.

Guess what I do now when my dog poops. Ugg.

Dogs align their bodies along a North-South axis when they poop

Ever wonder why dogs need to get themselves into just the right position to do their business? As it turns out, dogs align their body axis according to Earth’s magnetic field when they squat to poop—a behavior that changes when the magnetic field is unstable. But why do they do it?
The results of this recently published paper from Frontiers in Zoology sound goofy, but the takeaway is all in the title, “Dogs are sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field.”The researchers measured the direction of the body axis of 70 different dogs while they were off-leash during 1,893 acts of defecation and 5,582 acts of urination over a two-year period. They found that, under calm magnetic field conditions, dogs prefer to orient their bodies along the North-South axis when they poop. However, this behavior did not occur during unstable magnetic field conditions, and the best predictor for this change of behavior was the rate of change of magnetic declination.
This means that the dogs are responding to changes in the polarity of the magnetic field rather than changes in intensity. It’s that change in behavior that has the authors of this paper particularly excited, since it’s the first time, according to the paper, that magnetic sensitivity has been proven in dogs and that a predictable behavioral reaction from natural magnetic field fluctuations has been unambiguously observed in mammals.
The question that this inevitably invites is: why on Earth do dogs do this? The paper notes that it’s not just that dogs prefer to align themselves along the North-South axis; they also seem toavoid the East-West axis when they poop, although it’s not clear whether they do so consciously. The researchers suggest that perhaps, when dogs poop, they are also taking the opportunity to orient themselves:

An answer may lie in the biological meaning of the behavior: if dogs would use a visual (radical-pair based) magnetic map to aid general orientation in space as has been proposed for rodents [32], they might have the need to center/calibrate the map now and then with regard to landmarks or a magnetic reference. Aligning the map and the view towards North (or South) facilitates reading the map. Furthermore, calibration only makes sense when the reference is stable and reliable. We might think of this the same way as a human is stopping during a hike to read a map. When the map is blurred or the reference (perceived magnetic direction) is dispersed or moving due to magnetic disturbances, however, calibration is impossible. In the case of the dogs it thus would totally make sense to not pay attention to magnetic body alignment any more under conditions of a shifting magnetic field.

Dogs are sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field [Frontiers in Zoology via Neatorama]
Original dog photograph by Joshua Ganderson. Original compass photograph by Calsidyrose.
~Steve~                                                        H/T    My Beautiful Wife.

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PSA From The Fellowship.

Never Eat Beans On The Moon!

Need I say more?
~Steve~                                     H/T    hujonwi

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Butt Kicking Boogie Woogie Twin Pianos.

These Dudes Rock!

Here is Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson Who are mentioned in first video. Wow they are Amazing.
~Steve~                                        H/T  hujonwi



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